Top 12 Best Employee Monitoring Software In 2024

Best Employee Monitoring Software will be discussed in this article. As you can see from my profile, I am a content writer, and I work remotely full-time. I am not alone in this. The Covid-19 pandemic broke the myth that workplaces and productivity are linked.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, approximately 75% of employees who transitioned to remote work due to the pandemic reported being able to sustain their productivity on individual tasks during the initial months.

Top 12 Best Employee Monitoring Software In 2024

In this article, you can know about Employee Monitoring Software here are the details below;

Organizations had to think quickly and adapt to retain skilled employees. And this is where Employee Monitoring Software (EMS) came in.

productivity are linked

An Employee Computer Monitoring System is implemented to track employees’ activities, monitor productivity, and enhance competitiveness. These programs have proven to be an incredible ally in ensuring responsibility, optimizing procedures, and protecting sensitive information. Organizations can now grow and navigate the complexity of the digital workplace.

In this blog, we will look at some of the best Employee Monitoring Systems and help you choose the one best suited to your organizational needs.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software is an incredible tool that allows employers to maintain tabs on their employees’ computer activities on the job. The wide range of features this system offers makes work management easier and more efficient.

Here are some of the things you can do with this software:

  • Easily monitor your employees’ computer usage, and see what applications and websites they’re accessing.
  • Track the internet browsing history of your employees, and get valuable insights into their online activities.
  • Visually track your employees’ work with screenshots at regular intervals.
  • Record keystrokes to understand how your employees are engaging with their work.
  • Recover overall data and metrics that give a comprehensive insight into your employees’ performance.
  • Capture the time your employees spend on their computers to gauge their productivity.

Computer Monitoring Software acts as a trustworthy watchdog, preventing any misuse of work-from-home privileges. However, employers need to remember to use this tool responsibly and not suffocate their employees. It’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance.

By utilizing these software solutions, organizations can reap numerous benefits. They provide valuable insights into employee productivity, help streamline workflows, and promote accountability. Ultimately, they contribute to the overall success and efficiency of the organization.

Importance of Employee Monitoring Systems

Employee Monitoring Software holds tremendous importance for organizations in several ways. Let’s explore some of the key benefits it offers:

  1. Enhancing Productivity: You get valuable insights into an employee’s work habits, time management, and task completion. It helps businesses identify inefficiencies, allocate resources wisely, and ultimately boost productivity.
  2. Ensuring Compliance: Organizations must adhere to company policies, industry standards, and legal obligations. With these systems, you can detect and prevent unauthorized activities, reduce the risk of data breaches and policy violations, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure compliance with regulations.
  3. Protecting Security: In the modern digital world, data plays a crucial role and is considered an asset. Protecting organizational data and intellectual property is, therefore, equally important. EMS detects suspicious activities, identifies illegal access attempts, and helps mitigate potential insider threats. Just like a guard at any store, these systems prevent data leaks, unauthorized sharing of confidential information, and potential cyberattacks.
  4. Employee Performance Evaluation: The Computer Monitoring System allows tracking and analysis of employee performance metrics, providing an unbiased and accurate basis for performance assessments. It supports constructive feedback, identifies areas for improvement, and facilitates targeted coaching and training to enhance employee development.
  5. Promoting Accountability: These systems foster a sense of accountability within the company. By informing employees that their activities are being monitored, it encourages them to stay focused, meet deadlines, and abide by company rules and regulations.
  6. Resolving Disputes and Investigations: In cases of disagreements, conflicts, or legal proceedings, the software can provide valuable evidence to help organizations make informed decisions and resolve disputes based on concrete facts.
  7. Remote Team Performance: With the rise of remote work, Computer Monitoring Software help in assessing team productivity, ensuring seamless collaboration among remote teams, and maintaining performance standards regardless of the physical office environment.

Given the current remote working landscape, employee monitoring software has gained popularity due to its diverse features that boost productivity, time management, and compliance.

Let’s now look at some popular employee monitoring software options, each with its unique functionality to meet specific organizational needs.

1. Teramind

Teramind is the leading global provider of employee monitoring and behavior analytics software. Serving enterprises, government, and SMBs, Teramind has provided over 10,000 organizations around the world with actionable, data-backed workforce insights that reduce risk, increase productivity, and streamline business operations.


