Top 9 Best Lunacy Alternatives And Similar Apps

This post will explain Lunacy Alternatives. If you’re looking for a Sketch Figma substitute for Windows, Lunacy might be the solution. This program is a vector-based tool with a ton of special capabilities. Other than that, there is no cost to use any of the features.

Top 9 Best Lunacy Alternatives And Similar Apps

In this article, you can know about Lunacy Alternatives here are the details below;

It is also loaded with a ton of integrated design resources, including icons, vectors, and many other things. Your work can also be integrated using Sketch. Lunacy is still in beta, though. Despite all the problems consumers are currently experiencing, things will eventually improve.

1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Adobe XD, also known as Adobe Experience Designer, is listed first on the ilst. It works with Windows and Mac OS devices, allowing you to easily combine your work with that of other Adobe programs.

It is a free plan that is appropriate for beginning users to make animations. Other than that, the functions are plentiful and quite useful for your work even though you don’t need to pay for a subscription. Of course, you can upgrade the plan for a monthly fee of USD 9.99. Before drawing any conclusions, you should first study the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe XD.

Pros of Adobe XD

  • The output is available for mobile devices and is vector-based.
  • Never before have animated prototypes been so simple to create.
  • The files easily integrate with Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • There is a voice command feature.
  • Automatic adaptation to different screen sizes.

Cons of Adobe XD

  • It is impossible to draw unique shapes.
  • There are no plugins for CSS.

2. InVision


InVision is the next name for the Figma substitute. This program serves as a prototyping tool for UI and UX design and development. Even though the platform was designed to be used by members alone, this app allows for smooth collaboration between members and non-members.

InVison is a great program that offers customization on a completely new level in addition to being simple to use. Both free and premium versions of this tool are available for Windows and Mac computers.

This software is a great choice to replace Figma because it offers more flexible features and a reasonable subscription charge, according to the InVision review. For a small group of users made up of members and non-members, the upgrade price starts at USD 7.95 per month.

Pros of InVision

  • An all-in-one design app.
  • The work can be integrated with other applications like Dropbox, Drive, Jira, and others.
  • The size of the community will enable you to address problems as they arise.

Cons of InVision

This app is a web-based program, so it has to be connected to the internet constantly to function.

  • You can only use Sketch with InVision as a design tool.
  • Some independent contractors find the pricing a little intimidating.

3. Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq would be among the top results when searching for a Figma substitute on Reddit. It has a heavy emphasis on wireframing, which distinguishes it as one of the top Figma alternatives. It has integrations for Jira, Google Drive, and Atlassian’s Confluence and is simple to use on Windows and Mac OS devices. Balsamiq includes a “academy” so that anyone can learn this program even from the ground up, in addition to the ability for users to utilize this app to build websites, apps, and user interfaces. Depending on the number of users, Balsamiq offers a variety of price options. You should examine the pros and drawbacks listed below before making any decisions. This is another Lunacy Alternatives. Also check Evernote Alternatives

Pros of Balsamiq

  • To create new mockups, simply select “Create New”; no difficult processes are necessary.
  • Wireframe editing is also simple. To edit an object, simply click on it.
  • Users can concentrate more on functionality because the wireframes are based on sketches.

Cons of Balsamiq

  • The functionality is not as robust as that of other apps like it.
  • Some UI components.
  • Interactive prototypes cannot be produced.

4. Pencil Project

Pencil Project

The Pencil Project should also be taken into account when it comes to applications like Figma. You can use this program to create graphical user interfaces for desktop and mobile platforms. In addition to its functionality, this program is a free, open-source alternative to Figma.

The program allows you to create GUIs from scratch or select forms from a variety of categories in its library collections. The license can also be chosen by the user, whether they are an organization or an individual. This application, however, is not a vector-based utility with a small list of export formats.

Pros of Pencil Project

  • The software is adaptable and convenient for creating different apps for mobile and desktop platforms.
  • The free plan enables users to create a demo website.
  • Logical tools.

Cons of Pencil Projects

  • To create a web mockup, at least 15 pages are required.
  • Only a few things can be added by users to the mockup.

5. Sketch


You should also take Sketch into consideration. You can create great UI and UX designs for both websites and mobile apps using this vector-based graphic tool. However, only Mac OS users can use this software. Other applications like Photoshop and Illustrator are compatible with this application. The output can also be exported as SVG, WEBP, PDF, JPG, PNG, and many other formats. This is another Lunacy Alternatives.

