Top 6 DU Meter Alternatives You Can Use

Best DU Meter Alternatives will be described in this article. DU Meter is a fantastic piece of software for keeping track of the bandwidth utilization on your Windows computer. It can generate statistics and alarms, display the real-time network consumption on your taskbar, and show the download and upload speeds. But each of these benefits has a price. You can download a 30-day trial edition of DU Meter, after which the licensed version, which starts at $9.95, must be purchased. We have some fantastic information for you if you’re seeking for a comparable bandwidth monitoring tool that’s free. There are several excellent programs available that offer features similar to those of DU Meter and are free. Here are the top 6 DU Meter substitutes that you can use.

Top 6 DU Meter Alternatives You Can Use

In this article, you can know about DU Meter Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Networx


You can use the excellent bandwidth monitoring tool Networx. It can produce graphs based on your internet speed and, like DU meter, display the download and upload speed on your taskbar. Other helpful features include a speed meter, use report that can be filtered by day, week, or month, and a quota where you can receive a reminder if you use up a predetermined portion of your given data. With the introduction of version 6.0, Networx was also made commercially available in 2017. Any version below v6.0 is available for free download if you want to use it.

  • Internet Graph
  • Obtain: (Up to date, v5.5.5)
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms

2. Glasswire


Glasswire is more than just bandwidth monitoring software. A built-in firewall, network statistics, a list of all the systems connected to your network, and even notifications when a new system connects are all characteristics of Glasswire in addition to functions comparable to those of DU Meter. To top it off, it offers a vibrant user interface and displays a graph of the network utilization by specific apps. Also check Chatzy 

  • For more features and safety, you can purchase the paid edition of Glasswire, which starts at $49 for one time use.
  • (Free, Pro $49) Windows-based download

3. XMeters


A fantastic piece of software that displays your current bandwidth usage is called XMeters. The nicest thing is that it has a simple interface without any technical jargon to confuse non-geeks. It offers extra functions including monitoring CPU, storage, and memory utilization in addition to showing network usage on the taskbar like DU Meter. Anywhere on its toolbar requires a left-click to access the task manager, and a right-click to access settings. In addition, it is highly configurable. Well, XMeters is undoubtedly among the greatest programs for keeping track of bandwidth usage.

  • Although XMeters has a free version, if you want a fully customizable refresh rate, you must purchase the full version.
  • Download XMeters Taskbar (Free, Professional $4.99)
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10

4. NetTraffic


Another excellent option to DU Meter is NetTraffic. Like DU Meter, NetTraffic displays real-time bandwidth usage graphically and mathematically. It also includes a taskbar widget that displays the system uptime and generates forecasts based on the data gathered. Not only that, but NetTraffic is quite lightweight and won’t harm your Windows computer in any way. Additionally, there are other customization options, and the greatest part is that, unlike DU Meter, it is completely free.

  • Download NetTraffic: (No Cost)
  • Microsoft Windows

5. NetMeter Evo

NetMeter Evo

You can monitor your bandwidth utilization with NetMeter Evo, a straightforward but very powerful application. It is a step up from NetMeter software. With NetMeter Evo, you may customize the graph window and use a “mouse-through” function to click on the background while the graph is still displayed. Although it doesn’t have the same long-term storage capabilities as DU Meter, this software is portable and barely consumes any resources. You should absolutely give it a try because it’s free as well.

  • The NetMeter Evo
  • Windows-based (Free) Download

6. UpDown Meter

UpDown Meter

Another good DU Meter substitute is UpDown Meter, which uses trace memory and processor time. It quietly uses no more bandwidth while running in the background. You must calibrate UpDown Meter after setup in order for it to accurately track the numbers. It has some additional great features like an animated tray icon, multi-monitor screen edge docking, always on top, and translucent windows, yet unlike DU Meter it does not have the opportunity to display statistical network usage over time. It displays average speeds in addition to the actual download and upload rates. Also check Dynatrace Alternatives 

  • Download UpDown Meter for free.
  • Windows platforms are supported (.NET Framework 4.5.1)
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Ready to Try These DU Meter Alternatives?

You can easily keep track of how much data is being transported to and from your machine at any given time using the aforementioned free DU Meter alternatives. So, if you’ve been seeking for bandwidth monitoring solutions, give these a shot. So, try them out and share your feedback with me in the section below.

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