Best 11 Infusionsoft Alternatives to Power Your Marketing Needs

This post will explain Infusionsoft Alternatives. To support your marketing needs, here are 11 GREAT KEAP/INFUSIONSOFT ALTERNATIVES.. Many excellent solutions are accessible if you’re looking for an Infusionsoft alternative. In this post, we’ll fill you in on all the details. An established sales, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation tool is Infusionsoft. Even though it dominates the market, it’s not a universally applicable solution and it can be expensive. (Infusionsoft is now called Keap; for the sake of clarity, we’ll use it in the article under its new name.)

Best 11 Infusionsoft Alternatives to Power Your Marketing Needs

In this article, you can know about Infusionsoft Alternatives here are the details below;

Fortunately, there are a number of Keap alternatives that offer equivalent benefits without as many unnecessary bells and whistles.

We’ll talk about what they are, who ought to use them, what we like and don’t like about them, and how much each program costs. My choice is ActiveCampaign, but read on and make your own decision! . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.


Keap is a CRM, marketing, and sales platform that places a big emphasis on automation features. Since its beginning in 2001, the program has grown to include a number of features, such as CRM, email marketing, appointment scheduling, sales funnels, analytics, and reporting.

Using Keap, you can carefully specify your sales process and marketing strategy while automating repetitive tasks like follow-ups. Without wasting time or money, this technology focuses on improving client connections and your sales pipelines.

It is a consolidated system that enables you to receive new leads, convert them into customers, and more. It also allows you to aggregate all daily operations and client connections in one place.

As with any software decisions, your company’s requirements will ultimately determine whether you select Keap or one of its close rivals. With regards to lead management and contact, email tracking, reporting, social media integration, and a mobile app, Keap is excellent and provides all the fundamental features you might ask for from any other provider. But there are other drawbacks to the service.

It has a very steep understanding curve and is not at all user-friendly. To use Keap correctly, you must acquire expert training through demos, customer support, or other software training methods. (After facing criticism for its one-time onboarding training fee of $1,999, Keap reduced it to $299 as a result of public pressure.)

There are two price tiers for Keap.

Pro costs $169 per month or $129 per month (paid at $1548 per year). It has two users and 1500 contacts.

Max has a monthly cost of $199 (billed at $2388 annually) or $249. Three users and 2500 contacts are included in this plan.


As we’ve already stated, there are alternatives to Keap that are just as good—if not better—suited to your unique needs and financial position. Not all tools are made equal, and your choice will likely depend on the feature that is multiple important to your company & how much you are willing to spend. Let’s look at them now.


ActiveCampaign, our preferred Infusionsoft alternative for serious business owners, started out as a campaign manager but has currently emerged as a leader in the automation sector.

The fundamental premise of ActiveCampaign is that email marketing should be responsive, personalized, and distinct from spam. Furthermore, it should be true as long as individuals continue to use email to manage their internet presence, which doesn’t appear to be declining.


In order to help you send fewer emails and achieve better results, ActiveCampaign tries to maintain a readable and clear image of the customer data.

You can text and use social media to communicate with your clients.

Users can share email designs thanks to some great new features that they have.

Marketing actions may be prompted by changes in ActiveCampaign. For instance, whenever new information is logged in a lead’s contact form, a personalized message is sent. (For instance, giving well wishes for a move, etc.).

A Chrome add-on. Sales personnel can use this to automate lead family activities and keep track of email openings.

To increase its capabilities, integration with the top e-commerce systems WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify is required. Data transfer from various platforms to the ActiveCampaign database is also made possible via the connections.


Excellent for businesses of any size whose main goal is to present campaign data in an understandable, practical style. Additionally, the value is excellent. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.



Pricing that is incredibly competitive compared to alternatives

All plans include limitless sending.

E-commerce integration involves data sharing.

Custom campaigns can be created for a variety of goods and services using CRM software.

Automate productivity, marketing, and sales from a single platform.


There is no specific answer, & there are a lot of complicated options accessible.

Only very effective for sophisticated automation

No free offer


Plans with sliding scale pricing are based on 1,000 connections. A marketing and sales suite and support are included in all programs.

The Lite Plan has a monthly price of $39 or $29 when paid annually.

