Top 10 Best language learning Apps For iPhone in 2022

This article is about Best language learning Apps For iPhone.Knowing multiple dialects is a valuable asset to have in your arsenal. You must know a native language whether you are visiting a foreign country or communicating with foreign speakers in a meeting. This collection of the best iPhone language learning apps will help you learn any language on the go.

10 USEFUL Best language learning Apps For iPhone in 2022

In this article, you will know about Best language learning Apps For iPhone here are details below;

The list includes thorough information on some of the best language learning apps for iPhone users, all of which are available for free. Some of the apps on the check-list also have in-app purchases that you can make to unlock additional features.

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The best iPhone language learning apps


Duolingo is a popular language learning programme that people use to study languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and a few others. The app provides bite-sized lessons on any language’s fundamentals.


The fundamentals will begin with popular phrases in that language, then sentences, and you will gradually master that language. Duolingo will assist you in improving your speaking, listening, and writing skills, as well as expanding your vocabulary. All of the features that make it one of the best language learning apps for iPhone are included for free.



• 34 hours of effective learning

• Fun mini-lessons


Drops is one of the finest language learning apps for iPhone that teaches a language in an entertaining way. With the help of images and graphics, the app allows you to learn more than 30 languages. The programme uses visuals to relate the meaning of the word you’re learning, and each session is limited to 5 minutes.


Each game has a 5-minute session restriction, during which you will be presented with some intriguing images and must determine their meaning. The app also offers quick swipes and taps to help you get the most out of your 5-minute session. The software can be a really valuable tool for kids because they can have fun while learning. Also check Calorie Counter Apps 


Features to look for:

• 5-minute session

• Easy practise

• Quick pace


Babbel is the next app in our list of the best language learning apps for iPhone, and it allows you to learn over 10 languages in depth. Babbel offers brief interactive courses to help you learn your target language.


You can also put all of the lessons you’ve learned into practise and review them to see where you can improve. You can improve your talents by having a real-life conversation.



• Interactive bite-size lessons

• 6000+ language courses

• Language in context

4.Rosseta Stone

With the Rosseta Stone app, you may study more than 20 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and other popular languages. The app is an interactive learning tool that offers you with word and visual sequences to help you learn a language.

Rosseta Stone

You will be given real-life circumstances to understand the context and meaning of the word as interpreted by a native speaker. These courses can be practised on a daily basis to gain a thorough comprehension of a language. The app provides bite-sized lessons that are 5 to 10 minutes long and will fit into your hectic schedule.

TrueAccent Speech Recognition is a unique feature of the app that helps you improve your pronunciation, making it one of the best language learning apps for iPhone. You may also download the chapters to view them later.


• TrueAccent voice detection

• Native interpretation

• More than 20 languages


Memrise is a more practical learning tool that allows you to learn different languages with the assistance of native speakers. The software includes interactive videos that will assist you in conversing with natives and brushing up on your skills. You can study Spanish, Chinese, English, Russian, and a variety of other languages from across the world.

You can keep track of your progress. The programme uses a very engaging technique of teaching a language, in which you will learn a language through exciting videos and quizzes.


You can communicate with any native speaker who is thousands of miles distant. The app’s user interface is also rather good. If you’re the class of guy who prefers practical learning over theoretical learning, this app is for you. Also check team chat for remote businesses


Highlights include:

• Real-world content

• Native speakers

• Practical learning tools

6.Hello Talk

Hello Talk is one of the internet’s largest language exchange groups, where you may learn a language by conversing with native speakers. You can download the app and search for your language buddy on the app’s community page.

Once you’ve identified a suitable partner, you may begin learning the language for free via text messaging, audio, and video conversations with the native speaker. You can study the grammar of the language through translation, transliteration, text to voice and vice versa, and AI grammar correction to lay a firm foundation.

Hello Talk

You can send audio messages to the native speaker to clear up your doubts. The app’s interactive aspect makes it one of the best iPhone language learning apps available. You can also schedule one-on-one lessons with the teachers to improve your speaking abilities.


• Largest language exchange community

• AI grammar correction

• Interact with natural speakers through a variety of means


The five major languages that Lingvist concentrates on are English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian. With the help of Lingvist, you may efficiently learn these 5 languages.


The programme includes an extensive vocabulary, with over 4000 words in Spanish, French, German, and Russian. You will discover useful vocabulary that has been prepared for you by language professionals. This programme also includes flashcards, speech recognition, and a natural-sounding virtual voice. The app’s premium version includes more than 40 languages.


• Learn useful vocabulary

• Speech recognition

• Virtual voice that sounds like a native speaker

• Flashcards with sample sentences


Bussu is one of the best language learning apps for iPhone users who want to get professional language certificates. Macgraw-Hill education certification is included in the programme, confirming your language abilities.

With Bussu, you may study 12 languages in an organised manner, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese. The app includes a personalised study plan that creates a learning timetable for you depending on your qualifications. A vocabulary review feature in the app ensures that you never run out of words when learning a new language. Also check best free vpn apps


You can go over the new words over and again until they’re ingrained in your muscle memory. The software also gives users with extensive grammatical conceptual knowledge to ensure that they have a solid foundation. The app includes a community of 100 million users who may ask questions and get answers at any time.


Standout features include:

• Expert-created courses

• Certifications

• Vocabulary and Grammar Review


Tandem provides one of the most comprehensive language learning ecosystems, with the ability to learn up to 160 languages fluently. Apart from traditional and modern dialects, the app also includes 12 sign languages, making it one of the best iPhone language learning apps available.

With over a million users, the app allows you to pair up with a native speaker and begin learning a new language. The software includes an in-app translation feature that allows you to quickly look up the translation of a word. With frequent contact via audio and text messaging, you can improve your pronunciation.


You can choose the learning approach that is best for you. You have the option of learning through chatting, phoning, or one-on-one sessions. The software includes a message correction and comment tool that will catch any grammatical mistakes.


• Learn more than 160 languages and 12 sign languages with in-app translation

• Choose your preferred learning method


Next, we’ll introduce Mindsnacks, a fantastic learning tool for anyone looking to add Japanese to their dialect collection. The software contains over 800 Japanese words and phrases to assist you in your quest to learn Japanese.


The app’s spoken audio samples will assist you in grasping the correct pronunciation of each word you are learning. The app includes 50 expert-curated Japanese courses to help you along your learning path.

The app’s tailored learning system makes it simple for you to remember and retain information. Additional quests and challenges in the app keep you motivated to improve your performance.


• 50 Japanese courses selected by professionals

• Personalized learning algorithm

• More than 800 Japanese words

Final Thoughts

We’ll be wrapping up our comprehensive list of the best iPhone language learning apps. We hope that this list may assist you in your quest for the best. Please leave a comment and tell us about your best language learning app from the list, which you will immediately download to your smartphone. You can also help us grow our online community by liking and sharing our articles.

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