Top 15 Best PRmax Alternatives In 2022

Online public relations software called PRmax combines traditional and digital outreach. You can manage all of your contacts, conversations, news, events, and calendars in one location. Business owners, new businesses, and independent contractors may easily manage their social media, blogs, newsletters, and SEO with a single application. It simplifies the administration of communications between a person or an organisation and the general public.

The programme helps you with media research and identification, managing media enquiries, creating effective campaigns, proving ROI, tracking and analysing media coverage, and more. An organisation or individual may use public relations to reach out to their audiences by exploiting news stories and issues of general interest without asking for cash up front.

PR agencies and SMEs can use the PRmax software to increase their media exposure and make the most of their current outreach initiatives. It was created by communications specialists. You may use it to: manage all of your social media channels in one location; create social media contests; publish press releases directly; and get real-time data and insights. By distributing tasks, exchanging files, and scheduling updates, you may help your team work more quickly.

Top 15 Best PRmax Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about prmax alternatives here are the details below;

1. GlobeNewswire by Notified

GlobeNewswire by Notified

For professional communicators, GlobeNewswire by Notified is a top supplier of digital PR software and worldwide press release delivery. Press releases and multimedia information are directly distributed by the service to thousands of journalists and news outlets around the world. GlobeNewswire is a cutting-edge provider of public relations software and services, offering solutions for digital marketing, social media management, and press release distribution. This makes it easier for businesses and organisations of all sizes to manage their PR and digital media initiatives. This is another PRmax alternative.

For PR professionals to manage their brand’s public relations strategy, publish significant events, track coverage, measure results, and work more productively, the company offers a full-service platform. The Newswire is the industry-leading platform for public relations software, offering wealth management companies and their clients tools to support public relations initiatives. Most significantly, it makes it possible for them to handle their public relations from a single place using just their smartphone.

2. PRgloo


This is another PRmax alternative. You can manage all of your media relations, client relationships, and PR tasks on a single platform with the help of the cloud-based PRgloo Public Relations software. It combines simple-to-use tools for unrivalled analysis with a mobile-friendly design along with the media relations platform. That is made feasible via PRgloo’s user-friendly interface. In order to stand out, it gives brands a sophisticated content marketing strategy and a clear understanding of their target market.

Once your message is out there, you need to make sure it is seen by the correct audience by using influencers and advocates. PRgloo can manage their workflow and assist them in continuously producing and sharing dynamic content in order to do all of this. The features available range from tools to manage your own stakeholders, schedule posts, report on interactions, reporting, and more to add, to interview bids, sell-ins reactive statements, engaging press release distribution, integrated journalist & political databases, and more.

3. iCrowdNewswire


Similar to PR Newswire’s press release services, iCrowdNewswire makes it simple for you to distribute news releases to the media and secure coverage. It has a greater approval rate, lower costs, and no word or scheduling constraints on the release than other news release providers. In addition, it can manage the online and social media reputation of your brand while bringing in new clients. With a robust yet user-friendly system that generates, manages, and distributes news releases using a cloud-based software programme, iCrowdNewswire reinvents traditional Public Relations (PR) and Media Relations for CEOs and business owners.

With it, they may cut expenses while increasing productivity and professionalism, establish and sustain a reputation, and win the public’s trust by managing the news cycle. It is planned to enhance the efficiency of PR operations by giving you a central location to manage all of your cases, allowing you to concentrate on your connections and develop them by keeping contact information, accurate data, and messages within the database. It includes an I-Driven press release delivery service that was especially designed to handle news on the real estate business and community. Overall, it is a strong and flexible PR solution with a full complement of capabilities that can help you manage PR releases more effectively. This is another PRmax alternative.

4. Online PR Software

Online PR Software

Online PR Software is PR and marketing software powered by artificial intelligence that centralises all of your PR resources to help you save time and money. It delivers you everything you require to make wise decisions, from drafting and tracking pitches to monitoring and disseminating news. You can easily manage clients and tasks while on the go thanks to its cloud-based software, which is available from anywhere. Also check dlna server

With the help of effective integrations, you can focus on what really matters by saving time on mundane chores like maintaining social media and coordinating with reporters. It makes it simple to create rich media content, boosts traffic and brand recognition, improves SEO and automated activities, and identifies customer behaviour predictions. A number of functions are available, such as an article author database, auto-update, clippings management, email distribution, press monitoring, contact management, email distribution, communication management, press release builder, and more.

