Top 12 Games Like Among Us You Can Play

The Top 12 Games Like Among Us. Another game has gained widespread attention in the wake of Fall Guys’ incredible popularity. Yes, we are referring to Among Us, which surpassed Fall Guys to become the game that received the most streaming in the most recent period. But that’s not all. According to Sensor Tower, Among Us is the most downloaded game on both the Play Store and the App Store. As a result, if you liked playing Among Us and are seeking for more games like it, you’ve come to the correct place. Here, we’ve selected the top 12 video games with a social deduction subject that are similar to Among Us. So without further ado, let’s identify the top alternatives to Among Us.

A game like Among Us in 2022

The top Among Us-like games on the Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Xbox, and PS4 are listed below. The list of games is available by clicking on the table of contents below.

Top 12 Games Like Among Us You Can Play

In this article, you can know about Games Like Among Us here are the details below;

1. Deceit

Deceit’s premise of trust and deception is extremely similar to the social deduction strategy used in Among Us, which is why I gave it the top spot despite its rather different gameplay. Similar to Among Us, your objective in Deceit is to discover innocent players, cultivate trust, and survive despite all odds.

Like Among Us, Deceit is a multiplayer first-person shooter game, however unlike that title, there is no local multiplayer mode. With five other unidentified individuals, you awaken in this dirty asylum. Out of all the players, two have contracted a terrible virus and are looking to sabotage and murder innocent players.

On the other writing, you are pushed to form an alliance with other players purely on the basis of instinct. Be cautious since you can lose your life if your friend turns out to be the infected gamer. Deceit is an overall quick and action-packed FPS game that upholds you on your toes with betrayal, suspicion, and trust. I’d argue that Deceit provides the best gameplay experience if you’re seeking for a PC version of Among Us.


Top-notch game of deception and trust

A team with six players in total

Quick and full of action


Limited to PC

Download Steam just on PC for nothing.

2. Project Winter

Project Winter is a game that, like Among Us, is built on survival, treachery, and trust. Here, you must gather materials, repair structures, and carry out a number of chores to increase your power, much like Among Us allows crewmates to carry out specific jobs.

However, keep in mind that there are traitors inside your group who may gain your trust in order to ruin your organization. Traitors might distribute false information about your comrades and incite conflict among the survivors. Project Winter appears to provide a good contrast to Among Us in terms of concept, in general.

In addition, here you may converse via voice chat with support for nearby location, unlike Among Us where you just have a text chat option. Not to mention that Project Winter is a fantastic multiplayer game for 8 players. In conclusion, Project Winter is a good choice if you’re looking to play a game similar to Among Us that emphasizes social trickery and survival.


Find the traitor, stay alive, and defend yourself.

8-player multiplayer game with proximity support and excellent graphics


Comparative lack of players compared to Among Us

For $19.99, get Steam.

3. Town Salem

On Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, Town of Salem is among the top Among Us substitutes. With over 8 million users, the game is also one of the first social deduction strategy games. While Town of Salem only supports a maximum of 15 players, Among Us allows you to play multiplayer with up to 10 other players. This makes the game even more captivating.

Not to mention, Town of Salem allows you to select your preferred part from a cast of 33 individuals, whereas Among Us has a smaller character roster and roles are allocated at random. You truly like the game of trust and betrayal since it has a much wider perspective and reach. Similar to Among Us, you can identify as a Town member (nice person), Mafia, Serial Killer, Arsonist, or Neutral in this game.

You must defend the other decent people in your town as a town member, but you are unaware of each player’s true function. You could be killed by the players, who could turn out to be mafia members or serial killers. You will undoubtedly enjoy playing Town of Salem because it is essentially a larger-scale version of Among Us.


Choose a position

33 or more characters

Integrity and betrayal

A sizable community


Better in-game policing might be possible.

Web, Android, iOS (free with in-app purchases), and Steam ($4.99) are all available for download.


The game is what you need if you’re seeking for something that can be played on any device and is similar to Among Us. Both desktop computers and mobile devices can play the game because it is accessible through the online browser. A newly published Android app is available in addition to the website. The developer has stated that an iOS app would soon be published.

