Top 5 Best Perplexity AI Alternatives In 2023

Best Perplexity AI Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Discover the ultimate search engine: Perplexity AI. Its large language models provide accurate answers with online sources. Read on to learn more. It acts like a search engine and provides accurate answers by relying on large language models. When a question is put into the model, its ability to provide an informative response along with its source makes it an excellent tool for finding information and its source. In this article, we’ll analyze Perplexity AI, highlight its features, advantages as well as disadvantages, and then present you some valid alternatives that may meet your needs just as efficiently.


  • Perplexity AI is an AI search engine that can also act as a chatbot.
  • Perplexity AI engages in conversations with users by using machine learning and Natural Language Processing.
  • You can access Perplexity AI for free from their website.
  • Some great Perplexity AI alternatives include Bing AI, Komo and Neeva.
  • If you want more than just a search engine, TextCortex offers a fully customizable AI experience for your needs.

What is Perplexity AI?

Unlike a traditional search engine, Perplexity utilizes an AI-powered chatbot-like interface that allows people to ask questions in everyday language. The AI then provides websites and other sources related to the user’s inquiry. Users can continue the conversation by asking further questions on the same topic and Perplexity will respond based on its prior answers.

What does Perplexity AI do?

AI tools that are used for searching the web operate in a completely different way in comparison to traditional tools and applications: they utilize the strong linguistic capabilities of huge language models (LLMs) to comprehend queries and generate unique, conversational responses derived from information extracted from countless websites. However, the special element that makes Perplexity AI successful may be the skillful combination of indexing/ranking and large-scale language model-based search.

The technology behind it

Similar to ChatGPT, Perplexity AI engages in conversations with users by using the application of machine learning and Natural Language Processing.

How to use Perplexity AI?

You can access Perplexity AI for free from their website. It is simple and pretty straightforward to use, here are the steps to obtain you created right away:

  • Head to
  • Enter your request or question in the search bar and click the blue arrow.
  • Review Perplexity AI’s response and the provided sources.
  • You can ask another question by using the “Ask a follow up” bar below.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of Perplexity AI is that it puts strong importance on quoting legitimate sources and listing references to deal with LLMs’ habit of hallucination (i.e. making things up). All search results generated from an initial query and any additional queries will always be accompanied by supporting citations, they can be clicked upon to ask follow-up questions or gain further understanding about topics. The search engine also comes with some useful features: related search, Bird SQL to find quick information on Twitter, code accessibility and more. However, Perplexity AI has been observed to often glitch in Bird SQL and it also does not possess the ability to have a natural conversation with users.

Top 5 Best Perplexity AI Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Perplexity AI Alternatives here are the details below;

Perplexity AI is a powerful tool that can help to make your daily work routine more efficient and organized. It can take mundane, repetitive tasks and automate them so you can focus your energy on more important tasks. There are a variety of Perplexity AI alternatives that you can experiment with to further streamline your work. For instance, you can employ natural language processing (NLP) to automatically generate summaries of text documents, which can save you time when having to read long documents.

1. Bing AI

Bing AI

Developed by Microsoft, Bing AI can act as both a search engine and a chatbot. It is designed to provide more personalized, relevant results to its users while also learning from their searches. Moreover, Bing AI can also be used to summarize topics, plan projects and generate written content.

2. Komo


Komo is an AI-derived search engine where quickness, confidentiality and the lack of ads are prioritized. The tool offers three key features: Chat, Explore, and Search. Chat enables users to brainstorm ideas and join in on conversations about different topics, while Explore keeps users updated on popular topics within the community.

3. Neeva


Neeva is a search engine you can use as both a Chrome extension and a mobile app. Neeva guarantees the security of your search information while also protecting you from trackers attempting to monitor your online activity. Moreover, it offers Free Basic and Premium plans, so you can personalize your search engine to get the most accurate results.

4. TextCortex – the Overall Best Alternative


If you’re looking for an AI tool that can assist you in your daily work routine, from research to creative process, TextCortex is the companion you’re looking for.


The TextCortex browser extension includes features such as voice activation, over 1000 integrations with web sites and platforms, and 60+ writing templates divided in different categories to help you easily locate the ones that work best for you. To start exploring, head over to our webapp or open the TextCortex sidebar and write your next, successful content right away!

5. Zeno Assistant

Zeno Assistant

Zeno will support your workflow and assist your creative process should you be unable to find what you need among our writing templates. Zeno can also check and fix your spelling and grammar! The latter currently only works on google docs but all you have to accomplish to get started, once your content is prepared, is use the shortcut ALT + ENTER (or OPT + ENTER) and tell Zeno what you’d like it to do for you. ZenoChat is the best ChatGPT alternative and the all around virtual assistant you’re looking for: integrated in 2000+ platforms, it supports 25+ languages and can aid you whenever & wherever you need it as it comes with no recurring downtimes.

Experiment with ZenoChat by asking it to generate summaries, product descriptions, email templates, blog articles, YouTube scripts and so much more! Moreover, thanks to the latest recency update, you can ask Zeno anything and it will acquire data or information about any recent topic for you. All you require to accomplish is turn the web search toggle on. Zeno can also be customized: you can now basically create a digital twin that will talk and create content just like you would!

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