Top 7 Best OTTER.AI Alternatives To Transcribe

Best OTTER.AI Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Otter.One of the top transcription services available today uses AI. You can utilize it to record your meetings and talks so that you can refer back to them later without having to re-hear the entire audio. Because the notes are organized in a searchable fashion, it’s simple to locate the information you require.

They are not the only provider of transcribing services, though. Some of the Otter AI alternatives might work better for you, your business, and even your budget. Here is the news you ought to know about the top companies in the sector if you’ve been looking for AI alternatives that provide automatic transcribing.

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The top seven Otter.AI substitutes have been gathered for your assessment, with an emphasis on their features and a comparison of their costs. The best options for transcription of your audio or video files are listed below.

Top 7 Best OTTER.AI Alternatives To Transcribe

In this article, you can know about Top 7 Best OTTER.AI Alternatives To Transcribe here are the details below;



The first is Descript, a popular tool for transcription of audio or video files. It offers fast turnaround and practically automatic transcription for a modest charge. You can upgrade to a “white glove” service with 99% accuracy if quality is a concern. Also check WeChat Alternatives 

You can even quickly and easily add speaker labels to your transcriptions of meetings or podcasts (like the one we use for the Niche Pursuits podcast) to distinguish between who said what. Even better, Descript enables you to translate audio into 22 different languages. But it provides more than just that. Additionally, you may edit your video files on the platform, edit several tracks for your podcast, and record your screen using it.


Descript provides a free plan for one hour of filler word removal per month (“um” and “uh”). For $12 per month per user, their basic subscription service offers ten hours of transcribing and the same filler word removal.



Another transcription service that goes above and beyond for your company, Airgram is a close rival of Descript. You can record audio and video files using this excellent video conferencing tool and then transcribing them.

The best thing is that during your meeting, transcripts are displayed in real-time. So that you never have to repeat anything, you can use this to navigate back through the notes. It can live employed for any sort of gathering you can think of, including:

  • Zoom
  • Google Teams with Microsoft
  • Personal encounters

You can edit and export every meeting note so you have it in the format you need. Additionally, they support up to eight languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.


Similar to Descript, Airgram provides a free plan that allows you to try out their transcribing service risk-free. You receive five 1-hour recordings with live transcription every month on any of the aforementioned platforms, along with group note-taking. With much greater exporting and agenda timer setting freedom, their first subscription plan gives ten recordings per month, each lasting two hours. The monthly price is $8.99 at first. Also check Hubstaff Alternatives

3. TL;DV


You will eventually come across tl;dv if you are hunting for the best Otter.AI alternatives. You may easily and rapidly transcribe your online meetings using Google Meet or Zoom. It enables you to capture meetings with top-notch video and audio files using video conferencing software. The fact that tl;dv also contains automatic speaker labeling is one of its advantages. You will be capable to give credit where it is due even if there are numerous people on your phone calls since you will have a precise record of who said what.

The capability to make clips is an additional fantastic function. With only a few clicks, you may edit inside of your video conferencing software to produce quick video files. This makes it ideal for disseminating customer soundbites. It offers languages other than English, like many of the best transcribing services. This software is unquestionably the most adaptable Otter substitute because it supports automated transcribing in 25 different languages.AI.


  • The depth of their free plan is arguably its best feature. All of the elements listed above are available to you at no cost.
  • The first paid plan is noticeably more feature-rich and slightly more pricey. You can use: for $20 each month.
  • Hubspot and Salesforce integrations
  • Downloadable audio files, video clips, and minutes of meetings
  • Immediately available recordings
  • Group folders
  • World-wide conference search
  • Prioritizing customer service



Dialpad might not come to mind when you think about Otter.AI alternatives exist, but they can be equally helpful. Dialpad is a more capable alternative for all company communication channels rather than concentrating on meetings and providing a transcription service. It promotes itself as offering the ability to meet, call, and send messages all from one practical dashboard. Dialpad is the tool you require if you need video conferencing capabilities. This is another OTTER.AI Alternatives. Also check Peppertype AI Alternatives 

So, why should you employ this transcribing service, and how does it actually operate?

