Top 12 Best Applicant Tracking Systems In 2022

This post will explain applicant tracking systems. Hundreds of applications can be received for a single job posting. How does one sort through them to find the best prospects for the next round? Of course, using free applicant tracking systems!

With the press of a button, an ATS allows you to keep track of each candidate and sort them by numerous criteria. If you’re on a tight budget or just getting started with applicant tracking systems, you must be wondering, “What are the best applicant tracking systems for me?”

Top 12 Best Applicant Tracking Systems In 2022

In this article, you can know about applicant tracking systems here are the details below;

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools on the market that you can use and benefit from without spending any money. But first, let’s go through the fundamentals:

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS) and how does it work?

Essentially, it’s a platform that helps businesses to quickly filter and sort candidate resumes, allowing them to prioritise the best candidates for a specific job opening.

Recruiters can utilise an application tracking system to keep all candidate information and track their application statuses on a single dashboard, as well as send out auto-notifications to those who have been shortlisted or rejected.

Both commercial and free applicant tracking technologies save time and remove the danger of human error or prejudice by automating a substantial portion of the selection process. Approximately 90% of Fortune 500 organisations now utilise applicant tracking systems to streamline their hiring processes.

On a free ATS, you may expect to find the following features.

An ATS might range from a basic solution to a full-fledged application with numerous functionality and aesthetic aspects. Some are free, while others are paid, and which one you choose is entirely dependent on your demands and money. Also check CRM Software

The majority of free online applicant tracking system plans include a robust set of tools to help you speed up your hiring process, including:

  • Job posting is simple across a variety of platforms.
  • Automated communication options for email notice and interview scheduling based on job title, background, skillset, and other criteria • Resume aggregation and filtering based on job title, background, skillset, and other parameters

All of these things help your HR team save time and effort when it comes to the aspects of the recruiting process that require human input. However, there are several capabilities that you are going to miss out on if you use free ATS software. The following are some of the limitations:

  • Only a limited number of open job postings are allowed at any given time • Only certain websites where the job is cross-posted are allowed to run random adverts on the platform, which distract the user and represent a security risk • Only a certain number of open job postings are allowed at any given time
  • Resume information is only kept for a limited time.
  • No ability to extract data from social media • Limited analytics for the candidate pool
  • Mobile compatibility is limited; scalability is limited.

The best free ATS choices available now

Despite the drawbacks, free applicant tracking systems are a good place to start if you want to streamline your recruitment process but don’t want to spend money right now. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top free applicant tracking systems available.

Some are free for life, while others are only available for a limited time. Look around for the one that is right for you.

1. Freshteam


This is a feature-rich cloud-based HR software that is best suited for businesses with up to 50 employees. For up to three job ads each month, the free plan gives you access to powerful applicant tracking and reporting. A simple career site, a recruitment email, and an employee directory are also included.

  • Simple team collaboration tools • Job advertising through many channels • Kanban boards to track successful candidates • Mobile version with all of the essential features
  • Ability to receive job applications and referrals via email
  • applicant profile populating, and notification emails • Onboarding support, including offer letter sharing and signature

2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho is the way to go if your firm is in the recruiting/staffing sector. Users can easily find, follow, and choose the finest applicants across numerous platforms, and tasks like updating interview status and sending emails may be automated.

Job description templates, background checking software, and assessment management are all included in the free edition.


  • Granular hiring metrics reporting • Easy data import if migrating from another ATS • Fully customizable dashboard with a clean layout branded career pages, and job boards • Comprehensive help centre with articles, webinars, and video tutorials including for temporary/volunteer positions
  • Color-coding, document attachments, and rapid email send-outs

3. Recooty


Customizable and collaborative pipeline creation with color-coding, document attachments, and quick email send-outs Recooty

For good reason, Gartner ranked this as the best recruitment software in 2021. With one of the most user-friendly interfaces available, this easy applicant tracking system makes analysing applications and making hiring decisions a breeze.

Before choosing or utilising the free basic plan indefinitely, you can try any of the three price plans for 15 days for free.

  • GDPR-compliant • Multi-language support • Ability to develop a talent pool • Visual hiring pipelines for faster hiring decisions
  • One-click job posting to prominent job boards, social media sites, and your own customised career page

4. SmartRecruiters


Because of its scalability and ease of use, this end-to-end talent acquisition platform is suitable for fast-growing businesses. It provides a SmartStart free edition that allows organisations with up to 250 employees to post up to ten current job advertisements at a time.

From pre-integrated assignments to interview scheduling to onboarding help, the ATS software has you covered for free.

  • Build a uniform messaging style using an in-house template library
  • Integrated offer letter templates and DocuSign connection for quick viewing and signing of offer letters • Robust array of collaboration tools, including message tracking for transparent records • Paid functionality available as add-ons so firms only pay for what they use

5. BreezyHR


This highly scalable applicant tracking system was created to make recruiting easier for small businesses and solopreneurs. Capterra, a software review site, also gives it great marks. Also check P2P Lending Software

Unlike many other free applicant tracking systems, you can use BreezyHR’s free edition indefinitely. You can only have one active position and talent pool at a time, which is acceptable given the numerous benefits you receive.

