Top 14 Fun HR Games for the Workplace In 2024

Best Fun HR Games for the Workplace will be explained in this article. HR games are engaging and interactive experiences that HR can employ as trainings or team building exercises. These games are corporate tactics that allow human resource teams to train, develop, and evaluate personnel. Examples include guess that baby, penny for your ideas, flip it over, and aid me. These events attempt to help HR professionals learn more about each other. You can use these games as inspiration for HR project ideas. These games can assist boost corporate culture, staff retention, employee engagement, and workplace positivity.

This list includes:

  • Games for HR staff
  • Online HR games for college students
  • HR simulation games
  • HR games for managers
  • Let’s get started!

Teams can be tested and trained through HR games. Managers can also utilise these activities to establish trust and bonds among members. For new teams or teams with recruits, HR games can boost communication and teamwork. This is a list of HR games for managers to try.

Top 14 Fun HR Games for the Workplace In 2024

Top 14 Fun HR Games for the Workplace are explained here.

1. Silver Linings

Silver Linings

Building relationships and communication within a team is a key component of Silver Linings. This game can help promote interest and trust. One participant should tell a tale about a period when they were not particularly pleased with or proud of their deeds.

The second participant should recount the story in a positive manner after the speaker has finished their narration. The retelling must solely focus on the teammate’s positive traits. Groups should repeat the process for the other member. This game encourages players to look past a teammate’s flaws and recognise their strengths.

2. Who Am I

Who Am I

Who am I is an amazing HR game that helps colleagues reduce preconceptions and help realise how personalities can effect others. The game is relatively easy. Players will first list several personality traits, such as perseverance, quietness, restlessness, and poor concentration, and then randomly assign these labels to each team member. Two players must begin a conversation. Afterwards, each player must portray the title of their coworker. Once a teammate correctly identifies their own personality tag, they are eliminated from the game. Members should continue until every player has guessed what their tag is.

3. The last 30 seconds

The last 30 seconds

The last 30 seconds is an exciting game that links team members. HR directors invite team members to recollect numerous happy, thrilling, and generally great memories. Teammates should get adequate time to think of the best memory. When participants have chosen a memory they are happy with, ask them to choose a moment they would wish to revisit in their last 30 seconds of life. Several teammates may be unable to respond to the game’s deep question. Employees who respond, however, have the opportunity to offer a rich experience or story that forges a bond with other team members.

4. Memory Wall

Memory Wall

A memory wall is an extremely intricate game that unites the team. Every employee should write a topic or point about their job and put it on a discussion board, according to HR personnel. The management can have a member select out one point and share a relevant memory. Team members can then choose a name and share a memorable work-related experience with that person. Every employee should experience the same action, and managers should ask people to share any memories they may have had of their coworkers.

5. Help Me

Help Me

A game called Help Me encourages teammate friendships. Each comment should be completely anonymous, according to managers. Before allowing employees to choose a point, managers might combine the written issues into a file and provide the link to the entire team.

Let the member try again if they choose their own point. Once everyone has made a decision, ask them to each present a solution to the problem they have chosen. Then, let colleagues talk among themselves so that others can offer a more insightful solution to the issue.

6. Guess That Baby

Guess That Baby

Guess that baby is one of the recent HR games for employees. Teams will be requested by managers to send pictures of themselves as infants. The managers group the images into a downloadable file and send the team the URL. The team’s task is to identify which baby photo belongs to which colleague. The team leader then shows the team members’ current photos beside the infant photo. Seek out more workplace guessing games.

7. Two Truths and one Lie

Two Truths and one Lie

Two Truths and One Lies is one of the most popular and affordable HR games for managers. In the game, teammates must reveal two truths about themselves and one falsehood, and ask their opponents to identify the truth. Teammates can alternate until everyone has contributed.

Every teammate can justify their falsehood to the manager. Members can then share the narrative of their truths. Teams can play the game live at meetings or in a chat room online. The event is a terrific opportunity to create ties among team members.

8. Blind Drawing

Blind Drawing

Blind sketching is a fun two-player HR game. Teams generally play this game offline, with two teammates seated back to back, however groups can also play the game online. Managers should pair teammates initially.

