Top 10 Popular Shutterstock Alternatives In 2024

Popular Shutterstock Alternatives will be described in this article. Although Shutterstock is a well-liked portal to find stock photos, images, or other media assets, its expensive price may compel you to consider other options. There are a number of alternatives with high-quality images and videos that are pretty similar to Shutterstock.

However, you may use our list of the top Shutterstock alternatives to get your preferred photos rather than searching the internet for them yourself. A combination of stock picture websites and AI image creators make up the Shutterstock alternatives discussed here.

Top 10 Popular Shutterstock Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Shutterstock Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Photosonic by Writesonic


The number of AI image generators has skyrocketed in recent months, and Photosonic by Writesonic’s AI art generator has produced 9,60,000 images from brief word inputs. You might be wondering why AI image generators are becoming more and more popular as alternatives to Shutterstock. Let’s start by discussing the restrictions placed on stock photos. Today, more businesses want to offer products that may be customized. For these brands, selecting the image, race, ethnicity, gender, and age are crucial factors to take into account.

What transpires, therefore, if the ideal stock photo is not readily available? In such cases, the business might choose to use a photograph that doesn’t align with its brand image. Undoubtedly not the best scenario.

To solve this problem, artificial intelligence art generators like Photosonic by Writesonic enable anyone to produce artistically perfect photos and paintings that are generated by computers from textual descriptions.

This web-based Shutterstock substitute makes use of a cutting-edge text-to-image AI technology. Photosonic, which is frequently used by motion artists, marketers, and graphic designers, gives you control over the caliber, variety, and design of the photographs produced. Check out the 50+ AI midjourney prompts to expedite the procedure.

Key Features

  • Millions of photographs were used to train the Photosonic AI image generator to produce realistic and high-quality images.
  • Each day, users can make 10 free photographs with Photosonic.
  • The main selling point is that Writesonic customers may create images for marketing campaigns simultaneously using the AI image generator built into the AI writer.
  • What makes Photosonic superior to Shutterstock
  • Utilize AI-generated photos to save more than $600 every week.
  • These AI generations can reduce weekly design labor costs by 10+ hours.
  • Stand out from the crowd by creating entirely unique photos depending on your search. You no longer have to utilize the identical stock photo that millions of other people are using.
  • Unlike Shutterstock, which forces users to pay for various levels of rights and credit, Photosonic creates unique and original photographs while avoiding copyright and licensing difficulties.
  • Comparing a Shutterstock photo to a Photosonic generation
  • We utilized the above shutterstock image’s description and keywords in the Photosonic generator.
  • Photosonic, an alternative to Shutterstock, in action
  • And check out the astonishingly unique generations, which are offered free and allow you to save $349.
  • Photosonic is a substitute for Shutterstock and offers AI-generated images.
  • 15 free credits are given away daily for picture development on Photosonic by Writesonic.
  • Alternative to Shutterstock: Photosonic Pricing
  • Other photos created with the Photosonic AI picture generator include:
  • Photosonic AI images produced using Photosonic

2. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

Designers and companies have access to a vast collection of high-quality photos, videos, drawings, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates thanks to Adobe Stock. A variety of royalty-free watermarked photos are available for your selection, and once licensed, a high-resolution version takes their place instantly. Also check PimEyes Alternatives

Important Features

The primary advantage of Adobe Stock as a substitute for Shutterstock is that it is fully linked into the Adobe Creative Cloud system, giving you direct access to a collection of photographs stored there. You can locate the necessary asset, alter it, and apply it to your artistic endeavors.

  • You can test the watermarked photos’ editing capabilities with a free online editor.
  • AI-powered advanced search engine to facilitate your search.
  • Templates without royalties for aspiring designers.

Makes your search easier without pausing your PowerPoint presentation by integrating with Google Slides effortlessly.


A one-month free trial of Adobe Stocks is available. Once the free trial period has passed, users are automatically promoted to the paid subscription. There are numerous membership packages available from Adobe Stock, with prices ranging from USD 49.99 to USD 249.99 each month.

3. Fotor


The online picture editing application Fotor makes it simple to alter and give your projects life. The one-tap enhancement feature on Fotor can transform even the most common photograph into a colorful creation in the smallest amount of time. This alternative to Shutterstock offers a variety of templates that may be altered to suit the requirements of a certain project.

Although this website for stock images offers a number of full and partial filters that let you highlight particular areas of a picture, it also offers the usual photo editing features like color correction, cropping, background removal, and photo enhancement. The program enables the construction of collages with movable borders, stickers, effects, and text that may be automatically resized and positioned.

Important Features

  • With just one click, Fotor’s One-Touch Enhancer Tool may fix any imaging issue.
  • Foto GoArt is an AI program that turns a photo into artwork in the style of a traditional painting.
  • Includes a number of instruction courses for using the online picture editor.
  • Sophisticated photo editing tools with high-quality photo effects.


You must subscribe to Fotor Pro in order to access all of the sophisticated photo-editing capabilities. Plans are available in monthly and yearly options. The monthly subscription is USD 8.99 per feature every month, and you just have to pay USD 39.99, or USD 3.33 per month, if you want to pay annually.

4. iStock by Getty images


It is one of the oldest platforms, housing more than 400 million elements from more than 330,000 of the world’s top authors. It was formerly known as iStockphoto. As a result of its broad catalog, which includes a sizable collection of photos, and access to sizable stock video and audio libraries, iStock is a well-liked substitute for Shutterstock.

