Top 10 Best Pocket Casts Alternatives For Android And iOS

Best Pocket Casts Alternatives will be described in this article. For a long time, somebody have counted on Pocket Casts to provide an excellent podcast listening experience. Unfortunately, Pocket Casts has become involved in controversy in China, where it has been taken down from the local iOS App Store. The Chinese government’s cyberspace watchdog, the Cyberspace Administration of China, has admitted that the software can be used to access unlawful content there and has demanded that Apple take it down for breaking Chinese law. Notably, Castro, another popular podcast app, was just removed from China’s App Store. Although we acknowledge that the apps were not to blame, if you are worried about their future or are simply seeking for something different, we’ve compiled a index of the leading 10 Pocket Casts alternatives for Android and iOS that you can use in 2020.

Top 10 Best Pocket Casts Alternatives For Android And iOS

In this article, you can know about Pocket Casts Alternatives here are the details below;

Despite having always had an easy-to-use user interface, Pocket Casts occasionally feels slow. Additionally, a lot of people have complained that the information doesn’t always load smoothly. Many consumers have also had issues with the switch to subscription-based pricing. We made sure that the alternative Pocket Casts applications for iPhone and Android address the most of these issues while also being equally strong in terms of capabilities and customisation.

1. Overcast


Overcast may be the ideal solution for you if you’re seeking for a full-featured Pocket Casts substitute for iPhone and iPad. The software has a user-friendly interface and many great features. You can browse the constantly expanding selection and download your favorite podcasts to listen to them later without an internet connection. Similar to Pocket Casts, it offers a variety of intelligent filters that let you build personalized playlists for quick access to your favorite podcasts. This is another Pocket Casts Alternatives. Also check Bitly Alternatives

Overcast and Pocket Casts are very comparable to one another in terms of personalized recommendations. You may rapidly access the kind of podcasts that suit your taste thanks to the app’s tracking of your interests and recommendations that are tailored to them. The simple podcast management is another aspect to note. You can reorganize the list according to your preferences and select individual podcast priorities.

It keeps you up to date with the most recent arrivals so that you don’t lose out on them with the rapid alterations. One of Pocket Casts’ best features is a nifty podcast player that allows for amazing customization for completely customized podcast listening.

With regard to this, Overcast has met my expectations thanks to its simple loudness and silence-skipping features. On top of that, it provides a solo podcast playback option on Apple Watch so you can access your favorite episodes right from the wrist.

2. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is to Android what Overcast is to iOS. Its 4.7-star rating out of 5 and more than 9 million downloads from more than 500K users only serve to highlight how well-liked it is on Android devices. Customization is another area where it does effectively. To improve your podcast listening experience, you can adjust the playback speed and make use of functions like loop mode, sleep timer, and shuffle mode.

In terms of audio effects, Podcast Addict seems a little better to me than Pocket Casts. It is particularly user-friendly due to the inclusion of features like mono playback, volume boost, skip silent, and the capacity to function as a standalone player.

Additionally, it offers some quite useful automation, such as automatic downloads, updates, and deletion. You won’t have to bother about manually deleting the pointless episodes or downloading your favorite podcasts as a result. You can broadcast your preferred podcasts on the streaming device with the help of Chromecast and Sonos.

You will like the app’s option to import OPML files if you use RSS reader feeds. In addition, it’s important to mention that you can play audiobooks directly from the app by importing them from the device. With these capabilities, Podcast Addict is unquestionably one of the top Pocket Casts alternatives for Android.

3. Podcast Guru

Podcast Guru

Podcast Guru is a different podcasting app that never fails to astonish me. The app can be a serious rival to Pocket Casts in terms of both quality and quantity. In contrast to Pocket Casts, Podcast Guru features a simple user interface that makes finding your way around easy. Additionally, its freemium edition doesn’t seem to be overrun with advertisements. This is another Pocket Casts Alternatives.

You can rely on this app to not irritate you with excessive advertising. Despite a lot of AI-driven intelligence, finding the finest podcasts may occasionally be a bit of a hassle. To help you quickly identify preferred podcasts, the app offers trustworthy reviews and ratings by Podchaser.

Similar to Pocket Casts, Podcast Guru has a clever download manager to stop downloaded episodes from taking up valuable device capacity. Depending on your conditions, you can decide to save episodes to external storage for easy deletion or to download episodes only over Wi-Fi to prevent the program from consuming a lot of mobile data.

Additionally, Podcast Guru has a very useful dark mode that will both protect your eyes from strain and help your device’s battery last longer. With these characteristics in mind, it serves as a solid Pocket Casts substitute for Android devices.

4. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts would be one of my top choices as a Pocket Casts substitute if I had to make the decision only on the basis of personal preference. The app offers a wide range of podcasts, including ones about sports, business, humor, news, and politics. So, no matter what kind of podcasts you enjoy listening to, it has you covered. In terms of personalization, Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts can work well together. You can queue up episodes for smooth listening, change the playback speed, or skip silences.

Additionally, Google Podcasts includes a helpful download manager. Similar to Pocket Casts, it enables you to automatically download apps so they are available for offline listening. Additionally, you may maintain the app clutter-free by eliminating the extraneous episodes with a clever cleanup feature. Additionally, keeping track of your listening history, downloads, and subscriptions is rather simple with the app.

As a result, Google Podcasts’ history management is easier than Pocket Casts’. Additionally, Google Assistant is available at all times to help you play or search for a certain podcast more quickly. Given everything, Google Podcasts is likely the best Pocket Casts replacement available.

5. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Why seek elsewhere when your iOS device already has a top-notch podcast app? You guessed it. I’m referring to the Apple Podcasts app, which is pre-installed on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The software has a clean user interface for easy navigation. Of course, Apple’s solution is a far cry from being as beautiful as Pocket Casts. But when it comes to finishing the job, it can handle it.

