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How To Boost Your Video Marketing With QR Codes

How To Boost Your Video Marketing With QR Codes will be described in this article. In the USA, the use of QR codes on mobile devices has increased steadily since 2020. It is anticipated that this growth would last until 2025. The increasing use of QR codes indicates that more resources should be allocated to this area for experimentation. There are two main ways that marketers and company owners can benefit from QR codes’ increasing popularity.

One of the best methods for brands to engage their audience, present their products, and spread their message nowadays is through promotional films. These short films—usually lasting a few seconds to a few minutes—have the power to instantly grab attention and communicate the essence of a brand.

How To Boost Your Video Marketing With QR Codes

In this article, you can know about How To Boost Your Video Marketing With QR Codes

Now picture fusing the accessibility of QR codes with the captivating quality of advertising movies. A QR code can greatly raise awareness of and views for these videos when applied properly. Now let’s explore how. You can use these codes in your video content to increase viewer conversion rates to leads and sales. Generating QR codes is simple and there are plenty of free generators online. They can be immediately implemented after they are built.

Now let’s take a closer look at how QR codes can drive more people to watch the movie and turn those extra views into leads and sales.

Boost Promotional Video Awareness and Engagement

Boost Promotional Video Awareness and Engagement

Despite the fact that there are several marketing methods, they often center on three main goals. When considering how to make the most of the QR code, the following goals are an excellent foundation to bear in mind:

  1. Awareness: Call center services have long been used by businesses to reach out to a large number of potential customers. The idea was to get customers to know about the brand and consent to a sales representative visiting their homes to make a sales pitch. Although it is now incorporated into an entire plan along with SEO, affiliate marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and email, this is still a feasible alternative.
  2. Conversion: Conversion is the process of turning this attention into concrete actions, like clicking a link to a website, completing a form, or making a purchase.
  3. Retention: This refers to keeping channels of communication open with current clients. This promotes good word-of-mouth. Additionally, it enables cross- and up-selling to generate higher earnings.

This means that the initial step toward increasing awareness and engagement (watch-time) with the videos is complete. This is the point at which the following QR code tactics seek to increase initial awareness and engagement.


Customers are invited to interact with a brand’s video marketing content immediately by placing a QR code next to the door of a business. This instant connection increases awareness and can improve the in-store experience by providing personalized promotions or initial product previews.

Place the QR code where the front door is. You can use a call to action (CTA) to encourage people to use it.

A promotional movie that promotes the store’s goods and services may be accessed by scanning the code, which is a great way to boost sales. Additionally, this will enhance the immersiveness of their stay and give their experience a new depth.

In-store and product packaging

The consumer’s journey through the store highlights the significance of strong branding. They may come across a new product that they have never used before. More information about the brand can be conveyed with a QR code placed on the package than through words. Also check WikiBit Alternatives

A promotional video that incorporates the company’s colors and music and highlights features specific to the target market can increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Outdoors print advertising

Outdoors print advertising

A QR code placed in prominent areas with lots of traffic is still another fantastic potential. A baseball bat company, for instance, might set up QR codes outside of a stadium.

This could take viewers to a promotional video that the team in question sponsors, where they can buy personalized bats bearing their name and the team’s colors.

Business cards

It’s still customary for the sales and business teams to exchange business cards. This QR code might lead to a film that goes into further detail about the company they work for and the advantages of their goods and services.

Direct marketing

Emails to new leads are frequently ignored or rapidly perused before being deleted, a problem that also exists with promotions that are delivered to physical mailboxes. Skim reading can be addressed by incorporating QR codes into these messages. These codes make sure important information is easily accessible and interesting by directing readers to eye-catching images or offers.

Social media and websites

Finally, it can be a smart decision to include QR codes in visual content like an Instagram reel or a Facebook photograph. These codes facilitate the user’s transition from indolent browsing to direct brand involvement by providing links to promotional films. Because social media platforms are mostly visual, QR codes can help bridge the gap between static imagery and dynamic video content, which can help brands take fuller advantage of social media.

A note on privacy and its effect on marketing

It makes sense that many customers are worried about what happens to their data and how it is utilized. Establishing opt-out privacy policies for users is a great method to foster trust.

Additionally, sales calls may be viewed as intrusive, and representatives who possess “too much” personal information about their clients may raise suspicions.

Gaining prospects’ trust can be achieved by using cloud PBX phone systems to make calls as part of your video marketing campaigns to reassure them that their data is secure. Before we start attempting to convert, trust is a crucial prerequisite that ought to be met.

Increasing Marketing Video Conversion Rates

Increasing Marketing Video Conversion Rates

There are situations where scanning a QR code is a superior option, even though online videos frequently include links that are easier to click. For example, in live presentations or events, if participants are unable to “click” a video, they can still access more content by scanning a displayed QR code. Also check Ways to Promote a Music Video

Similar to this, QR codes work as a bridge to guide potential clients to a website or promotional video in print ads, billboards, or even TV commercials when direct engagement isn’t feasible.

This is where, as was previously indicated, we concentrate on increasing conversions. Using QR Codes in your video marketing efforts can help you close sales in a variety of effective methods.

We’ll concentrate on two of the best applications for them here.

TV advertisements

Immediately after the slight decline in global revenue from television advertising in 2020, as seen in Statista’s global revenue report. Since then, TV ad revenue has continued to increase. Additionally, growth is anticipated through 2027. Because of this, TV advertisements present a fantastic chance to begin incorporating QR codes to boost conversion rates. They also offer an excellent way to monitor the effectiveness of the broadcasted video marketing campaign—a topic for several more articles.

Any QR code, whether it be found in a magazine, on a billboard, or in a TV advertisement, can be connected to a special web address (URL). The unique URL logs the visit when someone scans the code. Marketers can tell exactly where their traffic is coming from thanks to this data.

Marketers might manage resources more effectively by investing more in billboard advertising if, for example, a magazine ad with a QR code receives 500 scans but a billboard receives 5,000. Over time, this degree of specificity aids brands in improving their tactics. Finally, product demos can be connected to provide the audience a better understanding of the item before they buy it. This is particularly helpful at more expensive pricing points.

Events and tradeshows

Videos are a common way for businesses to display their goods and services at events and trade exhibits. One unique feature is that the sales representatives on duty at the events are able to respond to inquiries in real-time, which makes for a potent combination that increases the number of prospects who become sales.

The Key QR Considerations

Marketers can more easily guide customers through marketing funnels and monitor the effectiveness of their video campaigns with the use of QR codes. Customers also gain from QR codes since they can scan them to obtain more information, which facilitates better decision-making.

The use and acceptance of QR codes and videos is expanding. This is a fantastic time to take advantage of the trend and increase your video marketing.

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