5. Prowly


A new platform called Prowly enables PR professionals to share material, track performance, and publish all in one place. For the best relationship management across all digital channels, users can design and order their own bespoke media lists using the platform’s media database. It streamlines and automates a PR team’s daily operations. The platform enables users to execute endless campaigns that are handled through a customizable workflow, allowing them to meet the specific demands of a variety of clientele, from foundations to big businesses to not-for-profits.

On a single digital platform, it assists PR companies in managing all the briefs, pitches, deadlines, and projects related to their clients. While automating the PR process document and assigning tasks to team members and projects with due dates, agencies may quickly establish connections with the top media contacts, journalists, and bloggers. The solution has features that are specifically designed to meet the demands of PR specialists and their teams.

Your digital and social media activities can be easily organised in an intuitive way with the help of the straightforward drag and drop process. Prowly also makes it simple to collaborate with your team and gives you a real-time snapshot of all your work, including pitches, bloggers, and stories. Even if your firm is dispersed across several geographies, you can simply manage multiple teams, coordinate all of your activities, and produce amazing results by using Prowly.

6. Wiztopic


Professional software for managing public relations is called Wiztopic. With it, businesses can manage their influencers, acquire real-time PR metrics, and automate their PR workflow. It eliminates the requirement for countless emails and spreadsheets by allowing customers to generate and manage all of their strategies, contacts, press releases, publicity, and campaign plans in one location. You won’t ever again miss a deadline thanks to its straightforward platform. This cloud-based enterprise public relations platform aids in the management of communications, press releases, and social media activity for nonprofits, corporations, and PR firms. It is made to help public relations specialists generate great results while saving time by automating their procedures.

This is another PRmax alternative. PR management and posting can be a tiresome, time-consuming activity. Time-consuming tasks like managing deadlines, following up with reporters, and logging into several accounts are made unnecessary with Wiztopic. PR experts and their firms may manage communications more efficiently thanks to the software. The software gives you access to a timeline of your communications and gives you the tools you need to respond coolly and collectedly to attacks on your brand.



Students and young professionals may manage their media relations, write press releases, and plan content with the PR software ISEBOX. With the use of the web platform ISEBOX, users can manage, schedule, and track all of their PR efforts from a single dashboard. Users have the option to change or terminate a project at any time, and the system automatically gathers all of the campaign’s data. It is software intended for use by marketing, communications, and digital agency firms.

Employees of the organisation can arrange and manage public relations campaigns using the programme, which has an intuitive user interface. It aims to provide public relations firms and experts that work with small and large businesses with simple-to-use software that may assist their clients in managing their public relations. It is a special tool used for managing, sharing, and storing content in the digital sphere.

8. Myconvento


A cloud-based tool called Myconvento was created with the express purpose of assisting businesses with all facets of the public relations process, from media monitoring to internal communication and team collaboration. Due to its ability to deliver businesses with in-the-moment strategies and insights into their target audiences, the software has been developed to automate the entire communication process. Myconvento enables PR and marketing organisations to easily and transparently share important initiatives with their clients and business partners.

With the aid of customised public relations tactics for public relations managers and public relations firms, this PR management suite aims to assist businesses in communicating with their customers more successfully. It is designed as an all-in-one communication tool for public relations managers who want a comprehensive solution to manage all of their PR resources in one location, conduct business easily, and streamline daily duties. Everything required to run a PR campaign, from the first concept to the finished product, is offered by MyConvento. This is another PRmax alternative.

9. Hypefactors


The world’s most cutting-edge PR management technology is called Hypefactors. It offers a very user-friendly UI that is designed for organising communications, social media, and public relations strategies. You can manage your PR efforts, build and administer social media profiles, and keep an eye on keyword analytics thanks to the software’s countless capabilities. By effectively managing their public relations efforts, firms may innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition with the help of Hypefactors. Also check trucking software

It can help you in growing your company by using powerful publicity techniques. In order to maximise your time and boost your earnings, it automates the workflow between PR agencies and their clients. In short, you can use Hypefactors to gather client information, track social media mentions of your company, generate press releases in a variety of formats, and manage your customer’s reputation in real time. By improving communication with your customers, it also helps you preserve your reputation and expand your business.

10. BiteSize PR

BiteSize PR

The first public relations software designed specifically for startups and small enterprises, BiteSize PR, enables firms to manage their public relations more effectively. It can take a lot of time and effort to develop a public relations strategy, which includes determining an audience, developing a message, compiling a media list, approaching influencers, organising events, and inspiring action.