The gameplay of is similar to that of Among Us, although it is significantly more challenging to play. Here, you have the option of working as a team to uncover the traitor or taking the bait and lying to your own comrades. Similar to Among Us, there are chores you must perform, and you can call a meeting to vote your adversaries out. In conclusion, I would say that is a fun new social speculation game and a respectable substitute for Among Us that is also easily available.


Free to access and play on the web

Allows for online multiplayer

Allows for guests to party in the room


Due to the Alpha stage, it is a little buggy.

Download options include the web (free) and android (free with in-app purchases).

5. Werewolf Online

In contrast to Among Us, Werewolf Online offers a variety of gameplay components. It is not just a survivor-traitor game. You can protect your hamlet against bad forces and gather resources in the game. However, there is a catch. There are liars plotting to ruin your squad and the village in your own village.

To defend your town, you must identify the lying member of your group amid suspicion and dishonesty. A multiplayer game allows for a maximum of 16 people, which is fantastic. In addition, several teams and villages might be found in a single game.

The round is won by the squad that is still alive after removing every traitor. In other words, one of the greatest Among Us alternatives on Android and iOS is Werewolf Online if you want to experience survival, deathmatch, and finally deception.


Collect resources and protect your village.

16-player match

Adaptation and trickery

Good graphics Drawbacks


Downloads with ads are available for iOS and Android and are free.

6. Secret Neighbor

On the Xbox system, Secret Neighbor is one of the few titles that plays like Among Us. Many gamers have requested Among Us versions for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however due to the game’s distinctive gameplay, developers have so far refrained from making such games for gaming consoles. Having said that, Secret Neighbor won’t let you down if you’re looking for a game that’s extremely comparable to Among Us on Xbox.

Six characters in the game sneak into the neighbor’s house, but one of the six players turns out to be the neighbor in disguise. He becomes invisible to the group and gains their trust. In order to support the other players from approaching the closed basement door, the neighbor must trap them as the game continues.

As players start to vanish, the game becomes incredibly exciting as the other teammates are thrown into pandemonium. Then the search to identify the group member who is a traitor begins. If you enjoy playing deception games like Among Us, I would say Secret Neighbor has a large following due to its exceptional gameplay. I would recommend giving it a try.


Hidden role is the best social deduction game for Xbox

Outstanding graphics and a compelling plot

No fresh assets


Download it for $19.99 from the Microsoft Store or Steam.

7. Hidden in Plain Sight

One of the best party games, Hidden in Plain Sight is almost a carbon copy of Among Us and can only be played locally with other players. Only groups of two or four people can play the game. You have to complete duties covertly in the gameplay. You must perform duties while blending in with a group of AI characters in this situation. You must also get rid of people in the crowd covertly so that other gamers won’t see you. Also check HR Games

Other game modes include Death Race and Elimination, where you must avoid drawing attention to oneself due to a clashing situation. In conclusion, Hidden in Plain Sight is a fantastic game to play on your desktop if you want to recreate something similar to Among Us.


Playable offline

Elimination and Death Race modes

One of the top party games Fun to play Negatives


There is no solo mode.

Download: Steam ($5.99) Requires a game controller

8. Werewolves Within

Similar to Among Us, the VR social deduction game Werewolves Within is also accessible on the PS4. In spite of the negative reception it received from the gaming community, Werewolves Within has recently seen a rise in vogue thanks to its distinctive gameplay. Each player has a secret role that they play in teams of five to eight people.

The game is rather frantic and forces you to choose between being a decent man and a traitor. Werewolves are causing havoc in the game’s setting in the medieval village of Gallowston. You and your teammates are sent back in time to the Middle Ages in order to save the locals.

You can play as a villager in one game striving to protect the weak, and a traitor in another. To win the game, the trick is to locate the hidden werewolf and take out the opponent. Simply said, Werewolves Within is an excellent social deduction game similar to Among Us, and if you enjoy playing VR games on the PS4, this is the perfect game for you.


