10 Best Convenience Store POS Systems In 2024

This post will explain convenience store pos. There are certain particular difficulties that arise when managing a convenience store that are uncommon in other kinds of retail operations. The majority of convenience stores, for instance, have extremely little shelf space and must choose which products to stock and which to rotate out. Due to high overhead costs caused by slow-moving and non-selling items, the store owner is forced to set the price of selling items below that of competitors.

Every owner of a chain store is aware of how difficult it may be to offer a wide range of goods while still remaining competitive. Yes, in an ideal world, you would want your convenience store to stock every necessary item. The truth is that under that scenario, at least 50% of the products would not be able to be sold for many months.

10 Best Convenience Store POS Systems In 2024

In this article, you can know about convenience store pos here are the details below;

Convenience store POS systems make it easier for store owners to manage inventory (by highlighting popular and slow-moving items), adhere to liquor and Tabaco laws, and streamline employee administration and accounting.

The convenience and fuel retailing sector in the United States generated $251.9 billion in revenue in 2019, according to NACS State of the Industry data. Therefore, for store owners who implement the proper POS system, operating a convenience store offers significant profit potential.

Take into account the features the programme offers before selecting a c-store POS system. You need real-time tracking to analyse the sales at your convenience store. Implement a cash monitoring module to stop staff theft. A few things to think about are tracking employee payroll, integrating your scales (if you sell items by weight), and scanning or monitoring your inventory. If you process a lot of transactions, find software that integrates accounting.

Revel POS is the top convenience store POS system for big store owners, according to our research. It can manage massive, multi-location organisations with ease. If you’re curious to know about other top convenience store POS software, let’s review those and how we choose them. Small convenience stores may go for Square POS.

1.REVEL POS– Ultimate Convenience Store Pos System


Entrepreneurs who focused on the three most important needs of small businesses—speed, efficiency, and security—built the Revel POS System. Any retail establishment can interface with the Revel POS System. Faster order processing and huge sales volumes are made possible by high-speed order processing.

The Revel System’s omnichannel platform integrates every aspect of your organisation, from the store to the warehouse to a mobile device to, at last, an e-commerce website. Their seamless e-commerce platform makes it simple to sell both offline and online.

Hardware-Based Pricing

Industry-specific software solutions are available through the Revel system. You can accomplish this by subscribing on a monthly basis, which includes a software licence. Also check voice changer software.

Depending on the sector, Revel offers adjustable pricing that is broken down by each terminal.

Revel as a Service, or RaaS, has a minimal upfront fee structure. Customers who use RaaS pay a monthly subscription that automatically covers hosting and the replacement of damaged hardware. All Revel subscription levels come with QuickBooks, unlimited security and data storage, and live, round-the-clock support. Also check

POS Software Types

Both hybrid and always-on operating platforms are available from Revel Systems. Hybrid: Revel POS syncs your data to their cloud service while operating locally on an Apple iPad.

Always On Mode

This mode enables your Point of Sale software to run even when your internet connection is erratic or unreliable. You cannot obtain credit card payment authorization even though your system continues to function without a connection. You may get more information about always on mode on the Revel website.

Quick Serve Background

Quick service and restaurant business models can be used with the Revel system and associated add-on solutions. However, they recently added supermarket and convenience stores, retail enterprises, and mobile businesses to their software platform. Currently, the majority of sales-based organisations can use Revel’s software platform.

C-Store Software: Size Does Matter

Revel’s C-Store software was developed with the intention of serving large national convenience stores like 7Eleven, Wawa, and others. The Revel Point of Sale system manages operations involving several terminals. Furthermore, a hold inventory of 500,000 SKUs and large multi-location organisations may be handled with ease using the Revel programme.

Smaller and mid-sized companies can also use Revel’s windows-based convenience store pos. The programme is a highly personalised solution, according to user reviews. Furthermore, setting up the system requires a lot of time and work. Most tiny petrol stations and convenience stores would decide it wasn’t worth their effort.

The more sophisticated functions included in the Revel System bundle might not be used by some smaller businesses. So, before making a decision, we advise conducting careful research and consideration.

Using the Software

The reveal pos software includes an intuitive menu that is simple to use and browse after setup. Although there is more of a learning curve with back-end operations, there are training videos to guide you. Before using their permissions and user settings, employees must log in using pin numbers for front end user operations. On one side of the screen, the touchscreen displays the product matrix and descriptions, while on the other, the order totals.

Discounts & Payment Options

Add more payment and discount methods, product customizations, and quantity options with ease. Revel POS is also adaptable enough to function as a kiosk for displays that face customers. Technical assistance and simple operational navigation are provided via back-end user operations, including staff and inventory management.

