Top 10 Best Commercial Property Management Software for 2023

This post will explain commercial property management software. Property management has undergone a transformation thanks to commercial property management software. Commercial property management involves wearing several hats. You get access to an all-in-one platform with excellent commercial property management software. You can streamline and optimise each of these areas thanks to technology. This guide’s goal is to show you some of the top accounting tools for commercial property management so you can take use of them.

Let’s start by discussing what you may anticipate from this software if this is your first time glancing into property management software for commercial real estate. We’ll go through the advantages and features of this software in this guide.

What is commercial property management software?

Software created to assist landlords and property managers in managing their properties is referred to as commercial property management software. It specifically refers to the processes, from accounting to marketing, that property managers employ to manage those properties.

Commercial property management software for small enterprises is normally created as an all-in-one system to assist you in managing every step of your procedure, just like general property management software.

However, in other circumstances, it might be created especially for commercial property or provide features beneficial to commercial property management. A shared area management system and several leasing calculators are a couple of these characteristics.

Features consist of:

  • Tenant portal: Allow online rent payments and consolidate all tenant communications onto a single dashboard.
  • Tools for marketing: List homes and apartments, download sample leases, and interview prospective tenants.
  • Create, amend, and keep track of work orders for maintenance. Even communicate directly from the software about those repair requests with vendors and tenants.
  • Manage several accounts for everything from deposits to lease payments, accept a range of payment methods, and generate customised reports.

Owner portal: Have an one location where you can make payments and submit reports. Additionally, innumerable additional sub-features, such as scheduling, reminders, website setup, and others, can be found inside each of these broad categories.

Overall, a great commercial property management solution can provide a number of unique advantages.


Increased tenant quality and improved cash flow are made possible by thorough tenant screening and automatic late fees.

Streamline maintenance concerns to save time. You can’t jump between different channels when talking to renters and vendors about maintenance issues, from tenant to CAM maintenance.

Eliminate frustrations and problems brought on by accounting workarounds: You will no longer need to create customers for each property and tenant. Each aspect of property management software is created with you in mind.

Having stated that, you might have a question.

The entire purpose of property management software is to simplify the lives of landlords and property managers.

10 of the Best Software for Commercial Property Management

In this article, you can know about commercial property management software here are the details below;

Dedicated, all-inclusive commercial property management software addresses more than just the issue of setting up numerous accounting workarounds. By consolidating everything in one location, it also aids in streamlining your overall business. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 commercial property management programmes for 2022.

Ten excellent property management tools are listed below, along with a brief summary of each:

1. DoorLoop

Commercial Property Management DoorLoop. With DoorLoop, you have access to a full software of property management tools that make expanding and managing your portfolio a breeze.

The dashboard is made to be very user-friendly and straightforward (and easy to get started). It includes a comprehensive set of features that make it simple to centralise and organise every aspect of your property management company. This is another commercial property management software. Also check Law firms California

Features consist of:

  • A complete chart of accounts, a number of payment options, bespoke reports, and an accounting suite intended to replace QuickBooks
  • Rent can be collected, maintenance requests can be directly received from tenants (and you can even communicate with them from within the platform), renters insurance can be provided, and more thanks to the integrated CRM and tenant portal.
  • Simple management of maintenance orders, from creation of work orders to tracking and vendor payments

Automatic listing, showing times, tenant screening, and other marketing features

Owner portal with reports accessible and check printing capabilities

Pricing for DoorLoop

Uncertain if DoorLoop is right for you? Your first two months of use of our complete property management and accounting software are discounted by 50%.

Pricing for your first 20 units starts at just $49 per month.

2. RealPage commercial

Commercial property management system RealPage. A comprehensive property management programme geared toward commercial portfolios is RealPage Commercial.

It has a comprehensive feature set that includes every tool you could possibly need to manage your business portfolio.

They are renowned for their convenient lease administration feature and user-friendly system for reconciling common area maintenance.

Features consist of:

Tenant portal that enables tenants to view balances, make payments online, and more Work order management Detailed accounting tools, such as calculators for late fees, recurring charges, rent percentages, and CPI hikes

Features of leasing automation

Pricing for RealPage Commercial

Office & retail assets and industrial assets are two different property types for which RealPage Commercial offers different commercial pricing.

With their Office & Retail Assets plan, they additionally provide a distinctive square footage pricing model. In comparison to their Industrial Assets plan, which costs $5.83 per month for 10,000 square feet, this plan works out to $10 per month per 10,000 square feet.

3. Total Management

Total Property Management Property managers of both residential & commercial properties can use Total Management, a cloud-based property management solution. This is another commercial property management software.

They provide a broad range of commercial capabilities, such as management of communications and reconciliation of taxes and insurance.

They are understood for being straightforward to use, so getting started is quick and easy. Users also frequently mention how simple they are to use, despite the fact that they cost more than other solutions.

Features consist of:

  • Renter portal with online bill payment
  • Work order communication between employees
  • Catching duplicate invoices
  • System for reconciling taxes and CAM

Pricing for total management

A one-time onboarding cost for Total Management includes support and 30-days of one-on-one life product training. However, there is no online listing for this price.