This is another PRmax alternative. In order to make it simpler for businesses to manage their public relations, BiteSize PR combines these various components into a single online platform. By putting everything in one simple dashboard, this public relations management software helps PR professionals increase the exposure for their customers. Better organisation, more time to devote to content development, and better outcomes are all made possible as a result. You can schedule your posts, automate some of your approach, and track your campaigns using the software.

11. PressRush


PR experts can manage press releases and pitches on a single, central, cloud-based platform thanks to PressRush, a ground-breaking piece of public relations software for the digital age. PressRush’s clever automation, potent analytics, integrated technology, and top-notch customer support make it simple to create leads and drive traffic to your organisation. With the aid of this new tool, journalists may swiftly draught press releases and send them to the appropriate distribution points. Journalists and bloggers alike can utilise this platform to publish newsworthy stories and deliver them to the audiences that need to read them the most.

12. Covered Press

Covered Press

Best-in-class public relations reporting software, Covered Press, will assist you in managing your employees as well as your interactions with reporters. This software’s simplicity is its best feature. You won’t have any trouble comprehending it once you start using it. The programme will outline your tasks for you, including how to find new reporters for coverage, make lists for your team to follow up on, maintain organisation, etc. By improving communication between team members and clients, this user-friendly software, created in collaboration with top PR firms, helps you coordinate your public relations initiatives.

Through a single dashboard, you can organise pitching sessions, manage client relationships, and share breaking news updates. To cooperate and communicate, your customer has to be able to measure your value and see ROI, which is why the programme includes extensive PR reporting and analytics. Additionally, it has the most responsive story management and journalist management systems for editors and journalists. The extensive features include live assistance, scheduling social media posts, unlimited clients and users, social media listening accounts, tutorial support, unlimited reports, and media monitoring. This is another PRmax alternative.

13. PressPoint


PressPoint, a cloud-based tool for managing public relations, ensures that your PR cycle is streamlined. You can monitor multiple public relations efforts from one location with the aid of this programme, which also makes it easier for you to communicate with different stakeholders. It enables businesses to create robust, adaptable, and highly adjustable web-based applications. Multiple user accounts, custom forms, robust, in-depth reports, and strong mobile commerce are all included in this fully integrated platform, which can be used without having to write any code. With its multi-layered API, you have the advantage of having access to anything. Additionally, you have the best possibilities for customised classes, allowing you to change the workflows to meet your demands.

14. MyMediaRoom


This is another PRmax alternative. The desktop social media management tool for public relations firms is called MyMediaRoom. By offering a simple, drag-and-drop software platform to schedule, track, and analyse tweets, posts, and multimedia, it aids agencies in executing sophisticated social media marketing campaigns at scale. Additionally, it makes it simple for agencies to manage client accounts, restrict access and permissions, monitor team performance, and streamline workflow. Also check data recovery apps

Your public relations connections are included in the software. Your contacts will have a self-updatable internet presence thanks to the programme. You may set up teams, assign assignments, and monitor all of the PR operations carried out on your behalf using a dashboard. The platform gives you the necessary tools to create media rooms for PR and events, which you can then share with the appropriate people. Share the news on your website, social media, and contact lists with only one login. This platform’s features include targeted distribution, a lunch media centre, quick-loading content options, the promotion of special events, long-term campaigns, a personalised URL, email support, fully customised branding, and more.

15. PressPage


For independent contractors, agencies, and corporate public relations departments, PressPage is the best PR platform. The platform offers a variety of user-friendly PR tools that will help you complete your task. It enables PR professionals to more successfully handle their everyday tasks. With Relation, you can generate and manage media lists from any source, collaborate with your team, build and measure your activities and campaigns, and do a lot more. You may easily manage your web presence and media interactions with the help of the programme. This is another PRmax alternative.

It enables you to monitor, gauge, and evaluate all media attention, mentions, and activity pertaining to your business. You can manage press contacts, generate your own press releases, schedule and send news alerts, discover who is talking about them online, and more with the help of this programme. You may manage an online newsroom, news delivery, media databases, and more with the cutting-edge built-in capabilities. Drag and drop capability, thousands of media connections and influencers, a centralised contact management system, an analytics dashboard, simple onboarding, exclusive training resources, and more are some of the software’s straightforward features.

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