Top 9 Best Sales Pipeline Software In 2023

Best Sales Pipeline Software will be discussed in this article. You can properly structure your sales process, make wiser decisions, and generate more revenue by managing your sales pipelines. In today’s economic climate, where competition is more intense than ever, it has become imperative. You now require a fantastic sales approach that will draw in more prospects and convert them swiftly.

A sales process involves numerous steps, such as lead generation, contact, repo building, deal closing, and follow-ups. To help the salespeople close deals quickly and ensure that the customer experience is positive, all of these require effective preparation.

Top 9 Best Sales Pipeline Software In 2023

In this article, you can know about Sales Pipeline Software here are the details below;

You may equip your team with sales pipeline software to manage all the processes effectively rather than having to manage everything manually. It can improve team efficiency, streamline processes for everyone involved, and enable you to measure KPIs precisely to comprehend the development of your company. The best sales pipeline software, which I’ll be describing below, is briefly summarized here.

What is a Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a diagram that illustrates opportunities and shows where potential customers are in the sales process as they progress through different phases of the purchase.

It displays the number of qualified leads you have and their conversion rates into actual customers. Additionally, it enables sales staff to recognize the deals that are more important to concentrate on.

Additionally, it can display the likelihood of how many sales you will likely make over the course of a certain year, month, or week. It offers a great way to assess the performance of your sales staff, manage leads efficiently, and comprehend how your firm operates.

The sales pipelines for various industries are quite similar. In general, sales pipelines are divided into several stages of an organization’s sales process and are highly organized, depicted in a horizontal bar or funnel. From the initial contact till the time the deal is finalized, the prospective customers are transferred from one step of the sales process to the next.

Stages in a sales Pipeline

  • Prospecting: It aids in locating potential customers who are in need of your good or service. A lead generation team, downloadable material, contacting interested clients directly, cold leads, or social media are all viable methods.
  • Contacting: This entails a sales representative first getting in touch with the prospect via phone, social media, email, or text to determine whether they are interested in the product or service in question.
  • Qualification is the process of separating potential customers who may be better suited to use your product or service. You must study the customers at this crucial stage based on interactions, interests, purchasing moods, budgets, etc.
  • Lead nurturing: Rather than focusing on completing the deal right away, try developing a connection with your leads by reacting to their social media postings, taking the time to understand their problems and address them, and providing them with insightful information that will help them.
  • Closing: If the prospect is prepared to purchase, your reps will close the transaction; if they still need to make a decision, they will follow up.
  • Follow up: Contact your leads again to learn more about their current purchasing circumstances. Relationships are also strengthened through it.

What Role Does it Play in a Sales Strategy?

From being a lead to being a customer, a buyer travels the whole sales pipeline.

  • It aids in your comprehension of the status of your transactions, finances, effort, and other elements at any stage of the sales process.
  • It offers financial analytics that show potentially lucrative partnerships.
  • You can assess the implementation of your team and sales representatives to see if they are doing well or if they require some coaching or encouragement.
  • It highlights promising sales that could close, enabling you to roughly anticipate your revenue for the coming month or year.

What’s Sales Pipeline software?

Sales pipeline software is used to coordinate every step of the selling process, from lead creation to deal closing and follow-up.

By recording each stage, managing possibilities, keeping an eye on the process, and letting you know what comes next, it gives you a clear picture of your sales pipeline. Additionally, it can assess your transactions, forecast sales, and support team performance evaluation.

With the aid of sales pipeline software, you can keep track of your leads and empower your team to schedule meetings, follow up with prospects, and establish daily assignments. All of these support you in better decision-making and cash flow estimation.

Features of Sales Pipeline Software

  • Lead management entails creating, nurturing, scoring, and certifying leads so you may better prioritize them and concentrate your efforts in the appropriate areas.
  • Contact management lets you monitor and save leads’ most recent contact information so you can get in touch with them right away via phone, email, text, or social media.
  • Analytics and reporting to get real-time information and let your teams and management know how they’re doing.
  • Automating the process of sending emails, entering data, and setting up meetings
  • If you don’t know how to construct a sales funnel, you can utilize a template instead.
  • integrations to link with more practical tools your teams utilize, such as social media applications, email, documents, security systems, and more

What are the benefits of using sales Pipeline software

Effective sales pipeline Management

You may efficiently manage or arrange all the processes in each stage of your pipeline by using the program. You may automate sending emails, setting up meetings, and other repeated operations to save time and reduce human error by knowing how many leads, qualified prospects, & where they are in the pipeline.

Better Decision Making

You can determine the direction of your sales and business with the use of all the information you have available about your sales funnel, leads, conversions, and follow-ups. It will assist you in reaching wiser business judgments.

More Profits

You may determine which leads are warm or promising, require additional follow-up, and indicate their level of purchase desire. This will assist you in refocusing and moving forward with the required actions. More conversions, leads, and income are generated as a result.