Key Features:

  • Fully customizable – can track as little or as much as you want. Full segmentation by employee, department, or team.
  • Build productivity profiles to delineate between productive and unproductive activity
  • Set behavioral rules and alerts to flag anomalous behavior
  • Advanced features such as custom scripting and OCR give you unparalleled forensics into incidents and violations

Teramind’s completely customizable platform enables businesses to bring data objectivity to their decision-making and operations.

2. CleverControl


CleverControl is a smart way to monitor your employees to prevent data leakage and improve team productivity. It offers you all the basic features for employee tracking, such as screenshots, keylogging, website blocker, live screen viewing, and screen recording.

Distinct Features:

  • Tracks typed text, search queries, printer tasks, webcam recording, sound recording, and visited websites to help you find the distraction patterns that are making them inefficient.
  • Offers unobtrusive monitoring of remote employees with easy navigation and remotely adjustable settings.
  • Provides employee activity stats with active time assessment, most used websites and applications, social media usage, etc.
  • Records working hours, inactive time, and working habits to find workaholics and latecomers.
  • CleverControl offers both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. For both, it offers multiple subscription plans. It even lets you try the cloud solution for free.

3. TimeCamp

Kamil Rudnicki founded TimeCamp in 2009 as a cloud-based time monitoring and productivity tool. Over time, TimeCamp has evolved into a comprehensive solution, helping individuals and enterprises with time tracking, project management, and productivity enhancement.


Distinct Features:

  • Automatically tracks time spent on activities and projects, eliminating the need for manual input.
  • Provides tools for creating projects, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and monitoring progress.
  • Simplifies the process of invoicing clients based on recorded time and billable rates.
  • Provides extensive reports, while analytics offer insights into productivity levels and time usage.
  • TimeCamp offers an unlimited free plan for individuals with limited capabilities. To unlock better features, you need to opt for one of the paid plans, which can also be customized as per requirements.

4. Refog

Refog is a powerful application for employee monitoring for small businesses. By deploying this software, you can check out employee activities and know how much time they actually work during their paid hours.


Distinct Features:

  • Tracking total time spent on a computer or time spent on an application
  • Monitor which apps were running at what time
  • Tracking all files of a system that got copied, renamed, or deleted
  • Taking photos of the user with a webcam or laptop camera
  • Getting the log of all visited URLs from all web browsers
  • Taking screenshots of launched application and desktop
  • Unknowingly logging all keystrokes and copied text fragments by the used

Refog offers a number of plans for employee monitoring. You can choose to track the employees over the local network or choose to monitor the sessions of the terminal server.

5. WorkTime

A group of software experts created WorkTime, an employee monitoring software. WorkTime has progressively grown in popularity and established itself as a dependable product in the market with an emphasis on time tracking, attendance management, and staff productivity measurement.


Distinct Features:

  • Allows employees to record their work hours accurately using clock-in/clock-out functionality.
  • Simplifies handling employee time off requests, departures, and attendance.
  • Provides performance metrics to assess both team and individual output.
  • Has tools for managing shift scheduling for employees.

WorkTime offers a variety of pricing tiers, including a free plan for small teams. Their premium subscriptions include Standard, Professional, and Enterprise (custom pricing) plans, which provide additional features and priority assistance. Also check SEO REPORTING SOFTWARE TOOLS

6. Kickidler

A group of devoted software experts launched Kickidler, an employee monitoring software, in 2015. Kickidler has established itself as a dependable option for maximizing staff efficiency, ensuring compliance, and promoting a positive work environment. By providing employers with valuable insights into employee activity, Kickidler continues to develop and innovate, assisting businesses worldwide in improving their management practices.


Distinct Features:

  • Offers real-time monitoring of employee activity, providing insights into website usage and other online activities.
  • Captures images of the tasks employees are engaged in, enabling employers to have visual records of their activities.
  • Provides comprehensive data on worker output, application usage, and time spent on various activities, helping employers gain valuable insights into employee productivity.
  • Ensures compliance and security through features like keystroke recording and internet activity tracking so that employers can monitor and manage employee actions effectively.

