12 Best Brain Dump Apps In 2024

This post will explain brain dump apps. We like to believe of ourselves as having a finite capacity when it comes to the brain. “I can’t do the math,” “I’m not creative,” and “I’m not a visual person.” These are the boundaries we set for ourselves, and we then accept them. What if, though, I told you that you are capable of doing even more? Would you judge me if I told you that your brain is capable of things you never thought were possible? What if I told you that the most effective tool in the world is your brain?

12 Best Brain Dump Apps In 2024

In this article, you can know about 12 Best Brain Dump Apps In 2024 here are the details below;

And there are no limitations on what you can accomplish if you figure out how to harness its power. Brain dumping is one of the best ways to unleash the power of your brain. Brain dumping is a straightforward technique in which you write down all the ideas, thoughts, and tasks that are circling in your head in order to clear your head of them. Your productivity, creativity, and mental clarity will all benefit greatly from one straightforward action. And to get you started, there are a tonne of fantastic brain dump apps available.

1. Odin


One of my favourite brain dump apps on the market, Odin is accessible for both iOS and Android. This is another brain dump apps. Also check Apps Most Frequently Used By Researchers

Its elegant and user-friendly interface makes it ideal for people who wish to begin brain dumping.

Additionally, it has a number of capabilities, including the capacity to construct an infinite number of mind maps, add comments and photos, and share your maps with others.

Odin enables you to gather all of your necessary Omni stuff and store it securely.

Students and professionals who wish to keep track of their thoughts, tasks, and resources in one location will find this handy.

Additionally, it aids in intentional consumption, which allows you to filter out distractions, concentrate on what’s important to you, and return at any time to uncover what’s useful.

This app’s clever search tool makes it simple to locate anything you need quickly and successfully.

You can include all the information you need to make your ideas more understandable and practical by using rich notes.

The team collaboration function allows you to share your work with others and collaborate in real time whether you are learning or working on something as a group.

Notable Features

Accessible on both iOS and Android devices

Elegant and user-friendly UI

Gather everything and place it in a secure location.

Discover historical information using sophisticated search

Take anything in (emails, WhatsApp messages, social media posts, etc)


Both Android and iOS users can get Odin for free.

2. WorkFlowy


WorkFlowy is a brilliant brain dump tool that is straightforward and simple to use.

The beautiful thing about WorkFlowy is that you may use it for both professional and private needs.

You can define objectives, make lists, and even make to-do lists.

WorkFlowy is really convenient because you can use it on your computer or phone.

WorkFlowy is worth the cost because of how versatile it is (e.g., launching an app and immediately starting to take notes, dragging and dropping files without having to navigate between various applications).

You can also use their global search option to look for anything you’ve recorded in your WorkFlowy account.

You can cross-reference relevant topics using tags, and you can arrange your thoughts however you choose using nested lists.

Even better, WorkFlowy also incorporates the Kanban boards productivity system, which aids in work organisation and tracking.

Additionally, you can divide large projects into smaller, more manageable components with the help of limitless nesting.

WorkFlowy’s simple sharing features are one of my favourite aspects.

If you send a link to someone who is not yet a WorkFlowy user, they can access the viewing/editing rights without creating an account.

Notable Features

Many usage cases

Available by phone and computer

Includes a function for worldwide search

Uses layered lists and tags to organise information.

Simple sharing tools


WorkFlowy has a 100 MB data upload restriction as one of its few free features.

The WorkFlowy Pro plan has a monthly fee of $4.99.

3. Muse


Nested boards are a fantastic feature of Muse, a brain dump programme made for for Mac and iPad users.

This implies that you can create boards within of boards to help you better organise your thoughts. This is another brain dump apps.

Additionally, you may include files, photographs, audio, and other media in your notes. A search feature makes it simple to locate previous notes.

Other brain dump apps feel far more static and impersonal than Muse.

It’s ideal for people who prefer a hands-on approach to mind mapping and brainstorming.

Whether you study best visually or auditorily, this tool is a great combination of text and handwritten notes.

The best thing, though?

Any content block can be moved around and placed wherever you choose.

By quickly taking a picture of it and pasting it into the app, you may simply embed any specific part of an article or video that you find interesting.

Workflows in Muse are very flexible and helpful.

You may easily incorporate a specific screenshot from your Muse database into a Twitter tweet, for instance, by using a few drags and drops.

It is flawlessly designed for iPad and Mac, making using the app feel easy and smooth.

The app’s basic style, which makes it appear clear and uncluttered and is ideal for when you need to focus on your responsibilities and unwind, is the icing on the cake.

Notable Features

Minimalist style

Add files, audio, GIFs, notes written by hand, and photos.

Simple device synchronisation

A practical approach

Stacked boards

Third-party workflows that are fluid


With a board size of 2 by 2, Muse’s Muse Base plan offers 100 cards and is completely free.