Knowing customer Expectations and behavior

You can acquire a more in depth knowledge of your clients by monitoring metrics and interactions. It will assist you in becoming aware with their purchasing practices and enhancing your products to satisfy their needs. Additionally, it will forecast your income so you can gauge your company’s performance and growth.

Here are some of the top sales pipeline applications that provide the aforementioned advantages.

1. Pipedrive

Utilize Pipedrive to manage your sales operations and increase your sales funnel. It can help you in generating more leads by using chatbots and bespoke online forms, and it can log calls, emails, and other contacts to provide you a full picture of your schedule. Automate administrative jobs and learn from artificial intelligence instead of working hard. Also check SaaS Tools 

Examine the specific metrics in-depth to compare performance to your set goals, receive complete transparency into your company, and develop knowledge of the data. Additionally, you may use a mobile device to manage your sales pipeline and link Pipedrive with other business applications to improve your productivity.


Pipedrive is constantly available to remind you of your upcoming tasks so you may unwind. Get all the information in one window and add new contacts and deals on your PC or mobile device. You can schedule activities, schedule calls, schedule meetings, take notes during calls or meetings, snap pictures to put under contracts or deals, and more with a mobile device. You can also preserve call activities. Easily write or send emails while importing, updating, and adding Google contacts in Pipedrive. Additionally, you can keep track of every action to find a logical opportunity for development.

Check the activities that leads to increased conversion as well to determine which deal is nearing completion. It also aids in your comprehension of the conversion rate at every stage of the transaction. Create easy selling processes for $12.50/month and sign up for a 14-day, credit card-free trial.

2. Keap

With Keap’s effective sales pipeline management, you can close more leads. Use its drag-and-drop sales pipeline to move and close deals more quickly and to know the status of every deal in one location. To save a ton of time, use the Keap Management tool to stay organized rather than spreadsheets.


Manage fresh leads, gain a holistic picture of the process, build scalable pipelines, and link with Keap’s CRM to convert leads into deals instantly. To track your leads and maintain your position at the top until the sale is made, you may also use a customised dashboard.

Set up automated actions and follow-up to handle fresh leads through the sales funnel and to get accurate pipeline data and insights into sales success.

Additionally, you will receive information on the average deal duration, average time, average deal revenue forecasting, and deal conversions by stage. Increase your sales process while saving up to 10 hours each week.

Choose 500 to 25000 contacts for $79 per month for one user ($30 per additional user). Alternatively, you may use Keap for 14 days absolutely free without providing your credit card information and benefit from features like CRM, email marketing, lead capture, simple automation, appointments, mobile apps, business lines, automatic text messaging, payments, and invoicing.

3. HubSpot


Manage every contract with HubSpot CRM to prevent sales from falling through the holes in your sales pipeline. With the most recent information, you may enter new transactions or contact records directly from the CRM and save hours. You can use the time you save to send emails, make phone calls, etc. by avoiding manual data entry.

HubSpot’s pipeline management software takes care of your job and enables you to design your ideal process, regardless of whether you are just getting started or have established sales. You can assign jobs to deal properties and stages by simply editing, deleting, and adding them without the use of an IT team.

By taking complete control of your sales, you can concentrate on the deals that are most important to your company. By monitoring progress toward the quota and activities, you may obtain total visibility of the team and individual performances via the sales dashboard.

Determine the prospective income problem, then call a rally with your teams to carry out the best operation for snatching the best bargains. You can track emails, handle prospects, contacts, pipelines, and company insights, integrate Outlook and Gmail, and do a lot more with this CRM.

For about $45 per month, HubSpot gives you everything you need to attract more prospects and convert them into paying clients. 1000 marketing contacts are included, among other advantages.

4. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell

With Zendesk Sell sales CRM, convert leads more quickly and increase productivity, revenue, and pipeline visibility for the sales teams. Your sales crew puts in a lot of effort, from managing lengthy to-do lists to handling consumer expectations.

Give them the Zendesk Sell so they can streamline processes, make data-driven choices, improve customer experiences, and increase productivity.

Set up meetings, send emails, view past deals, and make calls with ease while managing and building your pipeline in accordance with your business. To stay focused on high-value leads, you can also keep an eye on the sales funnel. It also includes an integrated tool that offers a complete context in one location.

In order to keep your attention on the best opportunities, group and filter your leads in real-time.  Zendesk Sell offers open, feature-rich APIs that are easy to integrate into the technology stack. With customisable dashboards, you may get full visibility into the sales operations, from planning to analyzing and producing your reports.

Take a FREE trial of Zendesk Sell and purchase it starting at $19/user/month (if invoiced annually).

5. Salesmate


Using Salesmate pipeline management software, create your own flexible and strong sales pipeline to keep track of, arrange, and draw in more deals.