But before you can easily appreciate the back-end, there is a learning curve. It takes a lot of training to learn both the system’s fundamental and sophisticated features. Additionally, setting everything up

Takes considerably longer than a day. Basic aspects of the software are rather simple to use once it is up and running. Additionally, you may use the dashboard to easily access employee permissions, create and modify items, and export simple data.

Hardware Required For Convenience Store POS

Revel POS is exclusively compatible with Apple hardware, including iOS, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2. All common barcode scanners are compatible with the C-Store POS System, which also offers hardware packages. You have the choice to buy hardware from several sellers. To make sure the gear you buy is compatible, you should first check Revel’s list of preconfigured devices.

Hotkey Functionality

Revel uses simple hotkey functions that may be accessed by tapping a menu category to display a drop-down menu of available options. Cashiers can add quantities, enter special requests, add delivery and to-go orders, delete or duplicate goods, and enter discounts on the user-friendly item editing interface. Payment voiding, split billing, print, reprint, email receipts, and reward card possibilities are additional cashier options.

Inventory in Real-Time

Revel’s basic inventory management makes managing inventory easy. It simply requires the product and the price, but it also has SKU and cost capabilities. Revel also offers mass inventory item entry. This is accomplished using a style matrix for comparable objects in various sizes, colours, and/or styles.

The inventory page shows low item stock displayed in red on the list for your convenience. The system is relaxed enough to allow for bar-code entry for scanner use as well as manual or automatic inclusion of

Discounts, surcharges, and service fees. Manage incoming stock items and partial order notations if only partial orders are being received, and then complete the order once all order items are received.

Integrating with QuickBooks

Data is automatically transferred from the POS to QuickBooks through Revel’s QuickBooks connectivity module. For simplified bookkeeping, this aids in synchronising sales, purchase orders, and inventory.

Users have access at any time thanks to the daily sales data uploads into QuickBooks, which include total sales, refunds, and discounts. Inventory modifications, purchase orders, payroll, and employee schedules can all be transferred using QuickBooks connection. The manager’s settings area contains programmes for cash management. These include day’s total cash receipts, sold items, time management, and downloadable reports.

Employee & Customer Management

Customers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, and purchase histories are all kept on file by the Revel System. Users have the option to export any data gathered for use in marketing and cross-selling initiatives.

Revel System holds swipe cards or login IDs that are triggered by a secure, one-of-a-kind pin number. These monitor all system activities as well as employee performance and work time. Get employee reports that you can print out depending on factors such as productivity and sales volume, discounts granted, and cancelled transactions.

Reporting Suite

Features like detailed reports that are simple to read and contain transactional information, sales data, and gift card details. Credit transaction totals, invalid transaction totals, exchanged or refunded items, and labour to sales % are additional features. Network, software, and hardware that adhere to PCI-DSS standards encrypt card data and never store it. Revel offers data centres that are PCI compliant and is SAS 70 Type II certified.

Customer Service

Revel offers a range of customer service channels that are accessible round-the-clock, including the phone, email, web, remote, online, and social media. In addition to these help options, Revel features an extensive video training and knowledge base. One of the only negatives of the Revel pos system is the price.

2. Lightspeed– Emv Pos System For Convenience Store


There are several capabilities in Lightspeed that do more than just handle sales. The Lightspeed reviews are gushing; the only reason we chose second place was due to the system’s complexity. Their features include instruments for business growth and less complicated back-end processes. This is another convenience store pos.

The fact that you’re not forced to use Lightspeed’s hardware and that you can save money by utilising an existing system is a huge benefit for convenience store owners. This convenience store pos system enables the owner of the store to control inventory, compile consumer data, supervise staff, and produce reports. Other outstanding qualities include:

Processing Credit Cards

Since Lightspeed has its own processor, applying for and finding a credit card are no longer necessary. Once more, you are free to use any merchant of your choice and are not required to use Lightspeed’s processing. Additionally, Lightspeed offers bids for specific processing rates and ensures they are the lowest accessible.

Simple and Speedy Checkout

Transaction processing is quick and simple using Lightspeed. You can tap a product’s image, scan its barcode, or search for it using the cashier module. Other time-saving features offered by Lightspeed include preset item modifiers, personalised layouts, colour coding, and automatic discounting.

Easy and Quick Checkout

Inventory management is one of a retailer’s main concerns. An effective iPad Pos inventory management tool is available from Lightspeed. You receive a unique layout with an easy-to-use interface for adding, modifying, and removing merchandise.

With the uploading and editing of product information through spreadsheets, there are no manual product updates and revisions. When product quantities fall below a specific level, low inventory alerts let you know, and the software supports automatic supplier reorders.

