Top 3 Most Useful Inkforall Alternatives To Write Better Content

Useful Inkforall Alternatives will be discussed in this article. In this article, explore the 3 best AI Inkforall alternatives that can help you improve your performance and speed up your content writing process. Did you know that 34% of sales and marketing leaders believe that  AI tools are the biggest game-changers that improve customer experience?

As an eCommerce owner, customer buying experience and conversions are the most important aspects you should focus on. That’s why creating attractive and optimized product titles and descriptions is an absolute must for your sales to perform well. Yet you are not sure if Inkforall completely satisfies your needs since you’re here. So,  what are the possible Inkforall alternatives?

In this article, you will find extensive feedback on the 3 best AI tool alternatives to Inkforall that can help you improve your performance and speed up your content writing process:

  • TextCortex
  • Anyword
  • Peppertype
  • We will also get through the advantages and shortcomings of each AI tool.
  • For a better understanding of each alternative from our list, we based our feedback on the following parameters:
  • Performance – what is the quality of the tools’ outputs
  • UX/UI – how easy it is to use
  • Special features – best features that stand out in this tool
  • Customer support – how responsive and helpful support is
  • Price – what pricing plans they offer are and what’s included
  • Before we jump into alternatives, let’s first look at Inkforall’s advantages and shortcomings.

Inkforall Overview

The Inkforall is a writing tool that combines AI co-writing and an SEO assistant with distraction-free and straightforward UI. With its innovative features, Inkforall helps users brainstorm ideas from scratch. The AI Co-Writing feature lets eCommerce owners create content for different purposes – eCommerce product titles, product descriptions, social media posts, sales copies, or blog posts outlines.

With advanced artificial intelligence technology, you can extend sentences, rewrite sentences, or simplify them.  At the identical time, this software helps you navigate through your posts to help you include the most appropriate SEO strategies. SEO Assistant helps you rank higher on search engines and generate more organic traffic by providing score targets for your content to reach its maximum potential.


  • Typewriter mode – type at the same centerline without distractions
  • Meta optimization – optimize your Meta Description for better click-through-rate
  • AI templates – preset ranges that AI can write for you
  • Spelling and grammar suggestion – checks for typos and errors
  • Tone checker – helps you use the right words that trigger the right emotions in your readers
  • Copy editor –  helps you format your content on the spot
  • Content readability score – focuses on improving your chances of converting users
  • Topic suggestions – helps you improve your SEO ranking and content relevance
  • Image optimization – resize, compress, and edit your images for their full potential
  • WordPress integration – directly sync text, media, alt text, and metadata into the WordPress editor

Inkforall’s Advantages

Here are some of Inkforall’s main benefits:

  • It is enjoyable to use and has a clean and simple User interface.
  • It has 50+ templates for any content you need.
  • A convenient plugin extension can help you rewrite your sentences at any time.
  • SEO Analyser tool provides clean and sharp ideas on how to improve your ratings.
  • It is available in the browser & as a standalone application.
  • A free trial option is available.

Inkforall’s Shortcomings

Inkforall is a fully-featured application, and it provides a very decent outcome but it is far from the best. One of the numerous common reasons why people search for other Inkforall alternatives are:

  • Product descriptions and keywords suggestions are not always what you are examining for, so you have to spend more time and credit to fix incorrect outputs.
  • Content generation is not always on point.
  • A free plan is too limited.

Inkforall Pricing

Inkforall comes with 3 pricing plans:

Inkforall’s Ratings

We created a scoreboard on each tool so you can better understand our comparisons. Here are Inkforall’s ratings:

What To Know Before Switching?

There is no wrong AI tool. Every AI tool has its benefits and downsides, depending on what you are looking for. Some features go side-by-side with your business and those that can be utterly useless in your branch but will do brilliantly for someone else’s.

When choosing your perfect AI assistant, keep in mind the following overall benefits to get:

  • Save time by creating content at scale
  • Absorb your writing with boldness and clarity
  • Provides an authentic expression of your ideas
  • Eliminate writer’s block by providing you with new ideas
  • Get your vocabulary improved while writing better
  • Increase audience engagement creating easy-to-read content
  • Write confident and persuasive content that organically drives sales

Top 3 Most Useful Inkforall Alternatives To Write Better Content

Top 3 Most Useful Inkforall Alternatives To Write Better Content are explained here.

1. TextCortex – Inkforall Alternative To Write All Your Content


TextCortex is a use case-based Inkforall alternative that helps you create high-quality & engaging content according to your needs and rewrite content in seconds. TextCortex is perfect for content writers, eCommerce store owners, and freelancers who need to produce more texts but don’t want the hassle of their writing process. Also check Quora Alternatives

With Textcortex’s module system, you can create more extended pieces of text in less time with 3x as many GPT-3 posts as other AI copywriting tools. It does not matter what genre or length your content should be – TextCortex Chrome Extension covers you with various formats and long-form content that you can conduct in just a occasional clicks. All you require to do is enter a few-word idea into your textbox, highlight it, and hit the “Long-form post” button. It will create the content in seconds, so just choose the output that fits you most, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you want to paraphrase your content, what’s great about TextCortex that differentiates from Inkforall is that using it, you can rewrite the whole paragraph in a single move. Just highlight the sentence or paragraph you want to improve, highlight it, and hit “Rewrite.” Providing contextual background by defining a text length and creativity level that TextCortex should generate will make all the difference in terms of outcomes.


