Ticket Deflector Analytics Measure Your Metrics

Ticket Deflector Analytics will be described in this article. Ticket deflector encourages users to self-serve by utilizing the knowledge base content, which lowers the number of customer tickets that are raised. Using a series of focused queries, Ticket Deflector attempts to identify the customer’s problem before displaying relevant knowledge base articles in response.

Ticket Deflector Analytics Measure Your Metrics

In this article, you can know about Ticket Deflector Analytics here are the details below;

Since resolving issues is ticket deflector’s main goal, we need solid proof that ticket deflector has answered consumer questions. We at Document360 provide you comprehensive ticket deflector analytics.

The primary dashboard provides an overview of your ticket deflectors.

  • Dashboard: emphasizing key high-level metrics
  • Feedback: gives a summary of the comments that have been made on the knowledge base articles and form submissions.
  • Satisfaction: Displays client satisfaction metrics
  • Search provides a summary of search terms.

summarises search keywords


Gaining a high-level perspective of your ticket deflector aids in your comprehension of its efficacy. This provides solid proof of how your current knowledge base articles assist users in self-serving and in finding the answers to their questions. The top-level indicators are

· Total Feedback

This indicator displays the total number of users who filled out a customer support form and discovered answers in the knowledge base.

·  Answered from KB

This indicator displays the number of queries that were resolved by already-published knowledge base articles.

·  Form submitted

This indicator shows the quantity of forms that customers submit when the current knowledge base articles are unable to fully address their questions.

·  Total search

This metric displays the total number of searches that have been made.

A pie chart that displays the top five often Asked Questions (FAQs) can be used to determine which are the most often asked questions and which ones your clients find the solutions to. In order to lessen process bottlenecks and consumer pain points, this would also assist you in changing any internal business processes. Additionally, this dashboard displays the most helpful items that users have either read or looked through in your knowledge base. Also check  Sales Pipeline Software


A user-friendly knowledge base programme that makes it simple to upload content and incorporate it into any kind of application. Try out Document360!

Get Started Document360 Feedback: Feedback is self-serving in that it offers client feedback obtained through form submission.

  • Terms that they searched for
  • Was the search effective?
  • Any feedback?


It is possible to view individual form responses, giving you a detailed overview of the input you’ve received.


The stats in question represent the total number of clicks on the “This solved my issue” button. This stacked bar chart makes it very evident how happy your clients are. This aids in evaluating the calibre of the answer you have suggested for the customer’s questions. Also check Construction Management Software



  • Search Analytics offers comprehensive data on
  • Key words for searches and how frequently they occur
  • Favourable result for that particular keyword

Depending on your qualifying question, you can either ask your consumer to conduct a search or bypass a search. In order to assess the efficacy of your search strategy, this dashboard offers insights into how users are interpreting the search option.

This dashboard gives you information about the keywords your clients are using to obtain answers if you have made searching essential. This aids in making your knowledge base post easier to find. Additionally, the list of those search terms offers a long-term trend for modifying your FAQs.

How to infer metrics

Using your ticket deflector’s essential metrics to infer them will enable you to make data-driven judgements. These choices will assist you in improving your current knowledge base articles and lowering the number of support tickets you receive.

Your knowledge base articles need to be strengthened if the amount of form submissions exceeds the number of questions your knowledge base can answer. This will enable your clients to self-serve.

A higher search volume suggests that you should adjust the qualifying questions in your ticket deflector.

Looking through detailed feedback reveals what clients are saying about your qualified inquiries.

Your ticket deflector is functioning well if you observe an upward trend in your level of pleasure.

A list of your customers’ search terms is displayed in the search dashboard; this allows you personalise knowledge base articles and give your customers the appropriate contextual assistance.


Reducing the amount of tickets being sent to your helpdesk platform is the primary goal of ticket deflector. Many metrics are available in ticket deflector analytics to assess how well your deflector is working. Analytics facilitates the refinement of your qualifying questions and the enhancement of current knowledge base articles.

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