The Starter Membership, which includes 500 cards and a 66 board, costs $3.99 each month.

The Pro Membership, which includes unlimited cards and a board size of 1010, is priced at $9.99 each month.

4. Evernote


With the help of the programme Evernote, you may “dump” all the thoughts, ideas, and tasks circling about in your brain into a digital space. Also check best bnpl apps

It’s a terrific way to organise everything that’s in your thoughts and get it out into a format that you can later access. This is another brain dump apps.

Notes can be made in a combination of formats, including reader, audio, photos, and more.

Additionally, it’s simple to export notes to other apps or share them with others.

Additionally, Evernote makes it simple to use tags or keywords to search through your notes.

The web clipper feature from Evernote is also useful for swiftly saving web pages or other online materials to your account.

Simply click the Evernote Web Clipper extension in your browser toolbar to save the full page to your Evernote account if, for instance, you enjoy an article and want to save or share it with someone later.

Additionally, real documents like receipts or handwritten notes can be instantly scanned and saved using their document scanner tool.

Finally, because all of your notes are securely synchronised across all of your devices, you can always access them whenever you need to and search for anything you need, wherever you are, using the smart and quicker search tool.

Notable Features

Create notes in all possible formats, such as text, audio, and photos.

Simple export or sharing of notes with others

Quick and clever search (searches even from handwritten notes)

Synchronised with all devices

Scanning documents


Evernote offers a totally free plan.

The monthly cost of the Personal plan is about $3.12, while the monthly cost of the Professional plan is about $3.99.

5. Nozbe


For people who prefer to keep things orderly, Nozbe is an excellent brain dump software.

You can create tasks and arrange them into projects with this software.

For each assignment, you may also create reminders and deadline dates.

Nozbe also includes an integrated calendar so you can see your weekly tasks.

They’ve designed their task management system so that you’ll never feel the need to set up pointless meetings (thanks to the effective comment collaboration).

Additionally, you may prioritise your chores, which is a terrific method to guarantee that you’re consistently working on the most crucial items first.

You may make templates for jobs and projects with Nozbe as well.

When you are creating new tasks, this is a terrific method to save time.

You may use Zapier and custom APIs to quickly connect Nozbe to Google Calendar, Slack, email, and other services.

Notable Features

Integrated calendar

Prioritization of tasks

Creating personalised templates

Accessible on all platforms

Options for integration


You can sign up for any of Nozbe’s premium programmes following a 30-day free trial:

Solo/Duo ($10/month, 1-2 members)

Small Business ($23 per month for up to 8 members)

Business ($99/month, unlimited members)

6. EdrawMind


With the aid of the software EdrawMind, you may arrange your thoughts and concepts into clean, simple diagrams. This is another brain dump apps.

The best aspect is that you may use it without any prior knowledge of diagramming or mind mapping.

Simply launch the app and begin entering your thoughts.

Then, observe how EdrawMind turns them into stunning, simple diagrams.

EdrawMind’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to construct a mind map in just three simple steps.

Additionally, you can use their library of pre-made templates to launch your mind mapping and brainstorming sessions.

Additionally, there are a tonne of possibilities available when it comes to colours, shapes, and fonts for all you design freaks out there.

You may rapidly move between the Gantt charts, presentation mode, outline mode, and brainstorming style.

EdrawMind is included on our list of the best brain dump apps in part due to its secure team collaboration features.

Notable Features

User-friendly for beginners

Teamwork that is real-time

Password security

Templates for mind mapping already created

Many export choices


Before choosing the $59/year annual subscription option for individuals, EdrawMind offers a 15-day free trial.

7. Obsidian


Obsidian is a fantastic tool for getting your ideas and thoughts out.

It offers a helpful search tool that makes it simple to see what you’re looking for and lets you use it to generate text files.

You can build a virtual second brain with the aid of obsidian.

It’s excellent for arranging your ideas, information, and knowledge.

You can use it to compose books, articles, or even notes!

Their Graph view tool is excellent for connecting and showing your ideas.

Your notes can even be exported as a PDF or HTML file.

The Backlinks tool will let you link pertinent pages with just one click and get a bigger image if you’re working on a big project.

What’s the best part?

Because your data is kept in a local folder as Markdown files, you have complete control over it.

You may sync it with apps like Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive, or export it.

Notable Features

Complete security and management of your data

The simple yet effective search engine

The Graph view feature makes it easier to see your concepts.

Basis of deep knowledge creation


Fortunately, Obsidian’s personal plan is absolutely free to use and comes with community assistance.

Over $25 must be paid upfront for the Catalyst plan, and $50 must be paid annually for the Commercial plan (also get a 14-day free trial on this plan).

8. Simplenote


Simplenote is a straightforward note-taking tool, as its name suggests.

This programme is for you if you prefer to keep things simple. This is another brain dump apps.

