Use 19 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Watch Together In 2024

This post explains rabbit alternatives. You have landed in the correct place if you are searching for the best Rabbit alternatives or websites like Rabb. It is 2020 due to the fact that after serving people for a long period of time. This amazing site had actually been closed down in July 2019. And gotten by its competitor That was already around. However, it didn’t get much appeal till they get rabb.It.

Use 19 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Watch Together In 2024

In this article, you can know about rabbit alternatives here are the details below;

And now, you can access their platforms, which is currently called But today, we’re not going to discuss how the rabbit has been altered or stuff like that. Rather, we’re going to have a look at a few of the best Rabbit Alternatives or sites like Rabbit. That allows us to see movies, videos, and streams together.

Best Rabbit Alternatives (Websites like the Rabb. it) to Binge Watch Together

Due to the fact that Rabbit was an advanced website at that time. And due to this Covid-19 Pandemic. We’ve been forced to remain at our beautiful houses, losing time on social networks. And even, we can’t fulfill our buddies properly now, as we met them before this pandemic happens. As a result, individuals are looking for Rabb. It options to hang out with their liked ones, through enjoying motion pictures and programs together. You can also check best free streaming apps.

And for those individuals, here’s the list that includes the very best sites like Rabbit. So with that stated, let’s dive into the list of 19 finest Rabbit alternatives in the middle of a pandemic.

1. Metastream.


Here’s one of the very first and best Rabb. It alternatives on our list. Since Metastream provides the very same features similar to Rabb. It. Where you can get the advantages of its live synchronization playback. And it really feels excellent because it has no or absolutely no latency issue. That makes it among the best sites like Rabbit.

Besides this function, you can do a lot more things like chatting while enjoying, making a queue of the videos, and etc. And in addition to that, Metastream supports video online streaming platform’s like Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, and etc. That makes your experiences more enduring with your family and friends.

Although you do require an extension to run Metastream on your Chrome or Firefox web browser still, you’ll certainly enjoy yourself while streaming on one of the very best websites like Rabbit.

2. Watch2gether.


Watch2gether is another among the very best Rabbit alternatives. Where you’re totally free to do anything, and from anything I imply, you can go shopping together on the Amazon even if you love surfing on social media platforms together. Then you can do thats too with ease and fun. All these things could occur because of its fast synchronization feature.

That permits us to stream the content as quickly as possible. However, the only thing to see is that it does not have any virtual maker like Rabb. It. So you’ve to discover motion pictures and videos with high upload speed to feel the genuine power of Watch2gether.

Apart from the virtual machine thing. You can quickly handle users from the control panel on your screen. And could live chat with your pals quickly. Likewise, it does support GIFs that make your watching and chatting experience more pleasurable. After all, we’ve been searching for things enjoyable for a long time.

3. Twoseven.


Without any doubt, Twoseven is among the most popular Rabb. Its options are readily available right now. Because its a live video streaming and sharing platforms that has some incredible functions like live chat with your good friends. But unlike Rabb. It, this alternative does not support live audio commentary.

That is a big deal for lots of people out there. Also, like any others Rabbit alternatives, you do need an extension to utilize Twoseven at its best. And if you wish to view movies and shows together, then Twoseven could be perfectly suitable for you and your buddies.

Afterward, Twoseven supports video online streaming platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, and more. However, you need to have the extension set up before accessing all the features. In addition, that extension also enables you to enjoy videos from any other site together.

4. Kosmi.


Kosmi is one of my best favorite Rabbit alternatives (aka rabb. it options) to stream and watches videos together. Due to the point that here you can create your Room personal or public. Where Personal means just invited people can sign up with. And the public means anyone can join your space without your consent or approval.

The website looks legitimate with a remarkable interface. Likewise, you can live chat with your buddies while enjoying films or programs. And even chats with them through your webcam. That assists you in coming close to your loved one even in the middle of a pandemic. Also check alternatives.

You can share your browsers’ tab to browse the internet together. And even view videos on platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and etc. Besides all this stuff, if you love to play games with your good friends. Then you did easily play games like Quake 3 with your loved ones.

5. Tutturu.


Things become easier after learning about this one of the best Rabb. It options. Due to the fact that Tutturu offers all the precise same features, much like Rabbit. With excellent speed and incredible experience. Also, you do not need to download an extension or app to utilize it at its best.

