Top 7 Best Book Bolt Alternatives For Publishing On Kdp

Best Book Bolt Alternatives will be discussed in this article. In order to construct your most recent low content book, are you looking for a Book Bolt substitute that won’t set you back a tiny fortune? There are a occasional tools that you will probably find helpful if you are interested in publishing with Amazon KDP, such as:

keyword analysis

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities for design
  • Amazon search statistics and insights
  • How to become a category bestseller

These and other services are provided by Book Bolt, but they have a price for users to pay. You might be capable to accept some of these similar services for less money (or even free!) with a little bit of investigation. Let’s get straight into some of the most well-liked Book Bolt options!

Top 7 Best Book Bolt Alternatives For Publishing On Kdp

In this article, you can know about Book Bolt Alternatives here are the details below;

If you want to start publishing short stories or other kinds of eBooks through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program, Book Bolt is a terrific tool. Book Bolt is used by many self-publishing powerhouses and entrepreneurs to assist them with keyword research and the construction of short books that they can resell for a profit. In our review of Book Bolt, we provide further details regarding the software. Planners, journals, logbooks, prompt books, and other publications are examples of books with little content.

However, Book Bolt’s fee discourages a lot of consumers from using the service. Prices for the Newbie package start at $89.99 per year & go all the way up to $199.99 for the Pro package. They don’t offer a lifetime license or a complimentary feature that can end up saving you money. Many of Book Bolt’s competitors provide comparable functionality without the hefty monthly or yearly costs. Instead of using Book Bolt, let’s take a deeper look at some of these alternative platforms.



Canva might be the multiple suitable option for you if you’re looking for a free software solution to assist you in designing your most recent work of self-publishing. You can easily generate visuals for your social network accounts, book covers, logos, and other uses with the help of this fantastic application.

With Canva, creating pages for a book with little content can be a breeze. In our Canva review, we go into more detail about this fantastic application. The entire platform was created with simplicity in mind, and even individuals without much experience in graphic design may easily use its user-friendly interface.

You can start performing on your next book cover or project with Canva’s drag-and-drop interface and a ton of templates. Simply type your inquiry term into the search window, and Canva will direct you to the ideal template. From this point, you can drag and drop other components into position to give the picture the exact feel and style you want.

Although Canva’s free edition is rather feature-rich, there are certain advantages to paying for the subscription plan (Canva Pro):

  • More excellent stock images at your disposal
  • Stored on the platform are brand kits.
  • A 100 GB storage space

Price: Free version or $12.99/month for the premium plan for the likes of magic resize and other helpful tools for content creation

2. Publication rockets

Publication rockets

Publisher Rocket is one of several alternatives to Book Bolt, but it has a lot of punch. Publisher Rocket is a thorough system designed to help you make the most impact on Amazon KDP, in contrast to the Canva platform, which focuses only on the cover design and drag-and-drop interfaces (you may also be interested in our list of Publisher Rocket competitors). Also check AutoCAD Alternatives

You’ll adore the following Publisher Rocket features:

  • Tools for keyword research
  • Investigation of rivals
  • Data and information on Amazon’s categories
  • Being able to produce Amazon advertising

By locating profitable, pertinent keywords, this platform is fantastic for assisting both fresh and more seasoned authors to become self-publishing bestsellers in their industry. Their research tools allow you to determine which book categories to publish in and how many copies you need to sell to hit Amazon’s coveted bestseller status.

Cost: $97 for unlimited access

Visit this runner for a detailed comparison of Book Bolt and Publisher Rocket.



When it arrives to keyword research, may be the multiple suitable option for you if you don’t want to pay for alternatives to Book Bolt but still want to do some of the grunt work. You don’t even require to complete an account to utilize the tool, which is complimentary to use. Despite this, it lacks a lot of the robust capabilities seen in Book Bolt.

The sole goal of Keyword Tool is to assist you in finding the finest keywords for your new book, as opposed to being a comprehensive platform that assists authors with everything from design to keyword research. You may create more long-tail keywords with the help of the Keyword Tool by using Google Autocomplete. A list of 750+ keywords can be generated from the topic you provide in only a few seconds.

For individuals who are dissatisfied with the outcomes they are obtaining from other free tools like Google Keyword Planner, which is primarily used for ad development, is a fantastic solution.

