10 Best MSP Software In 2022

MSP software is no longer a nice-to-have feature for IT service providers when it comes to client management. There’s always a danger that some important duty may be neglected when there’s so much to manage and keep track of. The best MSP software fills this role by streamlining and automating procedures to identify and stop interruptions even before they occur.

The basic goal of MSP software is to increase managed IT service efficiency. However, the emphasis of each software can differ. For instance, MSP360 places a strong emphasis on backup management whereas NinjaOne mainly relies on remote monitoring. This should be kept in mind while you select the best MSP software for your company. While still being beneficial, it’s ideal if the software’s added features meet the needs of your company.

10 Best MSP Software In 2022

In this article, you can know about msp software here are the details below;

The best MSP software should often offer the following characteristics in their product offerings:

  • Completely integrated ticketing, help desk, and IT service desk support.
  • Remote management and monitoring from a centralised dashboard.
  • Workflow automations to increase productivity.
  • Customizable alerts in real time.
  • Workstations and servers that can use pre-configured administrative activities.
  • Private online access.
  • Management of several endpoints
  • Patch administration.
  • Built-in cloud backups.
  • Tools for client billing.
  • Extensive reports.
  • Integrations with tools and apps from outside sources.

1. Ninja one

Ninja one

Key features:

  • Scalable monitoring, management, and support for all users and devices.
  • IT management made simple with a simple dashboard.
  • Effective platform-agnostic automations.
  • Complete transparency into controlled environments.
  • Automate patching for any endpoint with an internet connection.
  • Backup of important corporate data.
  • Offer assistance to users on any network.
  • Accept, assign, and automate the workflow for IT tickets.
  • Remote access to both occupied and vacant devices.
  • Gives you command over endpoint configuration and behaviour. This is another msp software alternative.

2. Atera


Key features:

  • Effective customer satisfaction and ticketing surveys.
  • Total command over dozens of networks from any gadget.
  • Personalized real-time alerts.
  • Administrative and maintenance duties that are already configured.
  • Manages patches automatically.
  • A set of tools for remote maintenance.
  • Integrated remote support for Splashtop and AnyDesk.
  • More than one technician can use the same gadget.
  • The platform includes professional services automation.
  • Thorough client relationship management.

3. MSP360


Key features:

  • Provides solutions for backup, remote desktop, and RMM.
  • Effective disaster recovery and backup.
  • Native integration with every significant public cloud service.
  • Manage and centrally monitor all software and hardware performance.
  • Safely connect to and manage remote servers and workstations.
  • Access limitless servers and endpoints without paying extra.
  • Use of unattended devices for remote access.
  • Transferring files while in sessions.
  • Instant assistance with the Lite version without installation.
  • Utilize a single dashboard to control every part of your IT infrastructure.

4. LogicMonitor


Key features:

  • Observability based on SAAS for hybrid, on-premises, and cloud IT ecosystems.
  • Monitoring of containers and the cloud.
  • This is another msp software alternative.
  • Graphical depictions of the connections between components in a communication network.
  • Customizable and pre-configured threshold alerts.
  • Completely scalable, pre-built, and customised dashboards.
  • Projects upcoming trends.
  • Early detection system.
  • Dynamic monitoring system with grouping capabilities.
  • Recognizes and tracks modifications to device settings.
  • For quick onboarding, 2000+ integrations are available.

5. Kaseya


Key features:

o Endpoint management and automation integrated.

  • Supports all environments and manages all devices.

o Automates workflow and patch management.

o Use enforced 2FA for access control and improved threat detection to safeguard every point.

o A topology map displaying every device’s connectivity

o Alerts and displays of endpoint status.

o Remote control for troubleshooting and monitoring.

o With the help of policy-based automation, standardise IT procedures.

o A record of work completed.

  • This is another msp software alternative.
  • Backup, anti-malware, and other add-ons are available.

6. ConnectWise


Key features:

  • Platform built on the cloud that enables easy conversion to new methods and software.
  • Intelligent event consolidation into a single ticket through monitoring.
  • Disengaged patch management.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for writing simple instructions using intuitive scripting.
  • Greater visibility thanks to the centralization of all pertinent data.
  • Create dashboard customizations to sync the most popular business tools.
  • Automation that makes grouping easier.
  • The capacity to scale to millions of endpoints overall.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • A wider range of integrations.

7. Accelo


Key features:

  • Customize your company procedures, statuses, and processes.
  • Create several business identities and customizable billing rate cards.
  • Client portals with access to accounts, projects, and other resources.
  • Produce work and activity templates for clients.
  • This is another msp software alternative.
  • Set up triggers and rules.
  • Dashboards for profitability and usage.
  • Workload and scheduling dashboard.
  • Contact and client database.
  • Enhanced security thanks to single sign-on and 2FA.
  • Seamless platform integration with the top systems.

8. Auvik


Key features:

  • Simplifies and streamlines network troubleshooting and monitoring.
  • Customizable and preconfigured alarms.
  • Real-time network performance measurements.
  • Syslog centralised for all of your network equipment.
  • For more context, see logs directly from the dashboard.
  • Automated network discovery, inventory, and mapping.
  • global dashboards
  • Machine learning-powered application visibility.
  • Backup of configurations.
  • Integrates with numerous well-liked business and IT service management applications.

9. ManageEngine


Key features:

  • Remote management and supervision.
  • Complete network visibility for clients.
  • This is another msp software alternative.
  • Proactively find and apply any patches that are needed.
  • Get real-time notifications and handle client network issues.
  • Endpoint management and security that is unified.
  • Works with help desk software.
  • Set up a white-label client portal.
  • Put crucial role-based user management into place.
  • Use a unified MSP dashboard to keep track of the health of your company.
  • Enterprise full-stack service management.

10. Pulseway


Key features:

  • Complete remote management and monitoring.
  • Quick notifications and responses.
  • Remote control, integrated ticketing, and patch management.
  • From the same interface, view operational data and address problems.
  • Automate routine IT work.
  • Create workflows for multi-level auto remediation.
  • Create a schedule for remote distribution.
  • An easier deployment procedure.
  • An automatic finding engine and pre-written scripts.
  • A mobile-first strategy.

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