Top 12 Best Publisher Rocket Alternatives

Best Publisher Rocket Alternatives will be discussed in this article. If you wish to publish your books online, Kindlepreneur is a terrific resource. Although their program can be pricy, there are many Publisher Rocket alternatives available if you’re looking to save some money. Although some of the SaaS applications listed below are very influential, they can also be very expensive. On the other side, some are free yet offer a very small number of functions. Which is multiple suitable for you will depend on your needs and your budget.

You should also consider about the things you actually require. There is obviously a requirement for keyword research, but do you have any other tools that can do that? You can typically achieve the majority of your objectives through other platforms if you have subscriptions to other keyword research tools.

There are ultimately two distinct routes here. Either you can spend money on a comprehensive set of software services or you can put together your own services from several platforms. Simply select the strategy that works best for you.

Top 12 Best Publisher Rocket Alternatives

In this article, you can know about Publisher Rocket Alternatives here are the details below;

Check out the free tools listed below if you’re new to self-publishing or just want to dabble in software to strengthen your current portfolio. They might well give you the boost you require to advance your company.



You can use a few extremely helpful self-publishing tools that the Self Publishing Titans team has created. They assist with category and keyword research with the two Chrome extensions for which they are renowned. Both assist you in identifying underserved niches so you can capitalize on them by selecting the appropriate keyword search term. Additionally, SPT offers free tools that might assist you if you wish to create minimal content books like planners or coloring books.

Ads are regrettably one of the problems of utilizing free software. Users have expressed their displeasure that SPT’s branding dominates the screen real estate on their products. Their equipment can occasionally be cumbersome, which is also bothersome. Having said that, if your only priority is functionality, SPT is an excellent place to start. Try out the tool if you don’t mind how it looks and feels.

2. Amazon ASN

Amazon ASN

Amazon ASIN is the next free alternative on our list. This page contains almost all the data you could possibly need to properly advertise your book. Their platform has the following features:

  • Keywords Data on Sales Trends
  • PPC expenses Competitive analysis

Although not all of their tools are cost-free, the ones that authors would use, like a keyword researcher and a tool for creating product listings, are. The HTML description writer has been widely utilized by many individuals to quickly and easily produce eye-catching descriptions. Amazon ASIN offers trustworthy information that can help you succeed, even though it is really an Amazon KDP listing tool that can be used for both products and books. Additionally, they provide a sales calculator that will show you how the sales rankings of your rivals compare to current sales.



Another Chrome addon to find keywords that activates when you visit Amazon is AMZ Suggestion Expander. It just conducts keyword research, in contrast to some of the other free alternative solutions on this list.

A drop-down menu displaying options to expand on your Kindle keyword ideas to make them become long tail keywords will show up when you conduct a keyword search on Amazon’s search bar using this browser extension. You can utilize the provided widely used words before or after your main search phrase to get keyword ideas. Then, you may include those Kindle keywords that you discovered in the keyword search results in your blurb or even the title. You may find far worse services for free than AMZ Suggestion Expander. It might not be able to accomplish everything, but what it can, it does quite well.

4. Book Bird

Book Bird

One of the multiple challenging aspects of the process for many self-publishers is getting the book cover and interior design just right. Because it needs an entirely new set of abilities, that task is typically outsourced to a third party. Also check Little Snitch Alternatives

Alternatively, you may simply utilize a service like Book Bird. Numerous templates for use in low-content or coloring books are available, making it simple to produce beautiful designs. Additionally, they provide bundles that you can purchase as part of a box if you need more. Book Bird also offers tutorials and videos for individuals just getting started with self-publishing that will hasten your development. Although they are not free, they could be really beneficial to get you started.



Efficacious, easy, and simple. The functioning of KDP Miner can be summed up in those three terms. KDP Miner, a free Chrome plugin, generates a comprehensive list of keyword recommendations from either a single term or the page you’re examining. Although their data is not the most precise, it is also not the worst.

The KDP Miner keyword research tool will at the very smallest supply you with a few words to work with. Comparing your covers to those of your rivals is one of the better interesting options that KDP Miner offers. In a flash, you’ll be able to determine which design options are most common in your niche and adjust your own accordingly.

