What is JMeter ? List of JMeter Alternatives In 2024

This post will explain jmeter alternatives. Unlike many app in Java, JMeter has its popular usage in web application testing and other testing locations. Stefano Mazzocchi is the patron of JMeter with the main objective of performance screening for Apache Tomcat. Although JMeter is an open-source performance testing tool, due to the disadvantages in it people focusing on alternatives for JMeter. If you are searching for the alternatives in JMeter, then this is the ideal place to know some alternatives for JMeter.

What is JMeter ? List of JMeter Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about jmeter alternatives here are the details below;

 List of JMeter Alternatives

Have a close take a look at these best alternatives for JMeter:

 1. LoadRunner

The screening tool which is extensively used in the process of testing applications under load is a LoadRunner. LoadRunner may be a code screening tool from little Focus. It will catch a look at app, instrument habits and performance below a load. LoadRunner will replicate countless users at the same time exploitation application code, the key points of the appliance will be tape-recorded through the efficiency and analyzing. Also check saveig alternatives.

The key components of a Load Runner are:

– The scripts for the creation of load towards the device directions be by a load generator:

Scripts will be edited by the VuGen (Virtual User Generator), with the requirements of scripts use load generator points the series of instances that launches and manages by a controller and with the thorough observation and lastly displays the result.

– The agent technique handles the association in between Controller and cargo Generator circumstances.

– The visualization for the results of observation knowledge will be assembled through the analysis of logs reports and different load dynamos.

 2. Gatling

Gatling is AN ASCII text data load and the efficiency testing structure supported Scala, Akka, and Netty. The primary steady let loose was revealed on Jan thirteen, 2012. In 2015, Gatling’s creator, Stéphane Landelle, developed a corporation (named “Gatling Corp”), devoted to the occasion of the ASCII text file task.

Gatling Corporation establishes the ASCII text file performance screening tool for net applications, Gatling, and its business variation, Richard Jordan Gatling Frontline. The Project’s aims include;

– High Performance.

– Ready to present markup language reports.

– Scenario recorder and developer-friendly phone line.

 3. Apache Benchmark

Apache Benchmark (ab) might be a single-threaded command bug for activity the efficiency of interactions protocol net servers. Originally developed to inspect the Apache interactions procedure Server, it’s generic enough to examine any network server.

The ab suggests Apache Benchmark tool comes bundled with the quality Apache supply distribution, and much like the Apache web server itself, it is totally free, open supply software package and distributed listed below the terms of the Apache License. Also check alternative to google keep.

 4. TSung

The testing which exists beneath the license of GPL, and it is one of the load tests that is distributed is known to be TSung. And this is offered in a language referred to as Erlang.


– Tsung makes it possible for one to duplicate as much as fifty thousand synchronic performers.

– Complicated scripts can be composed by developers with the support of TSung.

– TSung makes it possible for a pointed server to be observed by the programmers.

– XMPP, HTTP, SOAP, and PostgreSQL servers can be checked by TSung because it is a protocol.

 5. Funkload

The load which is coded in Python & carries out functional testing for web jobs is indicated to be Funkloads. The regression screening is done by the Funkload. The functions for Funkload are shown listed below:

– Functional tests are pure Python scripts that exploit the pyUnit framework like traditional system tests. Python modifies advanced scenarios to manage universe applications.

– The multipart and the submission of type data are done and it enables transfers of files likewise.

– It has several choices with the many command line

 6. Loadninja

Load Ninja by Smart Bear allows you to quickly produce script less refined load tests, real internet browsers will be replaced in place of load emulator alternative, 50% reduction of time in testing, metrics for the basis of Brower, all at ninja speed. You’ll simply record client-side interactions, right in real-time, and develop performance issues at the same time.

– The scriptless load takes a look at the recorder of Insta Play for the production together with the playback.

– At scale the load genuine browser test execution happens.

– There is no requirement for the server machine; the hosting will be done straight on the cloud.

– The metrics for browser-based will be and together with the reportage alternatives and analytics.

 7. SmartMeter

One of the reliable options instead of JMeter is which is introduced with the innovative features that are not offered in JMeter. It allows simple scriptless have a look at the scenario created for the victimization of the supposed recorder, nonetheless, it still allows you to create innovative edits of the take a look at. It conjointly masters taking a look at coverage and makes use of functions like automated have a look at requirements analysis; analytical thinking is likewise checked here. The operating supports like as Windows, Mac OS, & Linux are harmonious with the use of SmartMeter. The integration of CI/CD is also recommended by Smart Meter. Have a glance at the characteristics of Smart meter: Also check bluefish Alternatives.

– Scriptless take a look at the state of affairs creation.

– Comprehensive reportage with automatic analysis and take a look at runs a contrast.

– GUI will take a look at a run with real-time outcomes.


Hope through this blog, you are clear about the alternatives for JMeter that have the exact same and in fact more features that will support you in your test situations.

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