Customer Service

With automatic customer information data, increase sales and maintain existing client ties. Every sale is recorded using this function, which is essential for mail advertising. Reporting on customer loyalty includes information on spending patterns, top customers, and amount spent.

Staff Performance

Utilize the Lightspeed POS system to immediately measure staff performance. A built-in time clock in Lightspeed lets you keep track of hours for simple shift and payroll administration. Track employee performance information such as daily transactions and top sales.


Lightspeed has analytical solutions that provide you with real-time sales data analysis so you can make the best business decisions. Receive detailed sales statistics that are product- or time-specific, as well as sales summaries, daily comparisons, and information on the best-selling products and those with the highest profit margins.

Working Offline

Maintain your business offline during internet interruptions. Unlike most cloud-based solutions, Lightspeed’s offline mode keeps you running. You can save transactions locally in offline mode and upload them after re-establishing internet connectivity.


The most popular third-party applications for retail use are QuickBooks and MailChimp, which are all connected to Lightspeed. For automatic adjustments in email marketing campaigns, sync new and updated information with MailChimp or send daily sales data to QuickBooks.

Customer Service

Lightspeed offers one of the greatest customer service packages available, including live help, a sizable knowledge base, and 24/7 accessibility. All of this is included in the monthly membership fee.

3.ITRetail – Specialized Convenience Store


It was the owners of convenience stores that inspired the creation of ITRetail. They were experts in c-store, grocery, and supermarket pos systems, unlike other point of sale providers. It has numerous inventory, loss prevention, and customer relationship features as a result. In actuality, it was among the newest POS systems ever used in a convenience store. This is another convenience store pos.

One of its most helpful features is one that records every sale as well as the personnel who were present at the time. This feature can be used to help identify who stole what in the event of theft. Additionally, it features a mobile app that is accessible from anywhere.


  • Features for preventing loss
  • Created specifically for supermarket and convenience stores
  • Numerous inventory attributes


  • POS software can occasionally malfunction.

4.POSNation – Industry Specific C-Store Software


This system is excellent since it maintains so many records. It contains inventory tracking capabilities, employee management tools, and customer relationship features. The system’s on-the-spot bar-code and label printing capability is probably its most alluring feature; it is a vital component of any POS system for convenience stores. Additionally, the system can be upgraded to include tablet integration for even more access and usage options.


  • Printable bar-codes and labels that can be customised
  • Tablet integration capability
  • Elements of customer relationships


  • Occasionally occurring systemic errors

5.AccuPOS –Best POS For EBT Convenience Store


Both PCs and Android devices can use this system. Additionally, you can use it with your store’s current equipment. It may be used with almost any hardware because of its high degree of compatibility. Instead of needing to acquire equipment from the POS firm, you can either buy equipment on sale or use your existing equipment, which can save equipment costs. It can be used with almost any credit card processing business of your choice and not just read cards with chips. This is another convenience store pos.

Additionally, there are capabilities for managing employees, controlling inventories, and a customer loyalty programme.


  • It is compatible with your current equipment.
  • Compatible with almost all credit card processing businesses
  • Widely adaptable
  • Compatible with almost any hardware


  • Only PC and Android devices can use it; Apple is not supported.
  • Setting up can be confusing.

6.Cash regester express (CRE)- Affordable POS System For C-Store

Cash regester express (CRE)

Digital scales, touch screen displays, and bar-code scanners are just a few of the amazing equipment options available from CRE that are great for convenience stores. Additionally, there are theft prevention tools that aid in increasing staff accountability. Also check medical billing software


  • A monthly payment substitute for cloud-based systems
  • Created with convenience stores in mind.
  • Loss mitigation and theft prevention features


  • The interface is not user-friendly and will take some getting accustomed to.
  • Only works with Windows, not Mac, iOS, or Android
  • The setup process can be challenging.

 7.Squar of retail– Simple Convenience POS

Squar of retail

Any firm would do well to choose this POS system. In addition to several Square-specific capabilities, it contains all the essential ones, like inventory tracking and customer relationship management.

For instance, it has its own service for processing credit cards. Additionally, you may use the same system to access, monitor, and order inventory across all of your locations. With this POS, you may search items by scanning bar-codes or performing a keyword search, making it simple to browse your inventory. This is another convenience store pos.


  • Since it has its own credit card processing service, you won’t need to look for one.
  • Searches for inventory items
  • Numerous inventory attributes


  • It can be challenging to create an inventory list at first.
  • Although you can monitor, order, and access inventory at all of your sites, using the system to transport inventory from one place to another might be challenging.

8.Clover POS Easy To Install C Store POS

Clover POS

All of Clover’s gear is created to order, which makes it special. It makes use of a tablet and stand POS. You may access it from anywhere thanks to a mobile app as well. With the Clover system, you can accept a variety of additional payment methods, like as chip cards, Apple Pay, and mobile payment apps.