You’ll eventually use up all the free Publisher Rocket alternatives available, especially if you’re thinking about making a profession out of self-publishing, and you’ll have to spend money on some additional tools. Here are a few of the greatest results we could locate. Take benefit of the free trials proposed by the majority of them to evaluate which one you prefer.

6. Book BOLT


If you have the time & are truly considering it, I recommend reading our site’s comprehensive evaluation of Book Bolt. Here is a succinct summary: You can fulfill all of your self-publishing requirements with Book Bolt. Additionally, Book Bolt is reasonably priced for most writers at $10 per month (or $200 per year).

The issue is that despite doing a lot of things well, Book Bolt doesn’t truly excel at any particular task. It helps you create your product listing and performs Amazon Kindle keyword research, however none of these functions particularly stand out.

Book Bolt can assist you if you need assistance with design as well. Although Book Bolt can layout your book’s innards and produce a slick-looking cover (ideal for books with little content), it lacks Book Bolt’s design-centric platforms’ versatility. These are simply something to be aware of with Book Bolt; they aren’t necessarily disadvantages. Despite all of this, Book Bolt is surprisingly user-friendly and offers a ton of functionality for regular users. It’s worth a try, especially given the minimal admission requirement.



KDSpy is without a doubt one of the best Publisher Rocket substitutes. Because it’s so good, we wrote a thorough article contrasting Publisher Rocket and KDSpy. It’s worth considering if you’re torn between the two platforms.

The fact that KDSpy provides you with the nearly most exact information you can get on books is one of the reasons it is so powerful. Its incredible Kindle keyword research tool can track your competition and handle worldwide data.

All of this for just $97 (although they frequently run promotions reducing it down to $59) in one lump sum. Your account will receive all updates and improvements without charge. They do give a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is nearly as good as a free shot, albeit there isn’t one per se like with some keyword research tools.



Helium 10 may be considered overkill for authors who self-publish, according to some. There is no such item as having “too much power” when it comes to annihilating your rivals, according to its proponents.

One thing is certain: You’ll need to be a committed user to get the most out of this platform with plans costing from $29 and $399 a month. Helium10 has characteristics that can be applied to self-publishing, but Amazon merchants primarily utilize it for research. You will have admission to some of the most effective product research and paid Amazon ad data available anywhere in the world. Although it’s not for everyone, Helium10 might be worthwhile if you’re serious about treating your writing like a company. Also check Mailgun Alternatives



Technically speaking, Merch Titan is not a self-publishing tool. It’s essentially a SaaS application that aids in the creation and ranking of clothing on Merch By Amazon. However, since the platform is the same, you may continue to utilize this tool to uncover profitable keywords and book categories that will aid in your ranking (the same is true of a service like Jungle Scout that aids with Amazon FBA).

From $10 per month to $250 per year, prices range. You have access to all of their brand and product search features, as well as keyword research and notifications, with that. writers who wish to concentrate on Amazon’s platform and investigate additional revenue streams inside the same ecosystem, Merch Titan is the ideal solution.



Although Kindle Ranker’s website isn’t very attractive, they have a number of quite useful tools. There are the usual suspects: niche analysis, keyword choice, and sales information. However, Kindle Ranker stands out from the competitors since it is so focused on the entire book marketing process. They pay attention to the book idea as well as the statistics.

Kindle Ranker provides you with a set of scores to help you decide whether a book subject is worth writing about rather than merely providing tools that spit out data or assist with locating keywords. It evaluates the level of competition, profitability, ranking difficulties, and niche quality. You are free to ignore their advice and write about whatever you choose, but using a program like Kindle Ranker will at least let you know how your financial situation is likely to pan out.

Which publisher Rocket alternatives are right for you?

The work Dave Chesson did on Kindlepreneur was excellent. His website has been operating for a while and has assisted many authors in earning money by publishing books for Kindle Direct Publishing that would’ve otherwise just been sitting on shelves.

The logical progression of those already existing resources is Publisher Rocket. It aids in a combination of tasks, including competition analysis, niche choice, and keyword research. It was completed by a company that has a strong commitment to self-publishing, making it a potent tool.

However, as you can visit, if you want to seek elsewhere, there are a lot of Publisher Rocket alternatives to pick from. The most important thing is to leverage what works for you to advance your career.

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