Top 10 Best Calorie Counter Apps For Android In 2024

This article is about Calorie Counter Apps. Your health is confined by what you consume and how much you eat. It is critical to understand the nutritional content of your food. You have numerous apps installed on your devices. The best calorie counter apps may be the best pick for you among the hundreds of apps available. You can keep a balanced diet in your life with the help of the best calorie counter apps.

10 Best Calorie Counter Apps For Android in 2024

In this article, you will know about Calorie Counter Apps here are details below;

We’ll go over the multi-utility of these best calorie counter apps in the next part. We’d fancy to highlight some of the features that these top calorie counter apps have to offer. The following are some of the explanations why calorie counter apps should be in your app drawer.

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The Advantages of the Best Calorie Counter Apps

• Provides nutritional information: Calorie counter apps provide nutritional information about the foods you’re eating. You can set a goal and use a calorie counter app to assist you attain it. The app will suggest you how many calories you need to consume to meet your diet goals. Also check team chat for remote businesses 

• Eat a healthy diet: Calorie counter apps include a large database of foods. The app will provide personalised diet regimens based on your objective. It will assist you in sticking to a healthy diet plan and eating habits.

• Workout schedule: In addition to monitoring calories, the best calorie counter apps also recommend workouts. It suggests training programmes and physical activities to conduct during the day. It also keeps trail of how many calories you burn so you can keep track of your progress.

Best Android Calorie Counter Apps

Calorie Counter – HealthifyMe

The most popular and best calorie counter app in India is HealthifyMe. It has a lot of features, including a precise calorie counter, diet plans, weight loss recommendations, and even a personal trainer who can give you home workout ideas. Additionally, its calorie counter tool will assist you in correctly measuring calorie consumption so that you can achieve your fitness objectives in a short period of time.

Behavior tracking has been demonstrated by many academics to be one of the most effective strategies to develop or change a habit. If you want to develop a healthy eating habit, you should keep track of your current one to see what you consume throughout the day. The software includes a weight loss tracker, sleep tracker, fitness tracker, and other features. These factors when combined can help you achieve your objectives much more quickly. One of the app’s most significant features is that it allows you to choose from a variety of foods and cuisines, each of which has a calorie count, so you know exactly what to track and how to do it.

The app’s most important feature is that it allows you to join in home workout sessions with renowned coaches. Full-body workouts, Yoga, stretches, and breathing exercises are all included. You may create calorie goals and diet plans so you can add recipes quickly and keep track of how much you’ve eaten so far. The length and calories burned thus far are also clearly displayed in the home workouts.

Calorie Counter

HealthifyMe also has a variety of immunity-boosting habit regimens, including washes and other things. It has over 15 million daily users, making it an outstanding choice for our list of the best calorie counter apps.


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Calorie Counter by HealthifyMe Developer: HealthifyMe (Calorie Counter, Weight Loss Coach)

Cost: Free+

Highlights include:

• Calorie counter

• User-friendly interface

• Workout programmes

Best Calorie Tracking Apps:myfitnesspal

My Fitness Pal topped our list of the best calorie counter apps because it offers the broadest food database. The app has over 200 million users who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. You can stay motivated and inspired all the time with 200+ healthy meals and 150+ workout ideas.

First & foremost, you must determine if you want to lose weight or gain weight. To satisfy your daily calorie requirements, keep a regular meal journal. Calories are calculated using the weight or numerical value of the food item. You can choose from 14 million food items in the app to match your daily calorie requirements.

The app counts the calories and displays the nutritional breakdown automatically. You may also keep track of the macro and micronutrient values in your diet. The app’s dynamic dashboard allows you to keep track of your progress. In the premium version of the application, you can get meal planning assistance from a personal coach.



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MyFitnessPal: Daily Recipes

MyFitnessPal, Inc. is the developer.

Standout for no cost Features:

• 14 million food items

• Macro and micro value tracking

• Customized dashboard

Best Calorie Tracking Apps on mynetdiary

My Net Diary is a popular mobile diet app with more than 12 million users. You can establish a weight-loss target and a deadline for yourself. Based on your fitness objective, the app recommends a calorie budget. To keep trail of your progress, keep a daily meal log. The app also includes a weight forecast tool that allows you to see if you are on track with your fitness goals.

The app has a large food database with a variety of categories. The food database is updated every day, which is the best part. By submitting a photo of the dish, you can learn about its nutritional content. You will receive 400+ premium recipes in the app’s premium version.



Download MyNetDiary’s QR-Code Calorie Counter Developer:

Standout for no cost

• Keep a daily meal journal

• Search a large food database

• Calculate nutritional value

Lifesum is the best app for calorie counting.

Lifesum is the next best calorie counter app on our list, according to the editor’s decision. The app provides nutritious meal plans for each fitness goal. You will have entrance to a complete food plan as well as recommendations to help you achieve your goal. You may keep track of your diet’s nutritional information using the calorie counter and meal tracker. Also check Programming hero coding 

You can choose from a variety of diet regimens based on your objectives. Diet programmes include keto, fasting, paleo, and sugar detox. You can choose from a variety of delectable dishes to match your calorie requirements on the app. By scanning the bar code on the food package, you can get nutritional information. Keep track of your progress by keeping a daily food journal.


