Top 8 Best Alternative Sites Like Thingiverse In 2024

Best Alternative Sites Like Thingiverse will be described in this article. Are the top Thingiverse alternatives on your list? You’re in the proper location! I’ve provided a couple Thingiverse substitutes in this article for your consideration. Users of 3D printers are not all proficient in 3D design. The open sharing of one’s own models and designs by the 3D printing community sets it apart from other communities. Thingiverse, one of the greatest 3D printing platforms, maintains one of the busiest online communities of 3D printing aficionados and has the largest library of more than a million free 3D printing files. Thingiverse is a thriving platform where creators may freely share their works with the public.

You might not always find what you’re looking for in the vast collection of 3D printing files on Thingiverse. To extend your search, there are a number of comparable Thingiverse substitutes with a comparable high-quality file selection. For more information on the top 8 sites like Thingiverse, see the guide below.

Top 8 Best Alternative Sites Like Thingiverse In 2024

In this article, you can know about Sites Like Thingiverse here are the details, below;

1. MyMiniFactory


One of the greatest platforms similar to Thingiverse is MyMiniFactory, which strives to create a centralized space for 3D designers to publish paid or unpaid 3D printable creations. In addition to English, it is also accessible in Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. The largest collection of 3D-scanned statues and artifacts from around the globe is kept there.

Every item is unquestionably 3D printable, which means that any file posted to the website is allowed for 3D printing on a standard desktop 3D printer. MyMiniFactory has partnered with a number of businesses and organizations who share its beliefs and want to give back to the community.

2. Cult 3D

Cult 3D

The French website Cults 3D strives to provide the highest-quality STL files available online. Both a free and a premium version are offered. The designs posted on this platform are typically straightforward and creative. The user interface is also quite sophisticated and simple to use. Also check ConvertKit Alternatives

The second-most popular repository for 3D printing right now is Cults 3D. It lacks remixes but includes more common community elements like likes, makes, and collections. Recent community prints, a seductive random button, and a whole area dedicated to sponsored material are all present.

3. Pinshape


Sites Pinshape features seven categories with no subcategories, similar to alternatives to Thingiverse, but it also has additional filters to specify 3D printers, licenses, and costs. Every design has a useful tog that indicates whether it is prepared for SLA and FDM printing. Remixes are absent however there are other common community features like likes, community prints, and collections.

Its educational hub, which includes guidance on hardware and software projects, 3D printing materials, post-processing, and more, is its key feature. They also provide teachers with lesson plans for introducing 3D printing to their students.

4. CG Trader

CG Trader

Another excellent alternative to Thingiverse is CG Trader, a special platform for 3D models focused on designers. It includes approximately 1.2 million simply filterable free and paid models. You can browse the 3D print models area if you want to see files that aren’t designed for 3D printing.

There are numerous user-created tutorials and an active forum in the community section. The most popular CG Trader feature includes a “hire me” button on model pages to contact specific designers as well as a Freelance 3D Projects section to request and find commissions.

5. GrabCAD


Sites GrabCAD is a free cloud-based collaboration environment that enables individuals to manage, view, and share CAD files, similar to alternatives to Thingiverse. Therefore, GrabCAD may be your best alternative if you have any experience with 3D modeling and creating.

Users can download free CAD drawings, including obj and stl files, as the name implies. Industrial designers there frequently exchange information and designs in a very active group. They also offer a separate repository just for 3D printing.

6. YouMagine


One of the best websites like Thingiverse that has a large collection of 3D printable files is YouMagine. You have access to open source and printable files and designs that you may use to create new things or just download and 3D print. Ultimaker’s attempt to enter the 3D printing community platform is this community.

The browser-based 3D file viewer, which allows you to see objects in depth before downloading, is one of the more well-liked features. It is much smaller than other platforms, with only 16,000 designs, and the majority of those designs are readily available on Thingiverse and the other websites listed in this article.

7. Treatstock


Treatstock is an online platform that primarily focuses on providing suppliers, manufacturers, and customers with revolutionary technology organization. It brings together numerous businesses and people from around the world into one internet network. In particular, laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machining, and other topics are covered. You can upload files for 3D printing to get immediate and up-front costs. So, using Treatstock, you can start creating and offering services. Also check MetaMask Alternatives

8. 3D Export

3D Export

One of the first 3D marketplaces and greatest website like Thingiverse is 3D Export. They don’t really limit their designs to 3D printing. With a filter to easily distinguish between free and paid designs, their library has more than 250,00 of both. To guarantee that designs are always in the format you prefer, it offers file conversion. Additionally, it offers a tutorial area on 3D Export with nearly 100 pieces of absolutely free information on 3D modeling that will walk you through the design process step-by-step using recorded video.

The Bottom Line

In general, Thingiverse continues to be the best website for hosting 3D models, whether it is free or paid. In fact, many users choose it as their first option whenever they are seeking for a worthwhile project to work on. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself by believing that Thingiverse is your sole choice for 3D creations. There are a number of top websites similar to Thingiverse that provide the greatest STL and 3D printer files. So, I hope the aforementioned post has assisted you in choosing the top 3D printing website.

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