Top 5 Best Jarvis Ai Alternatives In 2023

Best Jarvis.Ai Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Looking for alternatives to automate your content creation at scale? We got your back! You’ve probably heard about many copywriting platforms to help you advertise and sell your products or services online And it is probably pretty time-consuming for you to write original and unique content. On the other hand, it’s not unusual for copywriters to suffer from writer’s block from time to time. Indeed, copywriters need tools to improve their effectiveness and efficiency to automate all the content writing processes.

With an AI content writing tool, you can create, attract and reach out to your prospects on autopilot. This is where, for some copywriters and business owners, comes into play. has many features that help with writing. However, it doesn’t come cheap for some users and will only get more expensive since Jasper is already one of the AI market leaders.

So if you’re looking for a suitable alternative, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll get through the 5 best alternatives you should consider using to create content at scale. Hence, we’ll show you precisely what you are getting with every solution, the unique features that set them apart, their pros and cons, & how much it costs you to use them. BONUS: At the end of the report, we provide a detailed comparison table to help you make your choice easier. If you’re ready, let’s begin! overview

Jarvis AI (Jasper AI) is one of the most popular AI-powered copywriting tools nowadays. It uses algorithms created by experienced copywriting and conversion experts to help you generate long and short-form content for multiple channels in different formats. Jarvis is helpful for creating content such as product descriptions, blog post introductions, article outlines, email subject lines, and so on.

However, it cannot replace a writer. Instead, it’s meant to collaborate with writers so you can get better output. Although AI copywriting tools aren’t crucial for online businesses, they can make your life easier by overcoming writer’s block and saving you a lot of time. Since the latest acquisition by AWS, started providing users with new features for easier integration with other services and enabled integration with enterprise-level solutions.


Create SEO-optimized content – Enables you to generate blog articles that are SEO-optimized, keyword-rich, and plagiarism-free.

  •  Write faster – Jasper helps you break through writer’s block and speed up your content creation up to 5x faster by automating 80% of your work
  • Create better copy for Ads – Easily write and test more copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.
  • End writer’s block – Helps you generate new ideas and write creative copy for your needs
  •  Scale your content – Helps you repurpose existing sentences and generate new content for your business
  • Intuitive interface- Jasper’s interface is pretty easy to use


‍Expensive – The credit-based pricing model that Jarvis offers means that users need to pay more to create more content. Even though the basic plan is affordable, you must pay $109 monthly to get unlimited word access. This can be quite expensive, especially if you’re on a budget.

Uneconomical – If you don’t spend all your credit, won’t carry over your remaining words to the next month

No collaboration – Jarvis doesn’t support collaboration and integration features, which can be difficult for large teams to collaborate efficiently while creating content.

Repetitive – Jarvis sometimes repeats output, which is bad for users with a limited number of monthly words. You don’t need the double output to spend all your credit, right?

GPT-3 focused – GPT-3 machine learning module is trained with only 10% of internet content. Even though AI GPT-3 copywriting tools create content by themselves, it still requires some human edits in order to provide complete content.


Although Jarvis AI can be a bit pricey for some, or you might need specific features that it doesn’t provide you with, there are great alternatives that could fit your needs better. ratings

Top 5 Best Jarvis.Ai Alternatives In 2023

Top 5 Best Jarvis.Ai Alternatives are explained here.

1. TextCortex AI – alternative to writing all your content

TextCortex AI

TextCortex is an AI copywriting Jasper.AI alternative that helps you create and rewrite high-quality content within any textbox online in seconds.

It’s perfect for people operating on larger content creation projects such as:

  • Agencies with solid content teams who want to improve employee efficiency.
  • SMEs entering and enhancing their digital presence.
  • Freelancers who want to increase their content production for clients.
  • With TextCortex, you can easily create long-form blog posts, emails, ads, rewrite sentences and paragraphs, and so much more, depending on your needs.
  • For the long-form content, TextCortex use case modules can write 3x as much as GPT-3, so you get long-form posts in only a few seconds.
  • Using TextCortex, it takes only a few seconds to create a human-sounding and SEO-optimized blog post.
  • All you need to accomplish is join the few words idea, highlight it, and hit the “Long-form post” button.

Whether creating content within Google Docs, Notion, Medium, or any other platform, the TextCortex Chrome extension got you covered.

Pro tip: If you like to improve the output, you can rewrite your content by simply highlighting the sentence or paragraph you want to rephrase and hitting the “Rewrite” button.

