Top 11 Best Datadog Alternatives And Similar Tools

Best Datadog Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Datadog has long been a major participant in the field of network monitoring technologies. Although it has many advantages, some of the disadvantages are very worrying. It may be time for you to begin using Datadog alternatives as a result.

The good information is that there are a ton of programs like Datadog that are comparable. Like any other instrument, it has a number of advantages and disadvantages to take into account.

About Datadog

Describe Datadog. You can use Datadog as a tool to keep an eye on the cloud applications you’re developing. To produce a thorough and trustworthy analysis, it will compile all available data and sources.

Since Datadog is a web-based application, you may state that it’s among the top network monitoring tools for Windows and other operating systems. For a seamless workflow, this application also includes pre-integrated third-party programs.

Datadog review claims that this product has a number of valuable functions, including some of the following:

  • Utilizing the entire DevOps stack, the ability to integrate events and data.
  • Serving a variety of roles and objectives, including debugging, monitoring, and improving the performance of different applications.
  • Examining your logs using a variety of efficient search engines and filters.
  • Assists in creating fully customizable interactive dashboards in real time.
  • Features for improved collaboration and communication.
  • Alerts for urgent problems.

Despite the wonderful features mentioned above that will aid you in your work, some shortcomings also emerge, such as:

  • Not the best for new users.
  • It will hurt a little to start from scratch.
  • It has some costly pricing plans.

While some users don’t mind the shortcomings, many users choose to utilize different open-source monitoring programs.

Top 11 Best Datadog Alternatives And Similar Tools

In this article, you can know about Datadog Alternatives here are the details below;

As was already mentioned, not all users are experts. They require time to educate themselves and obtain solid support. The possibilities are listed below if you also require a tool that enables you to study initially and has a network monitoring tools free plan.

1. PowerShell


One of the first monitoring programs is PowerShell, which is only compatible with Windows, Bash, and Linux. Even though this program doesn’t offer anything new, some users still rely on it to get the job done.

Given how long it has been in the game, it naturally comes with a lot of positive attributes. PowerShell is a native language for Windows system administrators, in addition to being simple to learn. Additional positives include:

  • Universally obtainable.
  • For people who frequently work with Windows computers, it is simple to use.

You can use PowerShell as an RPA solution.

However, some users from large corporations believe that this option is an unusable tool. In addition, despite the fact that PowerShell is a simple program to master, not everyone in the modern world is familiar with it.

2. Scout APM

For some time now, Scout APM has emerged as one of Datadog’s main rivals. The philosophy of the developer’s best buddy is generated using this tool. This tool’s main objective is to make every process as simple and bug-free for developers as feasible.

There are several reasons why you might adore this tool, including:

  • It has simple dashboards where you may uncover a number of potential causes for the network’s slowness.
  • With its sophisticated logs, keeping track of happenings is simple. To improve communication, it also includes the developer who is in charge of the task’s contact information.
  • Logic deep tracing to find the cause of the progress snag.

However, some users claim that Scout APM solely concentrates on APM issues. The APM portion is fantastic, but the other components are simply ignored. In addition, its free tier can include a time limit on how long you can view the data.

3. Loggly


A lot analysis and monitoring solution based in the cloud is called Loggly. It has a long number of features that are all inclusive and provide all the information you need in a single window.

A free version of this application is also available, which is advantageous for beginners who only require a straightforward log search. Its monthly premium plans begin at USD 79.

Loggly has a ton of options, especially for users that need to simultaneously analyze numerous servers. Other benefits of using this tool include:

  • There are built-in archive features that facilitate data conversion to AWS S3.
  • It has excellent and extensive troubleshooting options.
  • The “view surrounding events” tool makes it simple to examine every event that surrounds a certain issue.
  • Provides many options for visualizing your data.

It does, however, have a few drawbacks that merit your attention as well. The user interface (UI) takes a while to load when you enter the website, especially if traffic is heavy. It is possible to save the search results, however there may be restrictions. When you use more data than is permitted, the speed may significantly decrease. So, pay closer attention to the restriction.

4. Site24x7


Site24x7 is the next company on the list of Datadog’s rivals. For individuals who cannot afford any downtime, this tool markets itself as a great partner. The advantages of this program help any IT to sleep at night, other from that. Also check Dynatrace Alternatives

You would adore Site24x7 for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Easy setup and UI that is approachable for beginners.
  • Because this tool is browser-based, you can use any device to view it from anywhere.
  • Site24x7 can be integrated with a number of systems, giving users complete control over a range of assets.
  • Every call is taken seriously by customer service, without any extra fees.

However, new users of this tool could find it a little complicated. Of course, this problem is solvable, and lessons can be learnt in the process. In addition, some alerts and monitoring may produce false positives, which could be bothersome if they occur at odd hours.