  • 30+ Use cases – specific use case modules trained for creating high-quality content
  • 70+ Languages – the ability to write your content in different languages
  • AI templates – preset ranges that AI can write for you
  • Style Editor – evaluates if content followed guidelines of specific writing style
  • Tone check – considers emotional tone of content creating
  • Content generation – suggest unique and optimized sentences or paragraphs based on keywords
  • Creativity checker – control creativity level on any content
  • Regulator of text length – manually adjust desired character length
  • Shopify integration – connect with your store and automatically update your product descriptions

TectCortex’s Advantages

  • Create unique, creative, and SEO-optimized product descriptions that increase conversions in carts and sales.
  • Create engaging, SEO-optimized long-form content that attracts more readers.
  • Write any content within seconds and automate your process.
  • The user interface is pretty straightforward, so you do not keep to expend extra time computing out how it works.
  • Helpful and dedicated customer support 24/7.
  • Very affordable pricing plans.
  • A free trial option is available.

TectCortex’s Shortcomings

The number of use cases is maybe not high because we focus on providing high-quality outputs on each template form we offer.

TextCortex Pricing

TextCortex offers 2 pricing plans:

2. Anyword


Anyword is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool that uses predictive models to improve conversion rates. It provides individualized content options for marketers, speeding up the process and generating original ideas for Ads, landing/product pages, emails, blogs, SMS, or editorial promotions. This AI marketing generator allows you to add keywords you want to retain in your content while generating text.

In addition, it offers a performance score of your message’s effectiveness and tips on how it could be improved if necessary. Anyword creates different options that marketers can choose from when defining products – significantly accelerating the workflow process. All your ads or messages are assessed for performance to tell if some problems or changes need to occur before sending them out into cyberspace.


  • Meta optimization – optimize your Meta Description for increasing Click Through Rate
  • The custom mode feature – lets you upload your text variations based on their style and tone
  • Text personalization – helps you create different existing material versions to determine which phrases provoke the best response
  • Preset keyword library – includes free shipping, new arrivals, and other relevant keywords
  • Predictive performance score – observes the potential of every message you want to communicate by calculating an instant performance score
  • Custom keywords – Includes relevant keywords you want AI to use in text suggestions
  • Plagiarism checker – checks the authenticity of your content
  • Blacklisted words – excludes fluffy words that you don’t want to be present in your content
  • Ad account integration – receives optimization propositions specific to your current advertising

Anyword’s Advantages

  • You can create any content type for many different targeted audiences.
  • It utilizes AIDA and PAS framework.
  • The tool offers high creativity and good sales practices as dominant characteristics of CTAs.
  • Constant optimization of the content according to performance.
  • It offers you a personal keyword library.
  • A free trial option is available.

Anyword’s Shortcomings

  • Anyword is significantly pricey compared to other AI tools on the market.
  • A citation finder can sometimes be off and not entirely accurate.
  • Facebook and Google Ads need more time to edit than expected.
  • Some features are too complex to use.
  • Vague and monotonous User Interface.

Anyword Pricing

Anyword offers 3 pricing plans:

3. is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you create high-quality content in various styles. Peppertype is focused on social network content that applies SEO optimization for social media algorithms. If you are preparing a Twitter storm or any other eye-catching short announcement, deployment of the tool is straightforward. You can write social media posts, blog posts, or eCommerce product descriptions using your favorite style – Simple, Confident, or Inspirational. Also check Scrivener Alternatives

Combining easy-to-use tools with the satisfaction of creating unique content, Peppertype provides a great user experience. An impressive database of antonyms and synonyms allows excellent flexibility in expressing yourself. Considering the target group of users, Peppertype provides good results, and it does not bother with all bells and whistles that some other tools have.


  • Meta optimization – optimize your Meta Description for increasing Click Through Rate
  • Language services – edit and translate in 35+ languages
  • Content editor – option to cleanse before and after saving a copy
  • Style Editor – evaluates if content followed guidelines of specific writing style
  • Tone Check – considers emotional tone of content creating
  • Graphic design – get high-quality design services for your requirement

Pepertype’s Advantages

  • It has very responsive and dedicated customer support.
  • It is very convenient for improving existing content.
  • The dashboard is clean and allows you to view the team’s analytics.
  • It is affordable.
  • A free trial option is available.
  • Pepertype’s Shortcomings
  • It could be more user-friendly for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • Generate great content, but output becomes repetitive after a few pointers.
  • Grammar needs to improve since it has a lot of typos and errors.
  • The software lacks long-form content generation.
  • The tone of the text is not supported.

Pepertype Pricing

Pepertype comes with 3 pricing plans:

Inkforall Altenatives Comparison Table

If you are still unsure which option can be your perfect choice, please look at a comparison table on all 3 Inkforall alternatives we prepared for you.

Maybe you can find your answer here:

  • Choose the Best Inkforall Alternative for Your Needs
  • There are many Inforall alternatives on the market, so it can be challenging to distinguish which one is the multiple appropriate fit for your business.
  • If you are searching for Inkforall alternatives or simply exploring your options, we hope that this extended feedback can help you find the best AI tool that will satisfy your needs.
  • Insights on features and pricing options can help you better understand the ratio between what you can get vs. what you will pay.
  • On the other hand, the advantages and shortcomings of each tool can help you decide which one of those tools is worth testing.
  • In addition, you can always look back at AI tool ratings that are based on 5 factors to determine your final choice.
  • If you’re examining for something that will help you improve your efficiency and reduce the time spent on creating content, then TextCortex might be an idea worth exploring.
  • It has valuable modules to ensure you’re continuously improving in leads, replies, and conversions and providing high-quality content with little input from yourself.
  • It will reduce your writing time up to 70%, keeping your content quality intact.

Start using TextCortex Chrome Extension for free to automate your tedious and endless writing processes and watch your sales blow through the roof starting today.

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