Its AI Recap, a fast call summary that gives you a brief overview of your meeting and future steps, is one of its key features. A four-sentence description of the call’s details, speakers, and discussion points is included in the call summary.

You can use the integrated AI-powered speech transcription service on any conversations, video meetings, or even voicemails left for your business. It’s a fantastic alternative because it is logical and precise because it has studied more than 4 billion minutes of messaging.


In contrast to many of the competing services, Dialpad offers a Standard subscription that costs $15 per month ($23 per month if invoiced monthly). With this tier, you have access to their feature-rich platform and the following:

  • AI-powered call and voicemail transcription services with unlimited calling, SMS, and MMS
  • Integrations between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Video conferences



Fireflies.One more top Otter is AI.AI substitutes are more practical for businesses that value effective communication. It is not restricted to just Zoom or Google Meet, unlike some transcribing services. Along with them, Teams Webex, Ringcentral, Aircall, and other programs are integrated. It is adaptable when your company most needs it. For individuals that need to transcribe audio files or phone calls, this transcribing service is fantastic. Within minutes, automatic transcription is ready and available. This is another OTTER.AI Alternatives.

These are some additional key characteristics of this transcription service for your audio & video files:

  • Including remarks or responses to the recordings
  • Sound snippets for use outside the platform by clipping them
  • Adding meeting notes to Slack or Asana (along with other productivity applications)
  • Keeping track of speaker talk time
  • Using voice commands to create tasks and workflows in your CRM


Fireflies is one choice for real-time transcription.For those looking for an unlimited free service, AI is a fantastic choice. 800 minutes of storage per seat are available for recording via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other services in more than 30 different languages.

A premium package can be the best option for you if you discover that you require more from your transcription software. You can obtain transcriptions and recordings, track keywords and topics, and use meeting speaker speaking time for $10 per month. Additionally, it gives you access to Slack, Zapier, and many CRM interfaces.



Because of its strong platform for assisting you with video clips, an audio file, and more with real-time transcription, Sonix is one of the top Otter.AI competitors. Quick summaries of your discussions are produced by this transcription software in either paragraph or bullet point format. It integrates with Zoom and video editing programs like Adobe Premier, despite not being one of the top video conferencing systems like some of the other choices mentioned. This is another OTTER.AI Alternatives.

You will also discover that its automatic transcribing is speedy and simple to search as an alternative to Otter.AI. In your audio recording files, search for particular words or even themes to help you quickly locate all of the pertinent information.

No issue where you are in the earth, it supports more than 38 languages so that you always have what you need. Additionally, you may quickly translate your scripts into a whopping 40+ additional languages. This could be a terrific approach to share meeting notes for team cooperation if you run a multinational firm.


Sonix is a pay-as-you-go platform, in contrast to other Otter.AI rivals that offer monthly rates. This creates sure you only pay for the services you actually need and plan to utilize. To that end, their automatic transcription services will cost you $10 per hour. Consider a premium subscription that halves the hourly charge if you want to use this more regularly.

Final thoughts: which alternatives are right for you?

You require a method to quickly transcribe your video conversations if you utilize Zoom and Google Meet to host your meetings. Whatever platform you decide to utilize, you need a system that can accurately record voice chats.

Consider which characteristics are most crucial for you or your company before choosing from among the advanced capabilities you will find in this speech recognition technology. These services are fairly robust, offering everything from file sharing to screen recording.

For improved meeting workflow management, the majority offer live meeting transcripts or let you submit video files or phone calls. One of the top Otter.AI options for team collaboration that we suggest is Descript. To see whether this software’s automatic transcriptions are appropriate for you to convert audio to transcribe live meeting recordings, try the free version today.

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