Top 10 Best Built With Alternatives In 2023

Best Built With Alternatives will be discussed in this article. You are well cognizant of how vital it is to be competitive and keep up with the expanding market if you want your company to lead its industry. And to learn all the delicious secrets of your rivals, you might wish to employ a technology lookup tool like (or builtwith equivalents). If you’re not familiar with Builtwith, it’s a website profiler that enables you to determine the specific technology used to create any given website. We can see numerous distinct technology profilers being developed with comparable features as the marketplaces grow. Many of these rival research tools offer interesting new features.

Through the use of something as straightforward as a browser extension, this can provide a competitive edge in discovering important information about any website. For your needs in competition analysis, we’ll be talking about some of the top alternatives to Builtwith today.

Using the free application Hunter TechLookup, you can locate comprehensive details about the technology utilized on a website. This tool is a delight to use thanks to its user-friendly design and premium unique features.

Why use hunter Techlookup?

Hunter TechLookup provides a more complete dataset than BuiltWith, with information on over 100 different technologies. This makes it excellent for understanding upcoming technologies, such as web technologies and mobile technologies.

Even the email addresses of your potential customers can be scraped. Simply put, we adore this feature! Builtwith is updated less regularly than Hunter TechLookup. This implies that using the tool will increase the likelihood of getting correct findings.


The use of it is free. This makes it perfect if you only sometimes need to use the tool or if you don’t want to disturb setting up an account.

You can make a custom list of up to 50,000 websites with the premium plan. Hunter TechLookup is unquestionably a viable Builtwith substitute (but you power also be interested in some Hunter IO alternatives).

Top 10 Best Built With Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Built With Alternatives here are the details below;



Web technology survey and research firm W3Techs. They have a database of details about the technology applied to websites. This contains details like the CMS being utilized, the programming languages being used, the frontend technologies, and so on. Learn more about the differences between Webflow and content management systems like WordPress. With the aid of the technical knowledge provided by W3Techs, website owners and developers may make educated choices regarding the technologies they employ.

Why use W3TECHS?

Additionally, W3Techs provides a for-profit service dubbed W3Techs Insights that delivers comprehensive information on how website technology is used, the tech stack it uses, tech-related shortcuts, and even sales intelligence. All of these things can be quite valuable to your sales staff.

It encompasses programming languages, mobile apps, web server software, and website technology. It becomes a more thorough research resource as a result. The top 10 technology users and the percentage of websites employing each technology stack are both listed by W3Techs. When attempting to determine how popular a given technology is, this degree of technical data about technology stacks can be quite helpful. This is another Built With Alternatives. Also check OTTER.AI Alternatives

BuiltWith is updated less regularly than W3Techs. This is significant since you must have access to the multiple recent information in order to make wise selections. The world of website technology is always evolving.


Finally, W3Techs is a less expensive alternative to BuiltWith. The free version of W3Techs will meet the demands of the majority of users. However, premium plans starting at just $9 per month are available if you require access to the full range of data and capabilities.



A brand-new website has emerged and is upending the web development industry. One of the greatest Builtwith alternatives is named Competera. On the website Competera, you may learn more about the technology used by a website, including the website builder it is utilizing. No matter the website’s technical stack, Competera offers data about it. If you’re attempting to figure out where a specific website is hosted, this information may be useful.


The answer is straightforward: Competera is a superior product to Builtwith in every regard. Competera provides a wider range of capabilities, including information on all significant hosting providers, e-commerce technologies, and operating systems.

Unlike, which just offers web building, this profiling tool offers everything from marketing to e-commerce. Alexa and SimilarWeb website traffic statistics are part of Competera. This can benefit your sales and marketing teams by giving you insight into the popularity of a specific website. This is another Built With Alternatives.

You can trust that the data in the database is always correct and up-to-date because their staff of skilled web crawlers regularly examines the internet to obtain information. Finally, compared to, this platform is more user-friendly and simpler to use.


In addition to a free plan, Competera offers a range of pricing alternatives based on the size of your company & the essence of your project.



There is a website called Netcraft that lists every known Internet site and service. Andrew Bennett and Mike Lane launched it in 1995. The website provides a digit of resources, including a searchable database of more than 50,000 registered Internet sites, for both consumers and corporations.


Here is a brief comparison of Builtwith alternatives to Netcraft:

For the Site Report, Netcraft uses data mining, which offers more information and insights by, among other things, detecting the precise version numbers of web servers, CMSs, e-commerce platforms, and IP geolocation.

