Top 7 Best Mailgun Alternatives To Help Your Email

Best Mailgun Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Are you a business person seeking a dependable email delivery solution? Tired of dealing with Mailgun’s inconveniences and restrictions? To modernize your email marketing efforts, we’ve put up a thorough list of the top seven Mailgun alternatives.

These solutions offer strong features that can advance your corporate communication, such as advanced analytics and automation capabilities. So continue reading to find the ideal fit for you!

Top 7 Best Mailgun Alternatives To Help Your Email

In this article, you can know about Mailgun Alternatives here are the details below;



Our top pick among Mailgun alternatives is Sendinblue, which is an excellent marketing option for any SMB or enterprise-level company. Transactional emails and SMS can be sent to the targeted recipient, and their success can be monitored. You can address any potential issues with email delivery or click performance using the Detailed Analytics reports.

With this all-inclusive tool, you can make:

  • Campaigns for email marketing – create emails using a drag-and-drop editor or pre-made templates to send emails that are user-friendly.
  • Sending reply emails that are triggered by marketing automation when a workflow criterion is met
  • SMS advertising – interact with clients on a more personal way (for more information, visit our Heymarket review).
  • Sending reminders for abandoned carts via push notifications


Four programs are available to users of Sendinblue to help them launch their businesses. Instead of basing fees on the size of your contact list, the platform bases them on emails sent.

Along with the extra features of SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, the free plan also allows you to send 300 emails every day.

Among business owners, the business plan is the most common. For $40 per month, you can send 20,000 emails every day. Additionally, you will get access to several added features, which makes it the ideal option for marketing managers and experts.


  • Ever-free strategy
  • More than six languages are available for services CONS
  • Less free email sending is permitted than with some of the alternatives.
  • Free Trial of Sendinblue

2. Amazon SES

Amazon SES

One of the cloud-based Mailgun alternatives used to deliver mass marketing and transactional emails to consumers is Amazon SES (Simple Email Service). The platform may be used by businesses of all sizes to send emails in a variety of ways. These include the SMTP relay, the Amazon SES Console, and the Amazon SES API. Also check Datadog Alternatives

For security and quick delivery, Amazon SES also supports owned, shared, or dedicated IP addresses. The software allows you to send automated emails based on triggers and get performance information from them. Additionally, Amazon SES is renowned for its Test out different scenarios’ effects on your application using the Mailbox Stimulator. Complete control over which emails to accept depending on the sender’s IP address and domain while receiving emails Reputation Monitor email performance concerns like bounce rates and feedback loops using the dashboard.


  • For sending emails, Amazon SES offers a pay-as-you-go option. Users that host their apps on Amazon EC2 can, however, send 62,000 emails for free each month.
  • Additionally, you may use the platform to get up to 1000 emails for free and pay as you go for any extras.


  • Multi-factor authentication for improved sender security
  • Cost-effective email sending and receiving
  • Generous, free-for-ever strategy


Separate plans for incoming and outgoing emails must be purchased.



In addition to offering a transactional SMS service, MailerSend is another alternative to Mailgun that offers a transactional email service.

The platform offers the following services and allows you to send and receive emails via SMTP relay:

  • Manage numerous domains and products using a single MailerSend account.
  • Advanced email verification is a method that makes sure messages reach their intended inbox and don’t wind up in spam.
  • Customizable email templates – send mass emails that are customized for certain customers
  • Add IP addresses to a whitelist to increase the security of your account using an IP allowlist.


A 12000 email/month permanently free plan is available from MailerSend. The drag-and-drop builder, analytics tools, and mass emailing are best suited for startups or SMBs. There are two types of paid plans: Premium and Enterprise. The Enterprise plan, which is intended especially for large businesses, provides limitless domains and templates in addition to 30-day data retention.


  • Easily incorporate transactional email sending into your technology SPF, DKIM, and DMARC security measures for effective sender reputation management
  • Gives you access to resources to get you going


The free package does not include SMS marketing services



With its higher email deliverability than other Mailgun options, Postmark is a platform for email delivery. The infrastructure used to send transactional and promotional emails is different but similar. The latter is transmitted over a faster, more secure network.

Postmark also has the following features:

  • Analytics tools with a 45-day data retention period that guarantees you won’t miss any information
  • Choose layouts for typical transactional emails using email templates

Webhooks: Receive alerts for significant occurrences like bounces, clicks, or any spam complaints

Postmark offers a package that is 100 emails per month and is permanently free. However, expanding organizations require more. Also check Shutterstock Alternatives

The first 10,000 emails in the premium plans cost $15 per month. The cost of any more emails sent during the month is pay-as-you-go. Any bundle can also add dedicated IPs for $50 per month.


