Top 15 Best Dlna Server Software In 2023

This post explain best dlna server. Every net internet user wants to constantly stream audios, videos, images, and music. And, it’s bliss to be able to do so without any hiccups. All of us have a collection of some sort of media (music, images, or videos) on our computers and smartphones. Those can be played later on based on our benefit. So, to stream these stored media file, a home media server gets the job done.

Top 15 Best Dlna Server Software In 2023

In this article, you can know about best dlna server here are the details below;

DLNA servers are the kinds of home media server files that we are discussing. Utilizing these servers, you can stream or share media among numerous devices without requiring any manual setup. Whether it’s your iPhone, game consoles, or Android phone, the DLNA server sets up a connection between these gadgets and allows you to share your favorite media. It transforms your PC into a powerful home media streaming center, enabling you to stream media wirelessly throughout your house.

So, if you are questioning where to find the very best DLNA server software application for your needs, here’s a master list to start with.

Kodi Open Source Home Theatre Software

best dlna server

If you are searching for a software application that can improve your entertainment area, then Kodi Open Source Home Theatre Software can be the best option for you. The program uses limitless features on a user-friendly and appealing interface that brings your kept media to life. Furthermore, it likewise provides an assistance forum or a neighborhood that’s flooded with concerns, responses, and pointers from individuals all across the world. Also check Tumblr May Contain Sensitive Media

What’s more? It likewise features an enormous brochure of community add-ons that you have access to. You can further tailor and adjust these brochures to organize the best home entertainment structure. Whether you have a smart TV or a smart phone, you have home entertainment at your fingertips with Kodi. It deals with all significant platforms that include Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

Price: free and open source

PLEX Media Server

best dlna server

PLEX Media Server uses some terrific functions and deals with the bulk of the platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker, Synology, Qnap, Netgear, Seagate, etc. The software application enables you to stream your preferred live TELEVISION, web shows, podcasts, video news along with your personal saved media on a mobile device or computer screen.

The software application gets all your media into one place and lets you stream them to all your gadgets. Among its other features are:

  • – live TV and DVR that permits you to see live and taped TELEVISION shows on all your devices;
  • – offers way to Tidal’s huge collection of tracks 59 million, 250,000 online music videos, and other original media;
  • – permits access to podcasts, web programs, news, and more all in a single app;
  • – organizes your media that can be streamed on any of your gadgets, anywhere.

Price: 30-day complimentary trial available; upgrade starts from $4.99.


best dlna server

Streaming, taping, and casting your favorite media is smooth as silk with PlayOn. It allows you to tape movies and TV programs to add to your watchlist to be watched later. It also enables you to stream to any gadget like PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, etc. Among its other significant features are.

  • – offers a free mobile app enabling you to record or enjoy a program throughout the world.
  • – allows you to playback the taped program without ads.
  • – automatically records fresh TV Shows episodes of your preferred shows.
  • – permits you to tape a series in simply one click.
  • – enables you to set taping hours beforehand.
  • – instantly sends out recordings or a series to iTunes in a single click.

For included support, it offers a terrific assistance group that’s readily available to help you out with any concerns.

Price: 7-day free trial offered; upgrade offered for $1.99/ month.


best dlna server

Serviio enables users to stream numerous media files, such as images, videos, and music to numerous devices that consist of TVs, smartphones, video games console, or Bluray player within your house network. While the free variation provides connectivity to several devices, the professional version provides innovative possibilities for sharing media across your household.

The very best part about Serviio is that it’s compatible with various devices within your homes such as mobile phones, TELEVISION, tablets, Xbox, Playstation 3, and more. It aims to increase the potential of the gadgets and/or reduce the deficiency of assistance for the media format playback by offering support for particular gadgets’ profiles. Also check Social Media Goals

It also enables you to access data on the go with the pro variation and lets you control it just using your voice. It goes with all the major platforms such as Window’s, Mac, and Linux based on Java.

Price: free version offered; Pro offered for $25.


best dlna server

Loaded with functions, Subsonic can be accessed through a web browser. It enables you to gain access to music from any location with a web connection around. Some of its major advantages are.

  • – it’s an open-source software application.
  • – the playlists generated by it can be shared online with others.
  • – offers on-the-spot re-sampling where bitrates can be reduced on-the-spot using ffmpeg encoder.
  • – enables you to construct a playlist and cache the tracks on the smartphones beforehand.
  • – works as Podcast receiver, Chrome-cast, Sonos, in jukebox mode, numerous frontends, etc.

Works with all the main programs such as Windows, Mac and Linux, etc

Price:$ 1 monthly.

Universal Media Server.

best dlna server

Universal Media Server, a DLNA suitable UPnP media server, was first based on a PS3 media server. It works with all significant os that consists of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Interestingly, the software can stream numerous different media formats with minimum or with no setup.

UMS is run by MEncoder and FFmpeg, tsMuxeR, and more, which mixes to provide support for various media formats. It deals with various devices such as PS3, Xbox, TVs, Smartphones, and so on.

Price: free and open source.


