ProtonMail Logged IP Address Of French Activist

ProtonMail Logged IP Address will be described in this article. ProtonMail frequently makes headlines for its robust privacy protections and its role as a Gmail substitute that respects users’ privacy. This time around, though, it’s different. The business is currently receiving harsh criticism for recording a French activist’s IP address and giving it to law officers. The activist was taken into custody as a result of this information being revealed. This essay will go into what actually transpired and the reasons ProtonMail disclosed the user’s IP address. We will also discuss ProtonMail’s alternatives and if you can still trust it with your privacy.

ProtonMail Logged IP Address Of French Activist

In this article, you can know about ProtonMail Logged IP Address here are the details below;

Everything You Need to Know About a French Activist’s ProtonMail Logged IP Address

Why Did ProtonMail Log IP Address?

Why Did ProtonMail Log IP Address

It’s crucial to have some prior knowledge about the incident in order to appreciate the overall picture before we get to the section on why ProtonMail logged the IP address. French climate activists have been occupying commercial apartments close to Sainte-Marthe for the past year. According to the activists, this action is intended to combat gentrification. For those who are not familiar, gentrification is the process through which an area is taken over by residents who are comparatively wealthy. The cost of living for the typical resident of the neighborhood rises as a result of the influx of real estate investments that come after it.

The concerned activists were a part of the Greta Thunberg-led Youth For Climate/Fridays For Future climate strike movement. At least one Youth For Climate activist, according to Secours Rouge (the French branch of International Red Aid), used ProtonMail for communication. Since ProtonMail is situated in Switzerland and is bound by Swiss law, it normally doesn’t share information with French authorities. However, the French police used Europol to contact the Swiss government and request cooperation with their investigation. After receiving the legal request as a result of this action, ProtonMail decided to log the user’s IP address.

What did the Authorities Demand and What Did ProtonMail Disclose?

What did the Authorities Demand and What Did ProtonMail Disclose

ProtonMail is unable to directly share data with foreign governments, as was already mentioned. In reality, doing so is prohibited by Swiss Criminal Code Article 271. The Swiss authorities’ decision to work with the French government allowed the police access to the IP address. ProtonMail also emphasizes that only requests that adhere to Swiss legal requirements will be granted approval by Swiss authorities. Also check VPN benefits

What more did ProtonMail reveal, then? Even with court orders, ProtonMail’s encryption prevents access to the emails’ contents, including their text, attachments, and media. ProtonMail mentioned that it doesn’t know the identities of its users with IP logging in a blog post clarifying its position. “At no time did we know that the users who were being targeted were climate activists. We only know that the Swiss government requested data through methods that are usually only used for major offenses, according to the business.

According to Swiss legislation, ProtonMail is required to inform the user if a third party requests their personal information and if that request relates to a criminal investigation. There is a significant catch or loophole, though. ProtonMail emphasizes that the notification may be postponed in the following circumstances on its law enforcement page:

Where, based on information provided by law enforcement, we, in our sole discretion, believe that providing notice could create a risk of injury, death, or irreparable harm to an identifiable individual or group of individuals; Where providing notice is temporarily prohibited by the Swiss legal process itself, by Swiss court order, or by applicable Swiss law; As a general rule, however, targeted users will eventually be informed and given the chance to object to the targeting.

Because this occurrence appears to fit into the first scenario, ProtonMail chose not to inform the user. Because not all decisions can be appealed, certain decisions are final and cannot be changed. This is how the legal system operates. The user wasn’t informed for the same reason that a suspect isn’t informed before being taken into custody, according to Andy Yen, the founder of ProtonMail.

The information French Police were able to discover included the date the email address was created, the user’s IP address, the device they were using, and the phone number associated with it, according to a copy of the police report making the rounds on Twitter.

What About ProtonMail’s No Log Policy?

You may now be curious about ProtonMail’s no IP recording policy, which it has brashly stated on the homepage of its website. That assertion, however, is no longer valid. One of the causes we are here is because the corporation altered its web page to remove the reference to not maintaining IP logs.

Thanks to a backup on The Internet Archive, the previous version read as follows: “You don’t need to provide any personal information to set up a secure email account. By default, we don’t record any IP information that could be used to identify your anonymous email account. Your right to privacy is foremost.

And here is what the revised version reads: “ProtonMail is email that values privacy and prioritizes people over commercial interests. Our encryption assures that your data is yours alone. Additionally, we offer an anonymous email gateway.

Check them out in the following image comparison:

  • New homepage for protonmail
  • Previous homepage for protonmail
  • New Homepage For Protonmail
  • Previous homepage for Protonmail
  • Previous homepage for protonmail

It’s also necessary to note that ProtonMail doesn’t by default gather IP addresses. Instead, ProtonMail begins monitoring and logging whenever it receives a court request. In severe criminal circumstances, ProtonMail may also be required to keep an eye on the IP addresses used to access the ProtonMail accounts that are being used for illegal activity. ProtonMail does not decide whether a case is eligible for these increased requirements; rather, Swiss authorities make that decision, according to the company’s transparency report.

Is ProtonVPN Safe to Use?

Is ProtonVPN Safe to Use

In addition to ProtonMail, Proton Technologies also offers a well-liked VPN service, which is frequently cited as the top free VPN service. Here’s what you should know if you’re a ProtonVPN subscriber who has doubts about the firm’s ethics following the IP logging scandal. According to the business, under current Swiss law, the agreements for its email and VPN services differ. As a result, the company states that they cannot be compelled by the law to log ProtonVPN customer data. Also check hola vpn alternatives

How to Make ProtonMail Safer?

ProtonMail has an onion site that you may access using the Tor browser if you want an extra layer of privacy. If you are really concerned about your privacy, ProtonMail strongly advises using this service, which has been available since 2017. Consider purchasing a solid premium VPN if you are not someone who is at high risk. Also check Benefits of VPN for business

Can You Still Trust ProtonMail to Uphold Your Privacy?

What went wrong for ProtonMail in this incident, then? First off, the top page’s lack of transparency on its features. We expected the corporation to do better to disclose how it handles legal inquiries given that it makes the claim that it is a secure email service. The previous version of the site’s home page falsely stated that IP logs were not kept by default, which is deceiving to the ordinary user. It’s important to note, though, that the corporation has since changed the phrasing to better represent reality.

It’s also a good idea to read the fine print, as the expression goes. Well, if the activist had spent the time and effort to read the privacy policy, they may have avoided the entire issue. We can’t completely blame ProtonMail because they are a law-abiding organization. However, in order to prevent this from happening in the first place, the organization should have improved communication.

ProtonMail Alternatives

If you wish to switch from ProtonMail, you might want to take Tutanota or Posteo into consideration. In our articles on the top Gmail alternatives and best free email service providers, you can find more of these privacy-focused email services. If you respect your privacy, in my opinion, you should consider Tutanota or Posteo. Even these services, nevertheless, are subject to regional rules. Therefore, switching won’t give you much of an advantage.

ProtonMail’s French Activist IP Logging Incident Explained

So there you have it, all the information you require on the ProtonMail French activist IP logging incident. For confidential talks, you might also utilize secure messaging apps like Signal or Element, which is based on the Matrix. Please feel complimentary to leave a comment below if you have any additional questions, and we will do our best to assist you.

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