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Calorie Counter (Lifesum)

Inventor: Lifesum

Standout for no cost

• Macro tracker

• Bar code

• A variety of diet regimens

Free Calorie Tracking Apps – Noom

Noom stands out among its competitors, making it one of the best calorie counter apps available. Aside from calorie counting, the app provides useful information concerning weight loss. The app has short courses that encourage you to keep a healthy eating habit. To achieve your weight loss goal, you can choose from hundreds of healthy dishes.
The app has over a million food selections that can help you lose weight. You may study the fundamentals of weight loss from over 1000 lessons. You can also get one-on-one coaching from specialists to help you achieve your objectives.

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Developer: Noom Inc. Noom: Salud & Peso

Standout for no cost

• 1000 interactive lessons

• Bite-sized courses

• Personalized diet programmes

Best Calorie Tracking Apps 2022 | FatSecret

The FarSecret app includes a diet calendar, an activity diary, a journal to track your progress, and much more. It’s a food diary app that tracks how many calories you eat and burn during the day. The app’s diet calendar keeps track of your calorie intake in great detail. The software uses photographs to recognise the nutritional worth of foods.


To help you accomplish your daily calorie objectives, the app offers you reminders for meals, workouts, and diary entries. You can also seek help from the app’s active community members. If your diet is becoming monotonous, try experimenting with new meal options. It’s one of the best calorie counter apps because it works with wearables. Also check Best face swap video app

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Calorie Counting Machine FatSecret Price: Free Standout Developer: FatSecret Features:

• Weight tracker

• Diet calendar

• Detailed reports

Fooducate – Calorie Tracking Apps for Weight Loss

With the Fooducate app, you can keep track of calorie quantity and quality. Experts can provide you with free health and diet advice. The software has an easy-to-use meal tracker that allows you to keep track of your calories. You can keep track of your macros, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet. Aside from that, you can examine the calorie’s quality.

The app can scan more than 250K product barcodes and deliver nutritional data. The app’s best feature is that it ranks the cuisine based on its quality. The food is divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D.


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Eat better with Fooducate. Reduce your weight. Get in shape.

Fooducate, Ltd., the developer

Price: To be determined

Highlights include:

• Scan 250K+ product barcodes

• Food grading

• Meal tracker that is easy to use

Calorie Tracking Apps to Help You Lose Weight

Lose It is a calorie counter and diet app that might help you achieve your fitness objectives. More than 20 macronutrients, carbs, calories, and health goals are included in the app. The Lose It app authorizes you to create personalised meal plans and follow healthy eating recommendations.

Calorie Tracking

You can use the app to track your growth by getting personal insights into your calorie intake patterns. You may get a holistic assessment of each component of the meal you’re eating, not just calories. The app contains almost 20 million food products from a variety of categories. If you’re trying to forfeit some weight, the app could be useful. You can get exclusive bonuses from the app with in-app purchases.QR-Code Download

Let It Go! Calorie Counting Machine

FitNow, Inc. is the developer.

Standout for no cost Features:

• More than 20 million food items

• Customized meal planning

• Nutritional breakdown of the food

Cronometer: The Best Calorie-Counting Apps

Cronometer is the next app on our list of the best calorie counter apps since it is recommended by health experts. The software tracks and offers users with the most up-to-date meal information. Regardless of the diet plan you’re on, you can meet your nutritional requirements.

The software is unique among its competitors in that it can track up to 82 macronutrients. You can read the nutritional information on food labels by scanning them. A keto calculator is included in the programme, which might help you achieve your fitness objectives. Aside from that, you can add your own recipes and foods to the app’s database. Monthly and annual subscription levels are available for the app.QR-Code Download

Cronometer Software Inc. developed Cronometer – Nutrition Tracker.

Standout for no cost

• Accurate meal data

• Health experts’ recommendations

• Track up to 82 macronutrients

Calorie Tracking Apps for Android: myplate

The MyPlate calorie tracker is a simple software that caters to all of your dietary requirements. You can choose a goal and the app will provide a daily calorie target that is tailored to you. You can use the app to schedule meal reminders so that you don’t forget to eat your calories. In the MyPlate app, you may also make your own food and meals.

Users can utilise the app’s bar code scanners to determine the nutritional value. You may also keep track of and manage the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. You can analyse extensive health data on the app to evaluate your performance. To track your daily workout regimen, you can sync the app with Google Fit.

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Calorie Counter on MyPlate

LIVESTRONG (developer)

Standout for no cost

• Personalized daily calorie target

• Water consumption tracking

• Detailed health data

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best calorie counter apps for reaching your fitness objectives. Our top recommendations on the list of apps we recommend to users are My Fitness Pal, Healthify Me, and My Net Diary. If you want to lose weight, use Fooducate and Lose. It will be some excellent apps to try out. If you enjoyed our material, please like and comment, or send us your useful suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best MyFitnessPal alternatives?

There are some useful solutions if you want to move away from the MyFitnessPal app for calorie counting. Healthify Me and My Net Diary may be the best alternative for you because it provides a comprehensive solution to your fitness requirements.

Is it true that calorie tracker apps are only used to count calories?

used to keep track of calories burned, determine appropriate training regimens, and create tailored food plans.

How can I figure out how many calories I consumed during the day?

Calorie consumption may be calculated with the best calorie counter apps. The software may compute calories based on the data entered by the user. Because the software estimates an approximate figure rather than an absolute value, there may be minor changes in calories.

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