You can test out its 30-day trial program before upgrading to a more expensive plan starting at $9 per user each month. Before choosing a strategy, consider the advantages and disadvantages of Sketch.

Pros of Sketch

  • Cheaper than Figma, and even if you don’t renew, you may still use the most recent version.
  • The output is more compact.
  • Accompanied by CSS.
  • It is possible to use and simple to measure built-in grids.
  • Every element is a vector.
  • It includes an autosave function.

Cons of Drawbacks

  • There aren’t many illustration alternatives, so you’ll need another tool to complete the task.
  • Despite having cloud sharing, the resolution is subpar.
  • just for Mac OS hardware.

6. Wondershare Mockitt

The amazing app Wondershare Mockitt does all that Figma can do. It offers a larger range of OS compatibility, including Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and internet platforms, in addition to some complementary capabilities and the opportunity to communicate with other users. Also check PimEyes Alternatives

Wondershare Mockitt has a ton of pre-built widgets and components that you can use right away to support your work. Prototype reviews and sharing have never been this simple. Streamlined workflows are further boosted by the cloud sharing option. Nevertheless, you should read the Wondershare Mockitt review’s advantages and disadvantages. This is another Lunacy Alternatives.

Pros of Wondershare Mockitt

  • The tools are easy to use and the interface is quick and responsive.
  • Banking-grade security is shared.
  • Everyone is in agreement.
  • Comprehensive tools that are reusable for design.
  • Various assets and outcomes without cost.
  • Work from any location.

Cons of Wondershare Mockitt

To use this program, you must have a reliable internet connection, though. Despite having a large number of components and widgets, several standard widgets are not included.

7. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a different option you might want to consider. This program includes a comprehensive set of UI and UX design tools. In addition, there are many different color schemes, brush kinds, and other options available. This is another Lunacy Alternatives.

This program focuses on creating great visuals using vector drawings for improved UI and UX. Affinity Designer can be coupled with Photoshop and Illustrator in addition to that.

Pros of Affinity Designer

  • Even for novices, the UI is user-friendly.
  • Containing sophisticated creative tools while being user-friendly for beginners.
  • support Across platforms.
  • To improve the experience at any zoom level, use TrueSVG output.
  • Property manipulation is simple.

Cons of Affinity Designer

  • For architecture, there are none.
  • Because all items are treated as full, none of them may be chosen in backdrop layers.

8. Quant-UX


The handoff process should be as simple and easy for developers as feasible, according to this app. Its design interface is solid aside from that. Quant-UX is unquestionably among the top Figma substitutes. This is another Lunacy Alternatives.

A component that separates design and business logics is also included with Quant-UX. The enormous disagreement between the design and development processes is practically resolved. The most reasonable part is that you don’t have to pay anything for a subscription to use this app.

Pros of Quant-UX

  • Packed with strong tools for cutting-edge visual designs.
  • CSS and other code creation are included.
  • Additions to API.
  • UI and business logics are separate.
  • Ample library resources.
  • Both open-source and free.

Cons of Quant-UX

  • Inadequate command over resources and other collections.
  • Operates only with an internet connection.

9. Abstract


Abstract is one of those apps that offers adequate services, especially when it comes to collaborative activities, according to a Figma review that can be found online. You can use a variety of advanced capabilities on this app with your team. Clients can also review the work in real time while keeping the team on the same page. This is another Lunacy Alternatives.

Pros of Abstract

  • Features can be adjusted.
  • Statuses and progress are simple to follow.
  • It divides workspaces and has built-in file-sharing areas.
  • It is simple to create many design alternatives.

Cons of Abstract

  • For a CSS functionality, you must upgrade your plan.
  • The app stops working when the free trial is up and you don’t renew your subscription.


You can discover more than enough apps like Figma online. Only a select number of the names, nevertheless, are suitable to replace that app. The top tiers stole the show in the list of apps above. Other than that, there are a number of elements that contribute to those apps’ status as Figma alternatives. And Adobe XD is unquestionably the finest, based on the evaluation of the above strengths and cons.

Adobe XD, of course, has both advantages and disadvantages. However, using Adobe XD will enhance your work more if you also use other Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustration. Choose an app that promotes your working style over anything else. The greatest Figma alternatives for you are those that can effortlessly fit into your workflow.

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