The integration of Apple Podcasts with Siri is one of its main advantages. On your iPhone, Mac, and even HomePod, you may ask Siri to play a specific podcast. The cherry on top is that your play history is synced across devices without charge.

Apple’s solution includes a full download manager, much like Pocket Casts does. The new episodes can be set up to automatically download so that they are always available, even if you don’t have an internet connection. The software immediately deletes episodes when you’ve finished watching them so they don’t take up a lot of data. Overall, you’re getting a top-notch podcast listening experience for nothing.

6. Sticher for Podcasts

Sticher for Podcasts

Sticher has impressed me as a podcast listener. The app provides a central location to access a range of podcasts and radio shows. Additionally, it includes well-known programs from prestigious outlets like NPR, WNYC, the New York Times, Earwolf, and the BBC so that your catalog always has something delightful to catch up with. This is another Pocket Casts Alternatives.

Not to mention the premium, exclusive podcasts that constantly have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep you interested. Although Stitcher doesn’t have a beautiful user interface like Pocket Casts, it functions rather well.

Additionally, Sticher offers interfaces with more than 50 different auto models from Ford, GM, Mazda, BMW, Jaguar, and Landrover in addition to CarPlay support. Additionally, it works well with all popular smart speakers, including Amazon Alexa and Sonos speaker systems, allowing you to listen to podcasts on your smart speaker.

In comparison to Pocket Casts’ $0.99/month or $9.99/year rates, Stitcher’s premium version costs $4.99/month and $34.99/year. However, you will receive premium content, ad-free listening, and bonus episodes with this membership. You can continue using the free version if you don’t want these added benefits.

7. Podbean


The majority of podcast listeners will likely find Podbean to their liking. Several well-known podcast channels, including PR, CBC, BBC, HowStuffWorks, The New York Times, This American Life, and Gimlet, can be subscribed to using this app. The software is able to readily cater to your diverse tastes in anything from sports to politics to finance. Additionally, you receive tailored recommendations depending on the kinds of podcasts that interest you.

But what distinguishes this app from many of its rivals, including Pocket Casts, is the full-featured podcast studio that enables you to record podcasts of high quality for your audience. It allows you to adjust your audio like an expert and includes unique sound effects and high-quality background music. Podbean gives you the necessary control to improve the caliber of your audio through the use of its robust post-production features, such as edit, split, merge, and export.

Not only that, but Podbean also enables you to interact via messaging with the host and other listeners while listening to popular live audio broadcasts. Try out Podbean if you’re looking for a competitor to Pocket Casts that enables you to create fantastic podcasts for your audience in addition to listening to top-rated shows.

8. Castbox


Castbox, a podcast app with a ton of features, deserves to be mentioned in this compilation. This podcast app’s massive library of audio content, which includes podcasts as well as audiobooks, white noise, guided meditation podcasts, and FM radio, is arguably its most impressive feature. Therefore, regardless of where your interests lay, it’s likely that the app won’t allow you to look elsewhere.

Aside from that, the app offers a variety of popular TV show podcasts, including Binge Mode: Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones The Podcast, Record of Westeros (Game of Thrones), Game of Thrones LIVE, and others. I enjoy listening to podcasts of high-brow TV shows, so I found Castbox’s catalog to be pretty intriguing. Your narrative won’t be all that dissimilar from mine, I’m certain of that! Also check PagerDuty Alternatives

When it comes to customisation, it also appeared comparable to Pocket Casts. It is a full podcast software thanks to features like the simple way to change playback, a helpful sleep schedule, and the capacity to cut quiet. Similar to Pocket Casts, it has a freemium approach, but if you want access to all of its services, you’ll need to subscribe for $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year. This is another Pocket Casts Alternatives.

9. Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic

One of the few podcast apps I’d want to see on iOS as soon as possible is Podcast Republic. This app’s rather simple method of managing podcasts, YouTube channels, SoundCloud channels, RSS news and blog feeds, and online radio streaming from a single location has captured my attention. The Podcast Republic is what you should pick in order to maintain control without having to jump from pillar to post in order to take control of all these things.

The simple method for importing and exporting subscriptions, which is useful when switching, has also caught my eye. You would truly value this functionality if you frequently feel the need to import podcasts and like to use multiple podcast programs. Due to the inclusion of features like volume boost, prioritization, and sleep timer, Podcast Republic is as effective at playback as Pocket Casts. Briefly put, Podcast Republic is a flexible replacement for Pocket Casts.

10. Player FM

Player FM

Player FM is the best option if all you require is a straightforward podcast program to handle all of your podcast listening requirements. Even though its user interface doesn’t look as polished as Pocket Casts’, it offers the best audio and video podcast listening experience available. To enhance the customizing feature, the app features some of the trendiest themes available. This is another Pocket Casts Alternatives.

The app is updated frequently with the most recent seasons and episodes. You will always have easy access to the popular episodes as a result. To accommodate shifting interests, it also provides a ton of free audiobooks, documentaries, and video podcasts. One of the features I like best about this software is its ability to switch between dark and vivid themes when you want the app to better suit your mood. Although Pocket Casts also features a number of themes, Player FM has the advantage in this area.

Choose the Top Pocket Casts Substitutes for IOS and Android

This concludes the list of the best Pocket Casts substitutes for iOS and Android smartphones. I hope your eyes have chosen a good solution to your one-stop podcast listening after researching noteworthy competitors. Let me know the names of the podcast apps that have made a home in your library before you turn on an intriguing episode. Yes, please also let us know about any deserving podcast apps that should be included in the list above.

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