Kickidler offers custom pricing based on the number of users and the specific features required. Organizations can contact Kickidler to receive a personalized quote tailored to their unique needs.

7. Insightful

Insightful is a popular employee monitoring software widely used in many organizations. The company’s commitment to providing comprehensive time tracking, activity monitoring, and productivity data has been instrumental in its success. Over the years, Insightful has continuously enhanced its software by incorporating cutting-edge features and user-friendly interfaces.

Today, organizations of all sizes rely on Insightful to improve time management, increase productivity, and facilitate effective collaboration in both on-site and remote work environments.


Distinct Features:

  • Allows employees to easily record their working hours, simplifying time tracking and attendance management.
  • Tracks employee activity, including internet and application usage, to assess productivity and identify activities that waste time.
  • Offers collaboration tools and services for teams, including document-sharing capabilities.
  • Provides tools for effectively managing remote workforces, enabling managers to efficiently supervise and oversee remote teams.

Insightful follows a per-user, per-month subscription model and offers transparent pricing. Their plans start with the Basic plan and move on to higher-tier options like Pro and Enterprise, offering more extensive features and support.

8. DeskTime

DeskTime is an employee monitoring software founded in 2011 by a group of ambitious businessmen. Initially designed as a time-tracking tool, Desk Time has evolved to include features such as productivity analysis, application monitoring, and absence management. The software has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface, precise time tracking, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Distinct Features:

  • Generates accurate time logs and automatically manages time on the basis of employee activities.
  • Tracks the quantity of time expended on applications & websites to assess productivity and identify potential time misuse.
  • Provides tools for managing staff absences, holidays, and time-off requests.

DeskTime offers pricing tiers based on the number of users. They provide a Lite plan for small teams and a Pro plan for larger organizations. Custom pricing options are available for enterprise-level requirements. It offers both monthly and yearly invoicing options.

9. Hubstaff

Hubstaff Employee Monitoring Software was launched by Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown in 2012. Initially focused on time tracking, Hubstaff quickly expanded its functionality to include features such as activity monitoring, app and URL tracking, and comprehensive reporting. Hubstaff has established itself as one of the top Employee Monitoring Software solutions, providing a customer-focused approach.


Distinct Features:

  • Offers a wide spectrum of time quest tools that ensure accurate recording of work hours and activities.
  • Includes detailed productivity reports that provide valuable insights into worker performance and time management.
  • Provides project management tools that enable the creation, assignment, and tracking of tasks.
  • Prioritizes data security and ensures safe transit and storage of information.
  • Designed with a simple and user-friendly interface, enhancing the ease of navigation.

Hubstaff offers a variety of pricing options. There are three plan options: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

10. Tracking Time

Tracking Time is an employee monitoring tool that places a strong emphasis on precise timekeeping, job management, and productivity statistics. This software offers features such as tracking working hours, organizing tasks and projects, generating informative reports, and integration capabilities.

By using Tracking Time, organizations can monitor employee activity, assess productivity levels, and optimize time usage. The user-friendly interface of Tracking Time enables effective project execution and time management.

Tracking Time

Distinct Features:

  • Provides extensive time-tracking features, allowing employees to log work hours and allocate time to specific activities or projects.
  • Offers analytics and reporting tools to measure productivity and assess staff performance.
  • Efficient task management is made easier with features such as task creation, assignment, and progress monitoring.
  • Employs strong data security methods to ensure the protection of sensitive data.
  • User-friendly design for enhanced job management and time monitoring that results in a seamless user experience.

Tracking Time offers several options, including a free plan with basic features. Premium plans are bifurcated into the Solo and Pro plan. Custom pricing is available for company plans.

11. My Hours

My Hours is an employee monitoring software that helps businesses track employee performance through time-tracking, analytics, and task-management systems. With My Hours, employees can easily track their working hours, manage assignments and projects, and generate informative reports.

The software provides businesses with productivity data to assess worker performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize resource allocation. My Hours enhances time monitoring and improves task management effectiveness with its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

My Hours

Distinct Features:

  • Offers precise time-tracking features that allow employees to easily register work hours and manage multiple projects.
  • Provides comprehensive productivity statistics to assess worker performance and identify development opportunities.
  • Facilitates task creation, assignment, and progress monitoring to streamline project management.
  • Prioritizes data security by implementing access restrictions and industry-standard encryption technologies.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive design for simplified time tracking, task management, and access to product data.

