What is Zabbix ? Top 6 Best Zabbix Alternatives In 2024

This post will explain zabbix alternatives. Zabbix is an effective monitoring tool utilized for monitoring of network and applications and it is readily available as open-source software application. As there are some imperfections in the tool there are many alternatives does as Zabbix alternatives. The accessories like Nagios and PRTG, Icinga, OpenNMS and a lot more. All these tools can be applied as Zabbix alternative & can be utilized for network monitoring and management of applications.

What is Zabbix ? Top 6 Best Zabbix Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about zabbix alternatives here are the details below;

 1. OpenNMS

The OpenNMS is an open source tool readily available used for monitoring of network and application. The tool is capable to recognize the latency concerns and likewise reports the problems to the user. The OpenNMS tool checks the device availability, reaction time determined and likewise detects the node for discovering the performance traffic jams. The dashboard supported by the tool is versatile in nature helps to analyze the data and discover efficiency.

The other functions supported by tool are vehicle discovery of devices, capacity preparation and resources provisioning. All the critical parts present in network can send alarms and that are managed by the OpenNMS tool. The third party combination is likewise supported by this tool that increase the versatility of tool. Also check jmeter alternatives.

 2. Icinga

Icinga is another type of open-source tracking tool that can be utilized as Zabbix alternative for monitoring of network. The Icinga uses the multithreaded design that can be utilized for thousand checks in one second. The tool is extremely fast and flexible utilized for tracking of network. The configura/ion can be altered at run time and it uses RESTful API that delivers the tool recommended employed for monitoring of network. The tool is primarily used in complicated environments that can be utilized to keep an eye on important elements of network.

Icinga tool likewise sends out the informs alert using various communication channel like text, e-mail and other mobile application. The web interface utilized in the Icinga tool is very quick and action time is extremely little. Past data can be readily located and tool likewise offer custom-made view option in the single control panel. The tool is offered as totally free tool that can be utilized by the user for keeping track of function.

 3. Nagios XI

The Nagios XI tool is a scalable and dynamic monitoring tool. All the linked hosts and network devices can be monitored by the web interface that provides adjustable view for the user. The dashboard offered by the tool presents sophisticated charts so that network administrator can summary the network and find the performance traffic jams present in the network. As the network consist of numerous device the tool provides functionality to keep track of any kind of gadgets.

The tool also support performance to incorporate with 3rd part libraries to offer versatility to user to gain access to advanced features of 3rd party library. The interface present in Nagios XI tool is interactive tool and easy to use tool so that charts and information can be examined for the networking parts. Nagios XI is likewise capable to escalate the notices and send informs to the user. Also check neo4j alternatives.

 4. ManageEngine OpManager

The OpManager tool is user-friendly tool that helps to manage the network and monitor the networking elements. The OpManager tool is capable to keep track of the WAN, router, interfaces and bandwidth and likewise look for availability and performance concerns. The tool supply performance to keep track of the physical servers and virtual servers that have numerous OS like Windows, Solaris and Unix. All the security logs present for the network is easily managed by the centralized log system present in workstations and Windows servers.

The tool offers thousands of templates utilized for analyzing the efficiency and availability of gadgets present in the network. The tool likewise supports RAD gadgets keeping an eye on that include performance issues and usage of network. Tape libraries of network are likewise kept track of by the tool so that faults present in library can be discovered by the OpManager tool. The tool is offered as necessary version and business edition that can be used by the company for network monitoring.

 5. PRTG Monitoring Tool

The PRTG is strong tool used for tracking of IT infrastructure and that includes traffic, system and devices. The tool has different communication channel like e-mails, HTTP demand that can be used to send out the notifies. All the events can be made tailored so that they can send notifies when the occasion is executed. The PRTG tool also supports function to make the alert personalized using PRTG API. The tool is also offered as Android and iOS running system.

The security mechanism used in the PRTG tool is SSL. PRTG monitoring tool offers automatic type fail-over system in which when main node is down the system is linked to secondary node. The dashboard provided by the PRTG tool can be made customized based on user requirements. The tool likewise offers function of dispersed kept an eye on in which network can be monitored for a company that exists in different places. Also check alternative to google keep.

 6. SolarWinds NPM

SolarWinds tool is a popular tool that is utilized for tracking of network and various applications. Different type of gadgets can be kept track of for discovering the performance traffic jams present in the network. The tool is utilized for diagnose the network for efficiency concerns. The tool provides more than 100 design templates that can be utilized for production of reports.

The cordless protection of the network can be enhanced by the SolarWinds tool as the tool recognizes the dead zones present in network so that network optimization can be performed. The interface given by the tool is easy to use and interactive in nature so that analysis of network can be carried out. The SolarWinds is the ideal alternative for the Zabbix tool and it is readily available as 30-day complimentary trial variation.


The Zabbix tool is powerful tool for monitoring of network and applications but the tool has its own limitations. There are a number of other powerful platforms that can be used for monitoring function. The user can choose among these Zabbix alternatives and can used for tracking of network and find the efficiency bottlenecks present in the network.

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