Although it comes with a number of complimentary tools, an upgrade is necessary to access the advanced capabilities, and when compared to other similar services, the cost is relatively high.

5. AppOptics


Do you know anything about SolarWinds? SolarWinds, one of the most well-known APM brands on the market, also created an app called Appoptics that handles related tasks. AppOptics can be considered one of the Datadog-like tools with reliable functionality and support. It features metrics that make it simple to track down any problem. Additionally, the tool will keep an eye on latency, mistake rates, and other transactional activity. This is another datadog alternatives.

It offers a 14-day free trial that can be upgraded, and if you pay yearly, the paid plan begins at USD 9.99 per month. Its strengths include, but are not restricted to:

  • The simple process for setting up alerts, despite the fact that they result from a complicated calculation.
  • Sending notifications if any data is lost. They may be informed when coupled with third-party services.
  • Compares multiple metrics and presents the findings in a visually stunning but understandable manner.
  • Collects data from a combination of sources, including Heroku, AWS, and many more.

However, a few customers complained that AppOptics does not support GCP, Oracle, or Service Now, which are three popular technologies among modern IT professionals. Other than that, its capacity to filter reports may have been improved.

6. Dynatrace


Dynatrace is included on the list of Datadog substitutes, if you look at it. This application has a free version that is very beneficial for a quick and simple deployment infrastructure. Dynatrace offers a wide range of monitoring services. It is understandable why so many significant businesses favor this tool over the other options on the list.

This product is well-liked by many corporate sectors, including those in transportation, retail, finance, and other related fields. It offers reliable information that are pertinent to and important for their enterprises. Its primary attributes consist of:

  • Realistic integration that is automatable.
  • To create causation, it uses AI.
  • Top-notch installation, coverage, and security are provided.

Despite all of the fantastic qualities mentioned above, operating additional setups and setting up the dashboard with Dynatrace can be quite challenging. Additionally, the cost is not the lowest on the list. This is another datadog alternatives. Also check PimEyes Alternatives

7. New Relic

New Relic

New Relic ought to be included on the list of the top network monitoring tools. Users can examine three important areas, including applied intelligence, full-stack observability, and telemetry data platform, on this all-in-one platform. It optimizes and reacts more quickly while assisting developers in producing better and more spectacular software with an emphasis on observability. This is another datadog alternatives.

This program offers good performance, but it also seems to have a slightly confusing user interface. The web information may not be as comprehensive as other instruments of a comparable nature aside from that. Additionally, the thresholds are not adequately displayed.

8. Prometheus


Prometheus may be what you’re looking for if you want a better plan than the Datadog price options. You are able to track stats with this tool solely for your apps. You may rely on this one as well because it is open-sourced software. This is another datadog alternatives.

Among its strongest points are:

  • Even novices may understand basic visualization layers.
  • Compiled time-series data using the PromQL programming language.
  • If necessary, you can customize and silence the notifications.

Prometheus might not be the ideal option for huge businesses and organizations, nevertheless. Other than that, if you’re searching for a dashboarding solution, it won’t work.

9. Auvik


One of the more effective Datadog substitutes to date is Auvik. It is a SaaS platform that includes network discovery and a mapping system. These two aid in centralizing monitoring across several sites and automating enrollment. This is another datadog alternatives. Also check Dall E Alternatives

This tool has a 14-day free trial period, and its official website has the full list of pricing options. There are several reasons why you would adore Auvik, including:

  • Gathering information from many operating systems, including Windows Server and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Given that this is a cloud-based utility, it is accessible through a variety of web browsers.
  • Along with other tools, users can use its dedicated tool for network monitoring.

While integration with a third-party system is feasible, only Auvik modules will work with the system and will be expendable.

10. LogicMonitor


Perhaps there are better free Datadog options than LogicMonitor. However, a 14-day free trial plan is included. It offers a ton of fascinating features as an automatic SaaS application and complete visibility to monitor your network. You’d adore this gadget because:

  • Individualized dashboards.
  • Having the ability to monitor assets in hybrid and cloud environments.
  • The ability to access the program over the cloud.

Other people wish the free trial period could last longer because it includes so many useful features. On its official website, you may view all of its pricing options.

Bottom Line

Unquestionably, Datadog is among the greatest network monitoring tools available. You would adore its flexible options, wealth of features, and other excellent things that come with it.

However, it has a number of drawbacks, just like any other man-made tool. Datadog may be more expensive for certain customers, while newcomers or those just beginning their trip may find it bewildering.

If you’re examining for a better convenient approach to track bugs and errors, Scout APM is a fantastic choice. Additionally, this program offers numerous beginner-friendly features and is less expensive than Datadog.

In the meantime, New Relic outperforms Datadog when dealing with a lot of server-side operations. Make sure your choice supports your work above anything else. Of course, all of the Datadog alternatives listed above are some of the best available.

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