Payment: Free



This Book Bolt substitute can be ideal for those who don’t mind utilizing Google Chrome and other Chrome extensions. The AMZ Suggestion Expander (Amazon Search Suggestion Expander) is a reasonably simple and user-friendly tool. Because of this, it functions as a fantastic keyword research SEO tool for beginners. Even though you aren’t given any design work’s bells and whistles, you may easily combine this extension with another service, like Canva, to receive all you require for a single, modest cost.

What is the process of the AMZ Suggestion Expander? The terms that the platform thinks you should put before or after your target keyword will appear when you type it into Amazon’s search field. This enables you to identify potential niches for any prospective self-publishing book ventures. Keep in intellect that not all markets are compatible with AMZ Suggestion Expander. But, among other places, it does operate in the US and the UK. The inability to convert your data into a spreadsheet so that you can study and examine them later is the tool’s only other drawback.

Payment: Free



For self-published authors who want to create books with little to no text but remarkable interior design possibilities, Tangent is a perfect choice. The useful templates they provide for your project more than drive up for the fact that they don’t give much in the form of your essential keyword research tool. Also check Figma Alternatives

The platform’s range of interior templates, which includes options like:

  • Void page
  • Wide-ruled line paper or college-ruled paper
  • Chart paper
  • Point grid

Tangent is the go-to program for people who desire a customized interior, regardless of the type of low content book you may be preparing. These basic pages are available for download as editable source files that may be opened as PDFs, Illustrator files, or InDesign files for your own personalization. As an alternative, you can visit the Dynamic Templates page and add the desired element digitally there, such as a writing prompt or the date for a planner.

Cost: $59 for a lifelong license



Another option to Book Bolt that concentrates on the design elements of your new low- or no-content book is called Book Bird. In addition to access to more than 550 coloring sheets that you can use to create your own coloring books, they provide some special choices that you won’t find on many other template websites. Book Bird’s Gold Library, which contains a variety of low content book templates so that you may start creating your low content book right away, is its key selling point.

The artwork can be downloaded into any software you have access to:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Inkscape Gimp Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop Affinity Designer or Photo PDF Editor
  • Not sure where to begin with self-publishing a low-content book? With their online courses that help you fill up the gaps, Book Bird has you covered.
  • They provide a course called LCB Empire Mastery that covers a variety of well-liked subjects, including niche research, design principles, interior design, cover design, and much more.
  • The basic Silver bundle of the course costs $99, while the Platinum edition with coaching sessions costs $429.

They also offer a free version called Niche Hunter that everyone can utilize. They promote the fact that you may learn about more than 850 different niches, as well as the demand for and level of competition in each one. This program even allows you to monitor your progress.

Pricing: Free for the Niche Hunter tool, $49.99 for admission to the Gold Library with 120+ interior templates. Also check Datadog Alternatives

7. Creative FABRICA

Creative FABRICA

Are you seeking for a large selection of templates that you can use to create KDP interiors with ease? A wonderful place to start if you like to make money online is Creative Fabrica. Despite the particular that it may not be able to provide considerably in the way of a keyword research tool or Amazon insights, it does have a sizable library of templates that you can pick from, including planners, lined notebooks, and coloring pages. The cost savings from purchasing the desired bundle, even though they might not be as well-organized as Tangent or Book Bird, might be worthwhile.

Users can upload a bundle of their own templates and select their own prices for how much they wish to charge. Some of your packages might cost up to $70, while others are only $0.10 during a bargain. The absence of a price search tool is the sole drawback. Only the most popular or most recent templates can be used to sort through the templates.

Of system, if you find a ton of templates you’d want to have access to and don’t mind paying a monthly subscription cost, they also offer a subscription option. By subscribing to their All Access package, you have access to:

  • Commercial permit
  • Almost 4 million graphic resources
  • Over 60,000 clipped files
  • 82,000+ typefaces

Pricing: The All Access subscription costs $29 per month; template costs vary.

WHICH BOOK BOLT alternatives are right for your business?

It may be moment to consider supporting in software that will enable you to excel in the self publishing industry if you are considering starting your own KDP no-content book business.

There are other free or inexpensive choices you might take into consideration, but Book Bolt is one of the most comprehensive tools that self publishers can utilize. To decide the tools you should utilize to expand your business, think about the aspects that are most significant to you:

Keyword analysis

  • Easy to use graphics for infographics and logos
  • Stunning interior page layouts that are adjustable
  • You might even decide to combine a number of these tools to give yourself the greatest alternatives possible for all three of these crucial areas.

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