By removing guesswork, producing numerous sales, knowing the health condition, automating chores, and creating a fun drag-and-drop and simple sales experience, it would provide greater focus and clarity into the sales pipeline.

Crush your sales quota with high-value deals, and look at the current sales pipeline picture. With the pipeline view, you can rapidly identify bottlenecks and eliminate them. You can also see which deals require urgent attention owing to past-due activities. Also check Blogging Tools

You can immediately send an email, make a call, finish an activity, change the deals, and add a note because everything will be there in front of you. IT saves you the laborious work of manually entering data and automates processes so you may get more leads from online forms.

To automatically target the proper deals, segment and filter all the data, and keep track of calls, meetings, messages, and emails. Additionally, allows for secure teamwork and assigns tasks to different members of your team. You may track and manage transactions using the mobile app at any time, from any location.

6. Bitrix24


Get the free CRM system from Bitrix24 and the tools for managing your sales pipeline connected to the CRM to deliver comprehensive analytics. You only need to establish sales procedures, transaction phases, and leads; everything else will be taken care of automatically.

You can find out how many leads are turned into customers by looking at the win ratio data.  By using pipeline analysis, you may find bottlenecks and make the necessary improvements. Free templates are also available for the stages of sales, quoting, and billing.

With the mobile app, you may access CRM completely from any location. It offers an endless history database, a customer database, a sales funnel, free integration, and many more features. Boost managers’ forecasting abilities, monitor important metrics, and measure key performance indicators to develop effective tactics and strategies.

Additionally, by integrating online forms into your website, you can get additional leads. To improve team activities, the sales funnel, and the visibility of agent activity reports, expected sales reports, lead sources, and unpaid bills, use dashboards and custom reports.

Additionally, it provides complimentary access to common features like 5GB of online storage, a contact center, email marketing, custom fields, invoices, quotes, a self-hosted platform, connectors, etc.

7. Copper

With customized choices, copper pipeline management software makes it simple to track, simplify, and organize your sales. Unlimited drag-and-drop pipeline creation, visible pipeline health monitoring, team management from any location, and real-time visibility are all possible.

To ensure you never miss a deal, Copper supports you throughout the whole sales process and gives you the ability to track, view, sort, and filter activity in real-time.


With Copper, you can begin your activities and finish your actions in a matter of minutes, obtain a quick visual breakdown of your sales process, and delve into each deal to keep an eye on the health of your company.

Get automated alerts about suggestions and new assignments so you can concentrate on improving pipeline value and velocity. Additionally, the pipeline reports and dashboards show the kind, status, and value of the current agreements.

Analyzing sales velocity, average deal size, and pipeline value will also help you manage your quota. In order to know where you stand and when you will reach the goal, it helps to pinpoint the problems and track your progress.

Try Copper out for 14 days for FREE to see how useful it might be. Choose a basic subscription for three seats at $25 per user/month to obtain complete Google Workspace integration.

8. Really Simple Systems

Utilize Really Simple Systems to track and manage each sale opportunity at every point in the sales process so that you can successfully seal the purchase.

It enables you to rank every deal and designate it to your sales staff in the appropriate order. You can simply construct precise forecasts, invoices, and quotes using its user-friendly CRM system, preventing the need to switch between systems.

Really Simple Systems

Set security and user authorization levels for your team to manage who has access to your data. To obtain the full picture, you may drill down and examine the sales pipeline in one screen. Create your options to specify each stage of the sales process, and include as many as you like.

Up to 2 persons can use it for free indefinitely. If your team is tiny, you can take use of the capabilities by choosing a $14 per user per month plan.

9. Capsule

Utilize the Capsule sales pipeline to get an overview of each opportunity’s status, position in the pipeline, and next steps. Track each potential transaction, handle it with a visible sales funnel, and customize each procedure with different pipelines.



You are able to forecast your sales using Capsule based on opportunity and probability value. Additionally, you can monitor the conversion rate over the previous year and access information about the sales pipeline, summaries, and future sales estimates on one simple dashboard. Observe the tags that are most frequently applied to opportunities.

You will receive tools like opportunity filtering, pipeline dashboards, visual pipelines, and sales pipelines, among others. To save a lot of time and concentrate on the most crucial things, automate a number of jobs.

Use the calendar view to examine your responsibilities on a weekly or monthly basis and keep track of each sales cycle in order to better understand your business and make the best choice possible at the correct moment.

A professional subscription with 50,000 contacts, 10GB of storage, premium Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 is available for $18 per user per month. Additionally, you will have access to premium connections for Quickbooks, Zapier, MailChimp, Xero, and other services. Try it out for free for 30 days to learn more.


With the help of the knowledge on sales pipelines above, I hope you can better manage your sales process. So, to generate more leads and turn them into customers, pick a sales pipeline software product based on your needs and budget.

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