When paid annually or monthly, the Plus Plan costs $49 per month.

Professional Plan costs $187 per month or $149 per month when invoiced annually.

Enterprise: For a tailored strategy, get in touch with sales.


A separate service from ActiveCampaign’s marketing and CRM bundle is available. API + SMTP for transactional email for your website or app via Postmark. It enables the prompt and reliable sending of transactional emails, such as password reset bids or order confirmations.

The costs are as follows.

10,000 emails each month at a cost of $10; additional emails require a fee of $1.25 per 1,000.

50 dollars per month for 50,000 emails, etc.

Pricing for ActiveCampaign Transactional emails

Purchase ActiveCampaign Here!


Another excellent Infusionsoft alternative is Wishpond, which began out as a social media contest management tool.

Because they couldn’t find a solution they liked to automate a transaction campaign for their own products, its creators created their own. Their main product later replaced the contest platform with marketing automation software.

Wishpond is a great option if you want to turn website traffic into qualified leads. Innovation and growth serve as their driving principles, and they frequently release new features to demonstrate their commitment.


Pop-ups and graphics with varying degrees of visibility are permitted by Wishpond to entice website visitors to sign up for customer-focused marketing. With the service of this process, you can decide how obtrusive you want your opt-in to be, from a small banner to a page-covering advertisement. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.

Their email marketing campaign editor creates an attractive final product.

A service that will build your campaign “done for you”; prices are agreed following a demo.

WHO IS this INFUSIONSOFT Alternative best for?

Wishpond can be useful for website owners who want to grow their mailing lists but lack the funds to pay for a more complete solution.



Mobile-friendly competitions and landing pages

Potential for widespread integration

Usability is prioritized, and new features are continuously released

Responsive client service


Does not monitor ROI

Editor and page builder can be sluggish

Not a comprehensive platform

There are no prices detailed on the website.


Wishpond becomes irksome at this point. There is no pricing data obtainable on the internet; you must contact Sales for an estimate, which necessitates giving up your email address.

However, the website has a live chat component, and you get responses rather quickly. In less than two minutes, I was provided with some basic price plan details!

1000 leads for $49.00 each month.

If you require to store more than 100,000 leads, it will cost you $603/month.

Request a date for a quote on the Wishpond pricing page.


A suite of digital marketing solutions called SendInBlue is planned to help businesses of all sizes streamline every facet of their marketing operations.


A multichannel platform lets you manage SMS, social media, and email from one place.

A comprehensive CRM, marketing automation, and CRO are all included in a marketing power suite.

Create professional landing pages from scratch without any prior coding knowledge.

Thanks to its shared mailbox and communication capabilities, teams can more easily collaborate on lead generation and project management activities.

Advanced data tools that let you monitor the growth of conversions and assess the success of your campaigns.

It tracks data on recipients, clicked messages, and hard bounces. By removing the element of guessing from the creation of marketing campaigns, users can then exactly decide how to improve their strategies.

Utilizing SendInBlue’s construction tools, you can design forms, landing pages, and even Facebook advertising.


If you run any conversion-focused campaigns, focus on email and SMS transactions, or wish to split-test your efforts, SendInBlue can be useful. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.



A variety of digital marketing solutions are offered by SendInBlue, including SMS marketing and CRM.

Small teams can use it because it offers a free plan that contains all of the essential features of the platform.

Due to its lower learning curve and simpler layout, the platform is more suitable for new users.

Than Infusionsoft, offers more marketing and conversion-optimization capabilities.

Excellent customer service.


Few integrations with outside parties

Some users complain about the UI.

Does not provide cutting-edge web content creation

No real-time sales notifications

Lacks the ability to create invoices


Free offer

Starter is $25 per month.

$65 a month is spent on business.

Enterprise has a monthly fee of $1000.


An excellent Infusionsoft alternative is ConvertKit, which offers a complete toolkit for building an email list and email marketing your goods and services.

For YouTubers, professional bloggers, podcasters, course developers, etc., this program was created. With the help of its features, customers may automate drip email marketing campaigns and expand their email audiences. It offers a competent and simple tag-based system that now allows WordPress users to track their sites.


