Top 12 Best Apps Like Periscope For Android And iOS

Best Apps Like Periscope will be discussed in this article. Periscope was once a booming live streaming platform. After six years of its existence in the industry, the platform stopped operating for various reasons. Thus, you need alternative apps like Periscope to hold live streaming sessions. In this report, you will find a list of apps and sites like Periscope that you can try to launch your live streaming. Some of the apps allow you to monetize your content while others may suit those who need a space for thousands of attendees.

About Periscope

Back then, you would see lots of indie artists and influencers who used Periscope for online gatherings, Q&A sessions, and many live streaming activities. However, you may see that lots of platforms offer similar features even with more things to offer.

For instance, TikTok allows you to post short videos, live streaming content, and monetize your account at the same time. Other than that, Instagram Live makes socializing possible without switching to other apps in the first place. This is why Periscope shut down after six years of being in everyone’s life. But don’t worry, you will get something better in this article.

Best Apps Like Periscope for Android and iOS

So, is there an app like Periscope? Well, of course, there is. You will meet many options to consider for launching live streaming. As mentioned earlier, some apps on this list also come with social interaction tools while others will be more suitable for a specific niche. The best part is that you can find all these apps on the Play Store and App Store. Moreover, if you are looking for an alternative app to Periscope, here are things worth your consideration.

Top 12 Best Apps Like Periscope For Android And iOS

In this article, you can know about Apps Like Periscope here are the details below;

1. Instagram Live

Instagram Live

Since 2016, you can use the Live feature of Instagram. It simply makes Instagram one of the similar apps like Periscope, after all. Your followers will get a notification of your live streaming too. All you need to do is to swipe the screen to the right and hit the “Live” option at the bottom of the screen. Of course, you can save your live video if you want to. Otherwise, it will vanish after 24 hours. Instagram Live is such a good tool to drive new followers and sell products way faster. Other than that, it increases your discoverability on this platform.

2. YouTube Live

YouTube Live

YouTube Live is one of the other apps like Periscope you should take your eyes on. This is such a great platform to boost your branding. However, you have to activate the Live feature before launching any live video in the first place, which may take 24 hours to complete. Other than that, the Live feature is only available for verified users. YouTube Live is also accessible both on iOS and Android phones. Keep in mind that you need at least 1,000 followers to launch a live video from your smartphone, after all.

3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Facebook, which has changed into Meta, also comes with a robust live streaming app for android and iOS. The feature was initially released in 2016 and gained popularity ever since. Many users utilize the live streaming platform for selling products directly. Since it is attached to your Facebook profile, there is no need to switch to other apps in the first place. Of course, your stream can be saved while you can reach your audience seamlessly – or grow a bigger audience base, for sure. Everything is free and you can even use it for hobby stuff.



Lots of users use BIGO to show off their talents. So, you may expect to see dancers from around the world. Influencers and creators also use this platform to get money through live stream videos. Everyone who is watching the live stream may give you virtual gifts. In the end, you can collect those gifts and turn them into money.

BIGO also holds live competitions sometimes. If you are up for it and be the winner then you may receive an exciting prize. However, this app is rated 17+ by both the App Store and Play Store. So, be sure that you’re an adult and use this app for watching live streaming.

5. Twitch


On the other writing, if you are looking for some Periscope similar apps specifically designed for gamers then you should head to Twitch. This platform is part of Amazon and will give you an amazing live experience while playing games. Other than streaming and playing games, you can interact with your favorite streamers in real-time. Today, Twitch is not only a place for gamers, but it also is a platform for all live-streaming users. Thus, you may expect some real talents flying on your Twitch page. More than anything, this platform suits those who want to make money from their content.

6. YouNow


When it comes to apps like Periscope for Android, YouNow might not be as popular as other alternatives on the list. However, this platform provides lots of good things from a live streaming app. Since 2011, this app has been around and allows its users to launch live stream videos. Other than that, you can make videos and chat with your audience in real-time. Also check language learning Apps

You may find many creative people on this app, which would be a great place for everyone to learn new things or simply find entertaining content. Later, you can share the live video on various social media.

7. Livestream


Livestream, on the other hand, is a popular live streaming platform used by professionals. Other than being available for both iOS and Android platforms, this app suits those who use professional cameras and webcams. Of course, the results are high in quality.

However, Livestream is not a free service. It comes with a free trial that is accessible for the first 30 days. In case you want to continue to use the service, you have to pay at least USD 75 per month. Still, Livestream is one of the best live streaming apps for those who prefer high-quality video.

8. Tango


You can say that Tango is the best Periscope alternative. From creating live content to sending video chats. Tango is a reliable app to share your daily vlogs, create content, and monetize your videos. This app has a huge audience base, which will be great for building your brand. Just like BIGO, you may start receiving virtual gifts from the audience and turn them into money. Still, you have to reach a specific audience before starting monetizing your content.While the app is free to download and use, some upgrades are available through in-app purchases. You should give this app a try to live stream your content.

9. MeetMe


Instead of being an app that allows you to launch live videos, MeetMe tops the game by providing a place to look for love and connections. You don’t have to find soulmates here but you surely will meet lots of new people from various countries.

What can you do with this app? Well, MeetMe allows you to send texts, videos, and launch live streaming through one app. Other than that, your audience can send gifts and diamonds. You can cash out those gifts later. All in all, MeetMe is not simply an app just like Periscope. There are lots of items you can do by using this platform, especially if you love social interactions.

10. TikTok Live

TikTok Live

TikTok has been undeniably famous for the last five years. The users come from around the world, and you can find content on any topic on this platform. Other than posting videos, you can perform live streaming too. While the platform allows you to post a video with a limited duration, TikTok Live allows you to run streaming as long as you like. Thus, it is safe to say that TikTok Live is one of the best Periscope alternatives you can find on the market. This platform even allows you to monetize your content!

11. BlueJeans


BlueJeans was initially available for PC users. However, today this app becomes a Periscope live alternative that delivers a great job. Instead of being a platform to monetize your live videos, BlueJeans provides a safe yet amazing space for commercial virtual events. It is very convenient to launch meetings and conferences through this platform. BlueJeans can hold a virtual meeting with up to 150,000 attendees. Other than that, you can link this platform to other social platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook as well.

However, this one is a free app. You have to pay for the service, depending on the number of attendees. So, if you are looking for a reliable platform for holding a huge virtual meeting with full control.

12. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live

Other than being a place to post your resume and look for a job, LinkedIn also provides a decent live stream option. So, what will you use this platform for? Some users utilize LinkedIn Live for demonstrating products, showing the team behind a project, and many more. Of course, you can use this platform to share your thoughts and opinions about stuff. Also check payday loan apps

However, not all users can use LinkedIn Live. Other than being a member of this platform, you must get approval from the system. It’s not a tricky business, after all. But getting 150 followers as a minimum amount might take some time All in all, LinkedIn is such an exciting platform to share your things with the world. Also, it gives you a more professional look.

Final Thoughts

Periscope was once the most popular live streaming platform. However, since other platforms try to compete in the same industry, Periscope decreased in popularity and was discontinued. It is such sad news, indeed.

The promising news is that you can find tons of other options available on both the App Store and Play Store – those options are even better. Several platforms offer services for entertainers, gamers, or professionals.

Even though the platforms may open the opportunity for as many niches as possible, most of the time those platforms already have a strong audience base with specific backgrounds. Apps like Periscope mentioned above, of course, are great places to launch live stream videos.

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