  • Complete email marketing toolkit for broadcast and transactional communications
  • Free professional counsel
  • Swift and trustworthy email delivery
  • Security of email and applications


  • No SMS functionality
  • Features for segmentation and marketing automation are unavailable.
  • Expensive for the maximum



Web API and SMTP relay are used by SendGrid, a provider of marketing and transactional email services, to deliver emails. Startups, businesses, programmers, and high-volume senders rely on it to improve client engagement and experience.

Along with being able to send transactional emails, you’ll have access to:

  • Send well constructed automated messages as part of email marketing campaigns to establish deep connections with customers.
  • Spam testing emails allows you to make excellent emails that look perfect in every inbox.

Deliverability insights: scalable email delivery measured with the use of key indicators and trends to strengthen the effectiveness of your email campaigns


  • Users have the option to select between Email API plans and Marketing Campaign Plans with SendGrid. The email API plan, which is available for both categories, starts at 100 emails per day.
  • Additionally, The Marketing Campaign Plans provides a free plan with segmentation, email automation, design & code editors, and a daily email cap of 6000.
  • To access a dedicated IP address, however, you must subscribe to the Advanced Plan. It will give you a secure sender reputation and a better site speed.


  • Forever-free strategy
  • Free tools to launch the proper email client
  • The system is consistent with a variety of programming languages.


Email API plans and marketing campaigns plans cannot be combined into one package.



For IT professionals, developers, and high-volume senders, SocketLabs offers an email delivery solution. It provides transactional email APIs as well as SMTP relay service. It includes many of the same qualities as Mailgun, making it one of the best options available.

Users can rely on the platform to deliver bulk emails that have undergone rigorous anti-spam testing and are fully authenticated. The marketing teams may concentrate on using SocketLabs to provide custom solutions for priority accounts now that a laborious task has been eliminated. If SocketLabs’ capacity to forward a large number of emails appeals to you, you may find even more possibilities by looking at these top email forwarding providers. Also check  Pocket Casts Alternatives


  • For the Core package, SocketLabs provides a 30-day free trial. Then, for $39.95 each month, you can send 40,000 emails.
  • The Pro Plan and the Concierge Plan are among the more expensive options. Starting at $79.95, you can send 100,000 emails every month.
  • All plans provide access to the “Insight History” and “Performance History” reports.


  • Code libraries and helpful resources for setting up email sending
  • Embedding in any program
  • Analytical tool that is helpful for email performance


  • A lack of SMS marketing services
  • There is no free plan that endures forever.
  • Low-tier plans don’t offer ongoing training or email performance reviews.



SparkPost is a dependable email delivery platform for businesses. High-level industry experts can provide guidance on how to develop email campaigns that engage and keep customers.

In contrast to other Mailgun alternatives, SparkPost is unique. Beyond the simple deliverability of emails, it offers a comprehensive marketing solution that boosts client engagement by:

Tracking receiver behavior and email health with SparkPost signals can help emails function better and decrease their likelihood of falling into spam traps.

  • Use segmentation and personalization to develop effective email campaigns with “Taxi for Email”
  • Verify email addresses before you send them using recipient validation.
  • With the help of Inbox Tracker, you can increase your email ROI by connecting with more subscribers.


With a free test account from SparkPost, you can access the API or SMTP relay without any restrictions, however the number of emails you can send is limited. Additionally, if you’re a novice sender, you can select the $30/month Starter plan, which includes 50,000 emails. This includes warnings to improve email engagement and security. You can send 100,000 emails every month for $75 with a Premier account, which also gives you access to advanced templates and snippets, AB testing, priority support, and a dedicated IP address.


  • Easily monitor customer responses to rivals’ email campaigns
  • Plans for sending transactional emails that are inexpensive
  • Integrates with several websites and apps to meet customer needs


Email sending volume is constrained with test accounts that are free.

Bottom Line: What’s the best mailgun Alternative for your business?

Overall, there are several great Mailgun alternatives that can drastically change the way your emails are delivered.

Depending on the unique demands and requirements of your firm, you must choose the best choice. Therefore, do your homework before making a selection. However, in general, we think that Sendinblue is a very good option in most situations.

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