Although they are also not recorded online, monthly pricing for their commercial answer comes in at $2.50 per crew per month with monthly minimums.

4. Commercial Management by MRI

Software for commercial management, MRI One of the most well-known commercial-specific solutions is MRI Commercial, which offers a wide range of features and leasing tools with a high degree of customizability. This is another commercial property management software.

But you have to pay for that extensive feature set, and the MRI interface is regarded as being a little shabby.

Features consist of:

  • Paying bills online
  • Lease formats
  • dependable reporting tools
  • automatic payments for accounts
  • Work order management

Pricing for MRI Commercial

You’ll have to get in touch with MRI directly for more details and to arrange a demo as they don’t disclose any of their pricing information online. Also check convenience store pos

5. AppFolio

Software management system Appfolio. A noteworthy alternative to MRI is called Appfolio. It has a robust range of functions and essentially everything you could ask for in an accounting software for commercial property management. This is another commercial property management software.

Although accessing the variety of functions can feel a little sophisticated and intimidating, its design is also simple to use. However, it slightly counterbalances this with top-notch training materials.

Features consist of:

  • Utility management
  • Work order management
  • excellent reporting tools
  • Paying rent online
  • clever bill input
  • Automatic late penalties

Appfolio cost

Appfolio is one of the more expensive solutions to start with because of its $400 fixed onboarding price. Depending on the type of property, monthly cost ranges from $0.80 to $1.50 per unit with a $250 minimum.

6. VTS

Portfolio management system with VTS. VTS offers services to more than 35,000 users globally and specialises in commercial portfolio management. They provide special business intelligence analytics tools that facilitate closing and support occupancy. This is another commercial property management software.

It excels at being a tool for both commercial property marketing and property management. However, it may fall short when compared to some of the more distinctive property management features offered by other tools.

Features consist of:

  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Management of tenants and inventory
  • Suitable user collaboration tools
  • mobile application
  • Significantly more integrations

Pricing VTS

You must seek further information and arrange a demo from a sales representative as VTS doesn’t provide its pricing online.

7. CRESSblue

Software for CressBlue Management A cloud-based commercial property management system called CRESSblue is designed specifically for net lease properties like retail shopping malls.

They are renowned for having a good selection of automation technologies, such as automatic lease calculations and scheduling with complete feature integration. This is another commercial property management software.

However, if you have a large portfolio, the initial setup may be a little difficult.

Features consist of:

  • Work order management
  • Abstracting and budgeting for leases
  • reconciliation of CAM
  • Reporting
  • Asset management
  • automated calculations for leasing

Pricing for CRESSblue

The cost for CRESSblue is based on a special pricing structure that takes into account the amount of users, offices, and leases you manage.

However, they do not provide their pricing online, so you will need to speak with a sales representative for further information on exact pricing.

8. Yardi

Software for the Yardi Breeze Management System The more compact property management option from Yardi is called Yardi Breeze.

For those just getting started, Yardi is simple to use and offers a lot of the great features that Yardi’s more complete property management solution does. This is another commercial property management software.

It is also simple to get started thanks to the training materials’ direct access to the software. Because of this, Yardi is among the better choices if you are new to property management and only manage a few properties.

Yardi Breeze is one of the more expensive options available, making it a less cost-effective choice for beginning property managers.

Features consist of:

  • Features of automation like scheduling and leasing calculations
  • dependable accounting
  • Owner claims
  • Tenant interactions
  • Work order management

Yardi estimating

Yardi has a special pricing scheme dependent on the kind of property. Beyond that, though, their pricing structure is well known.

For instance, Yardi for commercial property has a monthly minimum of $200 and costs $2 per unit. They also have a premium plan, but the price for that isn’t made public, so you’ll need to speak with a salesperson.


Property management software from Skyline For small to mid-sized portfolios, SKYLINE is an accounting solution for property management. This is another commercial property management software.

A comprehensive set of features and functionalities, including accounting, tenant management, scheduling, maintenance management, and more, are provided by the software. Also check free time clock apps

It is renowned for having an intuitive user interface that is simple to use and pick up. However, when all of its features are taken into account, the price is at the enterprise level.

Features consist of:

  • good accounting characteristics
  • Lease monitoring
  • Budgeting
  • Automated billing and scheduling
  • landlord portal
  • Management of documents


Although SKYLINE doesn’t disclose its cost in the open, you can learn more by booking a demo online.

10. Re-Leased

Previously released commercial property management software Re-Leased is a specialised programme for managing commercial real estate that is renowned for its user-friendliness and robust documentation features.

Although their customer service response rate occasionally causes complaints, it has an aesthetically pleasing UI & makes it simple to locate anything you want. This is another commercial property management software.

Features consist of:

  • Tenant interaction
  • Compliance management
  • good accounting characteristics
  • incorporates Xero
  • Alerts for payments and tasks
  • an agenda with scheduling capabilities

Price Reductions

Re-Leased doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing, so you’ll need to get in touch with them for a demo to learn more and determine whether they’re a good fit.

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