10 Free Time Clock Apps for Better Team Management

This post will explain free time clock apps. Time monitoring data provides organisations with critical proof on the efficacy of project performance and allows them to discover which areas need improvement. Keeping track of workers’ work time is thus essential for young businesses and startups that have yet to define their processes.

10 Free Time Clock Apps for Better Team Management

In this article, you can know about  free time clock apps here are the details below;

A good time monitoring tool should be easy to use and, if necessary, offer a clock in and out option. Fortunately, there are numerous free time clock apps on the market, and we’ve compiled a list of them for your convenience – take a look!

1. actiTIME


If you want to keep track of your employees’ availability at their workstations while also keeping track of team performance, actiTIME is the solution. This adaptable tool allows for both manual and automatic time tracking. With detailed data, you’ll always know how many hours your staff have spent on various work-related activities and whether they’re making progress. Also check medical billing software

Furthermore, because users can manage their days off and submit leave requests directly through their accounts, actiTIME can help you with employee absence monitoring. As a result, the tool simplifies the PTO accrual process while also providing a comprehensive perspective of your existing and prospective staff capacities for better management decisions.

It’s an incredible product, highly well-polished, and far superior to comparable apps with larger licence rates. ActiTIME currently fits my company’s demands more than adequately. Thank you for completing such an awesome app!

2. Open Time Clock

Open Time Clock

Open Time Clock is a tool for time monitoring and attendance management. It offers enhanced clock-in and clock-out capability that allows users to record their punch-in time using a barcode RFID and GPS position monitoring. Employees may also use a web camera for login, which decreases the danger of time theft by prohibiting buddy punching. This is another free time clock apps.

The programme also allows you to log absences, time off, and regular shifts. The free version of Open Time Clock allows an unlimited number of users and contains all functions except reporting and clock-in using face recognition, which are only accessible as part of subscription plans.

3. On the clock

On the clock

On The Clock is a time tracking solution with extensive clock-in and clock-out capability for controlling working time and staff attendance. It is available as an online version for desktop browsers and an online app, and it allows workers to riddle in and out from any device that management have permitted. It is relatively simple to monitor employees’ whereabouts while also restricting punch-in permissions to specified locations using GPS tracking and geofencing.

On The Clock’s free edition includes all of these features and allows for up to two users. If your team has three or more members, you must pay $2.20 per person every month. Additionally, regardless of the size of your team, fingerprint clock-in will cost you at least $5.

4. Homebase


The app’s time clock feature allows bosses to observe when and where their colleagues begin their workdays. This capability makes it easier to notice whether someone is late, skips breaks, or stays at work longer than necessary. As a result, Homebase will assist you in your attempts to comply with overtime requirements. This is another free time clock apps.

Homebase is accessible via the free edition of the app, which is appropriate for an unlimited number of team members in one place. You’ll get messaging, advanced scheduling, and labour cost control with the paid editions.

5. ClockIt


ClockIt is ideal for people who want to track attendance and time. Clock-in is the tool’s specialty: all users need to do to punch in is check in to their accounts from a manager-approved location. ClockIt enables managers to view employee attendance in real time in this manner. Also check P2P Lending Software

The clock-in capability is included in the free ClockIt edition and can be used by an infinite number of team members on desktop browsers or mobile apps. However, the commercial versions, the cost of which is determined by the size of the team, have more functionality. After paying a monthly subscription, you will have access to crucial tools such as reporting, workforce automation, GPS monitoring, leave accruals, shift scheduling, and planning.

6. FindMyShift


This is another free time clock apps. With FindMyShift, you can generate ideal rosters and approve or reject employees’ shift requests in a single click. Furthermore, the software will assist you in determining when your employees begin their workdays. As a result, the payroll process will be more accurate.

The free edition only allows for up to 5 members and has slightly less capability than the paid version, which costs $35 USD per team per month. The free edition lacks useful features such as real-time reporting, payroll calculation, and a configurable database, but it includes the essentials.

7. When I Work

When I Work

The tool’s advantages include improved work and shift coordination, as well as simplified progress tracking and payroll processing. The messaging tool, which allows for continual information sharing and team collaboration, as well as the time off requests feature, which makes managing employee absences easier.

The app is appropriate for businesses of any size and specialty. However, the free edition is limited to 75 users and may only be utilised by one team in a single location. The premium versions (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise) allow for an infinite number of users and are ideal for companies with various locations. Furthermore, the pricier versions include a broader range of features. Overtime Visibility, Shift & Team Task Lists, and Labor Reports are among the most crucial.

8. Open SimSim

Open SimSim

You can use Open SimSim to improve communication, optimise workloads, and coordinate employees’ time off while also monitoring their availability. It aids in gaining insight into your team’s labour, overtime, and cost metrics. As a result, the tool allows for evidence-based changes in internal operations and team-related issues. Furthermore, this programme may be used on a variety of platforms and devices, greatly increasing the convenience of team administration. This is another free time clock apps.

An unlimited number of people can utilise both the free and commercial editions of Open SimSim. Nonetheless, if you choose to pay $2.99 per employee per month, you will receive a more comprehensive set of features, such as lateness notifications, payroll export, and automated clock-outs.

9. Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard, yet another fantastic time tracking system, gives access from numerous platforms and allows employees to clock in without difficulty. Managers can use this tool to see when and where their team members punch in, as well as which device they use.

Teams of any size can use the free edition of Time Clock Wizard, which includes time tracking and clock-in capabilities as well as full customer support. You must pay at least $14.9 per month to include timesheet reports, employee scheduling, access from mobile apps, and many other sophisticated services. However, regardless of whether you choose a free or premium licence, Time Clock Wizard guarantees the highest level of data protection.

10. Clockify


Clockify is a straightforward timesheet and time tracking solution for a wide range of teams. It allows you to manually or automatically input work time, as well as categorise and examine time records based on projects, tasks, and tags. Furthermore, the programme provides simple reporting capability that allows for data analysis at various levels of detail and enables connections with many types of project management software. This is another free time clock apps. Also check CRM Software

Clockify’s basic version with time monitoring is always free. However, if you want to increase the instrument’s capability – add different control functions and a higher level of automation and customization – you’ll have to spend between $9.99 and $29.99 every month.

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