Top 10 Best intermittent fasting app: Editorial choice


If you’re looking for a way to get physically and mentally fitter, intermittent fasting is an excellent choice! Throughout history, fasting has been used for health, discipline, and spiritual advancement. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly popular with people interested in losing weight or improving their physical fitness.

Apps can be incredibly helpful when planning meals, tracking progress, and staying motivated on your winding journey toward optimal health goals. To help make the process easier, we’ve put together our top 10 best intermittent fasting apps of 2023 – so let’s dive in!

Top 10 Intermittent Fasting Apps to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Ready to jump into the world of intermittent fasting?

We’ve rounded up the top 10 best intermittent fasting apps to help you achieve your health goals, whether you’re looking to lose weight or improve your overall health. With options ranging from free to paid versions and features like community support and integration with fitness trackers, these apps have everything you need to hit the ground running with your fasting journey.

So why wait? Download one of these apps today and start feeling the benefits of intermittent fasting!

1. Lasta – Everyone can use the best fasting app

This amazing lasta intermittent fasting has been created with the sole purpose of helping you achieve your desired weight loss goals in the most efficient way possible. By using this app, you’ll have access to a complete solution that tracks your progress and provides you with the necessary motivation to keep going. The best part is that it’s not just about fasting and diet plans but also serves as a tool to help you lead a more fulfilling life.

With the help of the Lasta eating tracker, you no longer have to live a restrictive lifestyle counting calories.

This app offers an easy-to-use intermittent fasting timer and an eating tracker to help you keep track of your meals. Additionally, we offer a mood tracker to monitor how you feel throughout the day, a water intake tracker to ensure you stay hydrated, and even access to Apple Health. With these tools, tracking your progress has never been simpler!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin this exciting journey toward a healthier and happier you!

2. Simple – Minor adjustments & long-term effects

With this app, you can quickly establish a primary eating discipline and stay in good shape during self-isolation with our educational and motivational content that promotes mindful eating habits.

Simple provides easy life hacks that will help you succeed, and we’ll keep track of your eating habits to help you adjust your customized fasting program as needed.

3. Window – A successful intermittent fasting app

Window app is designed to help you establish healthy eating and fasting habits as a natural part of your daily routine. They believe it’s essential to focus on building a healthy relationship with food rather than restriction, and our app can help.

With Window, you’ll receive notifications based on your eating habits and schedule, making it easy to know when to eat or fast. This app acts as your fasting coach, keeping you on track and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

So why try it and see how it can transform your daily routine for the better?

4. Sunrise – Start keeping track of your fasts now

Sunrise Fasting app is the ultimate guide for anyone interested in intermittent fasting. With the app, you can easily track your fasting progress, view your history and stats, and access a wealth of helpful information.

Whether you’re a seasoned fasting veteran or completely new to the concept, the app is the perfect tool to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. It provides all the guidance and support you need to succeed with intermittent fasting, and our user-friendly interface makes it easy to track your progress and stay motivated.

5.  BodyFast – Reduce weight quickly and get better health

BodyFast Coach app is designed to help you achieve your fasting goals with a personalized and optimal fasting plan tailored to your individual needs. This app calculates your fasting plan based on your specific goals, making it easy to stay on track and achieve your desired results.

To keep you motivated and engaged, our app offers weekly challenges and daily coaching to help you stay active and focused on your goals. Plus, with over 100 delicious and healthy recipes, adopting a more nutritious diet has never been easier or more enjoyable.

6. Femometer Intermittent Fasting – If you need more inspiration

With the fasting statistics feature, you can gain valuable insights and motivation to help you achieve your fasting goals.

Femometer Intermittent Fasting allows you to visualize your fasting progress and track changes in charts, revealing the patterns of your fasting process and body performance. By connecting your body, mind, and soul through intermittent fasting, you can find physiological harmony and achieve your desired weight.

In addition to helping you track your progress, this app provides inspiring and self-reflective statistics to help you stay motivated and committed to your fasting routine.

7. Fastic – Assistance improving your diet

With Fastic, you can begin your fasting journey with confidence.

The app features a Fasting Timer to help you track your fasting progress and a Body Status feature that identifies and tracks critical stages in your fasting journey. In addition, with Step Counter and Activity Tracker, you can monitor your physical activity and ensure you stay active during fasting.

Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, our app is compatible with your fitness goals. And with our Health App sync, you can easily keep track of your progress alongside other health data.

8. Fastient – Jot down notes as you go

With Fastient, you can easily track your fasting progress and view it visually appealingly. The app also allows you to track daily achievements, such as weight loss and mood changes, and journal any symptoms you may experience during fasting. Plus, you can add and edit previous fasts to get a comprehensive overview of your progress.

Fastient is an excellent tool for anyone looking to track their fasting journey and stay motivated.

9. Vora – Enjoy receiving help from the community

Vora is a fasting tracker app that makes creating, editing, and deleting your fasts easy. You can see your progress over the last 7 fasts on a beautiful chart that shows whether you’re meeting your target goals.

It’s flexible and allows you to choose your preferred fasting program while it simply tracks your progress and helps you stay on track.

10. FastHabit – Experiment with various fasting schedules

FastHabit is a comprehensive app for Intermittent Fasting that offers multiple features to help users stay consistent with their fasting routines. The app allows users to set their short length, log their daily progress, and offers advanced features like reminders, weight tracking, and Health App syncing.

The app integrates with Apple Watch, provides calendar views to track progress, and allows export data. Additionally, the app offers multi-day fasting options to help users accelerate their results.

Final Words

Ultimately, intermittent fasting apps are a helpful tool for those who want to stay accountable and motivated effortlessly. They can help users track eating habits and get reminders when it’s time to eat or fast.

Most of these apps are highly efficient and user-friendly and offer many features that cater to any lifestyle. So whether you’re just starting your intermittent fasting journey or have been following the practice for a while, any of the top 10 best intermittent fasting apps featured here will take your diet plan to the next level.

With easy tracking options, vibrant social media communities, and the convenience of being available on your smartphone or tablet anytime, these 10 apps provide an intuitive design that will be rewarding in helping you reach your goals!

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