Top 6 Best Apps Like Gigwalk In 2024

Best Apps Like Gigwalk will be discussed in this article. Best Alternatives to GigWalk Do you want to know how to make additional money sitting at home using your computer or phone? You are in the right place, so don’t worry! I’ll show you 6 apps in this article that are similar to 6 Best Apps Like Gigwalk.

People can use the software Gigwalk to find jobs in their neighborhood anytime and whenever. It was created specifically for those looking to supplement their income. Download the application, then log in with your credentials, is all that is required.

Top 6 Best Apps Like Gigwalk In 2024

In this article, you can know about Apps Like Gigwalk here are the details below;

Even though Gigwalk has a number of noteworthy features that make it incredibly simple for you to generate money, there are a number of reasons why it might not be the best fit for you. So, here is a list of the top 6 Gigwalk alternatives for making money.

1. EasyShift


By simply engaging in your favorite activities—such as eating, playing, shopping, and engaging in a variety of other activities—you may make money with Easy Shift. It is a legitimately lucrative app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is also regarded as one of the top Gigwalk-like apps.

You can find the jobs you want to do in your neighborhood after installing this application. Similar to that, Easy Shift pays between $4 and $20 for a shift. After your shift is over, there is a 48-hour processing period until your payment is approved.

2. Field Agent

Field Agent

With the help of the software Field Agent, you may add to your income by carrying out little jobs nearby. “Agents” (app users) search for completely simple tasks within stores and other locations using Field Agent. In addition to the US, it also operates in a number of international markets, including those in Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Price checks, competitive analyses, in-store display audits, out-of-stock audits, mystery shops, and other tasks that frequently entail photo requests and server queries are among the duties that agents must carry out. All you need to do is identify the position that is best for you.

3. CashKarma


For iOS and Android devices, there is a mobile application called CashKarma. You get rewarded for completing surveys, offers, and on-the-go video watching. It is among the top Gigwalk-like apps.

It is also specifically made for those who want to make money by completing surveys or other minor chores like playing games, watching films, and other offerings. You will receive points for doing tasks, which you can then exchange for money or gift cards.

4. Quick Thoughts

Quick Thoughts

Another free software like Gigwalk that enables you earn survey rewards like Amazon Gift Cards and more is called Quick Thoughts. It includes polls that range from in-depth survey questions to local polls, fast polls, opinions, etc.

Additionally, this straightforward and well-designed money-making program will match you with surveys that, on the one hand, boost brand recognition and, on the other, enable you to make money. In other words, it merely pays you for your ideas and recommendations by giving you rewards, gift cards, or cash.

5. iPoll


You can use iPoll to earn money by taking paid online surveys, which you can do at your convenience. It offers numerous free ways to earn money and prizes, including gift cards and airline credits. Simply sharing your thoughts or feedback is all that is needed. In order to tailor the mission to your interests and perspective, this application will first ask you to describe yourself. You’ll receive a push notification later on anytime a mission matching your interests becomes available.

6. Rewardable


Rewardable is one of the greatest and most recent apps like Gigwalk that gives you faster and easier ways to make extra money using your smartphone. It functions essentially as a survey app with enhanced capabilities to generate more incentives.

It is available for totally free download for both Android and iOS smartphones. Additionally, it offers a diverse selection of activities to do, just like any other Gigwalk alternatives. You can get paid for compiling information and providing opinions on how well stores and their goods are doing.

Final Words

People may choose to work from home for a variety of reasons, including flexibility, the freedom to choose their own hours, and many others. So, hopefully the information above has assisted you in choosing the top Gigwalk alternatives.

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