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How to Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working?

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working?. Does Netflix continuously crashing on your computer, TV, or phone? Is it not loading at all? Are you seeing errors such as “Cannot access servers” or “Cannot connect”? Regardless of the problem you are having with Netflix on your device, this article is meant to assist you. Let’s examine the various solutions for Netflix not functioning on PC, TV, Android, and iPhone.

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working?

In this article, you can know about How to Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working? here are the details below;

1. Restart Device (All)

In the event that Netflix isn’t functioning, you should restart the device in question first. In a similar vein, you ought to reboot your WiFi router. Turning your phone or computer on and off will restart it. Restart the TV or Wi-Fi router by unplugging it from the power source for a short while and then plugging it back in.

2. Check Netflix Status (All)

Most of the time, the issue is with the Netflix servers rather than the Netflix program on your phone, TV, or computer. Using the Downdetector website, you can quickly determine if Netflix is live. Navigate to the website and type Netflix into the box provided. See the status of the outage.

3. Check the Internet Connection (All)

Make sure your device’s Internet connection is operational. Use the browser on your phone or computer to visit any website to see if it’s functioning. Likewise, attempt to launch an alternative app on your smart TV. Your Internet connection is the issue if that isn’t opening either. Try using OpenDNS, Google DNS, or any other free DNS provider as the DNS server change.

Pro Tip: find out how to disable the WiFi connection on your smart TV.

4. Check the Device Limit (TV & PC)

You need to verify whether your Netflix account is authorized to see content on a larger screen if it functions well on your phone but not on a TV or computer. In essence, Netflix provides a basic mobile service that restricts your viewing to mobile devices—not TVs or PCs. Only a subscription to that plan is required.

Use these steps to check your Netflix plan on an iPhone, PC, or Android device:

Access Netflix on your gadget.

Press the top profile picture icon and choose “Account” from the drop-down menu.

Account Settings for the Netflix App

To view the plan name, scroll down to “Plan details.” For example, our “Basic” plan enables viewing on larger screens. Your plan will prevent you from watching it on a PC or TV if it reads “Mobile.” On the official Netflix website, you can review the plans.

Details of the Netflix App Plan: Learn about all the features available to you under the ad-supported Netflix plan.

5. Update the App (All)

It’s likely that an app bug is the cause of the Netflix not working issue if you haven’t updated the app in a while. Your Netflix app needs to be updated.

Launch the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone). Look up Netflix. If you see a “Update” button, tap it.

Update the Netflix app.

Try reloading the Netflix website page in your browser on your PC.

Go to the App Store on your intelligent TV, type in “Netflix,” and click the “Update” option, if it appears. Also check you

6. Turn off VPN (All)

When you watch Netflix on your computer, phone, or TV, do you use a VPN? Turning it off is a good idea to see if it resolves Netflix’s issues.

7. Turn on Cellular Data (iPhone)

If Netflix functions properly when connected over Wi-Fi but not mobile data, it’s likely because you’ve limited the app’s ability to use cellular data. To allow access, take these actions:

Get your iPhone’s Settings app open.

Use the scroll bar to find “Netflix.”

Netflix Mobile Data for iPhone

Flip the switch for “Cellular data (or Mobile data).”

When your iPhone or iPad’s cellular data stops working, here’s how to fix it.

8. Clear Cache and Data (Android, TV and PC)

You can also try cleaning the cache on Android-powered smart TVs, such as Samsung models, to resolve the Netflix app’s crashing problem. By doing this, you will just be deleting the Netflix app’s temporary files; your downloaded material and other settings will remain intact.


Open the Locations app on your Android phone.

Go to “Apps -> Netflix.”

Android Settings for Netflix

Choose “Storage” and then “Clear cache” from the menu.

Netflix Clear Cache App for Android

Give your Android phone a reboot.

If clearing the cache doesn’t support fix the Netflix issues, you should wipe the Netflix app data as agreeably by pressing the “Clear data” button mentioned in step #3.