For the PS4 VR game, compare Best Among Us to

The setting is a medieval village

Save your village by locating the werewolf.


Small player base

Compatibility: PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index

For $19.99, get Steam.

9. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen takes the murder and treachery concept from the spaceship-based Among Us and applies it to an extraterrestrial setting. Death is a natural element of space existence, and every spaceman strives to prevent it. To escape the creatures that have run amok in space, you can play a game with up to 16 people and accomplish difficult tasks.

You can skulk around, hide, or even listen in on other players to find them. There are numerous game modes, including Story Mode, where you must combat the Crumerian bug swarm, Survival Mode, where you must face huge swaths of foes, and more.

The nicest feature of Unfortunate Spacemen is that, in contrast to Among Us, voice conversation with other players is permitted, which is fantastic. There’s no requirement for background Discord usage. Therefore, all I can say is that Unfortunate Spacemen won’t let you down if you’re looking for another game like Among Us that is set in space.


Dwelling in a spacecraft

Theme of murder and treachery

Different game modes

Voice chat support Drawbacks


Slow game play

Download Steam (No Cost)

10. Enemy on Board

Similar to Among Us in many ways is the online multiplayer game Enemy on Board. You can assemble an 8-person squad, with 6 chosen as crew members and 2 chosen as fake aliens. To win the round, crew members must once again track down and kill the imposters.

Nevertheless, it is more difficult to find the Alien imposters because they are able to mix in with the crew members. When the generators on the spaceship are destroyed in order to stop crew communication, things get worse.

In order to maintain communication, crew members then begin to grow distrustful of one another while also servicing the generators. Enemy on Board, in my opinion, is the ideal substitute for Among Us in terms of gameplay and aesthetic appeal, and you should absolutely give it a try.


Eight-player squad

Locate and kill the imposters.

Continue to communicate

Decent picture quality Drawbacks


Unreliable voice chat

Download Steam (No Cost)

11 Triple Agent

So you enjoy Among Us’ deceitful strategies? You may play Triple Agent on your Android or iOS device to get a comparable experience. There is a lot of bluffing, covert identification, treachery, and social deduction in the game. The fact that this game can live recreated with up to 9 players on a single device is its biggest feature. Players are given undisclosed roles during each 10-minute gaming session.

Being a double agent for a virus or a service is possible. To hide your identity, you must cast doubt on the other players when making your choice and divulge suspicious details. Each player casts a vote to determine the traitor at the game’s conclusion. Even though the game power not be as thrilling as Among Us, it does feature elements of trickery and deduction. Simply give it a shot, in my opinion.


Deception and the hidden identity theme

Just one gadget to play on

Superior graphics Negative


Internet mode is absent

Download: Android / iOS (Free; in-app purchases available)

12. Undercover

The concealed identity component from Among Us is simplified in our final game on this list, Undercover. To play a local multiplayer game, only one smartphone and three or more players are required. In short, Undercover is a terrific option if you like to get everyone involved in a fun social deduction game. Finding other players’ identities as quickly as you can and eliminating them before they reach you are the main goals of the game. Also check Games To Play With Coworkers

Each player is given a role, one that allows them to choose between Mr. White, an undercover agent, or a civilian. Along the journey, you must accomplish duties and inform other users about the potential traitor. As the group gets smaller and it becomes clearer who Mr. White is, the game becomes incredibly intriguing. Undercover is a good choice, in my opinion, if you want to play a straightforward deception game.


Manipulative and false

Playing with roles allocated

Having fun with family and friends


3 players are needed.

There are apparent bugs in the multiplayer mode.

Download: Android / iOS (Free; in-app purchases available)

Best Among us Alternatives Curated For You

So those are our top choices for the top Among Us substitutes. We noticed as we went through the list that social deduction is a relatively new genre and that there aren’t many games that have been created around this idea.

However, after the popularity of Among Us, things appear to be changing. More survivor-traitor games for many platforms, including consoles, are something we hope to see in the near future. That’s all from us, I guess. Please let us know in the words section below if you find the list to be useful.

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