Best Note-Taking App Alternatives to Google Keep

This post will explain alternative to google keep. For several years, Google Keep has actually been the most popular note-taking app for countless individuals however if you wish to use some alternative apps we are going the offer you a great list including the very best alternatives.

Best Note-Taking App Alternatives to Google Keep

In this article, you can know about alternative to google keep here are the details below;

If you are among those who are still trying to find the ideal alternative to Google Keep, today we are going to assist you pick the very best choice that you can use amongst all those that exist today in the Google Play Store.

 Best note-taking app options to Google Keep

 1. Bundled

alternative to google keep

Bundled is a great option.

Probably the very best note-taking app for Android is Bundled.

It has an outstanding style based on Material Design lines. It likewise keeps in mind one step even more thanks to a totally distinct organization system based upon packages, tags, kanban boards, and far more.

In addition, the saved notes have support for markdown format, and it is possible to see or edit them from the computer system using the web version of Bundled Notes if we sign up for the Pro variation. Also check bluefish Alternatives.

 2. Ruff

Ruff is an outstanding alternative.


Ruff is another alternative and we strongly endorse it. It will be an vital tool in your smart phone for sure.

The application is designed to write and save notes without too many problems, thanks to a minimalist design & a simple format, this app permits you to write whatever you require on a text sheet, which is immediately conserved and brought back in between sessions.

The application is totally free, however there is a Pro variation with special features.

 3. Lumine


Lumine is one of the very best alternatives to Google Keep. It may not be a more useful note-taking application than Bundled or ruff, however it resembles Google Keep.

Its design is very comparable, with brown notes on the primary screen. However, it includes functions that are not present in Keep, such as the ability to transcribe images and convert them to text. Also check saveig alternatives.

It also consists of features such as automated cloud synchronization, company by classifications, pointers, and tasks, and more. But these functions are exclusive for a paid membership pack.

 4. Notes by Firefox

It is not the very first time we talk about the notes app from Firefox, the company behind the famous web internet browser.

Notes by Firefox

Notes by Firefox is a notes application that stands out for its security since the notes remain encrypted at all times

Did you understand Firefox has a note-taking app too?

However, it offers the possibility to integrate notes between devices with a Firefox account.

It is an entirely free app, but for the moment it remains in the development stage.

 5. Concept

Notion is a lot longer than a note-taking app. It is an all-in-one setting that, with a little commitment, can be utilized to arrange your whole life.


Its developers specify it as an editor that integrates notes, jobs, and wikis in a single app. Nevertheless, it goes much further through functions such as databases, the probability of including abundant multimedia content, embedding web pages and real-time collaboration, offline path, and far more.

Idea is not simply a note-taking app, it has a lot capacity.

Initially, the myriad of features offered by Notion can be a bit frustrating. But once you grow familiar with its technicians, it is among the most flexible applications offered.

 6. PastelNote


Another free notes app with a comparable style to Google Keep Notes is PastelNote.

Again, we are talking on an administration that enables you to develop notes classified by color, with an easy and user friendly interface.

One of its several important roles is the probability of blocking access to the notes with a PIN and fingerprint. For those who care about separation a lot, this app is an excellent alternative. Also check ZChat .

 7. OneNote


If you are studying for a great note-taking application with cloud synchronization and Microsoft OneNote might be among the best alternatives out there.

Microsoft constantly offers a solid solution.

It is a multiplatform app with synchronization through our Microsoft account, which among other things provides note pads, freehand writing, real-time cooperation, tags, page organization, assistance for multimedia elements, and numerous other fascinating alternatives.

The application can be downloaded and used totally free of charge on any device.

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