Top 10 Promapp Alternatives – Best BPM Software Systems In 2022

This post will explain promapp alternatives. In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, the requirement for a digitised process management system has generated many platforms aimed to simplify workflows and increase efficiency. Promapp is a tool that can revolutionise operations and redefine the way business is done — it’s entirely automated and hosted in the cloud. It allows you to construct and save online business processes, crunch complex workflows, and track process modifications in real time.

Top 10 Promapp Alternatives – Best BPM Software Systems In 2022

In this article, you can know about promapp alternatives here are the details below;

Your business teams may use the app to turn sophisticated Visio charts, procedural documentation, and process maps into easy visual tools that anybody can understand. You may also share and exchange files and processes quickly and easily. Furthermore, its smooth navigation and user-friendly interface allow you to take advantage of its tremendous capabilities.

What exactly is Promapp?

Promapp is a web-based process management tool that allows you to design and store business processes. This solution has a lot of handy features. The company’s business mapping tool, for example, is a simple process management asset with a central, cloud-hosted repository for all relevant data. Its goal is to assure clever, safe, and simple working practises, particularly in the areas of quality assurance, risk management, and business continuity.

Other benefits of the platform include its open API framework, which allows for smooth connection with any EDRMS, including Sharepoint or any other intranet, as well as compatibility with any third-party app to reduce changes to your current software environment. Despite its vast accessibility, it is still one of the most secure BPM systems available, including SSL 128 bit data encryption.

What Are the Advantages of Using Promapp?

  • Improved and complementing techniques • Personalized navigation • Simplified mapping
  • System that encourages collaboration • Quality assurance management • Effective risk management • Streamlined HR management

While Promapp is one of the most capable and feature-rich business process management apps available, there are other top Promapp alternatives with core features, pricing, and other perks that may be better suited for your company size, business type, or budget. We’re here to assist you in locating the right BPM tool for your needs.

Alternatives to Promapp

1. bpm’studio studio

bpm'studio studio

Bpm’online studio is a leading business process management software that gives you complete control over your processes, from testing to adjusting to changing your business environment. The entire BPM package is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, allowing for quick tracking and adjustment of changes. It features a process-driven functionality box that allows users to obtain best industry practises and improve end-to-end operational management. Similarly, the system is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to even non-tech people. If you want to try out the software first, the provider offers a fantastic free trial.

Bpm’online studio integrates nicely with other software platforms, including ERP, CRM, ecommerce, email, and leading social networking tools from Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and others, thanks to the availability of vast and adaptable APIs. Furthermore, bpm’online studio is known for providing dependable customer service via phone, email, and live chat. It also has a large knowledge base with a variety of training modules for new users.

Because it aligns all important management services, bpm’online studio is a great choice for medium-sized and large businesses that face continual changes in their business environment due to their larger organisation and more intricate operations. bpm’online studio, on the other hand, retains all modifications in the loop and improves them as they happen.

Why should I use bpm’online studio rather than Promapp?

  • It is an end-to-end company management solution for the sales, marketing, and service industries, with a highly interactive, social network-like interface. • It is flexible and can manage all of your processes.
  • It is customer-focused and tailored to various sectors, as well as being fully responsive on mobile devices.

Why should you choose Promapp rather than bpm’online studio?

  • It has a one-of-a-kind individualised navigation system.
  • It empowers teams to take ownership of their processes, hold themselves accountable, and make improvements.
  • It allows users to connect to any EDRMS, including SharePoint or any other intranet, with ease.
  • You’ll get complete personalization.



KiSSFLOW is a lightweight BPM solution that keeps processes simple but precise. However, this simplicity is underpinned by powerful functionality, giving those with the best grasp of issues the power to create workflows. As a result, this cloud platform makes it simple for business users to design, develop, and configure business apps. KiSSFLOW, in fact, comes with more than 50 pre-installed business apps to help with employee onboarding, mileage reimbursement, vendor payment, purchase orders, and other tasks. Users can download these programmes, customise them to their needs, or create their own from the ground up.

With KiSSFLOW, the workflow building process takes a human-centric approach. This enables a process owner to map a workflow by visualising it rather than relying on how a system perceives it, resulting in a personalised workflow. The business application also includes a data collection form, a workflow with a sequence of system and human tasks, and reporting and alerting tools.

Why choose KiSSFLOW vs Promapp?

  • It takes a human-centered approach to process development.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface for both the creator and the user.
  • It can be up and operating in 15 minutes and has comprehensive BPM features for dealing with a variety of complex circumstances.

Why choose Promapp over KiSSFLOW?

