How can you tell whether a moving company is legitimate?

There are many reasons why moving can be stressful. This is why the task of avoiding scammers in your relocation is not the most important thing on your list of priorities. It is vital to confirm that a moving firm you choose to hire is licensed and insured to guarantee your safety and security. If you don’t do your research ahead of time, you’ll be at the possibility of hiring untrustworthy movers who employ a range of techniques to swindle your money if you don’t perform your due diligence beforehand.

Unfortunately, fraudulent movers are still a problem. They’re in operation from May through September when the peak season for moving is. This is the time of the year when professional and licensed moving companies are in high demand, for reasons that are easily explained. Below is a list of potential warning signs that could warn you of possible moving scams in order to protect yourself from having a disastrous experience with a move that you don’t appreciate.

There are a few key differences between scammers and trustworthy movers

On the day of the moving day, be sure to avoid being scammed. Before you decide to use the services of a moving firm it is vital to confirm the legitimacy of the business. It is a good thing you can verify if the company is legitimate and has a legal status should not require more than a half-hour. This is a security test that could spare you some hassles further down the road. Pay attention to any warning signs that your mover’s company displays as listed below.

Time management problems

If the moving company tries to alter the date or timing of your move be cautious. If the crew comes late for the move or the estimated time on the site, this is another warning indication that something is not right. It is not unusual for there to be some delayed arrivals and cancellations by reliable moving companies. But, fraud can often be identified.

Cash is the only acceptable payment method

In certain situations you can pay your movers with cash could provide you with the best price. If the moving company refuses to accept cash payment that is an indication of trouble. The transactions made with credit cards are recorded and could be challenged in the event that something goes wrong. Moving companies that have been certified can accept a variety of payment options such as credit cards.

Incredibly low-interest rates

Both large down payments and extremely low rates for moving are red flags. It is expensive to move. The business must pay its employees as well as for fuel, taxes, and vehicle maintenance. Examine the estimates you receive from other companies in order to ensure that you are receiving a fair cost. There is a chance that you will get scammed by double the price, and they claim that you will not be able to find another company quickly.

A significant initial deposit

Most licensed and reputable moving companies require only a small down payment at the time you make your booking. In point of fact, many moving companies don’t even require a deposit. Instead, you pay for the service in full after the service is complete. The business that you’re dealing with could likely be a scam if they ask for a much larger first payment.

There are plenty of negative reviews of movers

When choosing a moving company it is essential to look over the reviews first. There are a lot of negative reviews which show that their service is not top-quality. You should also look out for reviews with a high percentage of positive reviews as this could indicate that they are fake reviewers.

Find out what makes movers trustworthy and reliable

Understanding the requirements for the same day movers to be legitimate is vital. A legitimate moving business is required to be registered and licensed with the State Department of Transportation (FMCSA).

Moving companies are within the same state as you. Locally-based companies must obtain a movers’ license from the state department of transportation for legal permission to conduct business in the state. In contrast to out-of-state movers, instate movers cannot do business beyond the geographic limits of their home state.

Moving companies operate across state lines. Any long-distance certified mover who plans to perform moves across state lines should have valid permits granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. To verify that they are registered correctly, every interstate mover is issued a USDOT number.

The government keeps a log of a mover’s safety history using the USDOT number. It includes the registration status, evaluations, and ratings, inspections, and investigation into accidents, in addition to other aspects. You, as the shipper of your home’s contents, must be cautious about whether the moving company has a USDOT number, as this is a sign of an authentic business that is the most important factor. A USDOT number indicates that an interstate moving business is registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This means the company complies with strict federal safety regulations and is adequately insured. They can also be held responsible in the event of customers having a complaint or dispute with the service.

Moving with a reputable company is the best choice for your next move

You will notice that moving any kind of home is subject to regulations. If you select one of the reputable moving companies, you won’t have too much trouble. After you’ve completed your research, you should never ask for a quotation from just one company. Select at least a few firms, and each will be required to give an estimate at home, and finally select the one who best suits your financial constraints and your requirements.

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