My Hours offers a free option for small teams, while premium plans include the Starter and the Pro plan. Custom pricing is available for larger teams or enterprise-level needs.

12. Monitask

Monitask is an worker monitoring software that concentrates on time tracking, productivity analytics, and remote team monitoring. It offers features such as activity tracking, automatic time tracking, and comprehensive reporting.

With Monitask, organizations can efficiently manage employee work hours, monitor application and internet usage, and generate productivity reports. Monitask supports effective time management, enhances productivity, and ensures compliance with privacy laws through its user-friendly interface and robust data security features.


Distinct Features:

  • Provides effective time-tracking features that enable accurate tracking of work hours and breaks.
  • Offers productivity analytics to evaluate worker performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Facilitates task management with tools for task creation, assignment, and progress tracking.
  • Prioritizes data security, ensuring the safe transportation and storage of sensitive information.
  • User-friendly interface for more efficient task management and time monitoring.
  • Monitask offers a Basic plan which includes a free 10-day trial. Custom pricing options are available for Business and Enterprise programs.

Using CurrentWare, employers can get back control of employee productivity and security in their own hands. It not only makes the employees accountable for tier actions but helps you stay protected against insider threats.

Distinct Features:

  • Security and productivity insights into the devices of your network
  • Intuitive user activity report that includes application usage, bandwidth usage, idle time, and power status
  • Internet filtering to track web browsing and restrict access to specific websites
  • Endpoint security to prevent data loss and data theft
  • Enhanced visibility into the real-time activity of the remote employees
  • Adheres to regulatory security compliance requirements

CurrentWare has different plans for four of its products. You can use one or more of these depending on your business needs. Moreover, you can get all four products through the CurrentWare Suite plan, which will cost you $8.99/user/month.

Choosing an Employee Monitoring Software

  1. Features and Functionality: Take a closer look at the software’s features and functions to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Look for features like time tracking, productivity monitoring, task management, reporting, and integration with other applications you use. This will help you find software that caters to your needs.
  2. Scalability: Consider whether the software can handle your organization’s growth. It’s important to choose a solution that can adapt and perform equally well as your business expands.
  3. Ease of Use: Opt for software that is easy to implement and user-friendly for all employees. It should be intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that everyone can use it without complications.
  4. Data Security and Privacy: Protecting sensitive information and employee privacy is crucial. Look for software that delivers robust security components like data encryption and compliance with privacy rules to ensure the utmost protection.
  5. Customization Options: Check if the software can be customized to align with your organization’s specific requirements and workflows. Customizable monitoring options and reporting features can help tailor the software to your unique needs.
  6. Integration Capabilities: Consider whether the software can integrate smoothly with other tools you already use, such as management software, communication platforms, or HR systems. This integration will enhance productivity and optimize workflows.
  7. Pricing and Value: Make sure the software’s price aligns with your budget while considering its functionality, customer support, and return on investment. Look for a solution that offers the right balance between cost and value.
  8. Customer Support and Training: Reliable customer support is essential. Look for a software provider that offers responsive customer service, along with helpful resources like manuals, tutorials, and knowledgeable support staff. This will ensure you have assistance whenever you need it.
  9. User Feedback and Reviews: Take the time to read through customer reviews to get insights into how other companies have experienced the software. This can provide valuable information about the software’s reliability, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

In Conclusion

Choosing the most suitable worker monitoring software for your organization is a decision that should be based on your unique goals, objectives, and preferences. Remember, each software solution has its own strengths and weaknesses.

It’s crucial to carefully evaluate each option, considering factors like functionality, scalability, flexibility, security, data privacy, customization options, cost, and user experience.

To make an informed choice, take the time to conduct thorough research. Utilize trial periods and demos offered by software providers to get hands-on experience and assess if the software meets your requirements. Additionally, seeking input from other users or industry experts can provide valuable insights. Also check APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING SOFTWARE

By conducting comprehensive research and considering all these factors, you’ll be able to determine the best employee monitoring software that aligns with your organization’s needs and helps you acquire your desired outcomes.

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