• User support including video tutorials, weekly webinars, and email support • In-built recruitment tests such as assessments and a video interview option • User support including video tutorials, weekly webinars, and email support



This is a quick, extensible applicant tracking system (ATS) built for firms looking to hire the top tech talent from all around the world. Its main selling point is that it can match recruiters with elite talent in less than 48 hours. It also caters to tech professionals who want to work remotely or relocate internationally.

  • No limit on the number of users
  • Over 250,000 candidates • Virtual hiring fairs with speed-recruiting events • Dedicated global mobility team to assist successful hires relocate • Code challenges and English verification tests to narrow down job seekers • Outlook and Google Calendar integrations for seamless interview management



This outstanding applicant tracking system is ideal for quickly acquiring tech talent, especially if you’re a startup trying to expand.

Jobsoid makes hiring simple, even for people who are new to it, with clever interviewing scheduling, thorough candidate tracking, and simple messaging. There is a lifetime free version as well as free trials for all of the premium options.

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS • Comprehensive online support centre • Customizable email and SMS templates • A SmartFilter function that quickly identifies the best matches
  • A Google Chrome extension for easy sourcing directly from job boards • A custom recruitment pipeline with task assignment for easy collaboration • A powerful interview tool with a video interview option • Free posting to LinkedIn Hiring and over 20 major job boards • A Google Chrome extension for easy sourcing directly from job boards



This is one of the most adaptable ATS choices, and it’s ideal for firms where HR wants to work with the rest of the organisation to improve hiring. For workflow management, recruitment target checking, and other internal HR procedures, the free trial offers good integration options.

  • No limit on the number of users
  • Quick e-signature integration for offer letters • Customizable pipelines and automated processes • Two-factor authentication • Video chat with candidates • Two-way email and calendar sync
  • Job ads on more than 1400 free and paid job sites

A candidate sourcing addon for Google Chrome



This free ATS has a user-friendly UI, mobile compatibility, integrated onboarding, and branding features, making it a wonderful place to start. It’s ideal for those who want to focus on employer branding because it allows you to design a visually appealing career site that’s also mobile-friendly. There is no thing as a free version, however you can test out the complete product for 14 days for free.

  • Automated GDPR workflow • Employee referral system • Bulk interview schedule feature • Unlimited users for easy collaboration • Posting to free and paid job boards and social networks • Powerful analytics to assess applicants and team members • Customizable application form with mandatory and optional fields • Smart triggers for sending out messages or moving candidates to the next step



GroveHR is an agile ATS that focuses on self-service and collaboration to empower your HR team. Process automation is simple because to a single dashboard, and recruiting decisions are made quickly thanks to an intuitive hiring funnel.

The free version is ideal for businesses with fewer than 50 employees, and you can also test out the paid plans for free.

  • Time-off management • Single-click onboarding • Unlimited custom fields • Simple document management • Automated paycheck preparation • Customized onboarding templates • Automated emails with the appropriate triggers
  • Open chat forums for the formation of digital culture



This is a fantastic applicant tracking system that is completely free to use and is tailored to small businesses in industries with a history of unfair hiring practises.

It includes robust reporting capabilities that ensure you follow Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidelines. Recruiters may also construct a list of screening questions, score and rank candidates, and design candidate communication email templates. Also check promapp alternatives

  • Email, chat, and phone support • Access to a dedicated account manager • Highly user-friendly and customizable interface • Integrable with LinkedIn and Facebook for job posting • In-house Question Library of candidate screening questions • A comprehensive database of over 22 million candidate profiles • Single-click posting to 29 social networks and job boards



JobScore is the way to go if you’re a recruiter or organisation trying to develop a great referral programme. It is a free all-in-one recruitment platform that allows you to publish limitless job vacancies (paid and unpaid) and reach an unlimited number of people.

Most importantly, it enables you to conduct an employee referral programme that pays out to employees when a referred candidate is hired.

  • Social recruiting through email referral campaigns
  • Helps recruiters stay compliant with EEO and OFCCP norms • Automated reminders on interviews and feedback collection • Prompt candidate responses with quick profile scoring on a scale of one to ten • Highly customizable application forms and career page including videos and pictures • Automated job postings to free and paid job boards (the latter at negotiable rates)

Who may benefit from free applicant tracking systems?

Given the drawbacks of free applicant tracking systems, it’s logical that not everyone will use them. In reality, it may be more cost-effective to pay for certain extra features and improve the recruitment experience using the tool. When a free ATS is the best option for you, consider the following:

  • You have an in-house IT team that can customise an open-source application tracking system for you • You only hire a few people per year • Your recruitment process is simple (such as resume shortlisting, personal interview, and selection) • You have a low recruiting budget • You only hire a few people per year

Otherwise, and especially if your team is wanting to develop and expand quickly, it may be worthwhile to invest in paid solutions.

Now it’s your turn.

Finally, free applicant tracking systems may have limitations in terms of what they can accomplish. Still, if you want to move beyond manually sifting through resumes, they’re a great place to start.

Even before upgrading to a paid ATS, you’ll be well on your way to recruiting faster and better with simplified job posts, easy candidate filtering options, and automatic candidate-employer communication.

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