Personalized sign-up forms

Landing page templates

Process automation

Email sequences you can drag & drop

Monitoring websites for WordPress users

The innovative new commerce function allows you to market digital products and subscriptions.


If you’re looking for an Infusionsoft alternative that is primarily a user-friendly email marketing platform, Convertkit is an excellent choice. If you have a small online workforce, a limited budget, are a beginning blogger, or need to expand your marketing into email, you’ll gain the most from it.



A subscriber system based on tags and sophisticated email customisation options

Create rules with simple marketing automation software


Limited split testing capacity

Poor reporting was done.


Free Program.

Creator is $9/month with annual billing.

Creator Pro has a monthly fee of $25 payable annually.


Are you curious how ConvertKit compares to ActiveCampaign? ConvertKit vs. ActiveCampaign is the answer.


Hubspot offers two platforms: its primary marketing platform and a new sales platform. Their “all-in-one” service includes mailing list management, landing pages, customer interactions, analytics, social networking, and SEO. Also check Rytr Alternatives

This may seem obvious given how many CRMs have emerged with the stated intention of uniting marketing and sales in one place, but the majority of those were following HubSpot’s lead.

Because of how well-liked its marketing automation technology is, HubSpot has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the industry just five years after launching. Additionally, it provides a fantastic free plan with the majority of the capabilities.

The CRM software from HubSpot might scale better. If you require a lot of elements, you could need more than this. Additionally, if you operate a business with scant sales data, it will show to be too much. For instance, one client, a small number of online sales, or a lack of time or interest in inbound marketing.


HubSpot costs money. You also receive useful tools like meeting booking bots, ticketing and customer care automation, and phone support. Features of HubSpot include:

Excellent customer management hubs that include sales, marketing, and support as well as social media.

Hubspot’s apps are outstanding, offering a wide variety of free tools.

Out of all customer relationship management suites, HubSpot has the best user interface and experiences. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.

It is well-built, beautiful, and incredibly easy to use.

Additionally, it offers a wealth of starting and onboarding advice.

If you value the user experience, there is unquestionably no better solution.

Its emphasis on internal communication is a wonderful aspect. Teams are routinely updated internally via emails on the most important upcoming sales and marketing initiatives.

HubSpot provides mailbox profiles that can be synced with Outlook or Gmail accounts.


Anyone who wishes to initially test out this occasionally intimidating SaaS market for free should consider HubSpot.



Offers a free service that can be improved with tools that can be purchased.

Good compatibility with third-party software, such as Google applications

Real-time behavioral lead notice for free

Email sequences are tailored for both prospective clients and current customers.


Database that may be searched for contact details

Shared sales and marketing platform

Strong customer assistance, including telephone support, live chat, and conversational bots.


Its primary service offers few features.

Plans with a cost per user might add up for smaller enterprises.

only one email per contact

Too many advertising on the free plan, need to upgrade


Starter plan costs $50/monthly or $45/monthly when invoiced annually.

Professional plans start at $890 per month or $800 per month when paid annually.

Enterprise plan annual pricing begins at $3,600 (no monthly plan).


Businesses can manage information, marketing materials, and sales duties quickly and effectively using Ontraport, a secure, unified platform.

Landing Page for Ontraport


Project management

Incorporating social media

Tool for automating email marketing

Project administration

Separate testing


Options for transferring files

Tools that capture leads

Ontraport handles all the grunt work by managing your leads, sales, customer connections, and more. Additionally, it aids in building captivating web pages for increased conversion rates. You can easily send emails and track your email campaigns with only one button click. The system’s sales automation features enable customers to browse and buy the products, services, and other offerings of your company. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives. Also check Mailgun Alternatives


Any company, however of size, that wants to grow quickly would benefit from using Ontraport. And those looking for a more user-friendly, less expensive alternative to Keap.



A content-focused automation pipeline makes sure that customers perceive you favorably.

Integration of e-commerce

Keeps track of excellent leads for you

On a single platform, sales automation and marketing

Excellent user interface

Excellent client service


No free offer was made, although there was a longer than average free trial.

Reporting dashboard is difficult to read

Users who are more graphically oriented might not prefer the text-based campaign builder.


Simple beginning at $24 per month.

And starting at $83 each month.

Pro; monthly rates begin at $124.

Starting at $249 per month for enterprise.