It has a simple UI with no unnecessary distractions and only the essential functionality you require.

Additionally, Simplenote syncs with all of your devices so that you can access your notes from anywhere.

Additionally, you can just search for a certain note if you ever need to go back and discover it. Also check payday loan apps

You may easily locate pertinent notes from the collection of notes by using the tagging tool to stay organised.

It also enables you to share your notes and to-dos with others and work on them together in real-time, despite being only a basic brain-dumping tool.

You can access all of the adjustments you made in the past thanks to its time machine feature, which also helps you travel back in time.

If you unintentionally delete something or want to examine how a note has evolved over time, this is quite beneficial.

Simplenote is accessible on Linux, Mac, Windows, Play Store, and App Store.

Notable Features

Clean and uncluttered interface

Synchronises with all devices

Use the tagging tool to keep organised.

Easily access past modifications

Available across all platforms

Cool mobile app widgets


There are no in-app purchases and Simplenote is totally free.

9. Todoist


You should check out Todoist if you’ve ever felt like your brain is constantly racing with tasks, ideas, and to-dos.

The purpose of this programme is to dump your brain.

You can add tasks, set due dates, and even divide large projects into smaller sections with ease.

The calendar view is also useful for seeing upcoming events.

Additionally, don’t stress over forgetting something crucial.

You can receive reminders from Todoist via email or push notifications.

such, for example, when a deadline is drawing near. This is another brain dump apps.

Numerous apps from a variety of categories, including productivity, project management, and automation, are compatible with Todoist.

Todoist also makes it simple to share your lists with others and provides a variety of templates for those who want to utilise them.

Real-time project collaboration is another option.

Aside from everything else, the Karma system is one of Todoist’s best features.

The software evaluates your productivity and gives you “karma points” in accordance.

It’s a fantastic approach to maintain motivation and gamify your productivity.

Notable Features

Increased task creation

Integrates with a huge number of apps

Provides several templates

Instantaneous cooperation

Your productivity using games


For new users, Todoist offers a free subscription that enables you to manage 5 projects simultaneously.

The Pro package is $5 per month, while the Business plan is $8.

10. Things 3

Things 3

Things 3 (available only to users of Apple products) makes it simple to record, manage, and finish activities. It also includes several tools to boost productivity.

It may have a user interface that is a little similar to Notion, but it’s still a wonderful software for anyone who like to keep their chores and notes in one place.

The app’s Upcoming area aids in anticipating upcoming events, while the Today section makes sure you never forget what needs to be done right away.

To make your work more accessible and organised, you can also create other projects and tag them.

Additionally, you can instantly add activities or check your to-do list without ever opening the app thanks to the interaction with Siri.

You may also clean up your interface and make it appear less cluttered by using the Slim Mode function.

Things 3 has all the content blocks—checklists, headings, even code blocks—you require to brain dump like an expert.

Not to mention, the progress pies encourage you by allowing you to see how much progress you’ve made on a task.

Notable Features

User-friendly UI that is neat

Pie charts for progress assist in task visualisation.

Integration of Siri for hands-free job administration

Interface clutter is reduced via Slim Mode.

Accessible on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad


The one-time payment of the Things 3 app is $9.99.

11. Bear.App


Bear is a stunning, versatile software for writing prose and notes. This is another brain dump apps.

It is perfect for brain-dumping and offers everything you need to put your ideas down on paper.

Bear features simple tools for structuring your ideas, and it makes formatting your notes simple.

Bear even has a built-in task manager, and you can also add images, files, and links to your notes.

Bear is an app that can be used on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone and is excellent for quickly recording your thoughts.

You may select from a variety of themes in its settings, and the app also offers a dark mode for use in low light.

Bear protects your notes with end-to-end encryption, and you can choose a password for further security.

Bear’s Focus Mode enables you to write without interruptions and even lets you capture audio to add to your notes.

Notable Features

Encryption from end to end

Offered on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Distraction-free writing with focus mode

Several themes are available.

In the dark (advanced settings flexibility)


Bear offers a free plan and a week-long free trial for its $1.49/month premium plan.

12. Voice Notes

Voice Notes

Any voice notes software can be used to make a brain dump if you prefer to record your thoughts as they come to you. This is another brain dump apps.

The benefit of voice notes is that you can record thoughts as they occur to you without having to pause and type them out.

If you want to evaluate your ideas, you may also listen to your voice notes later.

There are numerous voice note apps available, so pick the one that fits you the best (Try

Voice notes only have one drawback: they can be challenging to manage.

Therefore, if you want to adopt this technique, be sure to record your notes so that you can subsequently organise them.

See how Charlie Puth creates mega-hits by using voice notes:

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the top brain dump apps available. We have the tool you need if you need to take notes, write down ideas, or just get your thoughts out of your chair and onto paper (or a screen).

These apps may all be found on different platforms, and they will all help you be more productive.

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