It might be that its AI writers accomplish not pick and utilize all information, but you will benefit them tremendously in understanding what you are looking for with those inputs.


Here are some of the features that TextCortex offers and that we find super handy for content writers:

  • 30+ Use cases – specific use case modules trained for creating high-quality content
  • 70+ Languages – ability to write your content in different languages
  • Tone check – considers emotional tone of content creating
  • Style editor – evaluates if content followed guidelines of specific writing style
  • Content generation – suggest unique and optimized sentences or paragraphs based on keywords

Easily write long-form content – Our AI algorithms are trained with the top 10 Million Product Titles from all over the web, & they are capable of writing 3x as much as GPT-3. They are 10x to 100x smaller than GPT-3 and therefore require less energy in production but create better and more relevant content.

SEO-optimized content – TextCortex enables you to create unique, creative & SEO-optimized content that increases your clicks and traffic to your website.‍

Create Long-form posts

– With TextCortex AI article writing it’s much easier to create long-form & high-quality content that actually provides value to readers and drives tons of leads.‍

Unique & Engaging – With TextCortex, you can create amazing content without spinning the same thought, copying & pasting other ideas, and spending hours sitting without knowing what to write. ‍

Higher relevancy – Since TextCortex modules are developed for specific fields, it leads to more structure in the creations and higher quality of content.


A lower number of use-cases – TextCortex doesn’t provide its users with numerous low-quality features that are only there to exist. Instead, we started with fewer features but focused on delivering quality content.


TextCortex provides you with a free plan and 2 pricing options:

TextCortex’s ratings

Here’s our honest opinion and scoreboard for the compared parameters:

2.AI Writer

AI Writer

AI Writer is an AI writing tool specialized for SEO content writers who want to save their time spent on detailed research for article writing. This tool is a GPT-3 content generator that creates an article based on the information you supply to it. All you have to accomplish is enter a topic headline or a keyword, and this automated software will scrape related content from the internet and create original content for you. Also check Snazzy AI Alternatives

Even though you must be aware that AI Writer is not a substitute for your writing, it can save you up to 33% of writing time. Not bad, huh? AI Writer seeks to automate your writing process by collating information in a persuasive manner that you can later optimize according to your needs.


The following are some significant advantages that AI Writer provides you with:

Article rewriting/rewording – Apart from automating the article writing process, AI Writer also provides its users with a text rewriting function. You can also rewrite articles that AI Writer has created itself. You just need to import a written article, and the tool will reword it in a matter of seconds.

  • API for Auto-Blogging – enables you to integrate your platform and create content more efficiently
  • Plagiarism-free – AI Writer creates pretty unique content with a 94.47% Copyscape pass-rate


Lacks quality – The rewriting quality isn’t really great, especially when you go over 70%.


  • An AI Writer offers a free trial plan for seven days with limited capabilities allowing you to generate automated articles.
  • However, here’s a list of the paid plans that AI Writer offers:

3. Longshot AI

Longshot AI

LongShot is an end-to-end AI content-writing software creating long-form content for your business. You can create content such as blogs, long social posts, product reviews, reports, essays, and so on. Using Longshot AI, it’s easier for you to research the topic you plan to write and create structured articles (no matter how long) while making them SEO-friendly. It also provides you with its inbuilt fact-checker feature, which checks for false and misleading text that you should improve.


  • Handy assistant features to produce long-form content
  • Fact checker – checks for false information and makes your content foolproof from any errors.
  • SEO-friendly features to launch long posts
  • Optimization wizard – LongShot is best known for its blog wizard that ensures your content is SEO-optimized and helps you with the optimization while creating.


  • Lack of API tools compared to peers
  • Fact checker miss – even though it has a false-checker feature, sometimes it misses the misleading text, which can generate some misinformation


Longshot’s ratings

4. Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI is a pretty new AI copywriting tool based on GPT-3 modules. It uses its own proprietary machine language along with GPT-3 to create content for ads, landing pages, product descriptions, and so on. It’s a fantastic explanation for businesses that want to generate new ideas quickly.