A leader in email marketing is Drip. Other options on this list guarantee to help you grow your business by personally cultivating client relationships from early leads.

Drip goes a step further by offering reports on each client’s relocation. Drip won’t keep anything from you. As an Infusionsoft alternative, you should carefully consider Drip.


Similar to SharpSpring’s acclaimed after-click reports in terms of analysis thoroughness.

Leads with different tags and scores might receive multiple messages thanks to Drip’s email automation tool.

At every step of the process, customers can get messages that are personalized.

For instance, you might program certain emails to be delivered to various groups of persons and organizations at particular trigger periods. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.

Visual display

Full integration of third-party APIs


The best option for any big, small, or medium-sized company that currently has its sales and marketing workflow in order but needs to reduce the amount of time spent on email.



A complete set of CRM options, such as lead tagging

Integrating APIs

Email marketing software that is specific and thorough

For very brief campaigns (less than 100 contacts), a free alternative is available.


Slow response times from customer service

The visual email editor does not support certain templates or themes.

A steep learning curve is necessary for onboarding.


Drip provides only one plan, which uses a sliding scale.

Prices begin at $39 per month.


You may compare Drip with ConvertKit in this intriguing comparison.


Nutshell put a lot of effort into developing a user-friendly interface as a CRM. Their justifications are sound. No matter how fantastic a feature may be, if your sales team doesn’t use or understand it, it won’t help your organization grow. The software’s learning curve is easy, and as a result, it receives good marks for affordability. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.

Short Form Landing Page

The features of Nutshell are made to be simple to incorporate into a company’s operations. The quality of its studies, projections, reports, and summaries is unmatched in the industry.

Scaling and exporting are the only areas where it is problematic. Customers claim that it’s tough to switch from Nutshell. Additionally, they complain that it is too slow to add databases with more than 1,000 contacts.


Administration of sales automation

Account and Contact

Chances and pipeline

Project / Activity

Region & Quota


Customer Agreement

Automation of Marketing

Email Promotion

Lead Control

Project Administration

Support for mobile users

Analytics & Reporting

Your contact database can be imported from an Excel file. It actually syncs with Google’s suite of products seamlessly, and its dashboard syncs with Google Calendar. Once a sales professional has entered the database, they can click on a lead’s name to examine their whole history.


Any medium- or small-business owner who is satisfied with the size of their enterprise and needs to coordinate their sales teams without spending a fortune on onboarding can benefit from using Nutshell. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.



Straightforward dashboard

Spreadsheets used by an entire firm can be replaced with a single database.

Connects to most other useful services, including the google suite

Automates the sales workflow

Provides a variety of reports

Quite affordable if you only have a small crew.


Doesn’t scale effectively for firms that are growing

Can be quite difficult to move away from


The monthly cost of the Nutshell Plan is $16 if paid annually, or $19 if paid monthly.

Pro Plan costs $42 or $49 per user per month.

You must get further information from the sales team about the Limitless Plan.


A powerful cloud-based marketing tool is SharpSpring. By placing a strong emphasis on user tracking, adaptability, and landing pages, the program differentiates itself in a congested industry and effectively develops into a premium Drip.


A variety of “after-click” tracking data and behavior-based automation are available in Sharpspring.

A choice between integrating a third party or utilising their built-in capability.

The ability to create automated campaigns based on a variety of user activities, as well as a popular user interface.

Along with emails, phone calls are logged as well.

Additionally, SharpSpring is well known for making an effort to link with practically anything, including everyone else’s CRM programs.

Unfortunately, a major point of dispute is SharpSpring’s customer assistance, which is frequently criticised. Some of its functions are neither intuitive or user-friendly. If you can’t use the software effectively and, even worse, if you can’t obtain support from customer service, there’s no purpose in spending a lot of money on it. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.


This service will be useful to businesses who aim to base all of their marketing decisions on consumer behavior.

SharpSpring also makes a point of promoting its membership directly to marketing companies, if marketing is your area of competence. They’re worth looking at because they provide agency-specific pricing and features.



Most user-friendly user interface

Suitable for agencies as well as their clients

Provides extensive data sets and insights on client behavior.


Unreliable customer service

Compared to the main interface, some features are less user-friendly.