One teammate is the artist, while the other is the creator. The creator attempts to describe an item using ambiguous words. For example, if the author describes an automobile, they are not allowed to include the tyres, the windscreen, or any other component that would give the object away. Sometimes the artist can only use shapes, structures, or abstract ideas to explain the picture. To the best of their ability, the artist must produce the image. The game will improve cooperation and focus.

9. Penny for your Thoughts

Penny for your Thoughts

One of the more well-liked human resources games among college students is penny for your opinions. The HR team leader receives a collection of coins with dates ranging from the youngest team member’s birth to the present. Naturally, for the game to function, HR managers must be aware of the youngest member’s age. The facilitator will ask participants to choose a coin and then share a humorous remembrance of an occasion that occurred in that year. Using a random year generator, teammates can play penny for your thoughts online.

10. Flip it over

Flip it over

Flip it Over is a fun team-building exercise that encourages innovation. Place four players in the middle of the blanket to start the game. The objective is to turn the blanket over without stepping outside of it. If a player steps outside of the blanket, then then they have to start over. Gamers can hold the blanket on the edges and slowly work their way around until it is upside down.

11. Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a great HR game and a traditional bonding game. The rules are simple. You must present your teammates with two difficult or extreme options during the game, and they must choose one.

For instance:

  • Which would you prefer: time travel to any point in history or the ability to teleport anywhere?
  • Which would you want to live in: a world without books or music? Which would you like to have control over: fire or water? Would you rather work remotely or come into the office?
  • Would you rather live without technology or without access to nature? Would you rather have an unending supply of your favourite snack or office supplies?
  • Managers can make the game exciting by integrating work-related activities or projects and see what team members would rather not do. Team managers can initiate a dialogue and in-depth discussion on why certain employees find a task to be less annoying than others.
  • HR may also question about personal life choices and see the game unfold.

12. One Sentence Story

One Sentence Story

One of the online HR games that calls for originality and focus is the one phrase story. The game begins with the HR manager narrating a story with just one sentence. Team members must continue the story with just one sentence each. Storytellers just need to introduce new plot twists. Management can take it a step further by imposing restrictions on the story’s permitted vocabulary, scenarios,settings, or characters. The more restrictions there are, the more team members must have fun and be creative.

13. Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Based on the well-known TV programme, Shark Tank is a fun college game that ranks among the top HR games for students. The team captain must form teams of three or four players in order to play the game. Whoever has a more original idea wins, as determined by the sharks who must assess and select the winner. Then, the facilitator can determine which proposal is more valuable for the class. Teams that provide good ideas rapidly might be rewarded by leaders.

14. Frostbite


A tactical game like Frostbite necessitates cooperation, imagination, focus, consideration, and listening abilities. Managers will need to build up groups of three to six. Each team will select a leader.

The leader will be immobile due to frostbite. To overcome a difficulty or riddle, members must cooperate. Frostbite is typically an offline game, but with the right preparation, HR managers may make it one of their online HR games. Use an online puzzle rather than a real one. Other team members can turn off their cameras instead of blindfolding the last team.The winning team is the one who finishes the task within the allotted time.


Establishing relationships, unity, and teamwork is vital for workplace productivity and harmony. To create that unity, HR employees frequently need a more flexible approach. Utilizing games to relax teams and break up the rigidity of the office. A calm team experiencing entertainment, inventiveness, and intrigue will more likely establish stronger ties with workmates.

HR professionals can utilise these activities to assess a variety of talents while also relaxing a team’s emotional and physical state. These abilities include leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, and analytical thinking. There are many HR games, but the ones on the list above are more thrilling and effective teamwork-based choices. Managers might look into these possibilities to make their employees happier and more effective. Check out HR tips and skills next.

FAQ: HR games

These are some frequently asked questions concerning HR games.

What are HR games?

HR games are interactive, engaging games that HR directors use to teach, evaluate, and connect people. Although some of these games may require apps and tools, managers can play many of them without any resources.

What games are good for HR?

Several great HR games enhance camaraderie and teamwork. These games include Hotel Magnate, two truths and one lie, blind sketching, and a cent for your thoughts.

Why should you tease the HR team?

HR games are a terrific way to relax and connect with coworkers while remaining at work, in addition to the advantages of training, testing, and encouraging teamwork and unity within teams. Employees can also be seen differently by HR personnel, who can also discover how team members react to these games.

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