  • It is straightforward and intuitive to operate.
  • It can spot potential areas for improvement.
  • It lets you to assign responsibilities and track processes, as well as save all of your key data in one place.

3. Tibco BPM

Tibco BPM

TIBCO BPM is a prominent business process management software designed to help digital firms synchronise processes, people, context, and actions for better results. The platform adds flexibility to processes through its many capabilities, allowing real-time responses to business events, meeting all of an organization’s business process needs and helping to optimise operations.

TIBCO BPM has a record uptime reputation by linking everything as it happens and giving augmented intelligence for everyone, from business users to data scientists. Its powers guarantee faster responses, better decisions, and more intelligent actions. It allows firms to stay in charge of their operations, detect inefficiencies, and spot beneficial patterns as an all-in-one platform that blends end-to-end business visibility and resource management. Also check smartdraw software

Why Tibco BPM rather than Promapp?

  • It allows you to see your business operations from beginning to conclusion.
  • It offers intelligent dashboards for Work and Resource Management.
  • It can compose for change, allowing for the analysis of paths and outcomes to determine the most efficient paths.
  • It has a rules engine that may be used to capture and simulate complicated decision-making logic.

Why choose Promapp over Tibco BPM?

  • You understand exactly what is expected of you in terms of tasks and processes.
  • It can standardise everything from paperwork to details.
  • It has the ability to create simple process maps.
  • It makes it easier to find, maintain, and share material.

4. Nintex


Nintex is one of the most popular workflow automation solutions for a variety of organisations. It specialises in linking on-premises, cloud workflows, and mobile users, as well as automating procedures between the most widely used enterprise content management systems and collaboration platforms. Nintex is a favoured BPM work tool for small, medium, and large enterprises due to its ease with which it automates business processes swiftly and easily, as well as its variable price scheme.

Its people-centered design encourages employees to participate in improving processes, no matter how simple or complex, allowing users to concentrate on workflow content and delivery. Furthermore, the programme combines workflows with popular apps and social media sites, providing modern organisations with the flexibility they want.

Why choose Nintex vs Promapp?

  • It’s a process automation platform that links your workflows with popular apps like social media, instant messaging, content, and email.
  • It has a simple drag-and-drop workflow architecture that saves IT personnel time, and it begins and operates rapidly.

Why choose Promapp over Nintex?

  • You get the company’s signature simple and clean interface.
  • You can set priorities for tasks and procedures and focus on your favourites.
  • All processes are scheduled according to the user’s mode of operation, so you can easily switch between them.

5. Intuit QuickBase

Intuit QuickBase

Intuit QuickBase has over 700 productivity apps that may be modified to improve corporate processes and workflows without requiring users to have coding knowledge. As a result, it’s a highly adaptable platform for any workplace. Along with its versatility, it has a number of valuable features that can assist individuals and small enterprises in creating a well-organized and efficient database for better cooperation and production. Easy data sharing and interactive report generating are the most important of these aspects. Also check Softpedia alternatives

Instead of Promapp, why not use Intuit QuickBase?

  • It has a large number of programmes that may be customised without requiring coding knowledge.
  • You can use business apps that have been prepared by other business specialists.
  • It streamlines work procedures by automating routine tasks.
  • With only a few clicks, you may create reports and distribute them right now.

Why should you use Promapp instead of QuickBase from Intuit?

  • It includes tools for ensuring business continuity, risk management, and quality control.
  • It provides simplified process descriptions to go along with process improvement approaches.
  • You can create dynamic process maps by writing processes in text.
  • With its categorization/organizational capability, you may follow the procedure step by step.

6. Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a robust enterprise resource planning solution that combines brand-specific functionality with basic management tools to help businesses meet modern business difficulties and capitalise on lucrative business possibilities. The integrated solution can be installed on-premise or in the cloud. Its open REST API provides interoperability with a wide range of business applications, and its availability in several languages and the ability to work in multiple currencies make it a versatile BPM platform.

The Microsoft brand of high-quality, professional products includes a friendly interface, customization possibilities, and a competent support team. You receive access to a significant knowledge base from a wide user community willing to offer insights on how to maximise the usage of the system, in addition to an integrated system that handles management functions for critical activities including sales, inventory, accounting, finance, production, and supply.

Why would you choose Microsoft Dynamics AX over Promapp?

  • You receive a system with a lot of management features for various procedures.
  • You can see everything in your distribution, sales, and marketing systems.
  • It gives product and client information to sales agents so they can develop a customised approach.
  • It has warehouse, transportation, budgeting, point-of-sale, and e-commerce features.

Why would you use Promapp over Microsoft Dynamics AX?