Netflix Clear Data for Android

Note: doing so will erase the downloaded Netflix TV episodes and films from your phone. In accumulation, you’ll also be signed out of your account. Also check Fixes For Google Tv Remote Not Working

TV and PC

We are addressing the ways to delete the cache of Netflix app on Samsung smart TVs. The actions may differ on another TV model.

  • Open “Settings” on your TV.
  • Go to “Support → Device Care.”
  • Samsung Tv Device Care
  • Select “Manage storage.”
  • Samsung Tv Device Manage Storage
  • You will see the established apps. Go to Netflix & press the “View Details” option underneath.
  • Samsung Tv Netflix Details
  • Next, select “Clear cache” from the menu.
  • Clear Cache for Netflix on Samsung TV
  • Try clearing the cache in your browser on a PC to see if it helps.

9. Sign Out of Your Netflix Account (All)

You may fix Netflix issues like “Can’t connect,” “Can’t access servers,” and so on by logging out of your account. Signing out merely logs you out of your account; it has no effect on your Netflix viewing list or suggestions. Make sure you understand the password for your account.

On Android and iPhone, hit the profile portrait icon at the top of the Netflix app to log out of your account. Navigate to the bottom, select “Sign out,” and then log back in.

10. Reset Netflix App (iPhone)

You should restart the Netflix app if none of the fixes for Netflix not working on your iPhone work. You will be logged out of Netflix and any downloaded content will be removed if you do this. It won’t affect your recommendations, watch list, or anything else.

Get your iPhone’s Settings app open.

After swiping down, select “Netflix.”

Reset Netflix on iPhone

Turn on the toggle opposite “Reset.”

Return to the “Recent apps” screen and open it. To exit the Netflix app, swipe up.

Relaunch the Netflix app & log in to your account.

11. Reinstall Netflix App (Android, iPhone and TV)

The Netflix app can be reinstalled as a potential cure for problems with Netflix on all devices. You have to uninstall it before you can reinstall it. Reinstalling the Netflix app will remove downloads, sign you out of your account, and return any customized settings you may have made to their original configurations.

Pro Tip: Rather than updating the Netflix app on Android, you may alternatively try installing an older version of the app using APK.


  • To open the Netflix app in the App Library on iOS, long-press on it.
  • Choosing “Delete app.”
  • Netlix Android Uninstall
  • After deleting, launch the App Store and look up Netflix. Select “Download” by tapping on it.


  • Open the Settings app on an Android widget.
  • Then select “Apps -> Netflix.”
  • Android Settings for Netflix
  • Click “Uninstall” to begin.
  • Remove Netflix from Android
  • Launch the Google Play Store and look for Netflix once the app has been removed. Click “Install” to begin.

Smart TV

  • Navigate to the “Apps” screen on your Samsung smart TV.
  • Screen for Samsung TV Apps
  • To see every installed program, select the gear-shaped icon at the top.
  • Setting for Samsung TV Apps
  • Visit Netflix. Choose “Reinstall” from the menu that appears. Await the app’s removal and reinstallation.

12. Reset Network Settings (Android, iPhone and TV)

Resetting your TV, Android phone, and iPhone’s network settings is the final resort when it comes to resolving Netflix not functioning or not connecting issues. By doing this, you will erase any saved devices and return all network settings—including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others—to their original defaults.

Android and iPhone

  • To reset your iPhone’s network settings, navigate
  • Apple iPhone Restart the network.
  • Resetting network settings on an Android device may also be accomplished by going to “Settings → System (General Management) → Reset → Reset network settings.”
  • Reset Network Settings on Netflix iPhone and Android
  • Try utilizing the Netflix app after resetting the network settings and adding the Wi-Fi credentials once more.


In order to reset the network settings on your Samsung smart TV, navigate to “Settings → General → Network → Reset network.”

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After Netflix installs on your device, find out how to download Netflix films to watch offline. See also the top recommendations for improving Netflix viewing.

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