What Is Interior AI Tool ? Complete Review & Guide

Interior AI Tool Review. An AI-based interior designing tool that gives ideas for interior designing and virtual staging for real estate listings.

What Is Interior AI Tool ? Complete Review & Guide

In this article, you can know about Interior AI Tool here are the details below;

Interior AI is your go-to app for interior design. The tool uses artificial intelligence to produce interior design ideas and helps in designing aspects, including planning, structuring, and lighting.

The tool is ideal for homeowners who want to revamp their houses. Designers can use Interior AI to brainstorm new design ideas for clients and give them a personalized touch.

Interior AI can transform your current room into 32+ styles, including contemporary, traditional, minimalist, tropical, biophilic, bohemian, industrial, etc. Upload an image of your room and wait for Interior AI to show its magic! If you like a generated image, you can use it as input to create better ideas. Also check No Code Website Builders

Interior AI Features

Interior AI is a helpful tool for interior designers. Some of its striking characteristics contain the following:

Interior AI provides personalized suggestions to its users based on their preferences.

Interior AI generates mockups and designs based on the uploaded images, room angle, and construction.

Interior AI automates repetitive tasks saving the time of designers and homeowners.

The tool offers faster results at a much lower cost than professional designers.

Interior AI generates images and designs with high resolution.

It offers unlimited renders for premium plan holders.

It offers private workspaces and watermark-free designs for professionals with premium plans.

Users can view Interior AI designs in 2-D and 3-D modes.

Interior AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Interior AI is not limited to interior designers. Various professionals can use the platform, such as:

Real estate agents can create virtual stages using Interior AI to list properties.

Homeowners can use Interior AI to generate ideas for modifying the existing interior of their homes.

Interior designers can use Interior AI to show mockups or designs to clients.

Interior AI Pricing

Interior AI offers a free plan for users to explore the platform. This plan gives limited access to Interior AI features and generates watermarked images. To get unlimited access to Interior AI, you can purchase one of the following plans:

Interior AI pro (monthly) – $29 per month with unlimited renders and access to a commercial license for one person.

Interior AI pro (yearly) – $249 per year with unlimited renders and access to a commercial license for one person.

Interior AI pro for teams (yearly) – $299 per year with unlimited renders and access to a commercial license for one person.

Interior AI pro for teams (yearly) – $1999 per year with unlimited renders and access to a commercial license for up to 10 people. Also check  Chegg Alternatives 


Interior AI is an excellent platform for interior designers and real estate agents. The platform can help generate various ideas and designs at a lower cost and faster. Designers can get inspiration for the latest designs. They can use it to combine a mix of two themes and see the results before implementation.

Interior AI reduces the workload of designers by automating repetitive tasks. The platform is a must-try for those seeking design inspiration instantly. It is also ideal for those having a limited budget. Try it for free and later upgrade to its pro plan.


Is Interior AI free?

Yes, Interior AI is free to use. You can utilize it for free to generate basic ideas. However, if you want unlimited renders, full features, and watermark-free designs, you must get its premium plan starting at $29 per month.

Can anyone use Interior AI?

Yes, anyone can use the Interior AI website. The tool has an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface making it ideal for beginners and pros. The tool is designed for individuals, homeowners, and designers regardless of their project size and budgets. You can access Interior AI from its website by creating your account. If you own a design firm, get the pro plan for teams to share the tool with upto 10 team members.

In which sectors can Interior AI be used?

Interior AI can be used to generate designs for a room or building. It can also help analyze dimensions or layouts, set up the furniture, and select the lighting and materials. Interior AI gives personalized suggestions based on user preferences.

Do my designs get deleted after some time?

Designs created using the Interior AI free version remain for 15 minutes and get autodeleted later. However, the designs created using the pro versions stay until the user deletes them. These designs are private and watermark-free, so users can share them with others.

Is Interior AI safe to use?

Interior AI is accessible via its official website and is safe to use. You can use it online by creating an account and purchasing its pro plans. No requirement to worry about hackers, viruses, or malware. It is a reliable platform.

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