Kindle Matchbook The Best Platform Where You Sell More Books

This article shows the information regarding kindle matchbook. It can be difficult to market more stuff to the exact same audience unless you create an additional book. A minimum of it utilized to be. Now, with Kindle Matchbook, you can sell extra numerous versions of your book to the exact same reader a lot much easier than in the past.

Below’s exactly how it functions. You have actually need to have your publication published as both a Kindle book and also a book available for sale on Once you enroll your e-book in the Kindle Matchbook Program, anytime a consumer acquires your paperback publication, they can then purchase your e-book of the exact same title for either $2.99, $1.99, $0.99 or even complimentary– you get to pick.

Kindle Matchbook The Best Platform Where You Sell More Books

In this article, you can know more about kindle matchbook here are the details below;

This indicates you can now make two sales– a book sale as well as an e-book sale– a lot less complicated for your visitors, placing even more cash in your pocket as well as increasing your sales rankings (specifically Kindle sales rankings).

Incidentally, you can register your book in the Kindle Matchbook Program with or without KDP Select so you don’t require to publish your digital book specifically on

Why Readers Love Kindle Matchbook

Visitors like Kindle Matchbook for one easy factor– people love comfort (which is part of the reason book sales are blowing up in the first place). And also nothing is much more troublesome than getting a book that you can not wait to check out and also not getting it up until the following day or more in the mail (Seriously, I almost passed away awaiting Round Trip to get here).

That’s why Kindle Matchbook is a large amount for viewers. Lots of visitors very own Kindles and still appreciate reading paperbacks. So now they can acquire a book and get the Kindle book at a discount rate, or even free of charge, and begin to read it while they wait for the paperback to get here in the mail.

Visitors win because it’s easier and also they can start reading quicker. Authors win since they offer extra publications, and get visitors to communicate with their publication even faster. As well as, of course, wins due to enhanced sales. So the Kindle Matchbook Program is really a win-win-win.

The Best Way to Use Kindle Matchbook

We have actually examined the Kindle Matchbook Program as well as located that the very best alternative is to price your Matchbook deal at $0.99. Right here’s why …

Viewers are currently purchasing your book, which generally indicates a $10 to $25 financial investment. Adding an added couple of dollars can be asking a little bit much. The essential benefit here to writers isn’t truly the extra royalty you gain from the added ebook sale. Instead, the key benefit you obtain is your enhanced sales position as well as sales momentum for your Kindle book. That implies your publication will be more probable to rank on a bestseller listing, as well as if your book is currently a bestseller, it will certainly place also higher. As well as higher bestseller rankings cause more sales from even more direct exposure.

So what you truly wish to concentrate on with Kindle Matchbook isn’t squeezing even more cents from your existing consumers (even though that is an excellent method in many cases). Rather, you just intend to get your existing and also future paperback visitors to get your digital book as well. That’s why selecting an extremely low and minuscule cost of $0.99 for the book makes sense because it’s going to give you the biggest sales increase.

Now you might be believing, “why not simply provide the digital book away absolutely free when viewers acquire a book?” The trouble with a free Matchbook book is that you don’t obtain credit report for a paid sale on Amazon. Given that viewers are getting the e-book for free, it doesn’t count as a paid sale and also consequently doesn’t boost your Kindle sales position. No increase in sales rating means no better bestseller position, which means no extra direct exposure benefits. That’s why I do not suggest setting your Kindle Matchbook cost to cost-free.

How To Enroll in Kindle Matchbook

Watch the videos clips below to find out just how to enlist your publication in the Kindle Matchbook program or follow along with the written instructions below.

Step 1. Most likely to and login to your KDP account.

Step 2. Select your publication that you want to enlist in Kindle Matchbook and go to “Information” to edit your publication information.

Step 3. Most likely to page 2 (” Step 2. Civil liberty & Pricing” on the navigating bar on top of the page) as well as scroll down to the bottom. It claims “9. Kindle Matchbook.” Click the check box there to enroll in the program and afterwards pick the price for your Kindle Matchbook rate. Once more, I suggest 99 cents for your e-book price.

Step 4. Strike Save and also Release to save your changes to your publication.

What Kindle Matchbook Appears Like on Your Amazon Book Page

Right here’s what readers see on your publication web page on Amazon when your book is registered in the Matchbook program:

Notice the bold lettering and also box around the Kindle Matchbook message that makes it protrude even more. Despite the fact that the program is new, viewers are ending up being much more aware of it and also savvy customers who possess Kindles and want to read your book as soon as possible are taking benefit of it.

So, in other words, if you are not yet making use of Kindle Matchbook, you’re missing out on beneficial book sales.

List of Issues Why You Should Use Kindle Matchbook

To sum every little thing up, below’s a list of reasons that. You must enlist your book in Kindle Matchbook today.

  1. It can enhance your average revenue per viewers, providing you even more income with no extra advertising.
  2. It can enhance your sales rankings on Particularly your digital book sales rankings, offering you a lot more direct exposure.
  3. Permits visitors to review your book even much faster and also involve with it in even more detail. As well as in more methods (via the physical book and with their e-readers).
  4. You make 70% aristocracies on e-books offered through Kindle Matchbook even. If they’re cost less than $2.99.
  5. You don’t require to be enlisted in KDP Select to enroll in Kindle Matchbook.
  6. Your book will be advertised at
  7. will motivate viewers of your paperbacks to download your e-book too. If it is enrolled in the Matchbook program. Meaning even more marketing and exposure thanks to Amazon.
  8. it’s free and also actually simple.

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