Netcraft also has the following essential components:

  • Daily updates to databases
  • Convenient browser add-on that enables users to view site information while they browse the internet
  • A blog with insightful posts on a range of subjects linked to internet security and privacy
  • Free API that enables programmers to access essential Netcraft information for their own applications
  • BuiltWith only provides rudimentary details on these subjects.
  • Netcraft is, in essence, the more precise and thorough website intelligence tool. Netcraft is the way to go if you’re looking for information on any website.



You ought to know what your competitors are using in order to understand how they are structured, which is where WhatRuns comes in.


You can find out what software your rivals are using on their website, including the content management system (CMS), e-commerce platform, and even the individual WordPress plugins they are utilizing, with WhatRuns and their patented recognition algorithm. There’s no need to recreate the wheel, so you can also use WhatRuns to avoid making the same mistakes as your rivals. This is another Built With Alternatives. Also check  Shutterstock Alternatives.

How whatruns can help you find new leads

If you work in the lead generation industry, you are aware that maximizing your lead generating efforts is one of the most crucial things you can do. Your chances of closing a deal are better the more leads you have.

  • Using a program like WhatRuns is a terrific method to locate fresh leads. You can find fresh leads with WhatRuns in a variety of ways.
  • First, you can enter the URL of any website and find out what technology powers it.
  • WhatRuns also discloses details about a website’s proprietors and operators.
  • Its email notification system, which may keep you informed of new websites utilizing the technology you sell, is a crucial feature.
  • By contacting these businesses before they even realize they require your goods or services, you can stay one step forward of your competitors at all times.
  • In conclusion, WhatRuns is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative to BuiltWith that you should check out if you work in the field of sales and marketing.



SimilarTech is a potent tool for website profiling that offers comparable data on website technology.

Why similartech is a better choice than builtwith

SimilarTech is a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking for BuiltWith substitutes. SimilarTech delivers comparable website data and insights, but it also has a few significant advantages. The company SimilarTech focuses on the adoption of technology across 30 billion scanned pages each month.

If you’re looking for historical website traffic data that goes back further than BuiltWith’s (to 2007), SimilarTech is the superior option. BuiltWith’s user interface is less simple to use and more confusing than SimilarTech’s. Simply type the URL of a website into the search bar to quickly find out more about it.


There is no necessity for a credit card with SimilarTech’s free plan. Starting with SimilarTech, you are entitled to up to 5,000 free data lookups each month.



Users can enter a URL on the website to learn what content management system (CMS) was used to create that particular website. Additionally, it offers CMS detection for more than a thousand different systems. This is another Built With Alternatives.

WhatCMS is a fantastic resource for developers who want to learn more about how various CMSs operate or for companies looking to see which CMS their rivals are using. In either case, WhatCMS is a useful tool. Both a web application and a PHP script for download are offered by WhatCMS. The PHP script gives more features and versatility, but the web app is the simplest way to get started.


Here are a few applications for WhatCMS:

  • Market share tracking.
  • It is open source: WhatCMS is distributed under the MIT License, allowing anybody to use, alter, and share the program without charge.
  • It is continuously updated by the WhatCMS team to ensure compatibility with the most current departures of different CMSs.
  • Its detection library is extensive: WhatCMS can identify more than 1,000 distinct content management systems and even create website alerts.
  • An extensive user manual for the program is available on the WhatCMS website, along with video demonstrations and a FAQ section.
  • Each supported CMS has a specific forum where users can discuss their experiences, ask questions, and even set up website notifications.


  • The use of the service is free.



A website competitive intelligence tool called Kompyte (now owned by Semrush) lets you keep track of changes made by your rivals in real-time & get a sneak peek at what’s to come. It provides several significant benefits that make it a superior option for many firms. This is another Built With Alternatives.

Kompyte employs an algorithm to continuously crawl the web and scan for updates to webpages in order to accomplish this. It notifies you through email whenever something new is found, allowing you to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Additionally, this tool provides a Chrome plugin that enables you to reach a live preview of website modifications made by your competitors. If you want to examine how your competitor’s website appears before they make the change live, this is extremely helpful.


One of its main benefits is its capacity for real-time website tracking. As a result, you can quickly observe when your rival updates their website, what those updates entail, and how they can affect your company. It can be tedious and disadvantageous to use BuiltWith because you have to wait for updates to be issued in order to see any new data.

