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Methods To Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed In 2024

This post will explain Methods To Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed. When attempting to log in, do you see PlayStation Network Sign In Failed? If so, this post is for you because it contains information on how to solve this issue.

Methods To Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed In 2024

This post will explain Methods To Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed here are the details below;


One of the most popular game systems worldwide is the Sony PlayStation. Since the release of the PlayStation 5 in 2020, it has consistently ranked at the top of the list of gaming consoles worldwide because to the incredible titles that are available on this gaming platform.

One drawback of modern gaming consoles, and specifically Sony’s PlayStation, is that it frequently encounters the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” issue, which can be depressing for all gamers. Today, I’m going to discuss the causes of this problem and how you can fix it in order to resolve this situation.

Reasons: PlayStation Network Sign In Failed

It is a given that there cannot be a single or particular cause for the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” issue that appears on your PlayStation.

The “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” error can occur for a number of reasons and prevent you from logging into your PlayStation account. You can read on to fully understand each of the causes listed below that led to this issue.

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Wrong Login Credentials

It is conceivable and frequently occurs with many gamers that they enter the Wrong Login Credentials. You might have attempted to log in to the PlayStation server using the wrong information if you had forgotten your username or password.

After three tries, you should consider retrieving your information rather than trying to log in again to break the loop because doing so could lead to an IP ban.

So make sure to try to regain your login credentials as soon as you can whenever you forget them because failing to do so could cause you trouble.

Error from ISP

When you want to join to the PlayStation Network, your PlayStation console & your ISP (Internet Service Provider) typically cooperate with one another to assist you discover the right PlayStation server location and then access the data on it. The DNS/Name Resolution process comes first, and the Data Transmitted To Your PlayStation step comes second.

This IP might not’resolve’ if your ISP is having issues with the PlayStation DNS, making it difficult for you to connect to the PS network server.

Regarding the data sent to your PlayStation, it’s possible that your ISP is experiencing issues with routing and proxies. Typically, this is a short-term issue that you may wait to be remedied. This problem can frequently be fixed by changing the proxy settings on PlayStation, but not always.

Banned IP Address

Please be aware that if your IP address has been blocked, it is because of measures taken to safeguard the PlayStation server from misuse. You should as usual try to enter into PSN utilizing your account to see what kind of association error message you’re encountering to see if you are restricted from reaching the PlayStation server. You will get the IP Address ban popup if the IP address is the cause of the ban.

When attempting to log in too frequently or with the wrong credentials, the PlayStation server will most likely deny you.

The prevalence of waitpeople set a time limitation on how many times users can log in. Therefore, it would be wiser to reset your password rather than run the danger of being blocked if you find yourself repeatedly typing the wrong username and password.

Server Maintenance

If you use the PlayStation, you may already be aware that Sony regularly maintains the PlayStation server to keep it running efficiently.

Although you will still be able to sign in to PlayStation Network and access the majority of applications while the server is undergoing routine maintenance, you must keep in mind that Account Management and PlayStation Video are unavailable until the maintenance period is over.

How to fix PlayStation Network sign in failed [2024]

To remove the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem that prevents you from signing in to your PlayStation Network and prevents you from playing PlayStation games, there are a few things to keep in mind or a few measures you may do. The many solutions to this issue are listed below.

Fixes for PlayStation Network Sign-In Failure 1: Fix for Automatic Login 2: Update Your PlayStation 4 Firmware 3: Fix for Media Server Connection Ignorance 4: Modify DNS Settings Rebuild the Database and Fix 6: Restore the default settings on your PS4.

FixFix for Playstation Network Sign-In Failed-PlayStation-Network-Sign-In-Failed

Fix 1: Automatic Login

You can use the option of automated login to help you log in to PlayStation on your own and avoid having to do so manually in order to resolve the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” error.

You must first navigate to Settings and then select the User option in order to automatically log into PlayStation. The second step is to select the option to automatically log in to PlayStation under Login Settings. To see if the problem has been resolved or not, you can restart your console and try to sign in once more.

Fix 2: Update your PS4/PS5 firmware

It’s possible that your PlayStation is to blame if you’re experiencing “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problems. You might try updating the firmware on your PlayStation for that. You have two options for updating the firmware: manually or through an external storage device.

You must go to Settings on your console, then select System Software upgrade, in order to manually upgrade the firmware. When the download is finished, click Update Now and then read the System Software License Agreement. Also check factory reset Xbox 360

To confirm your choice, click Accept & then press the X button. When you’re finished, try logging into PlayStation to see if the problem is still there or not.

Fix 3: Disable Media Server Connection

Your PlayStation may be experiencing the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem as a result of the Media Server Connection. You might try to turn off the Media Server Connection to determine if the PlayStation problem is still present or not. You must first go to Settings and then choose Network from the menu in order to disable the Media Server Connection. The Media Server Connection option will appear. The Media Server Connection will be removed if you click the option to disable it here.

Fix 4: Change DNS Settings

The restricted IP talk can be the cause of the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem. You can also try modifying DNS settings to unblock the IP address.

You must first guide to Settings, then Network, in order to correct the DNS settings. Select Internet Connection Setup from the In-Network menu, then choose the Use Wi-Fi to connect to the network option, followed by Custom. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to use after that, and then choose Automatic for IP Address Settings.

Select Manual under DNS Settings and Do Not Specify on the DHCP Host Name screen, and then input the Google DNS (Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS: Click the Next button to proceed after that.

After completing all of these procedures, pick Manual and then 1456 for the MTU setting when you see MTU Settings. Finally, under Proxy Server, click Do Not Use.

Click Test Internet Connection after that. Please attempt to sign in to PlayStation Network once more when the test is finished to determine whether the problem is still present.

Fix 5: Rebuild Database

Rebuilding the database is something you should do if the bulk of your alternatives aren’t working for you. Power down your PlayStation in order to rebuild the database.

The Power button should then be held down for 8 seconds. Now, use a charging wire to connect your Dual Shock 4 to your PlayStation, and then hit the PlayStation button. Finally, press X after navigating to the rebuilt database option. As a result, your database rebuild is complete.

Fix 6: Reset Your PS4/PS5 to default settings

You should Reset Your PS4/PS5 to Default Settings if nothing is working for you. You must first navigate to Settings and then select Initialization to reset the PS4 or PS5.

To conduct a complete factory reset, click Initialize PS4/PS5 and then Full on the following screen. You have completed the reset process.

Before you reset your PS4 or PS5, it’s vital to keep in mind that all of the data on your internal drive will be erased, and there is no way to recover your data back. So after giving this option some careful thought, choose it. Also check Methods To Fix Nearby Share Not Working On Android 

Why does it read PlayStation network sign-in failed?

In the first FAQ?

You may encounter the PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed Error due to various factors, including Incorrect Login Information, ISP Errors, Banned IP Addresses, Server Maintenance, etc.

What does PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed mean? is covered in FAQ 2.

The PlayStation network sign-in failed error code indicates that you are unable to access your PlayStation account or launch any games on your PlayStation.

This is all about the how-to manual and fixing PlayStation network sign-in issues. Contact the support team or bring it to the closest service location if you are still experiencing this error. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter if you’re a new visitor so you can keep up with all the latest PlayStation news.

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