Top 8 Best Quora Alternatives In 2023

Best Quora Alternatives will be described in his article. Are you trying to sell your web business and looking for Quora alternatives? Are you seeking for a website that offers Q&As like Quora? Perhaps you simply enjoy assisting others by providing insights into life’s important questions? Fortunately, there are a number of websites besides Quora where you can find the answers to your urgent queries.


On the website Quora, you may find answers to practically any question. Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, two former Facebook engineers, founded it in 2010. Quora has around 618 million monthly visitors and 300 million active users, according to SimilarWeb. The platform prioritizes the quality of its content over the number of users. There is no restriction on how many responses a query can receive. Answers can be upvoted, commented on, and shared to a user’s profile.

On the platform, the following categories are the most popular:

  • Entertainment Travel Business Marketing Learning Technology

For internet businesses and entrepreneurs, Quora has developed into a fantastic marketing platform. This is due to the value you may give users by responding to their inquiries and including direct links to your website.

But for the reasons I mention below, you might wish to use a Quora substitute instead:

Quora has a reputation for being highly addictive. Like the majority of contemporary social media platforms, Quora offers various features that may tempt you to stay on the site extended than you had planned.

Top 8 Best Quora Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Quora Alternatives here are the details below;

If your niche isn’t available on Quora, you might want to consider using another platform. One of the choices listed below may be a better fit for you if your area of expertise is technology or programming. On the other side, Quora itself can become oversaturated. You can find it more difficult to establish your reputation on the platform if your niche is competitive. Here is a list of the top Quora alternatives for everything from academic support to finding the next line of code for a coder.


 ANSWERS.COM, formerly WikiAnswers, is a community-based question-and-answer website designed to support students and their academic endeavors. By 2021, the platform will include tens of millions of user-generated queries and answers and more than 3.5 million users worldwide. You can record for a free account with a few features or purchase a subscription to access limitless questions and answers without interruptions. It’s difficult to anticipate how helpful the site would be as a channel for dealing your company. However, there is a Business & Finance type with active users, which with a clever plan might allow you establish yourself as an authority in your field.



StackExchange is a network of question-and-answer websites covering a variety of subjects, such as:

Sports Coffee Programming Photography (Stack Overflow) In 2021, 3.2 million queries were posed on the network’s websites, which saw an average of 431.8 million monthly views.

In terms of features and user base, it may be the most comparable Quora alternative. Many of the StackExchange sites have job boards where users can post resumes and employers may post positions they are hiring for. To promote use of the services, StackExchange sites offer an achievements system that rewards reputation and grants badges for users’ actions.

  • Prosus paid $1.8 billion to acquire the business in June 2021.
  • Check out StackExchange.



The largest StackExchange Q&A site is Stack Overflow, which has 17 million users and 54 million unique monthly visitors. For professional and ardent programmers, this topic of questions and answers is intended. This is the best spot to obtain answers to your specific queries if you work in programming or have an interest in the subject. If you are a coder, you might use the platform as a channel for marketing to attract free traffic to a website or just to establish trust and reputation.



Another StackExchange website geared at Ubuntu users and developers is Ask Ubuntu. There are 1.3 million users on the website, and 385,000 queries have been posted. You may sign up or dispatch answers as a guest on Ask Ubuntu and all other StackExchange sites. You must create an invoice in order to ask a question. To make it easier to filter questions, they are presented with tags. On each platform, you can also do a topic search. If you’re seeking for an answer to a certain question, this is useful.



Super User is a StackExchange-affiliated Q&A website for nerds and power users of computers. There are 1.3 million users on this topic, and 473,000 queries have been asked. Super User is the place to go if you need assistance with anything computer-related, such as Windows problems, MacBook troubles, or queries about how to print a PDF.

You can make a profile and include a link to your website, just like on other StackExchange websites. This might be an excellent method to form a community of individuals who value your knowledge and point them toward the link to your profile, where you can promote your services.



With more than 1.3 million users, Ask Me Helpdesk has 3.4 million responses to more than 600,000 questions. The website has been online since 2003, and in 2009, CNET gave it a favorable review. It formerly had a large membership and was a well-known question and answer website, but it isn’t as active as some of the other websites on this list. The sheer amount of categories is one thing I like. This permits you to concentrate on a single subject to pose and respond to questions that can help you establish trust.



A UK-based platform for questions and answers is called The Answer Bank. There are numerous classes in which you can look through & post queries. You can participate in parts where people need assistance with tests, puzzles, and crosswords. Daily questions and answers are provided on this active website. The ChatterBox categories, which you may use like a chatroom and engage in chats with members, are one intriguing feature.



A British Q&A website called BlurtIt bills itself as more of an online neighborhood. The website was founded in 2006 & has an average of 12.5 million monthly visits in 2010. Topics covered in the Q&As include technology, science, health, education, interpersonal relationships, and travel. It also provides the option to look up questions.From the profile page,  you are unable to enter a website link, but you can do so in your answers.



Because of its popularity and vast array of question and answer themes, Quora is widely regarded as the best Q&A website.


This exists a question that is demanding to objectively answer. When selecting a platform to use, it depends on personal choice and what your aims are. Additionally, Reddit is more like a huge collection of updated forums, whereas Quora is a Q&A website.

Is Yahoo Answers superior to Quora?

On May 4th, 2021, Yahoo Answers was discontinued. According to the Yahoo Answer website, the service was discontinued due to a “decline in popularity over the years,” which would indicate that Quora gained in popularity as a substitute.

Which of these QUORA alternatives will you use?

There you have it, then. There are Quora substitutes, and you now have a list of possible marketing avenues to expand your audience and increase website traffic.

Searching for additional sources to increase website traffic? Check out this article on 20 free sources of targeted website traffic.

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