Each package includes unlimited users and support but a set number of contacts.

1,500 contacts for $449 per month

$10k/month for 999 contacts

20,000 contacts for $1,449 each month

Plan an agency? Speak with Sales

Business plan – speak with Sales


In 2004, RSS was established by John Paterson, a former CEO of Zeus Tech and COO of SystemUnion. In 2006, the company released its marketing module.

Campaign management was at first a service provided by Really Simple Systems, and email marketing was later included. Another update gave users the option of connecting to external services like MailChimp and Constant Contact. The system is simple to use, as its name suggests, making it perfect for beginning users. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.

Since it is situated in the UK, it is significant to highlight that it conforms with GDPR and HIPAA. You don’t need training for your own IT team because it’s cloud-based.


Email exchanges with clients stored in the CRM software program are included in a “two-way MailSync.” Users can view both their own interactions and those of other team members.

API Entry

Management of Contacts and Databases

Reporting on the Funnel and Performance

Quote Management

Assignment of Work

Quota and Territory Management

Integration of Microsoft Calendar with Google Contacts


For medium-sized and small firms, the CRM software was created. However, this does not imply that larger businesses cannot gain from it. . This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.



Reasonably priced

Simple to use

Fantastic customer service

Significant integration opportunities

Free two-user plan


Has no mobile application

Social media integration is lacking

No goals in the lead


Free Program

Starter is $14 per user per month when paid annually.

Professional costs $30 per user per month when paid yearly.

Enterprise is $46 per user per month with annual billing.

Pricing for Really Simple Systems


For complete sales funnel management, BenchmarkONE integrates CRM and marketing automation. This covers contact management, campaigns, and communications, among other things.

SaaS providers BenchmarkONE, Wishpond, and Keap concentrate on providing small business owners with competitive features. This indicates that in the conflict between these services, the customer wins.


forms and landing pages that are simple to design. There is nothing stopping your list from getting longer.

You can quickly identify your most potential leads thanks to contact score. Your marketing campaigns can be directed in the direction where they will be most successful.

Leads to sales conversion is facilitated by deal pipelines. Deals provide customized recommendations for boosting leads’ purchasing processes. This is another Infusionsoft Alternatives.

Building email marketing campaigns is simple. With the help of the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, you can create emails that appear professional even if you have no previous design or coding knowledge. Also check Publisher Rocket Alternatives

You can save time on anything from email sending to contact management using marketing automation.

Zapier offers integrations with more than 4000 tools.


Small to midsize organizations who choose a CRM with marketing automation solutions instead of an automator that can integrate with a CRM. For a company that doesn’t necessary operate internationally but recognizes the importance of a specialized customer relationship platform, BenchmarkONE is suitable.



There are many functions that handle the entire CRM, marketing, and sales process.

Excellent templates for forms, emails, and landing sites.

Drag-and-drop email and landing page builders that are simple to use.

Simple to navigate and use.

Sophisticated automations.

Excellent free starter plan.


The automation builder would be lot simpler with a visual editor.

There is not sufficiently information provided in the knowledge base.

You must first sign up; there is no pricing information on the website.


Three paid and one free price tiers are offered by BenchmarkONE. A sliding scale is used for the paid plans.

All contact management functions, such as task creation and labeling, are available in the free version. You can launch email campaigns, set up automation, and make forms and landing sites. There are enough functions in the free plan for a small business, however there are no advanced features.

Unfortunately, you are not given any pricing information for the paid programs. You must first register. This really irritates and repels me.

The price of Lite and Pro rises in proportion to your contact list. The more additional contacts you pay for, the more additional emails you can send each month.

Agency Strategy. Contact Sales for a quote.


With elements like segmentation, sales pipeline tracking, transaction automation, & better, Infusionsoft CRM is a fantastic tool. But it’s not for everyone. You now have an Infusionsoft alternative that can perform for you.

Where you go from here completely relies on the needs of your business. Each of these eleven tools will assist your small business in unique & different ways. Some are more concentrating on sales, while others concentrate better on streamlining your administrative tasks to deliver the most suitable experience for your consumers.

You should locate a good alternative in our inventory that will be the ideal fit. Try and test them before creating your final decision; it’s worth accepting the time.

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