Top 12 Best WikiBit Alternatives In 2023

Best WikiBit Alternatives will be discussed in this article. An organization with its headquarters in Hong Kong called WikiBit offers users a space to conduct in-depth research into company profiles, with a particular emphasis on blockchain initiatives. This platform can provide its users with services including platform identification, credit evaluation, regulatory license inquiry, and important information inquiry.

Customers may even be given priority access to data security, with no data being shared with outside parties. With a big data solution that incorporates data gathering, screening, aggregation, and modeling, WikiBit also enables customers to make advantage of open-source government data, sophisticated sniffer systems, and computer algorithms. Even the availability to everyone in a variety of languages highlights its goal to provide Chinese Internet technology’s comfort to the entire world.


  • Informative articles and information
  • Market data for digital currencies in real time
  • Evaluation of a secure trading environment
  • Global digital currency trustworthiness checker
  • A thorough database of blockchain business names


  • Providing ICO analysis
  • Information on the newest trends
  • Includes a broad range of crypto
  • Supports a variety of languages
  • Authentic blockchain data


  • Requires ongoing update
  • Little knowledge of traditional finance
  • Focusing on cryptocurrencies could be restrictive.

Top 12 Best WikiBit Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about WikiBit Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Sine Pro

Sine Pro

A web-based marketplace called Sine Pro can provide customers a free mobile app made to speed up the check-in procedure for visitors and contractors at various locations, doing away with the need for cumbersome paperwork and physical sign-in books. With this platform, users can check in with just one swipe, scan QR codes for quick access, and even have participating sites check them in automatically based on their location. It even enables access for its clients, speeds up check-out, and sends notifications.

2. QNET Mobile WP

QNET Mobile WP

QNET Mobile WP is a marketplace that provides customers with an extensive digital solution made for distributors to manage their businesses from any location. Through this platform, thousands of users can receive push notifications with the most recent offer details, exclusive news, and reminders. Additionally, it may give clients easy access to QNET product purchasing, measure sales and commission revenues, and offer a thorough rank dashboard. Customers can easily redeem e-Voucher points for QNET products using QNET Mobile WP as well.

3. iCurrency


The website iCurrency offers customers a flexible currency converter and calculator optimized for the iPhone X and iOS11 with high-definition Retina graphics. With this platform, users may obtain real-time exchange rates for hundreds of different world currencies. These rates are updated instantly when an app is launched and require an internet connection to receive updates. Customers may even be given access to a user-friendly interface that makes currency conversion easier; with just one tap, they may choose the desired currencies, enter the amount, and convert.

4. Bamboo


The term “Bamboo” refers to a platform that can offer consumers a mobile investment space that makes participating in the US stock market simple and available to everyone, regardless of age or income. With this platform, clients can instantly begin trading with the option to hold positions for a long time or trade regularly dependent on market movements. There is also no documentation to complete during the short registration procedure. By making sure all of its customers have access to secure trading, it may even.

5. AscendEX


AscendEX is a large platform that users may use to interact with a better location for buying, selling, and profiting on cryptocurrencies. It was founded by Wall Street professionals in 2018. This platform provides services to retail and institutional clients in several nations by enabling trading of nearly hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, using credit/debit cards. It may even allow users to access a secure site that places an emphasis on asset security using highly effective matching algorithms and cold/hot wallets. Also check Leetify Alternatives 

6. SocialGood


Without risking any of their own money, users of SocialGood can purchase SocialGood (SG) cryptocurrency, which is featured on sites like Bitmart, MEXC, Uniswap, and more. This platform enables thousands of customers to benefit from the fact that the company buys back Singapore dollar (SG) from the market when they make purchases using the app. As many app users maintain significant SG assets over an extended period of time, it may even allow clients to access services after millions of downloads. This is another WikiBit Alternatives.

7. Forex Portal

Forex Portal

A web-based marketplace called Forex Portal can offer consumers a complete trading platform that includes real-time prices, signals, technical analysis, and expert views. This platform offers its users access to AI-driven, carefully curated articles that have the potential to have a big market impact. Even more, it can give users access to a real-time economic calendar, alert traders about important economic indicators, and provide interactive learning tools for novice traders using the MetaTrader 4 platform. This is another WikiBit Alternatives.

8. Currency Plus

Currency Plus

One of the top platforms, Currency Plus offers customers a cutting-edge mobile app that caters to tourists from across the world and financial aficionados, giving real-time currency conversion and exchange rate monitoring. This platform makes it possible for users to get coverage of hundreds of different currencies, facilitating international financial transactions. Customers may even have access to educational infographics and historical data to fully comprehend overall financial patterns around the world. Additional features of Currency Plus include a built-in calculator for quick calculations. This is another WikiBit Alternatives. Also check  Video2X Alternatives



The platform offering consumers a free Forex trading rebate service that enables them to recoup a portion of each trade placed is known as PAYBACKFX, which was created by Customers of this site can link their Forex accounts to it so that their broker can pay a rebate for each trade they execute, with the majority of this rebate going back to them. Customers may even be able to obtain real-time data to view earnings right away. Another service that is included with PAYBACKFX is maintenance.

10. Cointelegraph


The term “Cointelegraph” refers to a platform that gives users access to the most up-to-date prices, news, and analysis for anything relating to blockchain, fintech, and bitcoin. With the help of this platform, thousands of users may access a dedicated team that provides real-time commentary on the Bitcoin community as well as coverage on business, technology, society, and the law. Customers may even access the Crypto News app, which provides breaking news, a tracker for digital coins, price charts, and NFT/Web3 updates. This is another WikiBit Alternatives.

11. FxGecko


FxGecko is a platform that enables customers to access a third-party service location that helps them confirm the legitimacy of forex brokers. This platform aims to assist users in identifying dishonest brokers by providing them with thorough information on brokers, including their rules, licenses, risk exposure, and credit evaluation. It can even give its users access to a sizable database of forex brokers from many nations, reliable data sources coordinated with international regulatory bodies, and an example relationship diagram.

12. WikiFX


WikiFX is an online platform that gives consumers access to a thorough area that facilitates safer and simpler forex investment while offering essential information on the reliability and validity of forex brokers. This platform enables clients to communicate with tens of thousands of brokers throughout the world, and its sizable database is synced with international regulatory organizations to guarantee current, accurate information. Even more features, such as real-time access to forex markets, financial news, and rates, may be made available to its users. There is also WikiFX. This is another WikiBit Alternatives.

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