The majority of speaking photos that adhere to the highest quality requirements can be found with iStock. Every month, this stock photo website updates its library by adding more than 500,000 new images, graphics, videos, and audio files. Also check  Pastebin Alternatives

Important Features

Millions of high-quality images, including photos, drawings, vectors, audio files, and video files, that aren’t available anyplace else. includes a sophisticated image search tool with cutting-edge filtering capabilities, including file type, contributor, size, shape, color, file number, and more. Select from the Essentials non-exclusive low-cost category or the Signature exclusive high-cost category.


For people, little and big enterprises, and corporations, iStock offers multiple price choices. Additionally, normal and premium photographs are set apart to allow you to select between cheaper price points and higher image quality.

You can cancel iStock at any time and it is free for one month. You are also permitted to take photographs with you. The cheapest iStock premium package is USD 70 for 10 photos.

5. DepositePhotos


Another site that offers free stock photos One of the picture banks in the world with the quickest growth rates was originally thought to be Depositphotos. It is the most popular site for bloggers and small businesses, especially for those who require numerous photographs per month. It contains a library of over 224 million assets with high-quality photos, vectors, movies, and illustrations.

One of the greatest Shutterstock alternatives available is Depositphotos, which offers images on demand with different credit packs. By simply entering your desired topic and pressing the search button to display the results on your said topic, you can find a photo of your choosing.

Important Features

  • Choose from more than 60 million pictures.
  • Searchable by photographer, category keywords, color, size, orientation, and even with a reverse image search feature.
  • A customizable pricing structure for people, SMEs, and large businesses.


Depending on the number of photographs you require, Depositphotos offers a variety of plans. For instance, you can select a plan for USD 9.99 per month that includes 10 photographs for download (USD 1.0 each image) or you can sign up for USD 199 per month that includes 750 images (USD 0.27 per image).

6. Pond5


Pond5 has approximately 49 million photos available, but it is known for its over 31 million stock video clips. You may use royalty-free stock video, music, sound effects, photos, and more with Pond5 to give your story life.

Pond5 began by specializing on the sale of video clips but later broadened its offerings to include images, sound effects, 3D models, and Adobe after-effects templates. Pond5 does not develop the content; rather, it sells it and keeps half of the money that is made.

Important Features

  • Flexible payment options including subscription, pay per item, and credit packs.
  • Locate media, then download it for a no-cost preview.
  • After Effects templates that are simple to use and have smooth transitions.


You can choose between paying per item, getting a membership, or buying a prepaid credit pack. Prices vary by media type and are largely determined by the contributing artists. For instance, music tracks start at USD 5, while video snippets start at USD 25.

7. Unsplash


Unsplash is one of the most well-known photography communities, where visitors may browse a wide selection of creative and business-oriented images. In order to use photographs for promotion, Unsplash also provides licensing terms for commercial use.

Substitute for Shutterstock According to reports, Shutterstock is one of the top photography websites in the world since it gives users the free rein to copy, change, distribute, and utilize the image. However, the terms of service for Unsplash forbid the sale of unaltered copies as prints or printed on tangible objects.

Important Features

  • Directly incorporate stunning photos from Unsplash into your creations.
  • Images may be used for both professional and personal projects under the Unsplash License.
  • The world’s largest giving group of photographers has made over 3 million free high-resolution photographs available.
  • Anyone is welcome to join the Unsplash community, and there is no expensive equipment required to begin contributing.


Substitute for Shutterstock Use of Unsplash is free for editorial, personal, and business purposes.

8. Pixabay


The fact that Pixabay contains approximately 1.7 million photographs makes it one of the greatest sites to find images other than those from Shutterstock. Each image on Pixabay has a CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license, which gives you permission to use it for both personal and commercial purposes. Additionally, high-quality, royalty-free graphics, drawings, and films are available.

Important Features

  • The image is prepared for use once you select the image you wish to download, the resolution, and the captcha.
  • Videos, music, and artwork are all royalty-free.
  • Pixabay is the best free stock picture website because of its large collection of well chosen photos and movies that cover almost every subject.
  • With nearly ten years of knowledge in the stock photo market, Pixabay is familiar with the kind of content that attracts creative talent.


A website with free stock photos is called Pixabay.

9. Pexels


Pexels, a newcomer to the stock photo market, is a free high-resolution photo marketplace that hosts more than a million royalty-free images in its photo and video collection. All Pexel photos are CC0 licensed, much like Pixabay.

The fact that Pexels includes more outside photos, including landscapes, structures, and beaches, among others, makes it an intriguing alternative to Shutterstock. Additionally, Pexels has a huge selection of images that focus on individuals.

Important Features

  • Pexel photos can be used without a license or credit.
  • Pexel’s content library is constantly expanding, with more than 1,500 new photos added each month.
  • It offers an easy-to-use interface and several larger-sized pictures.


The use of Pexels photos is free.

10. Photocase


If you’re wondering why Photocase is on our list, the answer is straightforward. It features a variety of high-end stock photos that are distinctive, artistic, and one-of-a-kind; you are unlikely to discover them anywhere else.

Despite having a modest picture library compared to Shutterstock, this alternative is a wonderful option for luxury, fine-art, and abstract designs used in blogs and merchandise.

Important Features

  • An excellent option for creative images that may be used in editorial and commercial purposes.
  • Additionally, they provide customized, personalized photographs.


The bundles range in price from $15 to $45.


Visual material, formerly the sole preserve of professional photographers, is now a need. Try Photosonic by Writesonic for free if you’re seeking for a Shutterstock alternative that enables you to instantly produce stunning photographs from scratch.

The best part is that Photosonic photographs are completely free to use, share, and even inspire derivative works without paying a fee or giving credit.

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