It has capabilities like heatmaps, session recordings, form analysis, conversion funnels, and more in addition to tracking websites. Because of this, it’s the perfect platform for companies who want to monitor their rivals from all angles and stay one step ahead.



Software as a service (SaaS) companies are discussed on the website Along with research and services for SaaS purchasers, the website features a index of more than 178,000 SaaS businesses. This is another Built With Alternatives. Also check Peppertype AI Alternatives.


B2BSaasLeads’s salient attributes include:

  • Using lead segmentation, such as company size, industry, region, and other factors, to search for leads
  • The ability to make unique lead lists
  • A group of knowledgeable SaaS lead generating specialists who can assist you in customizing your search parameters and locating the most qualified leads for your company
  • A satisfaction guarantee with a refund
  • Make unique reports
  • There’s really no way to lose.


Depending on how many leads you need, this product is available as a one-time download ($10 to $100) or as an annual subscription ($199 per year).



In comparison to BuiltWith, Webspotter provides a wider multiplicity of services, including the capability to track website modifications over time, competitor analysis, and website analytics. Additionally, Webspotter is an excellent choice for organizations on a budget because its plans are less expensive than BuiltWith’s. This is another Built With Alternatives.


If you’re seeking for a website intelligence tool that will provide you with precise information, Webspotter might be a decent option. Their scalable app integrations, which greatly simplify life, make this possible. If you want to learn better about your website & the websites of your competitors, this information might be quite helpful.


Webspotter, which offers a free edition that lets you track up to three websites, is an excellent location to start if you’re just getting started with a profiling tool. The commercial edition of Webspotter is substantially less expensive than BuiltWith Pro, making it a more affordable choice. This is another fantastic item that can help you save some money on your business intelligence journey.



An online tool for recognizing the technologies used on webpages is called Wappalyzer. Elbert Alias came up with it in 2009. A group of volunteers presently maintains the project. Wappalyzer is a browser extension that is accessible for Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Additionally, it has a web API and a command-line interface. This is another Built With Alternatives.

Wappalyzer analyzes web pages by looking at their HTML source code. It searches for well-known patterns that a particular technology is known to use. More than 2,000 technologies from better than 650 different varieties are currently detected by Wappalyzer. These technologies include contact information, technology stacks, web frameworks, eCommerce platforms, content management systems, and analytics tools.


Several important aspects include:

  • Consistently positive client reviews of the tech lookup tool Wappalyzer
  • Track active websites to determine the technology they employ
  • Finding alternatives to current technologies or security protocols in backend services is one way that actionable insights can be utilized to select the best technology stack for new projects.
  • Make lists and reports that are unique.
  • Increase website alerts
  • Further keyword research

Wappalyzer is also well-liked by those seeking for tech jobs because it may be used to investigate certain technologies that potential companies may use.


Pricing for Wappalyzer ranges from $149 for the Starter plan to $849 for the Enterprise plan each month.


Any firm that wants to make wise judgments must have access to business intelligence.

Numerous businesses use technology profiling (or tech stack) solutions to gather this crucial data. Companies should be mindful of several potential risks before employing these technologies, even if they might offer a plethora of data.


  • Utilizing a tech stack tool can help you stay current with industry changes, which is one of the key advantages. You can swiftly modify your own business strategy to keep ahead of the curve by always analyzing the technologies that your rivals are utilizing.
  • A profiling tool can also assist you in determining the backend infrastructure. Not to mention that it can support the lead generation tactics used by your rivals.


  • The possibility of erroneous data being provided by these instruments is one potential drawback.
  • This is especially right for smaller businesses, who could lack the funding to maintain their data current. As a result, it’s crucial to exercise caution and to support this information with additional research when using it.
  • Overall, if used properly, technology profiling tools can be a useful resource for enterprises. You can make sure that you get the most out of these technologies by keeping these potential dangers in mind. Utilize them to help you decide what’s best for your company.


There are several BuiltWith alternatives available if you want to do market research while keeping pace of technological changes.

Overall, Hunter TechLookup is our top pick among BuiltWith substitutes because of its user-friendly design and proprietary technologies that enable you to quickly obtain all the information you require. Additionally, B2B SaaS Leads deserves recognition for its cutting-edge lead creation tools and extremely adaptable lead lists (see our ConvertBox review).

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