Now, you can use Snazzy AI to quickly generate high-quality content for over 90 use cases, including ad headlines, landing page copy, emails, product descriptions, and more. Simply by providing your business name, target audience, focus keywords, and a description of your products or services, this tool creates a copy for your needs. Snazzy AI is a well-suited tool for marketing agencies, content teams, eCommerce business owners, and startups. In addition, Snazzy AI gets you access to a browser extension to help you rewrite your content. In May 2021, Snazzy AI was acquired by landing page creator, Unbounce. Unbounce acquired Snazzy AI with an intent to help users of their landing page tool generate copy and create optimized marketing campaigns way faster. Also check Ansible Alternatives


  • Integrations – StoryChief,, PoweredLocal, ClickSend.
  • Wide Range of Templates – Provides you with 30+ AI copywriting templates for creating product descriptions, blog posts, headers, ads, and many more.
  • Customization – One can customize suggestions to enhance the output

Content Extender and Remix option – Content Extender turns simple sentences or bullet points into complex creative content. On the other hand, the remix option, allows users to create different variations of their content by customizing the length and tone to create a content suitable for your needs.


  • Not Multilingual – Doesn’t support any other languages except English.
  • Not for Teams – Doesn’t have features for commenting in real-time, creating a shared workspace, or organizing folders for your team.
  • Not Mobile-Friendly – Snazzy’s services work better on desktops.
  • Repetitive content – Even though Snazzy AI can create pretty decent output, it can sometimes be repetitive, which can be tiring for users.
  • Limitation – Free Plan is restricted to 5 credits per day, after which you ought to upgrade to a paid plan.


  • Snazzy AI offers one paid plan, along with the free one:
  • Snazzy’s ratings

5. Copy AI

Copy AI is an AI content writing assistant focused on creating sales copies for your business. In addition, it has a distraction-free UI that helps you focus better on your content writing.  In a team of simple steps, you can generate any content quickly and smoothly.

Select the type of content you ought to create, describe your product, and you are all set. Using GPT-3 based AI algorithms, CopyAI generates 10 results at a time, which can be edited and re-generated as per user requirements. You can use to write blog posts, product descriptions, social media content, sales copies, and digital ads. Also check  Webflow Alternatives

Copy AI leverages its AI-enabled bot to generate digital ad copies, social media content, e-commerce/website copies, blog content, and sales copies. One of the most beneficial aspects of is its ability to repeat many creative options in the process of writing. In addition, it shows multiple different angles and approaches that you can use as an inspiration for the goal of the topic you want to accomplish.


  • 25+ languages – enables you to write in different languages natively
  • Flexible tools to save and organize projects
  • Numerous templates – Handy tools to change the tone of a copy
  • Great Sales copy feature – allows users to create pain-agitate solutions, before-after bridges, and attention-interest-desire-action (AIDA) copies.


No plagiarism checker – No plagiarism checker inside this tool prevents creating of plagiarism content, which can take a lot of the writer’s time while editing the content.

Repetition – This AI copywriting tool can sometimes produce a repetitive outcome that takes a lot of time to improve.

Prices – This tool has relatively higher prices than other writing alternatives and generally AI copywriting solutions.

Limited Free Trial – Users are limited to 10 credits per month which can make it hard for someone to test it before starting to use the tool

Lack of email features – More emailing features need to be added such as cold sales emails

No API integration – API features are lacking


  •’s ratings

Which alternative to choose

In this post, we’ve reviewed five alternatives that you can try out for your business. As you can see, apiece of these solutions has some unique features. Therefore, choosing the best alternative that fits your needs depends on many factors. If you’re a startup inventor or a small business owner, you might be examining for a alternative that doesn’t provide you with collaboration features. If you run an advertisement agency, you might pick an alternative to Jarvis, such as Snazzy AI is, which integrates well with Google Ads and helps you create well-performing copies. So looking for a alternative might not be a bad thing.

If you’re looking for a suitable AI copywriting tool that will help you scale content, then take a pick from the list below:

  • TextCortex – Best overall AI copywriting tool for creating and rewriting long-form content and cold emails.
  • Copy AI – Best for creating Ad copies.
  • AI Writer – Best for rewriting your content.

Whether you’re looking to create persuasive and engaging content and generate articles in just a few seconds, TextCortex can help you get there. TextCortex, on the other side, might serve larger marketing teams, eCommerce companies, and large in-house marketing agencies whose focus is on content writing. We have developed features and incorporated integrations that empower you to create high-quality content at scale, launch marketing campaigns fast, and put your content production on automation.

As you can notice on the list of alternatives here, it’s clear that isn’t the only AI copywriting tool in business. Stop spending 70% of your time and money on writing your content. Instead, let TextCortex write it for you while you focus on what’s expressing your products, services, and passions the best. If you’re ready to put your content on fire, download the TextCortex Chrome extension for free & see how it helps you skyrocket your content creation instantly.

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