For music enthusiasts, the free and open source Ampache is a fantastic catch. It’s a web-based application n providing services in audio/video streaming. It’s also a file supervisor using which you can access your music and videos from any location and any device supporting an internet connection. Amongst its significant functions are.

  • – permits you to search and handle your collection of music on your PC using a basic web interface. Using this user interface, you can sync native and remote catalogs to a unique and relentless collection.
  • – lets you online stream your selected tracks to your favorite gamer, manage it using Localplay, or straight listen to the tracks on the web page utilizing HTML5 gamer.
  • – enables you to listen to your preferred numbers from any gadget such as mobile phones, TVs, or tablets.

Price: free and open source.

Emby Media Server.

best dlna server

Emby Medi Server helps you bring your music to any device with ease. It brings all your media collection (music, images, and videos) together into a single location, where it immediately transforms your media on the go on any gadget and streams it right there. A few of its major functions consist of.

  • – makes it much easier to maximize your personally conserved media in any location. It does not include the hassle of using the IP address, and rather, you can just check-in and begin playing.
  • – provides assistance for Live TV and streams it to any device, manage your DVR, and maximize your collection of recordings.

It enables you to manage gain access to your children quickly by letting you keep an eye on and push-button control their sessions based on your choice.

Moreover, it instantly organizes your individual media into sophisticated and attractive displays. Most importantly, it keeps you informed of server activity depending upon events and actions that are essential to you.

Price: Starts from $4.99/ month.


best dlna server

PS3MediaServer is a DLNA servers written in Java that help you stream or transcode any media files format, with little or no setup. The program is sponsored by Mplayer and FFmpeg plans. The best parts is, it does not require codec packs for setup, needs no folder configuration and pre-parsing or any such annoyance.

All the media folders on your computer are directly browsed by the PS3. It revitalizes automatically and provides real-time video transcoding through MEncoder.

Price: totally free.


best dlna server

MediaPortal claims to use the very best media experience by converting your PC into virtually a complete media service. The program is powered by standard hardware that links straight away to your TV and reveals all your images, music, motion pictures, and TV shows in a much engaging manner. You can even use the platfoem 

program with your projector for an enhanced experience.

A few of its considerable functions are.

  • – allows you to enjoy, schedule, and record Live TV free of charge.
  • – lets you play films, DVDs, videos, and Blu-Ray discs.
  • – allows you to listen to the radio and your preferred music.
  • – lets you take pleasure in photos, home videos and even create slideshows for enjoyment.
  • – allows you to stream media, TELEVISION, and radio to any other PC linked to your network.
  • – assists you use a push-button control sitting from your bed.
  • – permits you to get detailed updates with news, on weather, and more.
  • – lets you access the software from cellphones or straight on the web.

It also uses a lot of plugins and skins for innovative activities like monitoring your HTPC, streams web TELEVISION or YouTube videos, and more.

Price: complimentary and open source.


best dlna server

MediaTomb is another fantastic open-source DLNA server based upon the UPnP media server that’s accompanied by a pretty good web interface. It allows you to stream your individual media using your home network connection and, after that, see or listen to them on numerous different UPnP based gadgets.

As a user, you can stream your personal media to gadgets such as PlayStation 3. Provided its Ubuntu-based software, you might need to look for alternatives to be able to stream to various gadgets.

Price: free and open source.


For those searching for a totally free and open source DLNA server software application, MEEDIOS can be an excellent alternative. It’s specially created to manage and reveal all your digital media in one comprehensive package. The program uses total media support, endless customizability, and a rich interface that can be used by the entire family. A few of the media that it supports include Photos, Music, TELEVISION Shows, Online Media, Web Browsing, games, and so on.

Furthermore, it also supports the playback of these media on the majority of the formats and mediums that include physical, digital, and web-based formats.

Price: complimentary and open source.


LXiMediaCenter is DLNA based servers that streams or transcodes your favorite media (photos, videos, music, and TV programs) to various DLNA suitable televisions and media players like PS3, Xbox 360, and Streamium.

What’s fascinating is that the program also supplies support for subtitles and audio language options. It allows you to play your preferred digital media on any device you want.

Price: complimentary.

OpenFLIXR Media Server.

OpenFLIXR Media Server is a thorough media server that immediately downloads and serves media files. Be it any application (Couchpotato, Plex, or SickRage), and it brings all your media to show. The best element is, whether it’s a TV, PC, or cellphone, it streams to any gadget you can think of. It’s an entirely web-based software that consists of tools for tracking and management.

While it can keeps all your media files updated and ensures that they run efficiently using wise auto-updating, it can also be run on any platform offered. It’s a virtual app.

Price: complimentary and open source.

OSMC Media Center.

OSMC Media Center is a complimentary and open-source media server based upon DLNA that’s designed for people, by the people. It’s basic and easy to use software that features an attractive look. Its based on Debian Linux and Kodi Media Center. Additionally, it offers an app shop that allows you to tailor your experience with the program according to your taste, and all are utilizing the remote.

The program plays almost all significant media formats available from several different gadgets and streaming codes.

Price: totally free and open source.


Select from the extensive list of best DLNA server software above and boost your streaming experience.

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