In Tutturu you simply have to log in with your e-mail and start surfing with your friends. Likewise, you’d check out any website you desire. As a results, you can watch things like the anime, YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, and the list goes on. Also, the group is establishing apps for its iOS and Android users.

That helps to access their platform quickly. And we can invest our time with loved ones without any hustle. In addition, the best part of Tutturu is, it’s complimentary. However, the website does have a $5 each month membership strategy. But nobody requires that. Due to the fact that you can still access all the features with the free plan too.

6. Rave.


An amazing app thats available for android and iOS devices. Where you can watch already saved the videos from your Google Drive, yes, you’ve read it right. Rave doesn’t enable its users to stream videos and surf together on the internet. And now perhaps you people are believing, then why Rave is here on our list of Rabbit alternatives?

The factor of including Rave here on our list is. That surely it doesn’t let us browse the web. But still, it support’s video streaming platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and a couple of more. That’s, I think, enough for individuals who want to watch films. And likewise wants to spend their time together.

Furthermore, the Sync playback is pretty good than any other site on our list. And if you wish to talk with your friends while enjoying videos. Then you’re complimentary to do with audio commentary. However, without the video chat alternative. And yes, do not forget to use its Rave DJ feature also.

7. Airtime.


Suppose you’re looking for the finest Rabbit alternatives for android or iOS smart devices. Then Airtime could be the best fit for your requirements. And this is cause of its awesomeness and remarkable features. Airtime makes video streaming on smartphones flawless.

And I’m stating all these things since Airtime supports 10 members in one Room. Likewise, you can send text messages while playing media. Additionally, you can send out small videos, images, and audio messages with media playback.

Apart from this thing, Airtime just supports video streaming platforms and music players. That has actually been noted in its supported list.


Seeing and streaming videos with good friends wasn’t this simple. Due to the fact that has been integrated a few of the most secondhand video-sharing platforms like Youtube and more. And this makes your experience more long-lasting because of its sync playback speed.

Apart from this, you can share link’s from any website and watch videos from that link’s together. Likewise, it does support emoji and GIFs while talking with your friends. However, still, it doesn’t have functions like audio messages and cam chats. That so many people like while streaming videos together.

9. Invited.


As the name suggests, Invited is a web-site like Rabbit. Where you can develop rooms and host parties. The only thing you’ve to do is, develop the room and share the link with your buddies. After that, you can go to any site you desire, from shopping to social media and Youtube to Spotify.

Whatever has actually been readily available for its users. And you can amount to 50 members in a single room. Besides all these things, the only thing that I like the most about Invited is, it has its own virtual device. From this, your video streaming experience boosts and becomes smooth.

Likewise, only a few of these rabbit alternatives have this amazing function on their platforms. In addition, in the near future, this website will start supporting GIFs and emojis also.

10. Sharetube.


Unlike any other finest sites like Sharetube just enables its users to view YouTube videos together. And if you ‘ve good videos in your watch later on the list of YouTube, that should be seen together. Then Sharetube is here for you. Just share the link to that video.

And you’re complimentary to view any YouTube video with friends and family without any hustle. Because the website looks quite easy, besides all this stuff, you can chat with your loved ones also. With the aid of its group chat characteristic.

11. Netflix Party.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is among the very best option or Rabbit alternatives. That provides a lot of similar functions like Video sync playback with the group chat feature. Although this site, like Rabbit just allows its users to enjoy films from Netflix. And you can not play videos from Youtube or any other platform.

But still, it does offer a super fast videos sync playback feature. That makes your the Netflix party rememberable. Also, the group chat feature does supports things like emojis and GIFs. That makes your discussion more meaningful.

And if you just choose Netflix reveals to binge-watch together with your friends and family. Then I’d highly suggest you guys opt for Netflix Party since it’s a one-stop option for your streaming requirements, just if you have a premium Netflix membership.

12. Syncplay.


Syncplay is an app that’s committed to PCs just. However, it does support OS like Mac, Windows, and Linux. And utilizing this app is pretty basic. Because it’s just able to stream already downloaded material on your computer system. And if you have many motion pictures on your computer.

Then you can downloads Syncplay on your PC. And begin streaming your currently downloaded content with your friends and family. Besides this, Syncplay supports gamers like VLC, Windows Media Player, and etc. And it straight can produce rooms for you.

After that, you’ll have the ability to share Room links with your good friends easily. Although this application doesn’t have its own group chat feature. However, still, you’ll see very quick video syncing through this app.