  • With specialised hardware, customer support can provide more accurate answers to your inquiries and handle issues.
  • Numerous payment choices


  • Because wi-fi is necessary for payment processing, you cannot accept payments if the internet is down.
  • Like a cell phone, Clover can break if dropped or handled forcefully, and will then need to be replaced.

9.NetSuite POS – Effective Convenience Store Software

NetSuite POS

This POS system is based on retail. Convenience store management is made simpler by its many fantastic features, which include e-commerce, inventory tracking, and order management. It not only tracks inventory but also gives you a tonne of excellent, in-depth data and statistics.

It can aid in compliance, plan and place orders, evaluate risks, set prices and specials, pay suppliers, and handle employee and payroll duties. In order for many retailers to take advantage of the POS system, you can choose to add more stores to the system. This is another convenience store pos.


  • Extensive inventory monitoring
  • Numerous features
  • Its adaptability to use in multiple store locations


  • A little costly
  • Some people need time to become used to the interface.

10. Jolt – Store Manager Point-Of-Sale System


Jolt is ideal for convenience stores because it was created for companies whose workers don’t sit at desks. It is tablet-based, which has advantages and disadvantages. It allows you to design and print unique labels for your products. The management features of this POS are arguably its strongest points. With this programme, you can potentially save a tonne of time and guarantee that operational tasks are accomplished. Also check CRM Software

You have the power to make lists that supervisors must sign in order to cross items off. Additionally, everything has timestamps on it. The drag-and-drop approach used by the scheduling functions makes making schedules quick and simple. The technology allows employees to exchange shifts and request time off. Additionally, it uses facial recognition to accept their clock-in. This is another convenience store pos.


  • Excellent management scheduling tools
  • Accountability of managers
  • Accountability of workers
  • Create custom labels.


  • Getting the printer to sync up and function properly the first time can be challenging.
  • There is no inventory control
  • It manages delis and restaurants but not groceries.

Buying Guide: What To Look For

There are several factors to carry into account before investing in a new POS system for your convenience store. What kinds of goods do you offer? Do you require a system that enables you to sell gas and maintain records of compliance?

Do you wish to incorporate a system that offers functionality for customer relationships and loyalty schemes? Would you prefer to shorten lines at the checkout by offering self-checkout and e-commerce options? Here are a few qualities you should look for in convenience store POS systems based on the responses to those questions.


Hardware and equipment are frequently needed in conjunction with the software for convenience store POS systems. Along with your system, the kind of equipment you should buy depends on the kind of goods you sell. Bar-code scanners, thermal receipt printers, cash drawers, produce scales, scales, scanners, and self-checkout stations are a few pieces of equipment you might want to take into consideration. Although the equipment may appear like an additional extra, it is essential to guarantee seamless, precise, and speedy transactions.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The POS system’s interface and user-friendliness are two of its most crucial features. Sales transactions go much more quickly and easily when using touch screens and simple user interfaces.

Your staff won’t have to rely on speculation anymore, and pricing will be more accurate and consistent as a result. As a result, the checkout line moves quickly and the customers are happy. Training people to use the new system can also save a lot of time and money.

Inventory Management

Theft and loss prevention are serious issues in the majority of contemporary convenience businesses. Waste is similar. A solid POS system monitors inventory, keeps thorough records, and offers easy-to-read analytics. The ability to automatically order more products when stocks are low is even available on some platforms.

The conclusion

Whichever POS system you decide on, you want it to make running your store simpler, speed up transactions, maintain inventory, and, if you sell tobacco products, provide compliance reporting.

There may be some assistance available for individuals that sell gas, although gas station POS would be the preferable choice. You want a convenience store pos system that has all of the hardware and functionality you now use, as well as a few extras to improve performance and open up new revenue streams. Your search can get off to a terrific start by looking at the systems in this list. You should also know how to go out and choose the greatest POS system for your convenience store by this point.

Final Recommendation: Best Convenience Store POS System

Revel System, with its cloud-based POS platform, is one of the top choices when looking for a convenience store POS system. Any user who is willing to study the system will receive good functionality from this system. Revel System is a good option for retail stores since it has an intuitive user desktop that is simple to operate after you take the time to learn how to use it.

Revel’s skills are appropriate for practically any size business. It can also expand along with your business! However, the subscription rates increase in tandem with your revenue. Some business owners might think the price is too expensive. Lightspeed and Revel are the ideal options for your store if you anticipate rapid growth for your convenience store.

We hope that our analysis of the top ten convenience store pos systems was useful. Fill out the form above and some of our software providers will get in touch with you to arrange a trial of their convenience store pos system if you find all of this information to be overwhelming.

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