What is Neo4j ? List of Neo4j Alternatives In 2024

This post will explain neo4j alternatives. Neo4j is a graph database management system, issued in 2007. Neo4j is achieved in java language & can accessible from software written in other languages using cypher question language through deal HTTP endpoint or through binary bolt Protocol. In Noe4j, information or information stored in formats like edge, node or characteristic. Edge & nodes can have any estimate of qualities, both can be identified. Labels are utilized for narrow searches. There are other alternatives offered for Neo4j which offer comparable functionalities. Here in this article, we are running to address these alternatives.

What is Neo4j ? List of Neo4j Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about neo4j alternatives here are the details below;

 List of Neo4j Alternatives

Below is the schedule of neo4j alternatives.

 – ArangoDB.

It is a dispersed free and open source database system. This database system supports three data models such as file, key/ worth, and graph with one database core and unified question language AQL. AQL represents ArangoDB Query language. With ArangoDB we can state a combination of various data gain access to patterns in single query. While working with graph information, it offers scalable questions. Utilizing Foxx framework, ArangoDB incorporates with native Javascript libraries directly. Also check bluefish Alternatives.

 – OrientDB.

It is a distributed chart database system that offers versatility of file database. It is an open-source NoSQL database command system. It supports designs like graph, file, key/value, and things. Relationships are handled as in chart database with direct connection in between records. It supports three varieties of modes namely schema-less, schema complete, and schema mixed. OrientDB is carried out using pure java language, for that reason, it can operate on any systems like windows, Mac OS, or Linux with Java virtual machine (JVM). It can develop in Cloud. It supports various cloud suppliers like Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web services), DigitalOcean.

 – Cassandra.

It is a totally free and open-source dispersed NoSQL database management system created to deal with a large quantity of information across lots of accomidity servers. Its distributed architecture is customized for multi-data center deployment, redundancy, for failure, and disaster healing. It introduced CQL which indicates Cassandra question language is a user interface to access the Cassandra as an alternative to the traditional SQL language. Cassandra replicate information instantly to several nodes for fault tolerance. Duplication methods are configurable. It is a hybrid between essential value and tabular database management system.

 – HyperGraphDB.

HyperGraphDB is a general-purpose Database management system style based upon an effective understanding management formalism known as a direct hypergraph. For understanding management, mainly persistent memory design is designed, Artificial intelligence and semantic web jobs, a bit can also be used as embedded object-oriented database for java tasks of all sizes.

 – Azure cosmos DB.

It is Microsoft’s dispersed, multi-model database management system developed for handling information at planet scale. Normally, azure universe DB is classified under NoSQL database. It shops items in containers, containers are grouped in databases which are comparable to namespaces above container. Every field in each item is instantly indexed. At vessel level, TTL (Time to live) is defined to immediately erase the items after a specific quantity of time revealed in seconds. Countdown starts immediately after the last upgrade of the item.

 – Redis.

It is a remote dictionary server utilized as a distributed, in-memory key-value database. It supports different type of abstract information structure such as lists, maps, string, bitmap, streams, spatial indexes. It supplies master replica replication. Information from any media server can replicate to any variety of replicas. 1 replica can be a master to the other replica. This enables execution of single rooted replication tree. The Cluster can ascend up to 1000 nodes. Company like Twitter, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Alibaba are utilizing Redis. Redis can be utilized for session caching, message line application, full page cache, etc. Also check jmeter alternatives.

 – Oracle Spatial and chart.

It supports complete series of geospatial data and analytics for land management and geographic info systems, transportation, mobile place services, Lidar analysis, sales area management, and location-enabled organization intelligence. Its graph specialties include RDF graphs for app varying from semantic data combination to social networking analysis to linked open information and network graphs utilized in transport, energies, energy, telcos and driving time analysis for sales and marketing applications. Also check saveig alternatives.

 – DGraph.

It shares data to horizontally scale to numerous servers, developed to lessen the number of disk seeks and network calls. It is constructed like research engine. Queries are broken feather into sub-queries which run concurrently to accomplish low latency and high throughput. It can quickly scale to several devices or information centers. Its sharded storage & query processing were specifically created to decrease the number of network calls.


In this post, we have seen Neo4j alternatives along with their features and uses. You can pick any of them based on your requirements. We hope you will discover this article valuable.

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