Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives In 2023

Best Evernote Alternatives will be discussed in this article. A popular note-taking program among authors, workers, and students is Evernote. In addition to managing your notes, it has a ton of extra tools for simpler task management and note-sharing. Evernote, however, is not one of the faultless apps you can depend on at all times. You might want to think about the finest Evernote alternatives given the free plans’ shortcomings and data breaches.

There are a number of options to think about whether you are worried about the security of the app or are simply tired of Evernote. Many developers have created useful apps with features and capabilities comparable to those of Evernote. Continue reading the advice below by scrolling.

Large tech corporations are entering this struggle, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Each business has released a note-taking app that makes the claim to increase productivity. Other developers also participate in the competition, making it easier for you to pick the best one. Without further ado, have a look at the reliable replacements for Evernote listed below.

Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Evernote Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote, formerly a component of the Office package, is now a stand-alone application. OneNote is a cross-platform app that works well on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android despite being developed by Microsoft. A web-based version recently became available from the manufacturer, enabling users to edit notes directly from their web browser. Also check Firebase Alternatives

The free software is regarded as a formidable Evernote rival. It not only compiles user notes, comments, and drawings, but it also makes it easier for other users to share them via a network. A Web Clipper addon is another feature of OneNote that lets you store any online content. This program makes it simple to insert Excel formulas if you need to.

The highlight function in this note-taking program also makes it easier for you to switch from Evernote without worrying about your previous notes. Thanks to the converter from Evernote to OneNote, you can migrate your current notes. No necessity to worry about losing your notes because they can be converted quickly!

2. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep has a number of advantages if you have a Google account. This program, which was introduced in 2013, allows you to take notes and store ideas, but it lacks the premium capabilities offered in Evernote. You can effortlessly create new notes, edit existing ones, and access your storage from any device thanks to the included Chrome extension.

Keep offers a variety of tools to make taking notes easier. It can manage lists, photos, music, and other types of notes in addition to text notes. It’s interesting to note that transcription of audio recordings and character extraction from text-containing images are both possible. Keep lets you create reminders that are connected to Google Now to help you stay organized.

If you enjoy working together with clients or friends, Google Keep makes it simpler. You can communicate your ideas and views with other users using this tool. The fact that Keep has no storage restrictions is one of its best features. You can therefore save as many notes as you want.

3. Simplenote


This note-taking tool is more easier to use than Evernote and other options, as the name would imply. However, the fact that this program only handles text can potentially be a disadvantage. Therefore, you are unable to store any audio, video, or image files with this service. However, Simplenote can be an excellent alternative to Evernote if you want to concentrate on the text content.

Simplenote is an app that was created to be cross-platform and works well on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and Mac. This application provides collaboration features that let you exchange ideas with other users, just like other note-taking applications do. The notes can be posted online whenever you’re ready so that anyone can read and benefit from your thoughts. This is another Evernote Alternatives. Also check Dribbble Alternatives 

Reverting changes and formatting notes using Markdown are two more useful features of Simplenote. Not to mention that the developer deleted an advertisement to improve the note-taking process. Simplenote is a fantastic alternative you should think about if you’re seeking for an app that enables you to concentrate on the text.

4. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper

With the debut of Dropbox Paper, the biggest provider of cloud storage joined the competition amongst note-taking applications. Even though it offers more features than Evernote, you can expect a lot from this service. To make taking notes more interesting, let’s talk about the option to import content from YouTube, Spotify, or Instagram.

The cross-platform service also boasts sophisticated formatting capabilities that leave its rivals in the dust. Additionally, you can create visually appealing notes using photographs and tables. Furthermore, Dropbox Paper doesn’t do away with the ability to collaborate, so you can still allow other users to access and update your notes. It should come as no wonder that the Dropbox app can increase productivity.

It’s also helpful to know that Dropbox Paper has an intuitive user interface. Its characteristics are easily usable by both novice and seasoned users. Not to mention that anyone, including left-handed people, can easily access the content. This application’s left-hand menu is quite helpful. In conclusion, Dropbox Paper is a fantastic substitute that you can find. This is another Evernote Alternatives.

5. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook

One of the top Evernote alternatives for improved note-taking is Zoho Notebook. You can use the cross-platform service’s mobile functionality to access and use the app directly from your Android or iOS portable. Major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux are also supported. It stands to reason that Zoho is an excellent application to suit your needs.

There are lots of reasons to adore this note-taking tool. It enables users to design notebooks with eye-catching front covers. Besides, you can also utilize a card system to organize the notes according to specified categories. Additionally, get the best out of this application using a smart tagging system that enables you to search the notes. This is another Evernote Alternatives.

What makes it better? Zoho Notebook preserves your privacy and note security with Touch ID support, especially on iOS. For other devices, you may rely on the passcodes to ensure that nobody accesses your notes. Much to Simplenote, Zoho enables you to rollback modifications in case you need to bring it back to its prior version.

6. Apple Notes

Apple Notes

Apple, the top tech business released Apple Notes back in 2019. Even if it’s a newbie on the battlefield, Apple Notes indicates that it can be the greatest alternative for Evernote, especially for Apple users. The wonderful thing is that you don’t need to download this software as it will be instantly available on your Apple devices.

Apple Notes has a simple and user-friendly interface with basic formatting choices. Despite its simplicity, this note-taking program supports tables so you may sort and organize information quicker. You can store photographs, documents, and doodles from your Apple devices in Notes in addition to tables.

When it comes to search-ability, your notes are relatively straightforward to search, thanks to the search bar feature that it provides. Though primarily it uses distinct folders to keep the notes, the search bar can be a great tool to help save time. Apple Notes gives you the option to add a password for increased protection, ensuring that no one may access your notes without your consent. Apple Notes is only accessible to Apple users, in contrast to other cross-platform services.

7. ProofHub


Although ProofHub primarily functions as project management software, it also makes a fantastic note-taking tool. This service has a productive note-management system that enables you to collect and share ideas from collaborators or clients. It stands to reason that ProofHub is one of the top Evernote alternatives given its convenience.

This program offers several appealing features for a fun note-taking experience. You can recognize the notes by their colors thanks to its color-code characteristics. Additionally, ProofHub enables you to create private notes that are inaccessible to your clients or business partners. Not to mention that the app enables you to collaborate with other users by adding comments. This is another Evernote Alternatives.

You can use the software’s pin feature to move favorite or significant notes to the top. It saves a ton of time and makes the notes accessible. However, because ProofHub is a paid software, you must select the appropriate plan and price. However, you can begin a free trial and see if it suits you before making a purchase.

8. CintaNote


Do you recall ever hearing of this application? It may not be as well-known as Google Keep or OneNote, but it might be a fantastic alternative to Evernote. Because of the user interface’s simplicity and clarity, learning how to use this note-taking tool won’t take much time. CintaNote exclusively works with mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, in contrast to other services.

What distinguishes it? This Evernote substitute has the ability to add photos and text from other programs to notes. Additionally, it has synchronization, which makes your tasks simpler. In order to prevent data loss, CintaNote also gives you the option to automatically backup your notebooks and encrypt them with passwords.

9. Notejoy


Another tool for collaboration that can help your team be more productive at work is Notejoy. As a note-taking tool, this program excels at making your difficult collaborative time enjoyable. You can use the service to create notes that you can then send to the entire team just like an email.

Thanks to this app’s reactions and note viewing features, your partners may effortlessly provide input on the notes. Additionally, threaded discussions are supported so that everyone can participate in the forum for the benefit of the project. The best aspect is that Notejoy has lightning-fast search capabilities, so you won’t have to spend much time looking for the right notes.

10. Box Notes

Box Notes

Using the cross-platform application is considerably simpler than in the past. Box Notes is an online tool that boosts team productivity and claims quick performance. It has a ton of functions, including the ability to write newsletters, schedule meetings, and organize business evaluations. Additionally, it makes it simple to manage projects and discuss ideas. This is another Evernote Alternatives.

Being a web-based service, Box Notes’ main feature is that you may access it whenever and from anywhere. This top Evernote substitute has enterprise-grade security that complies with international compliance standards to guarantee the security of your projects and plans. You can safely upload notes and collaborate with your team using Box Note.

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