  • It enables employees from many departments to cooperate on process development.
  • It accepts recommendations and comments on personalised dashboards.
  • Users can communicate with one another and rate improvements.
  • It keeps a centralised database of all talks and discussions.

7. ProcessMaker


ProcessMaker is a low-cost, easy-to-use online BPM and workflow platform that automates form-based, approval-driven workflow to improve the way data and systems communicate. It is incredibly efficient, lightweight, and has an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that makes modelling approval-based workflows simple for business analysts. Aside from having one of the most subordinate overheads of any workflow software in the business, the product is also known for offering a holistic view of processes and performance via dashboards, KPIs, and reports.

Why ProcessMaker rather than Promapp?

  • It comes with a comprehensive toolkit that allows you to quickly design digital forms and plan out completely functional workflows.
  • It is entirely web-based, making workflow management and coordination a breeze.
  • Create electronic receipts, letters, confirmations, invoices, contracts, and any other printable output document.
  • It includes dashboards and KPIs for complete visibility of operations and employee performance.

Why choose Promapp over ProcessMaker?

  • It makes the transition from a legacy to a new, complete document management system easier.
  • It has a one-of-a-kind quality management change control method.
  • It sends out quick email notifications to stakeholders when a procedure is changed.
  • Change logs keep track of all process versions.

8. Replicon


Replicon is an all-in-one business process management (BPM) online suite that combines flexible company management and workforce solutions. It provides decision-makers with a variety of options for guiding actions and improving organisational efficiency. Its highlight is a powerful cloud-based time tracking application that requires no messy installation or complicated setup. The programme can be customised to keep track of time, performance, and project portfolios. You will receive a cloud clock that will assist you in scheduling chores and routines so that they are completed on time. Automation, reporting, consolidated dashboards, and payroll management are just a few of the other important aspects. Also check Best Hamachi Alternatives

Why is Replicon preferred over Promapp?

  • It allows you to customise the way you track time, clients, tasks, and projects.
  • You’ll get unified dashboards for easy project level monitoring.
  • You have a variety of reporting options.
  • Real-time data can be exported at any time.

Why choose Promapp over Replicon?

  • You gain “ownership” of every process you design and implement.
  • You’ll be able to track and analyse risks and gaps across the whole value chain, as well as all essential activities.
  • Risk and compliance standards can be included into your procedures.
  • You can consistently operate successful, error-free risk management programmes.

9. 17hats


17hats is a business process management (BPM) system created specifically for small enterprises with fewer employees to organise and coordinate tasks like billing, payment, scheduling, and meetings, to mention a few. It focuses on automating repetitive operations by offering pre-made workflow templates or allowing you to create your own. It can let you create professional invoices, customise contracts, quickly generate quotations, and even accept credit card payments. It also supports client profile management, which allows you to maintain client contact information and essential notes through your dashboard, which includes a 3-day schedule that allows you to see all forthcoming appointments, projects, and deadlines.

Why did you choose 17hats vs Promapp?

  • It has automatic workflows so you don’t have to do any tedious labour.
  • It has a client profile management system for keeping track of client contact information and important remarks.
  • You may personalise invoices and contracts for various clients, as well as sign contracts online.
  • It can send clients automatic payment reminders and process credit card payments.

Why choose Promapp over 17hats?

  • It has human resource management skills.
  • It does away with cumbersome HR operating manuals and flowcharts.
  • Detailed HR templates can be used to establish personnel management practises.
  • It improves the onboarding of new employees and the induction of new team members through clearly defined protocols.



PRIME BPM was created to assist businesses in further improving their business processes. Users can map their entire work processes on this business process improvement platform, and the software will take care of the rest, recommending areas for improvement based on the mapped data points. Employees can better present efficiency gains, cost reductions, and other benefits for adopting their company-wide changes with PRIME BPM’s simulation engine. A collaboration gateway is included with this platform, allowing teams to offer feedback or propose more refined company ideas. Businesses may easily train their people with different sorts of techniques without straining their time and resources when it comes to implementing company-wide changes to business workflows and operations. This is achievable thanks to the built-in approach that guides consumers through their trip.

Why choose PRIME BPM vs Promapp?

  • Based on your mapped data, the engine properly identifies how to improve your company stages.
  • Its built-in implementation methodology tool makes training users on different sorts of methods simple, and it allows employees to better communicate and show their suggested changes to business procedures.

Why choose Promapp over PRIME BPM?

  • It has risk management programmes to prevent hazards and incorrect procedures. • It has HR templates for employee management responsibilities, making it more accessible than working with complex flowcharts or manuals.

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