Back Up Your Data And Transfer Large Files Using FileWhopper

This post will explain how to transfer large files. If something happens to your cell phone or your PC’s hard drive and you lose all your valuable information, how precisely will you feel? Indeed, we know it’ll be a finished calamity!

Envision you need to show large project files to a companion or customer since you need to hear their input; however, you can’t go because they’re far away. You, at that point, choose to check for document move benefits that can assist you with sending them, just to understand that they all expect you to pay a month-to-month membership expense.

Regardless of whether you track down a reasonable cloud-based exchange administration, the low exchange speed it offers can be debilitating. Envision bearing a 24-hour stand by to move a 10GB organizer. At that point, there’s the issue of size limits: most document move stages give you a cutoff on how much information you can share. This will not do, particularly if you handle records as extensive as 150 GB and need to move them in the briefest conceivable time.

Regardless of whether you’re a media master who manages enormous media documents or a representative in an alternate industry, everybody has information they would prefer not to lose – ever! Understudies additionally have records they need to be careful or share with their companions and instructors. Specialists have enormous documents they need to impart to their partners for altering and input. Losing these documents all of a sudden or suffering sluggish exchange paces can be a bad dream.

It doesn’t make any difference whether your records are for individual or expert use; for example, losing recollections assembled during a family trip is a none thing we need to encounter. Nonetheless, it can occur!

Back Up Your Data And Transfer Large Files Using FileWhopper

In this article, you can know about transfer large files here are the details below;

A document cancellation may unexpectedly happen while you’re riding the net, downloading records, or moving information. This blunder can be because of an organization separation, information defilement, or coincidental drive arranging. An infection contaminating your drive can likewise cause unintended document cancellations.

You can lose your information for some reason, and you may always be unable to recuperate it. This is why it’s fundamental to have reinforcements of any significant information you never need to lose. To accomplish this, you need a document move administration that is secure, has high exchange paces and works in any event when your web association is poor. Also, check dreamcast emulator.

FileWhopper is a productive record move administration that you can use to back up your information and offer it to whomever you need, regardless of their area. FileWhopper is a cloud-based stage. It has an easy-to-understand interface and permits you to move records and organizers of any size at high rates.

Highlights of FileWhopper

FileWhopper has numerous one-of-a-kind highlights that make it extraordinary compared to other reinforcement and information move stages for enormous documents. These highlights are as per the following:

High Upload and Download Speeds

With FileWhopper, you can move colossal measures of information at high velocities. The device permits you to back up and share any document type without burning through a lot of your time. However long you have a decent web association, the transfer interaction will not take long. You additionally will appreciate high download speeds.

No Upload or Download Limits

You can transfer or share any record size. FileWhopper permits you to back up and download ANY measure of information that you need. There are positively no size limits!

Simultaneous Uploads and Downloads

If you need to impart documents to a partner or customer, he/she can begin downloading the records while you are as yet transferring them. This is incredible, particularly on the off chance that you are both on a cutoff time where consistently tallies.

No Monthly Subscription Fees

Dissimilar to other cloud-based stages with muddled charging structures expecting you to pay month-to-month memberships, FileWhopper permits you to pay a one-time expense for the document size you wish to move. Essentially pick the document or organizer you need to send, and you’ll get a one-time value quote. There are no month-to-month memberships and no convoluted valuing framework.

Guaranteed File Integrity

This element ensures the trustworthiness of your information – regardless of what occurs. Envision your web association goes off, or your battery runs out when the document transfer progress is 95%. You don’t need to start from the very beginning again because FileWhopper will proceed precisely from where it halted when your web association is restored or when your framework is back on. This saves you both time and cash.

Security and Encryption

FileWhopper shields your information from being captured by programmers during a move. It consequently encodes any record or organizer you need to transfer and keeps any outsider from getting to it without your consent. Likewise, it gives you a protected secret phrase. Without this secret key, no one can download your record or envelope. You can impart this secret phrase to your customer or associate to furnish them with admittance to your record or organizer. This will permit them to see and download the information from any place they are. Also, check OYO Room Referral Code.

Preserved File Quality

This element permits you to transfer your records precisely as they are without compacting them. We as a whole realize that compacting a record decreases its quality. This is the reason FileWhopper was intended to permit you to transfer your records without packing them, regardless of the size of the information they contain.

Instructions to Use FileWhopper to Transfer and Back-Up Files and Folders of Any Size

You need to visit the authority FileWhopper site to pick the document or organizer you need to transfer and move it quickly and securely:

  1. First, you need to check the value quote for the document or organizer you need to transfer. On the invite page, go to the slide highlight and drag it until you arrive at the document size you mean to move. This will show you the one-time value quote for the document/organizer.
  2. If you need to transfer a solitary document, click on the Choose record alternative. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to transfer an envelope containing a few documents, click on the Choose organizer choice. This will take you to another page.
  3. On the new page, you’ll show the size of the record or organizer you need to transfer. You’ll additionally see the installment alternatives. Guarantee you pick the right document/envelope and snap-on CONFIRM and PAY. This will divert you to the installment page.
  4. After you’ve made your installment, the site will take you to another page from where you can start the information move. Snap-on START TRANSFER. This will download a little measured application on your framework. This small, lightweight application takes practically zero extra room on your PC. It’ll naturally erase itself once your transfer is finished. The application assists with encoding your information during a move. It likewise guarantees that the trustworthiness of your documents is kept up during the whole transfer measure.
  5. After the application has been introduced, run it by tapping on it. Now, click on the COPY DOWNLOAD LINK. You can impart this connection to the individual you need to impart the information to. They can utilize the connection to begin downloading your record or envelope while you’re actually transferring it on your end.
  6. Also, click on COPY PASSWORD to duplicate the secret key expected to get to the information. The download connection and secret word are important to get to and download your record or envelope. Offer them both with your customer or associate, or you can record them someplace ok for sometime later (in case you’re transferring the information as an individual reinforcement).
  7. Now that the transfer is finished, the small application will naturally erase itself.


FileWhopper is a cloud-based exchange stage that permits you to move records and organizers of any size at high rates. It likewise offers encryption and expanded security for your documents while guaranteeing that their quality is kept up. Also, check Screensavers.

Go to the site and get a statement for the document or envelope you need to move. No month-to-month memberships are required.

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