When we’re discussing finest Rabbit alternatives or websites like Rabbit, then how can we forget to discuss its obtaining company? Since Kast is the name that acquires all the rights, patents, and everything of the Rabbit. As a result, now the Kast is operating and serving its users with the same functions.

Since here in Kast, you can stream your gaming, see films and videos. Also, easily chat with your pals while enjoying motion pictures and shows. Apart from this, I must to tell you, men, that it’s a carbon copy of Rabbit. And you’ll be visiting some cool and new features as well on this platform.

So you people should also give it a try for your online streaming needs. Additionally, you can welcome as many as 100 people into your rooms to host a watch celebration just like Facebook. And if you wish to show off your gaming abilities in front of your buddies. Then likewise, you can utilize Kast to fulfill your needs.

14. Explorii.


Finally, a new name has shown up on our list. Explorii is a new gamer in this video streaming and sharing platform market. But still, it does offer amazing features also any other Rabb. It options. Because here, you can chat with your buddies and can quickly share emojis and GIFs.

Likewise, it seems like you’re utilizing a social network app like Facebook or Instagram. Due to the point that here you can send out audio messages while watching videos together. And this isn’t enough due to the fact that the user interface of this app looks very quite. Likewise, it’s available on both the OSes Android and iOS.

So if you’re a smart device user who wishes to hang out with his/her liked one and wants to enjoy motion pictures together in this pandemic, then you should attempt the Explorii app on your android or iOS smartphone.

15. Caracal Club.

Caracal Club

Caracal Club is an incredible website like Rabbit (aka Rabbit alternatives). That enables its users to access a whole brand-new chrome internet browser in your chrome web browser. I understand it sounds crazy. However, you can utilize a web browser through their website without downloading any chrome extension or stuff like that.

The only thing you’ve to do is develop your room. But it’s required to register for an account initially. And then you’re totally free to produce rooms and invite people to watch motion pictures and shows with you. Also, you can talk with your loved ones through the group chat function of the Caracal Club.

Furthermore, you can send out emojis to make your messages emotional. However, sometimes, you’ve to wait to create a complimentary room at Caracal Club. Since it just allows a minimal number of users at the same time to create complimentary rooms. And if that limit goes beyond, then you’ve to pay for a room.

16. Parsec.


Parsec is a video game streaming program. That aid you to create rooms and go live to display your skills. For that reason, you can quickly welcome your pals and take pleasure in the streaming together despite the fact that this video streaming platforms is gaming oriented. But still, you can do a several more things.

However, first, you’ve to create an account and download the app on your Computer. After that, you can simply attach with your friends. And start streaming things likes gaming videos, movies, shows, and etc. Due to the fact that there’s no limitation on this platform that makes you feel sad.

Your good friends can text and leave a reply to group talks. But they can’t stop briefly or play anything. Because, after all, this websites is for gamers, and individuals can just enjoy you while you’re hosting celebrations and all.

17. Andchill.


& chill is an incredible website and extremely easy to use due to the fact that here you’ll feel that you’re in a movie theater hall enjoying films or videos together with your friends. Also, similar to cinema halls, you can select your preferred seat to view films from a different viewpoint. Also view best dlna server.

Also, without visiting, you can directly sign up with public rooms to watch their films and videos. That assists you to enjoy things quickly and quickly. However, I’m personally not a very big fan of these Rabbit alternatives. However still, I’ve added it because of many great reviews. And individuals love it.

18. Animeparty.


For all the anime enthusiasts, I’ve included this website on our list. Animparty is only committed to anime programs and films. Where you’re not enabled to develop spaces, and likewise can’t see things from other video sharing program like Youtube & Netflix.

But the anime party has its own best anime gallery from where you can pick your favorite anime or motion picture. And start seeing it immediately with your friends and liked ones. Moreover, Animeparty has a group chat feature that permits its users to connect with each other easily. Even the sync playback works fine. It suggests you ain’t going to face problems while streaming anime shows together.

19. Synclounge.


Synclounge is for those who are currently utilizing Plex. Due to the fact that Synlounge is integrated with Plex and can enable you to view 80 plus live channels. And 14000 plus films on your demand. Furthermore, because Synclounge is integrated with Plex. As a result, you can watch motion pictures and live channels with no issue.

And the syn play works perfectly even if you have a low-speed web connection. And this is since videos go through Plex servers. That helps you to lower your data usage.

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